August 19, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week Two, Day Seven

Jason crashed right after their woohoo the night before.  He groaned softly as he slowly sat up in bed.  "Oh my plumbbob," he whispered. "I am never drinking again!"

Ashley giggled from her side of the bed.  "That's what you said last time," she told him.

"Yeah, but I mean it this time!" he swore. 

"Mmmhmmm," Ashley said, rolling her eyes.

"Come here, you!" Jason growled, rounding the bed to tickle her.  He stopped when his head pounded too much. 

Ashley laughed again as she reached for his hands.  "Do you remember what you asked me last night?" she asked coyly. 
Jason's brow wrinkled as he thought back to last night.  "Uh....." he stalled, trying to remember. 

He remembered seeing Liz and Moudy making out in the kitchen.  Then he'd turned and seen Ashley.  He remembered kissing her and then half-dragging her back to his dorm to make love. 

"The night's a little fuzzy," he finally admitted.
"You proposed to me and you don't even remember?!" Ashley dropped his hands like hot potatoes and glared at him.  "I cannot BELIEVE you!" she fumed.
Jason got a little stuck on her heaving bosom.  Plumbbob, she was sexy when she was mad.  Then, her words penetrated his head.
"Wait. What? I WHAT?!" he freaked out. Jason scrubbed his hand through his hair.  He was reeling.  Did that make him engaged?

Ashley propped her hand on her hip.  "Don't worry!" she said snidely.  "I didn't say yes!"
And then all of a sudden, he was offended that Ashley had turned him down - even though he didn't even remember asking.  "Why the hell not?" Jason demanded. 
"Jason! You were drunk when you asked! And you were mad that I'm going to Champs les Sim with my sorority sisters!" 
Jason took a deep breath and exhaled.  "I'm sorry," he apologized.  "I didn't realize I'd made such an ass of myself last night." Glancing around the room, he looked for his discarded clothes.

"I'll be back soon," Ashley promised, stroking Jason's cheek. 

Jason's heart twisted in his chest.  He was miserable and confused, but trying to be supportive.  "Have fun!" he told her.
"I'll dream of you every night!" she promised, blowing him a kiss before she breezed through his door.

Jason checked the mail for his grades.  Biting his lip, he opened the envelope and pulled out the sheet of paper.
This one-sheet of paper could either destroy or advance his lifetime aspirations, he thought with a gulp.  Maybe he should've paid attention to school a little bit more and partying a little less...
He scanned the columns, trying to find his GPA...
"Hey!" he said, releasing the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.  "I did it!" he beamed.
"I DID IT!" he shouted out, waving his report card above his head.  He was the first Black-Wolff to graduate from university.  Damn, his mom was going to be proud of him!

"Are you sure you paid the parking meter?" Haley asked worriedly, glancing back at the parking lot. 
"I don't know why they have to charge for parking anyways! $10 an hour is outrageous!"

Johnny shrugged.  "When you have a big population like this, parking is a premium," he told her.  "Remember, I'm from the big city!" he told her.

Haley scoffed.  "You were born in Sunset Valley, just the same as I was!" she reminded him with an eye roll. 

Johnny wrapped his arm around her back and led her to the stadium.  "Come on, let's grab our seats," he told her, reaching for the graduation program as they walked through the door.

Haley's eyes lit up.  "Grab an extra one!  Jason's name should be near the top!"

Jason stepped from the stadium with his brand-spanking new diploma on hand and did a victory dance.  It was such a relief to be going home!
"JASON!" Liz called out before rushing to his side and hugging him.  "Congratulations!" she told him.

"You too!" he said with a grin.  "We did it!"

She beamed. "Yeah, we did!" she said proudly.

Jason glanced over his shoulder, looking for his mom.  He'd seen her wave when he'd crossed the stage.  She'd been hard to miss, standing next to the hooting & hollering Johnny.  He should've been embarrassed, but he'd been so excited to see them!
There she was!  "MOM!"  he called out, cupping his hand over his mouth and waving her over. 

