July 14, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day Seven

Jason had just finished balling up some dirty clothes and shoving them under the bed when he heard the knock on his door.  "Come in!" he called, spinning around.

Liz walked in, sniffing the room delicately.  "It smells like crap in here," she said point-blank.

Jason held out his hands plaintively as if to say, What did you expect?  "You ready to study?" he asked, changing the subject as he clapped his hands and rubbed them together briskly.

"Yeah, I brought my books," she told him, plopping down in the armchair by the door.
This time Jason actually cracked open his study book, Reflexology: Training More than Muscle Memories.  He'd barely squeaked by with a passing grade last time.  He wanted to do better this year! 
Although he'd only been studying for about 15 minutes, he was extremely relieved when his phone started ringing. 

Go figure, studying hard was... hard!!

Squeaking by was looking better and better...
"Sorry! Gotta take this!" he told Liz, yanking his phone out of his pocket.  She scoffed and continued reading.
"Hey baby!" Jason said in a sickly-sweet voice.  He paused as Ashley said something.  "No. I miss you more!"

He glanced across the room and saw Liz rolling her eyes and making a gagging face. 

He turned his back on her.  "So, when will you be done with practice?" he asked.  He checked his watch.  "Great. See you tonight at Mahmoud's?" he asked.  

Weirdest thing - Mahmoud and Jason were now best friends.  After actually getting to know him, Jason had found out that Moudy was hella cool!  As long as he kept his hands off his girlfriend.

Hanging up, Jason turned to Liz. "Come on, we studied enough. Let's go do something!"

Liz sighed as she closed her book. "Fine!"

"Bowlarama?" Liz asked doubtfully as they stepped up onto the sidewalk.  Jason's hand grazed her hand, their fingers caressing.
Liz glanced sharply at Jason in surprise, quickly stepping away.  "Sorry," she mumbled under her breath, trying to ignore the sharp thrill that went through her at his touch.  Stupid, stupid, stupidJason didn't even seem to notice.

Jason kept his gaze focused looking straight ahead, ignoring the tingling sensation working it's way through his body at Liz's innocent touch.  He had a girlfriend... he had a girlfriend... he had a girlfriend...

"Come on - let's go bowling!"  he said.  Before, he might've grabbed her arm and tugged her inside, but with his body on high alert, he didn't trust himself to touch her.

Jason paid for the session and their shoes, then headed towards their lane with Liz. 

"This is so lame," Liz complained.  "I've never been bowling before! You're going to beat me!"

"Aw, come on! You've gotta try!" Jason said.  "It's easy! Watch!"
Jason stepped up and picked up his ball.
He concentrated on the pins, aligning the ball so that it would roll straight down the lane. 

"Oh come on!" Liz exclaimed with a laugh.  This was going to take forever if he bowled like this each time!
"You cannot rush a master!" Jason said, staring hard at the pins.
With a flourish, he took a step and sent the ball rolling down towards the pins.  "Yes!" he fist pumped as he knocked down most of them down.
"That looked pretty easy," Liz said, sauntering up to take her turn.  She gripped the ball in her hand and walked up towards the lane.  Swinging back, she let the ball go...
...and managed to trip over her feet and fall flat on her face.
Picking up her head, she watched the ball slip into the gutter.  "I hate this game," she grumbled under her breath as she got to her knees.
"Man! Liz! Are you okay?" Jason asked, hurrying to her side, valiantly trying not to chuckle.  He brushed her arm.
"Are we done here?" she asked with a raised brow. 

Jason chuckled.  "Yeah, let's go grab some food before the party."

"You got me last time," Jason told Liz over his shoulder. "I'll cover you this time."
They finished their meal and headed outside, joking around.  Time slipped by fast.
He heard his phone chime.  Dragging his cell out of his pocket, he checked his text message from Ashley, Where are you? >:| 

"Oh man! It's 8 pm already! We gotta get going!" he said.

Liz frowned. "Oh, I don't think I'm going," she said, already making her excuses. 

Jason slung his arm around her shoulder.  "Ah, come on, you gotta come, Liz! It won't be the same without you!"

"I hate going to Frat house parties," she grumbled.  "Everyone gets drunk and acts like idiots."

"That's half the fun! Come on, we'll have fun!" he said firmly.  "I'm not going without you."

Liz hesitated, then reluctantly agreed. 

Liz and Jason walked up the front walk of the Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity.  "You're not going to regret this!" he said, pulling his shirt over his head.

"JASON! What are you doing?" Liz yelped with surprise as Jason reached for his pants.
"Come on, it's a swimsuit party!" he told her.  "Didn't you wear your swimsuit underneath?"

"NO!" Liz snapped.

Jason cocked his head and grinned wickedly.  "Well, you could probably strip down to your bra and panties. I don't think anyone would complain!"

Liz glared at him.  "I knew this was a bad idea!" she groused.

"I'm gonna head in and find Ashley. I'll see you inside!"

