July 11, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day Six

Jason frantically studied his physical education book.  Oh man, he couldn't believe he had exams today.  He totally wasn't ready.  He flipped ahead a few pages, scanning the headlines and trying to get a good overview.
Glancing around the cafeteria, he pulled out a scratch sheet of paper and made a few notes.
He wasn't going to pass these stupid tests without a little help.  Quickly, he slipped his scratch sheet of paper in his sleeve. 
Checking his watch, he hopped up from his seat, already feeling guilty.
I'll only use it if I need it, he reassured himself as he hurried to class to take his exam.

"YES!" Jason thought, fist pumping the air.  "Aced it!"  And he'd only needed to *cough* *cough* verify a few answers. 

He only had a few minutes to study up before

He hurried across campus to the Schmidt Memorial Stadium for his next exam.  He knew he wouldn't have to cheat for this one.  Sports Law was right up his alley!
"YES!" he pumped his fist again.  He'd passed that exam with flying colors!
He grabbed his cell phone and sent off a flurry of texts.  Party at Llama Beach!

Just a little bit of prep work and...
His first guest to show up was Tiffany.  Holy crap, he thought, his gaze zeroing on her bikini top.  He should've thrown a swimsuit party a LONG time ago!  Girls in bikinis ruled!
He was just about to head over to talk to Tiffany when he heard Ashley call to him from behind.  "Hey cutie!"

Jason stopped mid-step and whirled around to face her.  "Hey girl!" he said with a slight catch in his voice.  "I'm glad you could make it!"
Ashley drew her finger down his arm.  "Of course I'd make it!" She let her eyes wander up and down his body.  "I like it when you're not wearing your shirt!" she whispered, stroking his chest.

Man, oh man! Jason was ready to drag Ashley back to his dorm room!  He glanced around the beach area for someplace to get a little frisky with her.  Maybe a tree.. or a small bush... man... anywhere!  

"Hey Ash!" her heard someone call out behind him.  They both turned towards the guy who had called her.  Jason tensed with jealousy when Ashley smiled widely and excitedly exclaimed, "Mahmoud!"  She hurried away from him to talk to the guy.

 Jason watched them talk with a twitch in his eye.  What kind of name was Mahmoud anyway?
Seeing Jason brooding, his teammate Anoki ambled up and socked him on the shoulder.  "You don't look very happy. You not having fun at your party?"

Jason shrugged, not willing to admit that he was jealous of the nerd with dyed blonde hair.  "It's nothing," he said, glancing away from Ashley and cracking a few jokes.

Anoki chuckled, glancing over at Ashley.  "So? Are you sure you should be leaving them alone together?"

Jason shrugged again.  "We're not dating or anything. She can talk to whoever she wants to," he said somewhat sullenly.

Anoki nodded sagely.  "A bee can only visit a flower that is present," he said before walking off to talk to Tammy.

Jason glanced between Anoki and Ashley.  Huh, he considered. What the hell was Anoki saying.  "He must be juiced," he grumbled under his breath.  Still, he stared back over at Ashley.  Maybe it was time to break up her private party. Just because they weren't dating didn't mean he had to disappear when she was talking to another guy!
He quickly made a bee-line to Ashley's side.  "Hey babe," he said, stepping between Mahmoud and his girl. "Let's take a pic to remember the night by!"

"Sure!" Ashley agreed, fluffing her hair and pursing her lips in a sexy duck pout. "How's this?"
Pulling her into his arms, Jason gave her a kiss as he lifted his phone up to snap a picture.  Mahmoud didn't stand a chance!


  1. I loved Anoki's line! How very apt and lovely. And look! Jason still managed to act on it, even while thinking it was drunken gibberish. Ha!

    1. I'm still trying to figure out how to bring some of these roomies home with me to Sunset Valley! I love Anoki!

  2. Jason, honey, if you can't see her with someone else without feeling jealous, that's a sign to date her.

    1. Seriously! I think he'll be ready for the next step soon!

  3. Anokis line was great. He's one of those sims that gets smarter when he's juiced. That's right Jason, don't go away just because she talkes to someone else, especially a nerd.

    1. Hehe.. Anoki is great. Stand back Moudy, Jason's about to make his move!

  4. Yay, a bonfire party at the beach! I really like how you're making do Jason all these perfect jock things :D

    Anoki is very wise.