July 5, 2016

Haley: Week Twenty-Nine, Day Seven

Jason was up early the next morning, jogging on his treadmill.  For such an old machine, it still ran pretty well.  He just wished it had some of the cool gadgets that the news models came with.  Maybe Mom would get him one for Christmas.
His timer went off, letting him know that he'd finished his morning run.  Gripping the handles, he allowed his legs to hang in the air while the treadmill stopped turning.
Leaping off the treadmill, he ran the back of his hand over his sweaty forehead.  Man, that was a good workout!

He took the stairs two at a time, jogging down the steps quickly.  He saw his Mom with the laundry bag.  "Do you have dirty clothes upstairs?" she asked him.

"Uh, yeah," he told her. 
"Are they on the floor or in the basket?" Haley asked, frowning at her son.

"Uh, the floor," Jason told her.

"Jason! I told you that I'm not washing them if you don't put them in the basket!" she lectured.  How hard was it to put the dirty clothes in the basket?!
"Don't worry, Mom. I'll do it," he promised, swinging around the newel post and heading down to the first floor. 

Downstairs, he stuck his head in the fridge and grabbed three fresh eggs and a head of lettuce.  Mom had shared with him that Mr. Gaither swore egg & lettuce smoothies.

She'd been so grossed out the first time he made it, that she'd thrown up in the kitchen.  But, Johnny said that it was just because of her morning sickness.   Now that was gross. 

He thought it was kinda weird that Mom and Johnny were having another kid at their age, but whatever.  He'd seen the ultrasound pictures and didn't know what everyone was making a fuss over.  She looked like a bean...

And since she was always queasy, Mom had made him swear that he wouldn't make his smoothie around her again.
Lifting his glass, he chugged the smoothie down before he could taste it, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand when he slammed his glass down.

Now for his big plans!

Haley hummed as she added some laundry detergent to the dirty clothes in the washer.  Now that Jason was doing his own laundry, she had a lot less laundry to do.  Sometimes she swore he just threw his clean clothes on the floor!
While waiting for her clothes to finish, she puttered in her garden.  She couldn't bend over and harvest the fruit and vegetables anymore, but Johnny was happy to help her with that.

Her husband spoiled her.

Mom still refused to give him the money to buy Vita the necklace she wanted.  But he had to buy something.  He was hoping to find something at the Alvi Swap N' Sell.  There were some used stuff here that was pretty cool.  He bet he could find something nice and Vita would never know where he got it...
"Do you have any jewelry? Like diamond necklaces or earrings or something?" he asked the clerk after browsing through the store.
The guy looked annoyed that Jason had bothered him.  "What do we look like? Tiffany's Jewelry Store?" he snipped.  "What you see is what you get."

Jason glanced around the store with a frown.  Nothing was really jumping out at him.  "Do you got anything less than..." he pulled out his wallet and checked to see how much money he had.  "$72?" he finished hopefully.

This time the clerk laughed.  "Sure. Right up the kiddie aisle," the guy said, jerking his thumb over to point towards a stand behind Jason.
"Yeah, thanks a lot, mister," Jason grumbled, turning around and heading towards the display shelf.  There's gotta be something Vita would like here!

He settled on a jewelry box with a fluffy bunny.  He checked the tag and saw it was only $59.  Score! He bet Vita would love it!
He placed the jewelry box on the counter and grinned confidently at the clerk.  "I'll take it!"

With a little free-time on her hands, Haley decided to check in with her dearest friend.  She dialed the phone number and waited while it rang. 

"MARI!" she exclaimed when Maritza answered the phone.  "How are you doing?! Do you have time to talk?"

"Haley!" Maritza gasped with delight.  "I have a little time before I have to go! Oh! It's so good to hear from you! So? How is married life?" she teased, adding, "I got all the pictures you sent!"

Haley laughed. "I'd hardly call it a ceremony.  It was very low-key.  You know how I hate crowds!"

