July 16, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week Two, Day One

Jason slept in.  Really late into the afternoon.

His cell phone buzzed an alarm.
Dangit! He was going to miss scrimmage today!

Throwing his blankets off, he grabbed up his clothes from the floor and hurriedly dressed.   If he missed, then Coach wouldn't let him play on Game Day!

That would suuuuuuuck!

Jason raced across the green towards the stadium.

Back home, he ran into Anoki in the front hall.
"Good game, Black-Wolff," Anoki said in greeting.

Jason grinned.  "You, too! Man, you're like a rock!" he said, cuffing Anoki on the shoulder.  With this massive guy on their team, their defense was solid
"Go Llamas!" Jason said, leading the school cheer.
Grinning, he slung his arm around his teammates shoulder and took a quick pic of them together.  He wanted to be able to remember all these awesome uni memories!

Jason checked the mail, surprised to find a gift from Ashley in the mail.
Checking the dare board, he saw a dare to call imply someone's mothers was a llama.  He chuckled under his breath.  He knew just who to tease!
Jason made a beeline inside and confronted Millie Grubb.  "Word to your llama!" he told her snidely.

Millie glared.  "What are you talking about?" she asked arrogantly.

"Oh, I meant, word to your llama mama!" 

Millie stomped her foot angrily.  "You're an idiot!" she fumed, stomping off. 

Jason glanced back at Anoki, still chuckling.  "Good one, huh?"

Anoki glanced away, stepping away from Jason.

(*AN - Millie stole Ace's guitar that I had Jason bring to college.  I've been trying to figure out how to get it back this whole time! Lol.  I am so MAD at her for stealing my priceless heirloom!!! If I ever manage to get it back, she'll probably suffer a horrible fate!)

The crappy weather fit his mood.

In retrospect, Jason was feeling like a huge jerk for picking on Millie, despite the fact that he couldn't stand her snooty attitude.

He biked over to Moudy's frat house to get out of the house.  He noticed a number of people heading inside.  Good, he thought to himself, a party would help get him out of his funk.
He headed inside.  "Heeeeey!" Jason said, gesturing shaka bra with Moudy.

Moudy grinned.  "How ya doing, Jas?" he asked.
Jason shook his head. "I'm feeling pretty wrecked," he admitted.  "I could use some juice."

"Aw man, that sucks. What happened?" Moudy asked.

Jason laid it on the line, telling Moudy all about the dare, his missing guitar, and his ragging on Millie.  "...And I just felt like crap after she walked away," he finished, his shoulders drooping.  "I'm such a douche."

Moudy popped him on the shoulder. "You're not a douche!" he told his friend.  "Just temporary insanity!"

Jason scoffed.  He was about to head over and grab a drink when his phone tweeted.  He glanced at his text, Wanna come over?

At Moudy's. Come party, he texted back to Ashley. 

He only had to wait a few seconds before she texted back, :(  

He slipped his phone back in his pocket and glanced up.
He saw Moudy in the kitchen with Liz, flirting with each other and standing pretty close.  Jason raised an eyebrow with surprise.  Things seemed to be going well between Liz and Moudy.  Maybe they liked talking about dying their hair...
Shaking his head at his irritable mood, he headed over for that drink.  There was no reason to be jealous about Moudy and Liz.  He was with Ashley.  He loved Ashley.

He'd just taken a sip when he his phone tweeted again.  He popped his phone out and glanced at Ashley's text.  I'm here.  Meet me outside.

Jason set his drink aside and went to the front door and peeked out.  "What are you doing out here? Come inside!" he told her. 

Ashley made a face. "I'm not in the mood to party," she said with a pout.  "And I can't believe my boyfriend doesn't want to spend Friday night with me!"
"Man, I've had a long day."  Jason scrubbed his hair back from his face.  "I do want to spend time with you! Look, why don't we just go inside and grab a drink, maybe find somewhere to be alone."
Ashley crossed her arms petulantly.  "I don't want to stay. And if you don't want to be with me, then I'll just go home alone!"

He saw a tear forming in the corner of her eye and she seemed genuinely distraught.   He didn't want to be responsible for his girl being upset!
With a heavy sigh, Jason's shoulders slumped.  "You're right, baby," he told her.  Maybe he had been hitting the party scene a little too hard.  "We'll go."

"Yay!" Ashley cheered, hooking her arm through his on their way down the steps.  

"You won't regret this!" Ashley said when they walked through her dorm's entryway.  "Come on, let me show you my room!"
Jason followed Ashley's lead, up the stairs to a room upstairs. "Hey! You picked the room by the weight room, too!" he noted with approval.  He loved what a fitness freak his girl was!
Slipping into bed together, Jason was already feeling better about this evening.

Ashley looped her arms around his neck, dragging him down on top of her on the bed.  "I told you that you wouldn't regret it!" she said sultrily.


  1. Method One to break into another sims inventory: You need NRaas DebugEnabler. Click on the sim: Nraas/DebugEnabler/Sim/scroll all the way down View Inventory. You might be able to click on just the guitar, but sometimes I have to take the entire inventory.

    Method Two: You need NRaas MasterController. Click on the sim. Nraas/MasterController/Basic/Transfer To. Use an appropriate filter (gender:female, CurrentLot, whatever) Select Millie and then select the guitar. Note: It might be Transfer From... I'm always getting them mixed up. So be sure you see the guitar before clicking on the check mark. lol.

    Et voila! You have Ace's guitar back where it belongs. :)

    Poor Jason though. His heart's in the right place. And at least he didn't let drinking solve his problems. He's still a good egg.

    1. Wonderful! I am now in possession of the heirloom again and am having less murderous thoughts towards poor Millie. (Phew!)

      Jason's a good kid! Needs to think things through a little more and be less impetuous, but time will tell!

  2. Ahhh! I'm soooo far behind!
    It's sweet that Jason felt so bad after being mean to Millie, it shows that he's still got a heart even with all his lady chasing.

    1. Lol. I didn't feel bad for Millie at all! She stole his priceless heirloom! Although, I've now since retrieved it! *phew* Millie may live... for now...

  3. Stealing Ace's guitar?! Millie deserved much worse... Jason is sweet for caring though!