July 8, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day Three

AWESOME! Jason thought when he headed to the bathroom and bumped into the scantily clad Tammy.  Dang, she looked good!

"Did you do something with your hair?" he asked, pointing to her hair. 
Tammy smiled. "Yeah," she said self-consciously, touching the tips of her new cut.  "You like it?"

"Heck yeah!" Jason told her eagerly.  He glanced back towards the door she just came out of, surprised to see another roomie Derek coming out of her room. 
"See you later tonight, babe," Derek said, patting her on the butt before jogging down the stairs.
Jason glanced between Tammy and Derek.  "So...." he whistled awkwardly.  Guess flirting with Tammy was off-limits now...

Tammy looked back at him, obviously embarrassed.  "Could we just not mention that?" she asked hopefully.

"Mention what?" he asked with a smirk. 

Tammy giggled.  "I've got to go take a shower.  Catch ya later!"

Jason hurried to Schmidt Stadium for his physical education activity class.  Now this was the class he'd been looking forward to!
Jogging to the plaza, he looked around for someone to group up with.  He saw a pretty girl standing by the door with her arms crossed, looking bored.

"Hey! Need a partner?" he asked.  "I'm Jason, by the way."

"You can call me Liz."  She said, glancing over his shoulder and making a face at the people testing the skeletal structure on their anatomy models.  "We're not going to have to do that, are we?"

Jason glanced over his shoulder and shared her grimace. "Man, I hope not," he said, pulling out his syllabus.  "Hey, it says here '...or engage in physical activity."  Grinning, he pulled the hacky-sack out of his pocket.
He dropped it, moving his feet fast to bounce it around. 

"Killer!" she said.  "You're pretty quick on your feet!"

Jason concentrated on the ball, making sure to keep it bouncing.  "Yeah, I get it from playing football." He kicked the ball towards her.  "Heads up!"
She laughed as she kicked her foot out to catch the hacky-sack.  "Thanks for the warning!" she joked snarkily.

Jason watched her move.  "You're pretty good yourself!" he told her.

Class flew by with them joking around.
"Hey, see you next class!" she told him with a little wave. 

Jason nodded, watching her backside as she left.  "See you around!"
Still feeling pumped, he headed inside for a friendly scrimmage. 

Jason made it back to his dorm but couldn't make it up the stairs.  Every muscle hurt.  Sitting down on the couch in the entry hall, he laid his head down and crashed.  Hard.
Sometime later in the evening, he woke up feeling more refreshed. 
He sent out a mass text to some of the people he'd met.  He had visions of a massive keg party and gaining some cred with the jocks! 
It was easy enough to get a juicer keg.  Now it was time to get juiced!  
Word spread quick.  The place was hopping.  The music was flowing, drinks were being passed around & everyone was having a great time.
"Hey, thanks for coming to my party," Jason said to the guy that just walked in the door.

Derek rolled his eyes.  "I live here," he said sullenly.

"Oh! My bad!" Jason laughed.  "Derek, right? From Tammy's room?"
He was saying hi to Patty when he saw Ashley come in out of the corner of his eye.  He turned to greet her, but she'd already headed to the other side of the room to flirt with the guy in the leather jacket. 
Someone punched his arm.

"Ow!" he said, absently rubbing the spot where the hit landed.
"Damn! You've got bands of steel under that shirt!" Liz complained, cradling her knuckles.

"Did you just hit me?" Jason asked with surprise.

Liz shook her wrist.  "Fat lot of good it did me."  She smiled widely.  "What's up?"

Jason shook his head and chuckled.  It wasn't every day girls went around hitting on him, after all...

A shout from across the room drew his attention away from Liz.
He turned just in time to see Ashley shed her clothes and streak from the dorm.
No. WAY! he thought excitedly.
Without even saying goodbye to Liz, he hurried after Ashley. 

He found her outside.  It was a shame she had put her clothes back on.  "Dang girl! You looked good!" Jason told her.  "Rock on!"
Ashley preened under his compliments.  "Thanks! I bet you'd look real good streaking, too. I know you looked good in that selfie you sent the other night."

Jason chuckled. "I haven't had enough to drink to do that yet!"

"Don't get my hopes up!" she teased.
"You're funny," Jason told her.  "I like that." 

Ashley lowered her lashes.  "You're pretty cool yourself," she told him.   

Jason gazed into her pretty green eyes. Oh yeah, he was hooked.


  1. "Derek, right? From Tammy's room?" lololol

    Of course he's hooked on the girl he just saw running nude. xD Oh Jason! His Uni experience is off the hook!

    1. He did cheer when he saw her run from the room naked. He's so excitable. I thought it was priceless that it was the blondie that he was lusting after anyways. :)

      Tammy cracked me up! They bumped into each other and started talking, then out walked Derek. Whoops! Got caught with a guy in her room!

  2. Oooo, things with Ashley seem to be getting more intense. It'll be interesting to see where things lead. If she wasn't turned off by Jason smelling badly, I doubt she'll be turned off by much else! Lol

    1. Lol. That boy is perpetually stinky! Male sweat musk. They're a match made in heaven!

  3. Wait... so Jason tends to reek a lot, and he likes Tammy when she stinks to... well, okay then. Good for Jason hitting it off with Ashley, especially since he got to see her naked first.

    1. Lol. They're made for each other - the stinkaholics! My daughter thinks she's too similar to Vita, though!

  4. I agree, she might be similar to Vita! But we don't really know yet. I like Liz better, though!

    1. She's very similar to Vita! In looks & personality! I like Liz better, too! But, I've got plans! Mwah ha ha ha

  5. Oh Jason, don't fall for that kind of girl again! Liz is much cuter!

    I don't know why, but the Uni stuff is always so entertaining to me :D