Meanwhile, in Isla Paradiso, Charles checked his watch again and looked back at the door.  Where was everyone?
"Mari! DJ!" Charles hollered up through the open windows.  "The festival is beginning!"
Maritza paused, cutting Haley off.  "I'm sorry, Haley. I've got to go. We'll catch up soon! I can't wait to tell you all about the native minor wildlife. Oh! I wish you were here to do your sketches!"

Haley laughed.  "Send me pictures! I'll still sketch them for you!" she told her long-time friend.  "Go! Enjoy your festival!"

"I will! Oh! Be sure to send me pictures when little Miss Kimi makes her appearance!" Maritza said hurriedly.  "We love you and miss you!"

She hung up, tucked her phone in her jean pockets and lifted Madeline from her crib. "Are you ready to go to the festival?" she cooed.  "We're going to have so much fun!"
Charles smiled when Maritza walked out with their daughter.  "You look beautiful," he told her.  The island had changed them all. Even Maritza seemed more relaxed and care-free since coming here.  It was hard to remain so rigid while living in the languid paradise!

Maritza grinned at him.  "I was talking to Haley! She says she'll still do my sketches!"

"That's wonderful!" Charles cheered.  "I'm so proud of you for going after your dreams again! Our little menagerie of critters seems to be growing every day!"

Maritza reached for Charles hand.  She was so glad that she took the chance to follow Charles to Isla Paradiso!  She couldn't imagine how happy she would be here!  She was happily married, with a beautiful daughter, a wonder father for her children, and Charles actively encouraged her interest in cataloging the local fauna.  She was so blessed!
"Do I have to go?" Darryl Jr, or as he liked to be called now, DJ, asked grumpily nearby.
"Come on, DJ. Come hang out with your family! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself!" Charles predicted with a smile.

"It's too hot," DJ complained, swatting at a stray mosquito. "I hate it here. How much longer do you have to volunteer at El Hospital?"

Maritza and Charles shared a glance.  Well, Darryl was certainly a teenager now...

Jason hummed as he walked up Vita's front steps.  She was going to flip when she saw the present he got her.  It wasn't a diamond necklace or earrings, but it was still pretty cool.
 Confidently, he rang the doorbell, running his hand through his hair.  Maybe he should've showered before coming over...
"Jason! I wasn't expecting you!" Vita said, peeking through the front door.  She bit her lip nervously.  "So?" she pressed, "I kind of have a thing in a little bit."
"Cool! What are you up to? Maybe I can come!" Jason suggested, eagerly anticipating getting some alone time with her.  He always loved hanging out with Vita.  Although... ever since Prom, she'd been kind of busy...

Vita was already hesitating. "I would love to," she said. "But, it's a party my daddy is throwing. I don't get to pick the guests. You know how it is!"
Jason was taken aback. "Uh, yeah, but we're together! You know how your dad is!"  he told her with a laugh. "If you ask, he lets you do anything!"

"Jason..." Vita said, trailing off.  She nervously tucked her hair behind her ear.  She'd just started explaining why she couldn't invite him, but Jason wasn't listening.
He'd just seen THE necklace.

"Holy crap! You got the necklace! I can't believe your Dad got it for you!" he told her, ogling her necklace and the cleavage that it rested against.

"Daddy didn't," she said, reaching up to finger the diamond.

Jason cocked his head, confused.   Who'd got it for her, then...
Vita checked her watch impatiently.  Only 30 minutes until the guests began to arrive. She had to get rid of Jason!  "Look, Jason," she said, starting to get annoyed. "It was real fun while it lasted. But, you knew we were never going to last!"
"Uh, no. I didn't know that!" Jason bit off angrily.  "Is this about Rio? Is that why your Dad didn't invite me?"

"Don't be naive, Jason!"  Vita sighed heavily.  "I'm an Alto and you're a..." she waved her hand dismissively.  "A Black-Wolff! Do you expect me to go live in your ramshackle of a home?"  She laughed nastily.  "Grow up! Nadine might be perfectly happy playing house in her little cottage, but that is not for me!"

