July 8, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week One, Day Two

Man, where was everyone? Jason wondered as he ate his cereal alone in the dining hall.  Guess everyone must've had early classes.
It's too early to start studying, he thought, deciding to skip his first class. It was just the science of education.  Boring!  He'd just grab a classmate's notes and catch up later.

Instead, he headed over to the gym.
Changing into his workout clothes, Jason did a quick burst sprint, designed to maximize his conditioning.  Breathing heavily, he hopped off the treadmill and did a few slow and easy stretches.  Checking his watch, he realized he needed to report to the stadium for his sports class.

Now that was a class he wasn't going to skip!
He rushed over to the Schmidt Memorial Stadium & Annex and stared a moment, wondering which door to go through.  He was already running late.  Shoot, he should've headed over earlier until he had a better feel for where all his classes were!
Not watching where he was going, he bumped into somebody on his way inside.  "Damn! Sorry!" he said, looking up from his schedule.  "Whoa!" he breathed, thanking his lucky stars that he hadn't been paying attention.

"No, I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going," the hot chick said, peeking at him from under her lashes.  "I'm Ashley."
Jason took her hand, feeling a jolt of fire straight down to his toes.  Her hand was so smooth and dainty.  He stood, almost dazed, holding her hand in his own for longer than customary.

Ashley let out a little laugh, then tugged her hand back.

"Sorry!" Jason said, letting her hand go.  "I... err..." he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.  "I'm Jason!" he told her.  He motioned towards the stadium.  "Are you in this class?"  Mentally, he crossed his fingers, praying that she'd be in his class.

"No, I'm in the class period before this one.  I was actually just leaving."

Jason cursed his rotten luck.  "Where are you headed?" he asked.

"I was thinking about heading over to B's Bowlarama." She stared at him.  "Are you forgetting something?" she asked. 

He shook his head slightly, completely off-kilter after running into her.  "Your phone number?"

"Your class?" she giggled, pointing to the doors. 

"Oh that! Yeah, I gotta get going! Don't want to be late. Er, late-er. Er..." Jason could've kicked himself for acting like such a dufus. 
"I'll see you Wednesday," she said with a smile before taking her leave.  "Oh, and my number's in the student directory.  Ashley Corono! Don't forget!"
Jason was grinning widely as he sauntered into class.  Oh yeah, she wanted him! 

Jason finished his class, then hung around the stadium to scrimmage with some teammates.  All in all, a pretty fun day.
Shrugging his backpack on his back, he headed home.  Thankfully, his dorm wasn't very far from the stadium. 

Dying for some food now that the day was over, he grabbed out some bread and made some peanut butter banana sandwiches.  Peanut butter and banana were awesome!
He grabbed a seat and started on his first of three sandwiches.  He'd worked off so many calories today, it was important to fuel up on protein!
"Wow, you're gonna eat three sandwiches?" Tiffany asked, grabbing a seat at the table with him.  "Are you going to be able to finish all that?!"
Jason grinned. "Heck yeah!" he told her. 

Tiffany blew out a breath. "Ugh! I hate you! If I ate like that, I'd gain the dreaded freshman 15! So not fair!"
"I work out a lot!" Jason bragged, lifting his shirt to show off his toned belly.  "Not an ounce of fat here!"

Tiffany ogled the skin he was showing.  "Oh!" she said, "Wow!"  Clearing her throat, she lifted her gaze up to his, only to find that he'd caught her checking him out.  When he winked at her, she blushed furiously.  

"If you want, I can train you sometime," Jason offered, eager to see Tiffany in some workout gear and bent over a workout bench.  

Tiffany laughed. "Not likely!" she joked.  "I'm not much of a fitness buff!"

Jason shook his head.  "And you're a Physical Education major?" he laughed.  

After dinner, he headed upstairs to the bathroom and showered up.  He felt raunchy from working out and playing ball earlier in the afternoon.
Feeling fresh and clean, he checked himself out in the bathroom mirror.  Dang, he was looking good!
He grabbed his phone out and took a selfie pic.
Finding Ashley's number in the directory, he sent the picture over with a winky emoticon.

He only had to wait a few minutes before she sent him back a text.  Looking good.  Call me.

He pumped his fist.  Yes!


  1. The funk. Oh all the green clouds! Jason! Bathe! Bleh... Skipping class to work out even. *tsktsktsk. He's having far too much fun. xD

    1. Someone is going to have to pull him aside and talk to him about personal hygiene. Lol. I'm surprised anyone wanted to talk to him with the way he reeked!

  2. Goodness, the boy even managed to flirt next to a plate of dirty food, haha. Is there anywhere he can't flirt or scope out girls?

    1. Nope. He can flirt & scope out girls anywhere & next to anything. There is nothing he holds more sacred than girls - well, other than football!

  3. Oh my, Jason is on a roll! Doesn't matter how much he or anything else stinks; the ladies can't resist him. Ashley and my heir had a bit of fun to, but sssh.. don't tell Jason.

    1. Lol. Ashley gets around then, huh? ;)

      I swear, Jason has heart farted with almost every girl he's run into at University! It's uncanny!

  4. When Jason's charms fail to win over the girls, there's always the abs! Haha XD Man, he's so much fun.