July 16, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week Two, Day Three

Jason woke up, stiff and uncomfortable on the frat couch.  "What the hell?" he mumbled to himself, twisting his shoulder forward to lessen the ache.  Man, that was one uncomfortable couch!
He headed into the kitchen and found Moudy and a few other guys having breakfast.  "How'd you sleep last night, sleeping beauty?"  Mahmoud joked when he saw Jason walk in.

"Oh, great! Slept like a baby!" Jason quipped.

"Well hey, enjoy your breakfast, slacker. Some of us have class!" Moudy said, ribbing him as he slung his backpack on and left the room.

Jason made a face at his back.
Grabbing a bowl of cereal, he sat down at the table and faced Jeffrey.  "You don't have class today?" he asked as he shoved a big spoonful in his mouth.

Jeffrey shrugged.  "Just a rebel, I guess."
On Jason's way out the door, he called up Liz.  "Hey, are you busy? Can you talk?"

Jason met with Liz at the library.  "Well you really screwed up this time, didn't you, Jason?" she asked, shaking her head.  She wasn't quite buying Jason's excuse that he didn't know he was kissing the wrong girl.  He was Jason, after all!
"Aw, come on, Liz! I mean it!" he implored her.  "I didn't even know! What am I going to do? If Ashley finds out, she's going to be pissed!"

Liz scrunched her face up, considering his position.  "Well, what are the chances you'll run into that chick again? Pretty low, right?"

"Yeah, hopefully," Jason grumbled, following Liz inside.

"Son of a...." Jason swore under his breath when he walked into the library with Liz and ran straight into Wrong-Ashley

"YOU!"  Her eyes widened and she scowled.  "What?! Are you stalking me now?!" she demanded shrilling.

Jason turned and bumped into Liz.  "Let's get out of here," he said under his breath, grabbing Liz  and dragging her to the opposite end of the library. 
"So that was her, huh? Nice," Liz teased.  "I can see where you got confused. Preppy, blonde and a bimbo!"

Jason completely missed Liz's dig on Ashley.  He'd been busy watching to make sure Wrong-Ashley wasn't following him.  Leaning back, he saw her busily complaining to a friend about the jerk who man-handled her.  Embarrassed beyond belief, he drug a hand over his face.  
"Man!" he snapped.  "Can we just get out of here? I'm not going to be able to study with her in here!"

Liz sighed.  "There's always some excuse, huh?" she joked, poking his shoulder.  Glancing over her shoulder, she scoped out the pissed off chick.  "Want me to pummel her?" she asked.  "I bet I could take her."

"God, no! Let's just get out of here!" Jason said, leading her to the door.

By tactic agreement, they headed over to Student Union.  Jason was surprised to run straight into Moudy. 
"Hey man!" Mahmoud greeted Jason, then looked past him and saw Liz.  "Hey sweet-stuff!" he grinned.  "I missed you last night!"
"I didn't know you were going to be here!" Liz said with surprise. 

Mahmoud nodded. "Yup. Class just ended. I was thinking about heading upstairs."

"Let's go!" Jason told the group. 

Jason set up the pool balls.
"You guys played before?" he asked, glancing up before he took his shot.
"Nope!" Liz said, leaning on her cue stick.  "Show us how it's done, slick." 

Jason laughed.  "I've never played before either.  I just wanted to make sure neither of you laughed at me!"

"Oh, we'll laugh at you, alright!" Mahmoud teased.  "I can think of plenty of jokes about not knowing how to use your stick."

"You're so dirty!"  Liz laughed with fake affront as she playfully slapped Mahmoud on the chest.  "I should've known better than to play with boys!"
Jason spectacularly flubbed his first shot, pulling the cue stick back and completely missing the cue ball.  Groaning, he laid his head on the pool table.
"You're right. He doesn't know how to use his stick!" Liz chided as the guys laughed. 

Jason shook his head.  "That's wrong, Liz.  Just... wrong!"

"Let me show you how it's done!" Mahmoud bragged, swaggering over to take his shot. 

"You show him, baby!" Liz crowed, ribbing Jason in the side with her elbow.  "Moudy knows how to use his stick!" she teased.

Jason sputtered with laughter.  "God, Liz! TMI!"
Mahmoud took his shot, followed by a couple more, sinking in at least 3 balls.  Jason was already feeling like a sore loser.  No way was he going to beat Moudy!
Thankfully, his phone went off.  It was Ashley.  He read the text.  "Hey guys, I've got a hot date tonight.  I'll catch you later!"

Hurrying home, he got all gussied up like Ashley had requested.  She was trying to get into the sorority house and wanted to make a good impression.
He rang the doorbell and waited.
"Oh! You must be Jason! Your girlfriend told us to expect you!" one of the sorority sisters greeted him at the door.  "My name's Paris!"