"Wait? Are you breaking up with me?" he asked, shaking his head once, as though to clear it.

"God, you can be so dense sometimes, Jason!" she grumbled.  "Yes! I'm breaking up with you!"

Jason's lips tightened with anger.  He fought the urge to cry in front of her.  Rio had tried to warn him that she was a selfish bitch, but he wouldn't hear it.
Numbly he pushed the gift into her hands.  "Happy birthday," he said tersely before turning and running down the steps.

Vita glanced down at the hastily wrapped present and made a face.  "Jason, what do you want me to do with this?" she asked, looking at the gift as though it was a viper.  "Jason!"

He was already running down the sidewalk to get away from her.

Rolling her eyes, she handed the present to her butler once she was back inside.  "Just throw it away," she ordered him flippantly, turning back to her bedroom to finish preparing for her party.  Her new boyfriend was coming tonight and she wanted to look good.

Jason found himself in front of Rio's door.  Struggling to hold it all in, he knocked on the door a few times.
 Plumbbob, he couldn't believe he'd such an idiot!  He buried his face in his hands. 

Rio opened the door and stepped out.  "Jason! Hey man, what are you..."  He stopped mid-sentence, sensing Jason's distress.  "What's wrong?" he asked.
Jason couldn't bring himself to say it out-loud.  He threw himself at Rio, burying his face in his brother's shoulder.  "She broke up with me," he managed to grate out brokenly.

"Come in," Rio said, leading Jason inside. 
 "So what happened?" Rio asked, leading Jason to the dining room table.

Jason threw his hands up in the air. "I don't even know! I thought we were good!" he said miserably.  "I mean, she'd stopped wanting to do it, but I thought it was just that time of the month cause she kept pushing me away!"

Rio winced. "Ouch."

Jason put his head in his hands.  "What am I going to do? I love her!"
"The best way to get back at someone is to live well, right?" Rio told him.  "She'll see you succeeding and will regret screwing you over."

Jason sighed and lifted his head up to look at Rio.  "Can I stay here tonight?  I don't want to go home." 

"No, that's fine. He can stay.  Thanks for calling, Rio. Love you!" Haley said.  She turned back to her husband and smiled.  "Well, looks like we have the house to ourselves tonight!"
"Well, come here!" Johnny said, tugging Haley down to the couch and into his arms.  "The only question is whether we want to finish watching this movie or not before we do it!"
Haley fell into Johnny's arms.  "Why wait?" she asked with a wicked grin.

Johnny growled as they began kissing, making out like teenagers on the couch.

"Mmph!" Haley grunted when Johnny's fingers got caught in her hair.

Johnny looked up, untangling his fingers from her hair. "Sorry," he said, smoothing her long, straight hair down.  "Better?" he asked, leaning forward again to kiss her.
"Wait. It wasn't my hair," Haley told him with wide eyes.
"What happened?" he asked, her tone of voice worrying him.

They stood up.  "I think..." she started to say.
"Ooo... there it is again!" she stopped mid-sentence, leaning over to grip her belly.  "I think it's time!"

Johnny had been a police officer for almost twenty years, undercover for nearly 5.  He'd faced down creeps, crooks and some real tough sons-of-bitches in his time on the force.  He'd needed nerves of steel to do his job.

But seeing his wife double-over in pain during labor was absolutely the most terrifying thing he'd ever been through!  And he was unashamed to say that he lost his shit.  "Christ! The hospital! We've got to get you to the hospital! Quick! Get the bag!"

Rio stopped mid-sentence when his phone started ringing.  It might be Nadine.  She'd been picking up a few late night nursing shifts at the hospital to help pay the bills.  "Hold up, Jas," he said, flipping the phone out of his pocket.  "Yeah?"
"But, I was just telling you..." Jason protested, shutting up and sulking when Rio held up a finger for silence.