A smile spread over Haley's face as she hurried over to him.
"Oh Jason! I'm so proud of you!" she cried on his shoulder. 

"Aw, come on, Mom! Don't cry!" he told her, casting an anxious glance towards Liz.

Liz made a shooing motion and mouthed, "Bye!"
Haley took a deep breath, trying to pull herself together.  "I scared your friend away!" she said when she stepped back and wiped her eyes.  "She must think I'm a loon!"

"Nah. She just had to get going," he told her. "Maybe you'll meet her some other time. She's going to room with me when we get back to Sunset Valley."
Jason was saved from a volley of questions when Johnny joined them.  "Great job, Jas! We're real proud of you!" Johnny said with a thump on Jason's shoulder.

"Thanks, Johnny!"  Jason said. 

"So, you ready to go?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, I'm all packed!" Jason said, eager to leave University behind and get started with his life!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of the Uni expansion pack either, which is why I've carefully dodged around the possibility of all my heirs going there xD I tried it once and couldn't complete it, I found it too dull and repetitive.

    Anyway, I don't matter. It's nice seeing Haley and Johnny again! And yay! Jason graduated! Now about what happened with Ashley... What is going to happen between those two? Will they stay together or will they break up?

    1. Lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one underwhelmed by Uni expansion pack! I liked it in some regards. But, I was also disappointed that I couldn't invite Rio or any of his family/friends to visit!

      I'll probably try Uni with my next heir - but hopefully I'll be able to try a different major! :)

      Yay! Haley & Johnny! I'm going to miss them! They'll come visit Jason every now and again!

      Jason is pretty sure he & Ashley are good! She's going to be gone for the summer while he and Liz settle into the house together.

  2. Congrats on your graduation, Jason! Balck-Wolff is such a badass surname btw... I always forget to mention that :D

    I think Uni is fun at first, especially when you really get into the social groups and parties, but it does start dragging pretty quickly. That said, seeing Jason's crazy adventures made me want to send an heir to Uni once again :D

    1. I'm just glad he graduated! Phew!

      I was pretty psyched when Nathaniel Wolff fell for Eva Black because Black-Wolff is AWESOME. Almost as cool as Black-Goth. Now in the game I have a French-Baker, as well. Lol. I like to hypenate apparently. :)

      I think it will be fun to send the next kid to Uni and experiment with the art scene or the science. I loved the start of your random legacy with the science kids! :)

  3. I found Uni to be fun, but rather unnecessary. And my Sims had to grind every second to keep their grades decent. That might be true to real life, but no fun in a game.

    Anyway, congrats to Jason! Did he tell Ashley that Liz is going to room with him? I wonder how she'd react. And really? She couldn't stay one more day for his graduation?

    1. It took me awhile to figure out the ebb and flow of Uni grades. Thankfully Jason had a good study buddy that forced him to crack open his books every once in awhile. ;)

      Ashley and Liz know that they're all going to be cohabitating. I think Liz is psyched that Ashley will be gone for the summer!

      And I invited Ashley to the graduation, but she didn't come for whatever reason! Only Liz and Jason's folks showed up. I was so done with Uni at that point, I didn't care! Lol

  4. I love Uni for the break it provides, if only it didn't take so loooooong. Ugh. But WTG to Jason on that diploma!

    Wait a second... Ashley didn't say yes? *suspicious* Hhmmm... Sounds like someone is hiding some hurt pride there. Does she even know that Liz will be living with him after?

    1. I'm going to try to get through Uni in one round next time. The thing that really drove me nuts was having to go back two more times because I didn't select enough hours. That drove me *nuts*

      Ashley didn't say yes! I liked how Jason was mad that he asked and then mad that she said no. I think Liz said no because she's not ready to COMPLETELY settle down. She's about to head off with her sorority sisters to have some fun in a foreign country. What happens in Champs les Sims STAYS in Champs les Sims. ;)