July 28, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week Two, Day Four

The sun shone in through Jason's window, despite his attempts at blacking out the room.
Man, last night blew, he thought angrily, scraping his hand through his hair.  Ashley hadn't believed a word he'd said!  When he'd tried calling her, she just let him go to voicemail, finally texting him that it was over.
He jerked on his dresser drawer, tugging a little forcefully when the drawer got stuck.  "Stupid, f&#*ing dresser!" he swore under his breath.  God, he hoped The-Wrong-Ashley was satisfied!  "Stupid b&!%*!" he grumbled, grabbing some pants.  She'd ruined his fricking life by telling Ashley that he'd made a move on her!
There was only one thing to do when you were pissed and had to blow off some steam
He headed into the little community gym.  He was planning on working up a sweat.
Jason cranked up the speed and the tilt, punishing his body with a high-endurance jog. 
By the end of the workout, his legs felt like jelly and he'd worked up a killer sweat.  He wiped his brow and shuddered.  He'd pushed himself to the very edge...
...and yet somehow, he didn't feel any better, he thought as he stepped into the shower to wash off. 

Growling, he shoved his face under the spray of water.  Damn The-Wrong-Ashley!

He had to stop stewing over this, he told himself as he slung his backpack over his shoulder and headed to class.  It wasn't going to help anything.
He rushed towards his class, not wanting to be late again. 
In the 2-hour block-period between his first class and his last class, he grabbed his book and did a little studying. 
When the bells started to toll at 4 pm, he shoved his book back in his backpack and high-tailed it over to the stadium for his last class. 

Liz stepped out of class and bumped right into The-Wrong-Ashley.  She glared fiercely at the stuck-up blondie. 

The-Wrong-Ashley noticed and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "What are you looking at?" she snapped.
"I'll tell you what I'm looking at!" Liz snapped back angrily, laying the facts on the line for the blondie. "And if you weren't so in love with yourself, you'd have known he was doing everything in his power to avoid you!" She was shouting by the end of her tirade.

The-Wrong-Ashley's mouth gaped open as she stammered for a reply.  "Fine! Whatever!" she finally settled on, turning on her heel and rushing away.
"Stupid stuck-up sorority b..." she grumbled under her breath as she turned to head back to her own dorm.

"Hey! Liz!" Jason called out as he stepped out of his class and saw his friend nearby.
"Hey! Wait up!" he called out again, jogging over to her side.
"Wanna grab dinner?" he asked.  He wasn't too eager to go home alone.  He had to keep busy.
"Sure! You wouldn't believe who I just ran into!" she told him, following him as they headed towards SimBurger.

"Holy crap! You ran into The-Wrong-Ashley?!" Jason asked in surprise, momentarily forgetting about the hotdog on his plate.
"Yeah! And I really gave it to her!" Liz announced proudly.  "I told her how full of herself she was and that it was all an honest mistake she blew up! Plumbbob, you should've seen her toss her hair around!" she added, scowling.  "What do you see in bimbos like that, anyways?"
"Did she say anything else?" Jason asked.  "Did she apologize?  I've got to call Ashley."
"Slow your roll, buddy," Liz told him.  "She just stormed off.  And I'm pretty sure Ashley still thinks you were hitting on her.  She's not going to believe you just because you keep saying it."
"This sucks!" Jason shouted, slouching down in his seat.

Liz looked around to make sure nobody was watching them.  "Dude, chill out! It'll work out. You just have to be patient!"

Jason jumped up and headed over to the snow cone maker, slipping the dollar into the payment slot.  "I'm not very patient," he groused.

Liz watched him prepare his snow cone.  "Yeah, and you're not an adult either, are you?"
"What?" Jason asked, licking his snow cone.  "I was still hungry!"

"Infant!" Liz teased.  Glancing across the table, she raised her eyebrow.  "Wanna get drunk?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Jason said, tossing the rest of his snow cone in the trash and following behind Liz towards their bikes.

"So what's Moudy up to tonight?" Jason asked as he poured them a few drinks.

Liz shrugged. "What do you think? A kegger at his place."
Jason took a swig of his drink. "So, you wanna head over there?"
"Nah, sometimes it's annoying hanging out with all his frat friends.  It's like he forgets I'm there."

Jason shook his head.  "Nah, I see him watching you the entire time.  Moudy's got it bad for you."

Liz shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe."
She chugged her mixed drink.
"So? What? Are you done with him now?" Jason asked. 

Liz rolled her eyes.  "God, you're such a girl sometimes!" she snapped.  "Always talking about relationships and feelings.  Plumbbob!"  She glanced away from him with something akin to embarrassment.

