July 7, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day One

Jason startled awake with a killer headache. He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.  Oh man, he was drooling! Gross!

Disoriented, he glanced around.  He was in the livingroom...
Slowly, he sat up and rested his head in his hands as it came back to him.  Mom was gone so he'd thrown a keg party and gotten rip roaring drunk. Wincing painfully, he tried to remember everything that had happened.  He was pretty sure he hit on August's sister...  Not his proudest moment...

He heard a car honking from the driveway.  His taxi.  That must have been what woke him up.

Sighing, he stood up and grabbed his clothes from the floor.  
Today was the first day of the rest of his life!

Jason grabbed his suitcase when the taxi dropped him off in front of Malan Hall.  He saw the other students heading into the building and hoped they were cool.  It would suck if he'd picked a crappy dorm!
Hustling faster than the other students, he nabbed the best room on the top floor, right next to the workout room.  Smiling smugly, he bounced back on his bed and admired the posters he put up on the walls and the stuff he'd brought from home.  Perfect.

Jumping up, he went to his dresser and grabbed his athletic clothes.  He wanted to check out that workout room.
Oh man, this room is state of the art! he thought, rubbing his hands together excitedly.   He sat down on The Exercise Queen and started lifting.
He powered through a few workouts, targeting specific muscle groups for the best impact.  He glanced through the window, startled by the view.  It still didn't feel real that he'd actually made it to Sim State, with it's New England-inspired buildings.  It was so different from Sunset Valley!

After his last rep, he stopped and stretched. Man, his muscles were sore!  Stretching, he caught a whiff of his BO. Instinctively, he whipped his head to the side.  Ugh - and he reeked!

After showering, he was ready to meet some of his dormmates.  It looked like they were having a big pow-wow down by the front door.  Other people might be intimidated to break into a group of strangers conversing, but not Jason. 
He boldly greeted the hottie nearest the stairs.  "Hey, I'm Jason," he grinned.

Tiffany turned and greeted her new roomie.  "Hey, I'm Tiffany Angles.  Nice to meet ya."
"Nice to meet you, too," Jason said, flitting his gaze to Tiffany's chest.  "Nice shirt!" he told her.

Tiffany fought the urge to cover her chest from Jason's leering.  "Are you going to student union for the meet and greet?" she blurted.  "I heard there's free stuff!"

"Free stuff? Awesome!" Jason said. 

After consulting the campus directly, Jason headed off to the student union center.  It should be around here somewhere... oh! That must be it!
He strode inside,nodding at the mascot and a professor.  "If you have any questions, feel free to let me know," the professor said kindly.
Jason didn't really pay attention to her, he headed straight upstairs.  He briefly checked out the chick in purple.  Hopefully she was still here after he got his free swag.
Seeing a table set up at the back of the empty room, Jason hurried over.  "I'll take one of these. And one of these... and what the heck is this?" he said outloud, staring at the little beanie ball.  He ignored all the pamphlets and campus living forms.  Did anybody ever take that stuff? he scoffed.

Turning, he saw a flash of purple.  Score! She was still here

He hurried to greet her.  She looked pretty fit and athletic, just like he liked them!  "Hey, first year?" he asked. "I'm Jason!"
Patty sighed and rubbed the back of her neck.  What was it about college boys that made them such horndogs? she wondered.  "Look, I'm not interested in anything right now," she told him, slightly peeved at the interruption.  She'd just wanted to play some table tennis! Geez!

Jason held up his hands.  "Hey! I'm just trying to meet some people, make some social networks!" he told her earnestly.  "That's what they say to do in those brochures," he hooked a thumb back towards the Freshmen Orientation table.

Patty scoffed impatiently, gazing at him with suspicion.  "Fine!" she clipped.  "You can play table top tennis with me.  But do not try to hit on me!" she warned him, sticking her finger in his face.

"I'll be a perfect gentleman!" Jason swore, crossing his finger across his chest.
It wasn't easy, but Jason managed to beat Patty!  It took some practice to get good at this stupid game.  What was so sporting about hitting a tiny ball back and forth, anyways?  He slammed the ball towards Patty, watching it hit the edge and bounce past her paddle. 

"Damn!" Patty snapped, slapping her paddle down on the table. 

Jason smiled smugly after his win.  "Good game!" he said cheerfully, walking over towards his new friend.
"Fine! You won!" Patty said sourly, obviously not a very good loser. 
"What the heck?" Jason said, frustrated with the vibes this chick was sending out.  Sheesh, he was trying to make friends, not enemies!