"WHAT?!" Rio yelped, visibly shaken.  "Yeah. Yeah. Sure! We'll be right there!"
Rio turned to look at Jason.  "Come on, your mom's in labor. We've gotta get to the hospital!"
Jason popped up from his seat.  "Come on! Let's go!"  He was going to meet his little sister!


  1. Ahh! I knew that girl was no good! Knew it! Pfft, Jason's better off without her. At least he has Rio to go to for some cheering up.

    It's nice seeing Maritza (almost but Marzia then, hehe whoops, too much youtube for me) with her family, looking happy and relaxed <3 and her baby is so cute, and I love her hair that way.

    Ooh! Yay for baby! We'll be seeing the new baby, right?

    1. She's no good, she's no good, she's no good, baby, she's no good... Jason is WAY better off without her! I loved that he went to Rio, his best buddy.

      It's nice to see that life is going good for Maritza!

      We'll see a glimpse of Kimi next post, but it'll be awhile before we see what she looks like as a toddler!

  2. Ouch, poor Jason. But atleast Vita broke up with him now, and not later. It was sweet that Rio was the first one he'd thought of telling. Then the new baby stole his moment.

    Maritza and DJ really looks like they are locals, and Charles like he's on vacation. It's good to see they are doing well.

    And another new baby! We'll get to see it right?

    1. Yeah, Vita is selling herself to the highest bidder. She's on to the next up-and-coming schmoozer.

      I think Jason is much more comfortable in his happy-place, so his sister's birth is a great distraction for him! He is excitable, after all. (Lol, in my mind, you can shout "SQUIRREL!" and he would be distracted!)

      I thought his shirt was perfect for a distinguished doctor at El Hospital! I wanted to give him a straw hat,too! Maybe that's just because we watched Jurassic Park recently. :)

      Yay! Baby girl Kimi! We'll get a quick glance at her next update & then it'll be awhile before we see her!

  3. Aw! Haley and Johnny got married! Congrats! <3

    Maritza! Love her island look. Darryl... *ahem. Sorry. /DJ/ has grown up pretty well also. What is her daughter's name?

    Aaaaah. *another sigh. Poor Jason. He had it bad (for Vita's boobs!) lol Sorry. Hopefully he'll bounce back quickly. Being a sports star though, should put plenty of women in his path for him to choose from. It's still sweet to see how well Nadine and Rio are doing.

    Kimi's coming! Yay!

    1. I felt really bad not giving Haley and Johnny a bigger wedding (or even sending them to get pictures at the City Hall). Whoops!

      I love Maritza's island look! I almost want to veer off and start playing Maritza for a longer time period to see what minor wildlife she finds in Isla Paridiso!

      Hehehe... LOVE the teen wanting to be called DJ! (My 8 year old told his speech therapist he wanted to be called his first name, rather than his middle name. I thought to myself, "Where the heck did that come from?" So, she made a note and called him that & he never answered. He was like "Who? What? ME?!" Lol.)

      Jason had it bad for her boobs, that's for sure! Lol. I'm sure he'll bounce back quickly. Plenty of other boobs... I mean fish... in the sea!

      Nadine & Rio are going to live a long, happy life surrounded by happy children! This I command SP!

      Yay Kimi!

  4. Everyone saw it coming, except Jason! I agree with Urunwa, at least she didn't string him along for too long.

    Maritza and her family are so cute in their island gear!

    Yay baby! Jason's going to be on his own soon. I hope he learned how to do his laundry, lol.

    1. Thank goodness Vita's history! She aged up before him & was ready to settle down with someone her Daddy approved of.

      I absolutely LOVE Maritza! Lol. I'll probably have a few more intermissions in the coming generation to check on her and her beautiful children. :)

      Oh Lord! Jason's going to be on his own! I'm terrified! Lol. I don't think he'll ever learn to do his laundry!

  5. Aww, Jason got his heart broken! Well, better to be rid of Vita sooner rather than later. It was really just a matter of time with her.

    It was lovely seing Maritza happy amd relaxed on Isla Paradiso!

    Wow, so we're going into a new generation now! Exciting :D