July 7, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty, Day One

Jason excitedly answered the door at the butt-crack of dawn.  This was it... this was what he'd been waiting for...

Sim State, here I come!
"Sim State wants you to know all the reasons you should pick our school!" the mascot parroted her lines.  "One - free swag!..."
"AWESOME!" Jason said, rooting through the university welcome kit.  "Free stuff!" He pulled the t-shirt out excitedly and pulled it on.

She continued on without pause, "Two - killer parties!..."
"And Three - the highest job placement after graduation ratio in the tri-state area."

Jason wasn't paying attention.  He pulled the fight song flag out and waved it around. "Killer parties, huh?" he asked with a smile.  
Not paying attention, he accidentally slapping the mascot in the face with the flag.  "Whoops. Sorry!" he said with chagrin, stuffing the flag in his back pocket.  "So where do I sign up?" he asked.
"Just answer these questions and sign here," the mascot said drolly, shoving the clipboard at Jason. 

Jason always knew that sports would be his ticket into university...

Haley glanced around her room and fought back the tears.  She'd finished packing everything while Jason and Johnny had moved the furniture up to the attic for storage.  Well, at least the things that were staying here...
Man, he was tired of moving.  He'd been hauling furniture upstairs all morning long.  He glanced down at the laundry basket mom had asked him to bring upstairs and looked around to see where a good place to put it was. 
The place was packed!

Jason shoved the laundry basket on his bed.  It wasn't like he was going to be using it anytime soon, anyways! 

Turning, he hurried down the stairs back to the livingroom.  Only a few more things and he'd be done!
"Hey Mom! Where do you want me to put this DVD rack? Up in the attic?" he called up the stairs.

"What?" she called back down distractedly.

"The DVDs! Where do you want them?"

He heard his mom sigh heavily.  "Upstairs, I guess!" she called down to him.  "Are there any DVDs you want?"

Jason glanced at the rickety holder and made a face.  "Not likely," he muttered under his breath."  But, he started flipping through the movies available.  Huh, weird...a blank case... 
Curious, Jason fed the DVD into the machine and pressed play.   Holy crap... "HEY MOM! YOU'RE GONNA WANNA SEE THIS!" he hollered upstairs.
"What now?!" Haley asked, grabbing the canvas she'd wanted to gift to Jason.
Jason watched the lady teaching the toddler to walk.  It looked like his house, same wallpaper and everything.
"What is it, sweetie?" Haley asked, wiping her hands off on her jeans as she hurried downstairs.
The moment she stepped into the living room, she paused.  "Oh my plumbbob," she breathed with disbelief.  "Dad's videos! You found them!"  Mom and Dad had thought that they'd lost the videos after they moved to the capital. 

"Is that Grandma?" Jason asked, watching as the woman on the screen.

"Yes!" Haley wiped a tear from her eye.  It was a punch in the gut to see her mother, alive and laughing on film.  She missed her parents so much.
Jason side-eyed his mom. Was she crying?  "There's another one," he said, popping the next DVD in.
"Oh, look! My 8th birthday!" Haley said with a laugh.  "I remember that one! I was so embarrassed Dad took the video while I was stuffing my face with cake!"

Jason laughed as he watched his mom shove a huge bite in her mouth.  "Man! You were shoveling it!"
"Who's he?" Jason asked when the old guy smiled and waved at the camera. 
Haley was wiping her eyes again.  "Grandpa Chase!"  she told him sadly.  "Oh, I loved him so much! You should have heard him play the bass. He was so talented!  We have some recordings of that around here somewhere."
Jason thought about the snazzy guitar he'd found upstairs in the attic.  "I prefer the guitar!" he told his mom before slipping the next DVD into the case.  "One more," he said.
"What the..." Jason made a face when he saw the video showed the same woman in the bath. "Is that Grandma Eva?!"

"Turn it off!" Haley yelped, grabbing the remote from her son's hand and turning it off.
"Oh my God! Grandpa took video of Grandma naked?!" he laughed.  "Gross!"

Haley's cheeks were flaming.  Her Dad had videoed her Mom in the bath?  Lord knows what else they might find!  She shuddered, picturing coming across her parents woohooing.  "I think that's enough for now. I should probably go through these on my own.."

Jason laughed.  "Oh man, what if he took video of them woohooing?!"

"Jason! They did not take video of that!"

Jason smirked. "How do you know? He took video of her in the bathtub!"
Haley shook her head and rolled her eyes.  But, Jason's chuckles were contagious.  She wondered what he would say if he ever learned about her foray into nude painting...  She pressed her hands to her cheeks and took a deep breath. 

She glanced at him again and felt her heart clench.  She was leaving her little boy...
"Are you sure you'll be okay?" she asked worriedly, probably the hundredth time since they'd begun packing. Muttering under her breath, she railed, "I can't believe I let you and Johnny talk me into moving before you went off to Sim State!"

Johnny had was due back in Bridgeport soon and they had decided that she and Kimi would move back with him before Jason left for Sim State so she wasn't left on her own with the newborn.  Jason swore he would be fine on his own.  But, it felt wrong...  it felt like she was leaving her son behind to start a new life...

"Mom, I told you, I'm gonna be fine! I'll just hang out here until school starts. And if I need anything, Rio's right down the road."