Jason shook her hand.  "Nice to meet you!" he said with a small smile, not surprised when a fluttering of attraction made itself known.

"Come on in!" Paris said, fluttering her lashes at him.
And that's how Ashley found them - Jason joking around and making a cake of himself and Paris falling all over him.  She couldn't help but feel jealous.  Why did Jason seem to have that effect on all the girls? 
"Baby!" she announced, a little louder than necessary.  "I'm so glad you made it!" 
She slid into his arms, pressing up against him and wrapping her arms around him.  "I missed you last night!" she said in a sultry whisper, kissing his neck. 
Casually, she tossed a glance towards Paris.  Eat your heart out, she thought smugly.  He's all mine!

"And so, there I was, minutes to the end of the game.  I pulled my arm back and snapped the ball to the running back.  It sailed over the opponents' hands and Sean plucked it from the sky! It was an awesome play!" Jason bragged.  He loved talking sports!
"Omigosh!" Sarah cooed.  "I can't believe you're the Black-Wolff! Everyone is talking about you!"

The sorority sister behind her added, "Yeah, they say you're definitely going to go Pro next year!"  She gushed, "I totally want your autograph!"

Sarah bopped up and down on the couch.  "Oh! Can you give us an autograph?!"
"Sure!" Jason said. "I'm hoping my hometown team will sign me up! That's my dream!"

All the girls seemed to be way more interested in Jason than they were in getting to know her.  Ashley made a face.  Maybe she shouldn't have introduced Jason to the sorority sisters. It irritated her to no end that they were gushing over him like schoolgirls. 
Scooting closer to Jason, she put her hand on his knee, trailing it up higher on his thigh.  "Isn't my boyfriend the greatest?" she asked with a large fake smile.

Jason, not recognizing the tension-filled silence, slung his arm around her.

The girls shifted uncomfortably. It was easy to tell that Ashley was annoyed.  "So," Sarah attempted to change the subject...

"Are you kidding me?!" a voice thundered behind him.

Jason winced, hesitantly turning around.
"Look, jerk! I've told you that I'm not interested!" The-Wrong-Ashley snapped. "Leave. Me. Alone!"

Jason turned to face his girlfriend with a look of horror and guilt.  Of course, she would have to be a sorority sister.  Man!
"Ashley! It's not what it sounds like!" he said quickly, attempting to placate her after Ashley jumped from her seat, her gaze flipping from between The-Wrong-Ashley and him.

"Were you flirting with her?" Ashley demanded angrily.

"Flirting?!" The-Wrong-Ashley scowled, popping her hand on her hip. "He kissed me on some stupid dare at the frat party the other night!"

Ashley glanced back at him, hurt coloring her eyes. 

Jason held his hand up for Ashley to wait a minute and pointed his finger at The-Wrong-Ashley.  "That's not what happened!" he protested, turning back to his girlfriend and swearing, "That's not what happened, Ashley! I swear!"
"So you didn't kiss her?" Ashley demanded.

He heard The-Wrong-Ashley scoffing.
"Well, yes! But, NO! Not on purpose!" he held out his hands with chagrin. "I thought she was you!" he said with wobbly charm.
"You thought she was me?!" Ashley echoed in disbelief.
Turning to glare at The-Wrong-Ashley, she shoved Jason. "She doesn't look like me at all!"

"Baby! It was dark and I was a little juiced! I swear! I thought she was you!" Jason said, desperately pleading with Ashley.  "Tell me you believe me!" he begged.
"I can't even look at you right now!" Ashley said tearfully, swiping at her eyes.  "It's bad enough you cheated on me! But to make up this ridiculous story!"

"It's not a story!" Jason said angrily.  "Ask Moudy! I thought she was you!"

Ashley shook her head and ran from the house, slamming the front door.
"Son of a..." Jason swore, raking his hand through his hair and gritting his teeth against the pain the hit him right in the chest.  Breaking up never got easier.  He took a deep breath, trying to grapple with his emotions.
On his way from the house, he glared at The-Wrong-Ashley.  "I hope you're happy now!" he said snidely before leaving.

"Actually! I am happy! I'm just glad she knows what kind of guy you really are!" she snapped, watching him leave.  Once a cheater, always a cheater, right?

The door slammed furiously behind him.


  1. *sigh. Yup. It's catching up to him. Might be time to take a little study break huh?

    1. Lol. I couldn't believe his bad luck. 1st he ran into her at the library. And then, I found out she was a sorority sister! Oi.

      You're right! Jason needs a nice, long study break!

  2. Ohhhh noooooo. Oh dear. I would say poor Jason but he kinda brought it upon himself. Maybe he does need a break from all the chicas

    1. That did not work out well for him. He definitely needs a break!

  3. Aww, I wasn't expecting that! Now Jason became an accidental heartbreaker... can't blame him for not being able to tell all the blonde Ashleys apart, haha!