"Geez! I didn't realize you were so sensitive about it!" Jason groused. 
"Drink up!" Liz said, grabbing another glass and tossing it back. 

After another few drinks, they headed into Liz's room to hang out for awhile before they passed out.
She was still laughing over Jason's attempt to spell Simmissippi as they plopped back on the couch. 

"I-P-P-I-S-S-S-..." Jason tried again, attempting to count off the letters on his fingers.  "DANG IT!" 
Liz laughed, swatting at his shoulder and then resting her forehead there for a second.  "No more! NO MORE!" she shrieked with laughter.  "Oh man," she sighed.  "It's going to suck having to go back to Apaloosa Plains."

Liz thunked him on the shoulder and sat up.  "Nobody gets me there. I was always the odd-ball.  The out-spoken one," she said unhappily.
Jason curved his arm around Liz's shoulder and tugged her closer.  "Screw 'em!" he told her.

Liz glanced up at him and smiled.  "Yeah! Screw 'em!" she repeated firmly.

Jason squeezed her.  "That's my girl!" he told her.  "Who said you had to go back there anyways? You can go anywhere you want!"  His eyes widened.  "You can come stay with me!" he told her eagerly. 
"Really?" she asked.  "That would be crazy cool!"  She grinned, thinking about how much more fun it would be to live with friends and be out on her own than heading back home.  "Jas! This is going to be awesome!" she gushed happily.

It was weird. It felt like Liz fit just right in his arms.  He was busy rubbing his hand up and down her arm as she made plans for their living together.

Talking about living together made him think about beds.  And being in beds together.  And pretty soon, Jason was just staring at her lips dreamily.
Liz trailed off, noticing how quiet Jason had gotten.  Just then, Jason shifted, leaning in to kiss her with his eyes partly open. 
"JASON!" she said, quickly raising her hand to keep his lips far, far away from her.  

Jason's eyes popped open

Liz popped up the moment Jason leaned away.  "What are you doing?!" she demanded with exasperation.
Jason scrubbed his hands over his face, standing to face her.  "Plumbbob, Liz. I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking!" he apologized.  "I'm so juiced!"
"Look, let's just forget it," Liz said, hesitant to delve into the weird feelings she was having right now. 

"But," Jason pressed.

Liz waved her hands in front of her face.  "I said drop it! Nothing happened!" she snapped, heading to the bed.
She laid down on the bed, feeling her pulse beat a little faster when Jason slipped onto the bed beside her.  Just friends. Just friends. Just friends, she repeated in her head.
"Night," she said tersely, turning on her side away from him.
Jason watched the back of Liz's head.  Geez. Liz had made it pretty damn clear that she didn't think of him romantically.  Just friends, just friends, just friends, he told himself.
Sighing, he rolled over with his back to Liz and fell asleep.


  1. Wow. Wrong Ashley really does appear where they're at a lot doesn't she?

    Lol. Jason really does jump straight for romance, Liz is right. xD

    Just friends... just *friends...* Yeeaaahhh... If she really does end up living with him and they keep up their pace with the juice it might be more than *just friends* pretty quickly! Ha!

    1. It is my humble opinion that The-Wrong-Ashley was stalking poor Jason! Must've been some kiss!

      Oh yeah, Jason jumps straight into relationships head first. Who does that remind you of?

      Lol. When these two are alone, they tend to have to remind themselves they're just friends an awful lot! (And with a budding mixologist in the mix, I foresee a lot of getting juiced in their future!)

  2. Just friends, eh? I've had first hand experience of "just friends" turning into something more
    *whispers* remember, in the rules, it doesn't say that the single and help can't have kids together, it just says that they can't be romantic ;)

    Ugh. Seeing Wrong-Ashley everywhere must be hard! Kinda like a walking and talking reminder of how Jason effed up with Right-Ashley

    1. The Couple with Help roll is driving me crazy! I have a plan, but we'll have to see how it turns out in actuality. :)

      For now, they're just friends with some killer attraction that they're not ready to act on. ;)

  3. But, they were supposed to like eachother. Jason was supposed to finally get that Liz was a way better match than Ashley. And then she say no? Damnit.

    Is he turning into a better student now? No, he's not.

    1. Jason might one day realize that Liz is better for him than Ashley! But, seriously, the way he heart-farts with every single female he meets - *facepalm* He doesn't even have the hopeless romantic trait! Lol

      Hey! He made it to class & took some notes! That's better - right?! :)

  4. Liz might give Jason a chance if it was more than just an instinct for him. Like, he thought about it when they were sober and explained his feelings and they both wanted it. She doesn't seem the type to just jump in like he does.

    I hope she does end up living with him, that would be interesting.