"Just leave me alone!" Patty snapped, stalking off.
"Happily!" Jason grumbled under his breath, heading over to the candy machine.  After finally figuring out how to slip the dollar in by making sure it was as flat as could be, he punched in the code for the chocolate bar.
Mmm.. so good! he thought as he wolfed it down.

Stepping outside the student union, he scanned the center mall for a group to hang out with.  Across the park, he saw a gathering that looked like it might do the trick.
Time to go meet some more friends.  Hopefully they weren't as crazy as the last chick!
"Hey, what's up. The name's Jason," he said, sticking his hand out to greet the guy in the leather jacket. 

"Jeffrey Dean. Nice to meet you," the guy said in greeting.  "So where ya from?"

Jason hitched his shoulder.  "Just a small town you've probably never heard of.  You?"

"I'm from Bridgeport."

"Oh! Cool! My mom and stepdad just moved there! Well, my stepdad lived there for awhile before. But, they just got married, so my mom moved back there with him. Maybe you know him!" Jason said in a rush.

Jeffrey chuckled. "Doubt it. You know how many people live in Bridgeport!" he asked, shaking his head at the freshman.  Crazy suburban kids were so naive.

Just then, Jason's phone trilled.  He glanced down at his android and saw the incoming text from Rio.  You make it in okay?
He quickly texted back.  Yeah. :)  Making friends.

"Yeah, well, time to get home. Maybe we'll see you around," Jeffrey said dismissively.  He cocked his head to the side to motion to his roomie Mahmound that it was time to leave.

"Catch ya around," Mahmound echoed before trailing behind Jeffrey.

Jason headed back home, pretty pleased with the number of people he'd managed to befriend today.  College was going to be awesome, he could already tell!
Heading upstairs, he bumped into the smaller girl with glasses... he hadn't caught her name earlier.   Quickly, he glanced back at Tiffany coming up the stairs, trying to judge whether or not he'd be able to finish his conversation quick enough to catch her before she disappeared in her room. 

"Hi! I'm Tammy!" she said with a shy smile.
"Hey, I'm Jason. Nice to meet you," he said, glancing behind him again to see Tiffany's door close.  Drat.  "So? How 'bout them llamas?" he said with a one-two punch in the air.

Tammy laughed uproariously at his joke.  "You're so funny!" she gushed, eyeing his thick forearms.
"Hey, thanks!" Jason said, his gaze settling a little lower near the loose tie she had looped around her neck that happened to rest right over her boobs.  He wondered if the girls would ever wear their nighties around the house...

Living with girls in the dorm was going to be awesome!


  1. Well, it looks like Jason's over Vita!
    I wonder what that purple girl's problem was though? Meh, more fish who don't blow a fuse over losing a ping pong game.
    It'll be interesting to see what other adventures he gets up to at uni ^-^

    1. He was over Vita in 1.5 seconds. ;) I have no idea what purple chick's deal was! They had a nice game and then she started yelling at him!

      Oh, he's going to have some adventures at uni! (And so am I! I've never played it before, so I'm learning as I go! Lol!)

  2. Did Jason just regret hitting on August sister? Or was it the way he did it?

    Does he have problems fitting in at uni? It just seems that so many dismissed him, or maybe it was a coincidence. Well, other than Tammy that is. (I'm rooting for Tammy here. Come on, the nerdy girl and the athlete is a winner). I hope he gets to see the girls in their undies. And that uni treats him nicely. No more Pattys for Jason.

    1. Yeah, Jason regretted hitting on his best friend's sister. He's a nice guy, like that. But apparently alcohol can loosen his tongue. ;)

      Going to Uni is definitely a culture-shock. He's so used to being well-liked, but he's not top of the totem-pole here in a new town. I'm sure he'll find his groove soon enough!

      Lol - my daughter and I are rooting for Tammy, too! Back in college, I was in a co-ed dorm & the boys would set the smoke alarms off at 2 in the morning to see the girls run out in their pajamas. My friend and I would always call down to the front desk to make sure there was really a fire before doing anything. We were on the 13th floor! Good thing there was never a real fire!

  3. Mmmmm chocolate. I'm going to eat it wrapper and all. Seriusly Jason? Yes! I GOT TEXTED!

    1. Glad you're reading again, DD. :P He enjoyed the chocolate bar, wrapper & all!

  4. Look at all those heart-farts! Ha! Oh Jason. xD

    You did a great job of making him feel like the typical frosh-idiot-jock. He'll grow up later. But for now? It's all about having a good time!

    1. I think Jason has heart-farted with every female on campus! Lol.

      Let's just hope he grows up after college!

  5. Those shots of Jason eyeing up the girls are so funny XD What a guy!

    I'm sure he'll have an easy time making friends once he runs into more jocks like himself!