Haley's mouth pinched tightly with disappointment.  "I should be taking you to school!"

"Aw, Mom! I don't need my mom to drop me off at school!" he protested. "That would be so lame!"

Shaking her head, Haley flicked a tear away with a small laugh.  "So now I'm lame?"

"Moooooom!" Jason complained, worried that his mom was going to try to stay.  That would mess all his plans up! 
"I know! I know! We've been over this!"  She held up her hands in defeat.  Taking a deep breath, she handed him the canvas she'd brought downstairs.  "This is for you."
Jason flipped the canvas over and stared at the painting his mom had done.  "I didn't know you were doing this!" he said with surprise, and awe.  He hung the portrait up on the wall.  "Look good?" he asked, glancing back at her.

Haley nodded, squeezing his hand.  Her voice was thick with emotion as she had a little heart-to-heart with him.  "You're an adult now.  I trust you to make responsible decisions."

"I'm gonna be fine, Mom!" Jason said, fighting back a wave of emotion.  Why did he want to cry when he couldn't wait to be on his own? It didn't make any sense!
His mom sniffed and then buried her face in his neck, gripping him tightly.  "I'm going to miss you so much, sweetie.  I hate leaving you.  I hate leaving here!"
"It's going to be fine, Mom!" Jason repeated, with a wobbly voice as he patted his mom's back. 
"You almost done crying all over Jason?" Johnny teased, cradling Kimi in his arm.

Haley stepped back with a small laugh and wiped her eyes dry.  "Almost," she teased back.

Jason took a deep breath. 

"Jason, if you want us to stay..." Johnny began to tell his stepson that they could adjust their plans.

Jason shook his head.  "Nah, I'm good," he said, glancing back at his mom. "It's going to be a long drive.  You probably need to get going soon, huh?"

Haley wiped another tear away and nodded at her husband.  "I think he's trying to get rid of us," she said.

"Ya think?" Johnny winked at Jason, then walked over to Haley and slipped Kimi into her arms.  "I'll go double-check the truck while you make one last walk-through."

Jason watched the moving van drive away and felt a pang.  It was actually a lot harder to watch them leave than he had thought it would be. 

He was well and truly alone now... 
Turning, he pulled out his cell phone and called August.  "They're gone. You ready?"

"PARTY!" August said, flicking the shaka-bra gesture.  "Man, you're lucky your parents left you their place!" he added. 

Jason laughed. "Yeah! No 'rents!"

"No rules!" August added with a laugh. 
"Hey, you don't mind I brought my sister, do you?" August asked.

Jason shrugged. "Nah. The more the merrier. Is she underage?"

August laughed.  "No, we're twins."

"Huh, twins? Cool!"

August waved to his sister across the room, "Hey Edna! Come meet Jason!"
"Hi! Thanks for letting me tag along! I don't really know many of August's friends," Edna told Jason. 
Jason eyed his friend's sister.  Wow.  "Uh, yeah, no problem. Hey, you want a drink?"

Edna smiled. "Sure!"

"Great! I'll be right back!" Jason said with a smooth smile.  Maybe he was gonna be fine without Vita!  There were other fish in the sea...


  1. Aww, it was sweet that Haley got to see all the movies from her childhood <3 It's difficult moving as it is, let alone moving from the only house she's known her whole life.

    Aww, Jason's all grown up, and he's realising he doesn't need that Vita skank! Yay! There are other fish in the sea; fish who are much less maintenance.

    1. I loved watching the movies from her childhood! Hopefully she's happy in Bridgeport!

      Jason grew up so handsome! I believe we'll see him checking out lots of fishies in the sea. :)

  2. Oh boy, Eva in the tub got me laughing. I bet she never imagined her daughter and grandson would see that tape. And Haley nudepaints. They are a naughty bunch. It was sweet that Jason wanted to cry. He's such a moms boy, even if he'd never admit it.

    Grown up Jason looks... just like he acts actually. He looks like he plays american football, drinks beer and watches sports on tv. Kind of like that guy your dad is going to mancrush on if you take him home.

    Took him about two seconds to get over Vita. Good for him. Now, lets see how long it takes before August regrets introducing him to his sister

    1. You think something is destroyed and then it comes back to embarrass you in future generations! Jason is a huge mama's boy! It'll be hard with Haley in another town, but I'm sure she'll be coming to visit & yell at Jason for not taking card of her garden. :)

      Lol - I was surprised by how muscular he turned out!

      Maybe one and a half seconds to get over Vita! I bet August is already regretting introducing his sister to him. Thankfully, Jason is going to head off to university and leave the sister alone!

  3. Whoa!!! lol. The home videos were so sweet and a touching scene before Haley left but then... lol! At least it put a rather fitting end to the flood of memories. xD

    Part-ay! Go Jason! It's your party! lol. And clearly getting over Vita will be super easy.

    1. I was moving everything from Eva's inventory before she moved out with Johnny and Kimi & saw the videos. I thought that would be the perfect time to "find" them - during the move!

      Oh Jason's going to be doing plenty of partying! Vita, who?

  4. As soon as Jason pointed out the DVDs, my mind went to the bathtub video - and still I had to laugh out loud when it came up! Just awesome :D

    Woo, looking forward to Jason's wild years at Uni!