July 11, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day Four

Jason was working a killer hangover in the morning.  Before he had to be at class, he dropped by Roasted Toasted Beans to grab a triple espresso. 

As he walked through the door, he glanced up and noticed purple-shirt-chickie - what was her name? Pamela? Patsy? ... PATTY! 
Jason spared a glance for the tasty treats on display.  What he really needed was caffeine!  He took a moment, looking over the list of all the drinks.  What the heck?  Midnight Mud? Bumbleleaf Tea?  Too many options! What about just plain old espresso?!

"Uh, I'll have a Chamomile Kick," he said hesitantly.  An energy kick would be nice right about now.

Jason waited a minute as the guy made his drink, then sauntered over to Patty's table.
He dropped down in the seat and chugged his energy drink.
 Feeling somewhat revived, he smiled at Patty.  "So, that was some party last night, huh?"
"Hey, do you mind?  We're on a date!" the bearded man said irritably.

Jason spared the guy a glance.  "Hey! We had a crazy kegger party at Malan Hall last night. You missed it, man! You wouldn't believe how many chicks were streaking last night!"

Patty rolled her eyes.
"That is just so typical!" she complained. "Just because a girl shows her boobs shouldn't make her the most popular girl at a party!"
"Just because a girl shows her boobs," a red-head chick came over and mocked Patty, waving her hands above her date's head.
Jason chugged the last of his energy drink.  "Well, it's been real fun. I gotta head to class now!" he said, pushing back his chair and heading off.

"Shut up, Sarah!" Patty snapped.  "Leave us alone!"

"Shut up, Sarah! Leave us alone!" Sarah mimicked.
Jason didn't waste any time getting out of there.  Some chicks were hot, but were fricking crazy!

He actually made it to both his classes, on time.
On his way to his last class of the day, Jason saw Liz bike by.  "Hey, Jason! Gimmie a call later!" she called out as she waved.

He tipped his hand in a salute.  "I'll call after class!"

Jason and Liz made plans to meet for dinner at SimBurger for some chow.  "Hey, can I borrow $5. I'll pay you back next week," Jason asked, "I totally forgot my wallet back at the dorm."

Liz rolled her eyes as she pushed the button to order. "Likely excuse!" she teased.

"Good thing this isn't a date!" Jason laughed.  "I'd like the double-meat, bacon-burger!" he told her eagerly. 

Jason stared at his bacon cheeseburger and practically salivated.  "This is gonna be good!" he told Liz, taking a huge bite.
Liz laughed, pointing at his cheek.  "You got mustard all over your face!"

Jason swiped at his cheek with the back of his hand. 

She rolled her eyes. "You're missing it. It's right..." she reached out and wiped the mustard off with her thumb.  "There!" 
"You just wanted to put your hands all over me, admit it!" Jason joked around.  As far as he could tell, Liz wasn't interested in him like that.  It'd kind of bugged him at first, but he'd gotten over it because Liz was crazy cool to hang out with!

Liz wiped her finger off on her napkin. "In your dreams, buddy," she scoffed.

"How'd you know?" Jason asked with mock horror.  "It was supposed to be a secret!"  He laughed when he got a face full of french fries.  Picking one up from his plate, he plopped it in his mouth.  "Thanks for the extra fries!"
"You are such a dork," Liz said, leaning back in her chair.  She blew out her breath. "Man, I really need to study.  Wanna study together for 10-15 minutes? I've got a killer test tomorrow in Tech."
Liz cracked her book open.  "You know you can just make cheat sheets, right?" he asked with a frown.

"What? And get expelled for being caught cheating. No, thank you!" Liz said without even looking up.
"See, that's why I'm majoring in Physical Education," he told her. "Way easier! And no math classes!"

"Great, so your math will be so bad, you won't be able to figure out why all your money is missing."

"Hey!" he cried in mock affront, "It'll be easy enough to add after I round to the nearest million!"

Liz glanced up and cracked a smile. "Yeah, Zero."

"Hardy-har-har," Jason said, crossing his arms.

Liz blew out a breath.  "I said, study!" she snapped sharply.  The way Jason was yapping, she wasn't going to get any studying down at all!

Geez, Jason thought, pulling out his phone and pulling up the online article on weight-lifting.  Grumbling, he began scrolling through it, soon forgetting why he'd been upset in the first place.


  1. That's a very fancy man serving the coffee! He kinda looked like the dean!

    That's smart of Liz to not cheat. Cheaters never prosper. Hopefully Jason won't ever be relying on cheating for any exams he may have.

    1. Isn't he fancy?! I thought that was the regular uniform for the coffee counter. He certainly doesn't fit into a school town! Although, maybe it is the dean - working to get a little extra cash flow! ;)

      Jason's been skipping school since I'm exploring Uni. I learned that he was just on the cusp of passing his exams on exam day. Lol. There might be some cheating!

  2. Jason crashing the date was to much fun. He's cracking me up. And he got himself a little friend? And it's a woman! That's so nice, let's hope she'll be able to keep her hands off him, and the opposite way ofcourse.

    1. Lol. I loved how that guy was so upset Jason sat down at the table with them. And then Patty got upset at him again.

      We didn't see pictures, but when insane Sarah walked into the room, she & Jason had heart farts. I swear, all the chicks dig him!

      Yay! Jason has a friend! A non-romantic friend! (Although he would be perfectly happy to go down that road with her!)

  3. Lol! Love how he's oblivious to Patty sitting with anyone. Oh Jason. He's having far too much fun.

    Also. YES! Why do those coffee places not serve just coffee??? Starbucks workers give you the weirdest look when you tell them you want a venti Medium Roast. I can't imagine what they'd do if you ordered a triple espresso, no foam no flavored syrups no ice no sugars no cream. Ha!

  4. "Hey, do you mind? We're on a date!" - lol!! And then that crazy chick that kept imitating Patty... too awesome.

    I like Liz more and more! You're making her sound so adorable :)