Jason grabbed a drink and headed into the kitchen.
"Hey Moudy, great party," he said, raising his drink in a salute to his new friend.
"Hey, I was wanting to talk to you," Mahmoud said, glancing around the room to make sure they were alone.

"What's up?" Jason asked.
"So, you know Liz, right?" Mahmoud asked, trailing off.

"Uh, yeah," Jason said, a little impatiently.  Everyone knew he and Liz hung out. 

"Well," Mahmoud said, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.  "Is she seeing anybody?"
Jason blinked.  PerfectIf Moudy was dating Liz, then he wouldn't have time to lust after Ashley!   "You should totally go talk to her!" Jason encouraged.  "I bet you guys have a lot in common!"

"Hey, you're Liz, right?" Mahmoud asked, girding his loins and approaching his current crush. 

Liz gave the dyed blonde guy a stink look.  "Who wants to know?"

Mahmoud blew out his breath.  "Er, Jason suggested I come talk to you," he said nervously, quickly adding, "Thanks for coming to the party..."

Happy now that he'd sent Moudy off to hang out with Liz, Jason went in search of Ashley.  He found her watching some chick playing the guitar.
Without a word in greeting, he pulled her into his arms. 
Stepping back, he checked her out.  "Dang, you look good, girl!" he told her.  "Sizzling hot!"

Ashley smirked.  She knew how good she looked.  "You look pretty sexy, yourself," she told him, eating up his muscled chest.  "Come with me," she said, crooking her finger at him.
Jason followed her up the stairs, glancing around to make sure no one was watching.
Then rounded the corner into Moudy's room.
He found Ashley waiting in bed for him.  Oh man! Oh man! It was finally going to happen!
Eagerly, Jason slipped onto the bed with his girlfriend and tugged her back into his arms.  "You sure?" he asked.

Ashley grinned wickedly.  "Oh yeah, I'm sure!"

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?" Mahmoud asked, pounding on the door, pursing his lips when he heard muffled groaning.  "JASON! SWEAR TO GOD! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" he yelled, pounding again.
Feeling ridiculously proud of himself and extremely relaxed, Jason slipped from the bed. 

"JASON!" Mahmoud yelled again with a fresh bout of pounding.
"Keep your shorts on!" Jason hollered back. "We're coming!"

Ashley snickered.  "I think we already did that!" she cracked.

Jason grinned across the room at Ashley.  God, he loved that girl!


  1. Wait, so Jason and Ashley are a couple now? And Liz is into him, and he's kind of interested in her. But Jason is friends with Mahmoud who in turn is into Liz. This is like a soapopera. Well, atleast Jason got to sleep with Ashley, and he claims he love her. Good for him, just... did he use protection? I'm honestly imagening him coming home from uni with ten kids or something

    1. Yup. They are officially boyfriend-girlfriend. I think Liz and Jason have chemistry, but are completely unaware of it. She doesn't want to date a jock (and huge flirt) like him & he's just used to being attracted by all females! Lol.

      Isn't college just supposed to be one huge soap opera? :) Mahmoud has really grown on me! He keeps inviting Jason over to party. Lol

      Jason is very big on protection. (He learned from Rio's life-changing "mistake")

  2. Jason is having so much fun. lol. Hopefully he's impressing on the playing field enough that he can get a job to support all these fun new habits.

    Jason and Liz starting to feel a little more than friendly and of course he'd send another guy after her. Ha! Their reliance on one another is awesome. And it was nice to see him crack a book outside of class. Even if it was only for 5 minutes. lol

    1. Jason certainly hasn't been focusing on his athletics as much as he should be. One of his wishes that is locked in is to get a job in the Athletic career, though. :) Hopefully his hometown team will want him!

      Lol. It was a win-win situation to send Moudy after Liz! He'll make sure his friend doesn't hit on Ashley AND he'll make sure he doesn't hit on Liz!

      That 5 minutes was very important to his study schedule! Lol

  3. Liz's bowling face is so cute! haha

    Seems like Jason really falls hard for his girlfriends. He's already thinking that he loves Ashley??? I hope their relationship doesn't end too badly.

    1. I almost died when Liz threw the ball and fell to the ground. Lol. She looked so grumpy and annoyed! I never realized bowling could be so dangerous!

      Jason falls hard for his girlfriends! Maybe Rachel made more of an impression on him than we thought! ;)

  4. Woohooing in Moudy's bed? Ha, Jason keeps one-upping himself! :D

  5. Hey :) just commenting to let you know I'm slowly making my way through the chapters I've missed! The last time I read I think you were still in the beginning of Haley's generation... a lot has happened since then, and I still have a ways to go before I'm caught up. I'm really enjoying it, though!

    I loved Mahmoud when I played in Uni, too. I think my sim even had his spawn, lol. He's cute :)

    1. Hope you enjoy! I had fun with Haley's generation! I think she's my favorite heir so far!