July 16, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week Two, Day Two

"Come on, Jason. It's almost time for me to get to my class," Ashley said, pushing him towards the edge of the bed.

Jason sat up and scrubbed at his eyes.  "Class?" he echoed.

She threw his shirt at him.  "Yes. Class!" she said, putting her hands on her hips.  "Come on, get up!"
Ashley stopped in the doorway with Jason, prepared to give him a kiss goodbye, then get ready for class.

Across the hall, Lizzie stepped out of her room.

Jason stopped in his tracks, with his clothes bundled in his arms, and felt his jaw drop when he looked across the hall.  

Holy crap, he should've picked this dorm!  Sleepwear was way skimpier!!
Ashley smacked him on the back of his head.  "Put your eyes back in your head," she said tersely, glaring across the hall at her dormie, Lizzie. 

Jason glanced back at Ashley quickly.  "What?!" he said plaintively.  "I wasn't looking at anything!" he swore, peeking another look.

"Uh huh," Ashley said, grabbing him and dragging him back into her room to remind him why he was with her and not big-boobed Lizzie.

"I'll see you after class!" Ashley said as they made their way from the dorm. 

Jason patted her on the tush. "See you soon!"

Skipping his morning class, Jason headed over to the gym to work out before football practice.
Hopping on the machine, he whipped his shirt off and threw it to the floor.
He was planning to work up a sweat!

It really helped him think things through as he pumped the weights up and down, repetitively.

Up.  Why did it bug him so bad that Ashley didn't want to hang out with his friends?

Down.  Especially Liz.  Ashley hated it when he hung out with her.

Up.  Didn't she know he wasn't the kind to cheat on his girl?  

Down.  He knew his life history!

Up.  Mom had always been upfront about the fact that she'd been fooled by a guy cheating on his wife.

Down.  No way in the world was he going to put a girl of his through that kind of crap!

Finishing his last set, he checked his watch and saw that he'd spent longer than he'd expected working out. 

Man! He was going to be late!

Grabbing his shirt from where he threw it, he hurriedly tugged it over his head.  He had to get to the stadium for scrimmage.

Jason was dog-tired by the time practice was over. 
Pulling out his phone, he texted Ashley.  Wanna get together.

She didn't respond, so he called her and got voicemail.

Guess he was on his own tonight.

He headed over to the frat house to see what Moudy was up to.  If nothing else, they always seemed to be throwing parties.
Leather jacket guy answered the door.  "Hey, you're friends with Mahmoud, right?" he asked, stepping back to let Jason inside.  "The name's Jeffrey."

"Jason," Jason shook Jeffrey's hand in greeting.  "Yeah, Moudy's a great guy."

Jeffrey chuckled  "I remember running into you the first day of school. I thought you were going to be a nerdy newb, but he says you're pretty cool."

"Jas! You made it!" Mahmound said, walking into the room.
"Yeah man!" Jason said, shaka-bra-ing.  "Where'd you think I'd be?"

Moudy rolled his eyes.  "Ashley's keeping a pretty tight leash on you these days!"

"Nah!" Jason said, pursing his lips.  "That's bunk!"

Raising his eyebrow, Moudy asked, "So, where'd you disappear to last night?"

Jason shrugged, changing the subject. "Let's just get juiced!"
Laughing, the friends headed to the keggerator.  Moudy hoisted Jason up and balanced him above the tap.  "Chug it!" he cheered, then suddenly frowned as Jason's weight shifted and he struggled to keep him upright.
Losing his grip, he cringed as his friend plummeted face-first into the wood floor.  "Aw, crap, Jas!" Mahmoud cursed, reaching down to help Jason up.  "Sorry, Jas!" he said, tugging on Jason's arm.
"Get off!" Jason snapped, rubbing his sore head as he pushed Moudy away. "I can't believe you dropped me!"

Mahmoud started chuckling. "You should see the look on your face!" he said, doubling over.
Jason glared for a moment before a grin split his face. He shoved Moudy's shoulder again.  "You pansy!" he teased, laughing when Moudy staggered away, holding his side as he laughed.
Glancing towards the entrance, he smiled when he saw Ashley dancing.  "Oh cool, she came after all," he said under his breath, walking around Moudy towards his girl.
"Baby!" he said, pulling her into his arms for a heated kiss.

Shoving at his chest and struggling, she managed to push him away from her.
"Who the hell do you think you are?!" she demanded angrily.
Jason looked at the blonde in front of him with surprise.  "You're not Ashley!" he sputtered.

"I am too Ashley!" she said, offended.  "Who are you?"
Jason shook his head, trying to clear the confusion.  "Oh man. I'm so sorry. I thought you were my girlfriend." He shoved his hand through his hair.

Convinced that she'd been the recipient of same lame party dare, she gave Jason a chilly glare.  "Jerk!" she snapped. 
 Jason backed up until his feet hit the sofa and sat down heavily.  Between his late hours, being juiced, and kissing the wrong Ashley, he was feeling pretty fuzzy.
He let his head drop down on the back of the couch and slipped to sleep.


  1. Hmmm... Seems like the fast living might be catching up to Jason there a little, huh?

    1. Yup. Fast times at Sim U! Jason is bungling things by partying too hard!

  2. Oh deary, deary, dear. Jason's messed up now with Ashley and Wrong-Ashley

    1. Too many blonde Ashley's! Of course poor Jason would get confused! Lol

  3. I can't stop chuckling at Jason's antics. Every day there's something XD So much fun!