July 11, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day Five

Jason headed downstairs sleepily, shuffling into the common room.  He plopped down on the couch beside Tiffany.  "Hey Tiff. What are we watching?"
"The news," she said, pointing at the screen.

Jason made a face.  "Ugh. Why?"
Tiffany shrugged.  "Wanna play video games?"

"Now that's more like it!" Jason told her, standing up to grab the controllers. 

Tiffany admired the view as he bent over in his boxers. 
"I'm going to beat your socks off!" Jason warned her, tossing her the second player controller. 

Tiffany caught the remote, fumbling with it a little.  "You wish!" she taunted.

Jason glanced over at Tiffany as she set up the races.  It was pretty cool having friends that were actually girls.  His gaze lowered to Tiff's chest level, straining against that little t-shirt.  Although, if Tiff ever wanted to fool around, he would be all over that!
"Eat my dust, sucker!" she crowed, gunning her engine and leaving his car in the dust. 

Dammit! Jason tore his eyes away from her boobs and refocused on the game. "No fair! I didn't know that we were starting already!"  Quickly, he pushed the button to start his ignition, growing more irritated when it just caused his wheels to spin and his engine to rev needlessly.
Jason lost.


Although, it'd kinda been worth it just to see Tiffany do that little victory-bounce-dance on the couch. 

"Hey, good game," he told her, patting her on the arm.  "Guess I'm better at real sports than video games!"
"You're not mad at me, are you?" Tiffany asked anxiously.  Guys hated it when she beat them at video games.  Normally she tried to lose, but thought maybe things would be different in college.

Jason shrugged.  "Nah, it's cool," he told her.  "Maybe we could toss the ball around some other time!"

Tiffany smiled. "Yeah, I think I'd like that!"

The house cleared out and Jason tried to remember what it was he was going to do.
Huh, it must not be that important, he thought with a casual shrug.
Oh shit, wait! That's right - his class!

Jason hustled to make it across campus to the Conners Student Union Building.
He was late, so he tried to sneak in and sit and the back.

The professor glanced up from his lectern.  "Mr. Black-Wolff.  How good of you to join us today," he said, looking over his glasses at Jason.  "Perhaps you'd like to have a seat up front."
Jason nodded, "Sure thing," he said, confidently striding to the front desk and sharing a quick smile with his seatmate. 
Class went on, and he made a show of making notes to improve his relationship with his professor.  ShootHe thought his absence wouldn't even be noticed!
Class couldn't end soon enough, Jason thought as he hurried from the Student Center.  He had a hot date with Ashley.

"Hey girl!" he said, rushing into the Bowlarama and finding Ashley.
"Hey cutie!" Ashley said, waving her fingers in hello. 
Jason couldn't help it.  She looked so pretty standing there, fluttering her lashes at him.  Their texts leading up to this date had gotten steamier and steamier. 

On a spur of the moment impulse, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Startled, Ashley stood stiff in his arms for a moment as he slipped his tongue in her mouth. 

Groaning, he pulled back.  "Sorry," he mumbled, feeling like a fool. "I just..."
Ashley didn't let him finish, grabbing his arms, she tugged him back against her body, returning his passionate kiss.
Breathing heavily, Jason glanced around for any nooks or crannies.  "Maybe we should go back to my place?" he suggested.

Ashley nodded. 

Quickly, they hurried from the building without even touching a bowling ball.
The minute they stepped inside, Jason tugged her back into his arms.  "Aw man, I've been dreaming about this!" he told her with a groan. 

Ashley gripped his shirt and tugged him closer.  "Me too. Room?"

Jason was in heaven.

He'd slipped his shirt off and fell into bed with Ashley for one helluva make-out session.  Things had gotten pretty hot and heavy pretty quick. 

He was pretty sure she was going to let him hit the home run.  Panting, slid his hand towards her skirt.  "I've got protection in my drawer," he told her.
"Wait!" Ashley groaned and pulled away from his wandering hands. 

Jason slumped, dropping his hands to his side and hitting his head on the pillow.  "Uggghhhh!"

Ashley glanced over at him with a hesitant smile.  "You're not mad at me? Are you?"

Jason scrubbed his hands over his face.  "No!" he told her, slightly pained.  "I mean, you're ready when you're ready, right?"

She threw herself back in his arms.  "Oh, you're such a teddy bear, Jason!" she told him, peppering his face with kisses.

Jason started getting revved up again with Ashley pressed against his body once again.  He almost whimpered when she got up from the bed with one last kiss to his cheek. 
"I'll see you tomorrow, cutie!" she told him as she walked from the room.

Jason's head thumped back on the pillow and he squeezed his eyes shut.  Oh boy...


  1. *and not a thought about Vita was to be found*

    Oh Jason. I can totally see him being caught in Johnny and Rachel's father's double pregnancy situation. But at least he's using protection! I just hope he can focus a bit more on his studies...and on the people actually being his friends like Liz...

    1. Lol. Nope. Not a single thought about Vita. He is moving onward and upward.

      I am kind of disappointed that I can only text or call the people from Sunset Valley. I was hoping they might be able to come visit!

      Lol. Hopefully Johnny doesn't get stuck in a Tomas-situation! Although... he does need to have half-siblings! Hmmm.... *strokes chin & laughs maniacally*

      I absolutely LOVE Liz! I can see her grounding Jason. (Not literally *grounding* him, but keeping him from making an ass of himself!)

  2. Yay that he offered protection and stopped when she said so. <3 He deserves a cookie... that he would most likely run off 30 minutes later. Ha!

    1. Lol. No little Jason's before he's back home! He DOES deserve a cookie. Lol

  3. Ha, poor Jason. So close yet so far. At least he stopped when she asked to, and he has protection just in case. Maybe next time he'll get to use it, who knows?

    1. Oh, I forsee much woohoo in the future with Ashley. :)

  4. Jason is actually a bro, not a dude- bro or douche- bro. That is just lovely- But, Ashley has a point when she calls him a teddybear. He is kind of easy to take advantage of, isn't he? Don't worry Jason, it will probably happen next time

    1. Jason is incredibly easy to lead around. He doesn't stop to consider actions - one might say a little bit like his Tia Rachel!

      Hopefully he doesn't find himself walking down THAT path!

  5. I feel a little bad for Jason, Ashley had to know she was being a tease! But good on him for being prepared and having protection.

    1. Oh, Ashley knew she was being a tease! I looked her traits up and she is Evil & Irresistible! Jason practices safe woohoo. Doesn't need any little Jason's running around and messing up his Athletic dreams! ;)

  6. Denied! Haha, ouch. Who would have thought that Ashley would play hard to get?