August 19, 2016

Jason: Uni, Week Two, Day Six

Jason rolled over, reaching for Ashley.  But she wasn't there.   She must've left sometime last night, he thought with a frown.

He felt a moment's anxiety - wondering whether or not last night meant anything to her.  He wanted to be back together, but what if she just wanted a night in the sack.  
Eager to declare himself to her, he headed downstairs and grabbed some computer paper.  He spent some time, drawing hearts on the border of the page and then telling her how much he loved her hair, her lips, her eyes, her... everything!

Glancing at his watch, he frowned.  Almost test time.
He spent the next 15 minutes furiously scribbling some notes that he hoped would be on the test.  What did a sports star need to know anatomy for anyways? 
With minutes to go before the bell, Jason stuffed the cheat sheet in his pants pocket and vaulted from the desk, racing to class.


Thank Plumbbob he'd made that cheat sheet!

Riding high on momentum, he raced over towards the stadium for his next exam.


After all that hard work - Jason was ready to blow some steam off!  He knew just where the party was always at, too...

Except... no one was there.

Jason stood outside the frat house and blew out a sigh.  Where the hell was everyone?  He was ready to party!
He sent out a few texts - to Ashley, Moudy, and Liz.  Get your butts over here, he texted with a smiley face.
Liz got there first. 
With Ashley close behind.

"Hey baby!" Ashley cooed with a sultry smile.  
Jason caught Liz rolling her eyes.  Wait? Did Liz not like Ashley? he wondered in surprise. 
The three friends hung out on the porch while they waited for Mahmoud to let them in. 

Liz was telling Jason all about her new mood-glow lava lamp that was supposed to sense her mood and change colors depending on her aura. 

"Man, that would be so cool! I'd always know when Ashley was in a bad mood, huh, babe?" he asked, grinning at Ashley.  "It would keep me out of so much trouble!"
"Mmm, yeah," Ashley said dismissively, looking completely unimpressed with Liz's new gadget. 
Ignoring Liz, she turned to face Jason.  A cut direct!  "So! Listen! My sorority sisters have invited us to go on their summer tour of Champs Les Sims! Can you imagine the shopping I can do there?" She beamed as she imagined all the shoes and clothes she would buy.

Jason's face fell.  "You're going away for the summer? ALL summer?" he asked.

"I'll call you every night!" she promised.  "But this is a once in a lifetime experience! And I'll be going with my girls! Don't worry! I won't flirt with any cute guys while I'm there!" 

Cute guys? Jason thoughts were scrambled.  "But, I..."
"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!" Moudy said, taking the stairs quickly with long-legged ease.
"Hey Jas! You ready to party!" he asked, unintentionally ending the conversation between Jason and Ashley.  "After those killer exams, I've been dying for a keg stand!"  Mahmoud clapped his arm against Jason shoulder, pulling him inside.

Jason allowed himself to be pulled away, still reeling. "Yeah, sure. Lead the way."

 Needing a little liquid encouragement, Jason and Moudy hit the keg, taking turns getting juiced.

"Man! That was a good one!" Moudy said, swiping his hand over his mouth to wipe off the excess juice.  "Imma find Lizzy."  He staggered away.
Chuckling under his breath, Jason grabbed another drink and took a long chug.  
Glancing in the kitchen, he saw Liz kissing Moudy.  His stomach sank to the floor.  Ordinarily, he would've gone nuts, cheering Liz and Moudy on... but... tonight.. it felt weird. 
Dude... must be the juice, he thought, shaking his head and turning his back on the passionate display. He smiled when his gaze landed on Ashley.  He scoffed.  He was just feeling weirded out because he was going to miss Ashley while she was gone!
With just a few strides, he was at Ashley's side and pulled her into his arms for a scorching kiss. 
By the time he pulled away for a breath, Ashley was staring at him with her jaw dropped open.  "I thought you were mad at me!" she said breathlessly.  Jason had been avoiding her since she'd dropped her bombshell on him earlier.
Jason shook his head, feeling the room sway slightly along with the movement.  "Nah, baby.  I'm not mad!  Imma miss you. Imma marry you one day, 'kay?!"  
Ashley squealed and threw herself into his arms just as Liz walked into the room.  "I'm gonna miss you so much, too!" she pledged.  "I love you, baby!"

Liz stopped abruptly when she saw Ashley launch into Jason's arms with an undefinable look on her face.  Silently, she backed out of the room to go find Moudy.

"Come on, baby. Let's get out of here," Jason said, grabbing her hand and leading her straight out the door. 
He stumbled a little going down the stairs, but righted himself quick enough.  "Watch those steps!" he told Ashley, reaching out and helping her down.

After drinking way too much, he wasn't entirely sure how he managed to make up it up those three flights of stairs, let alone make it good for Ashley. 

He drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.  Everything was going to be okay. 


  1. Ooh, it seems like the two ladies in Jason's life (Liz and Ashley) don't seem to get along very well. Hopefully that doesn't cause too much friction!

    1. Ashley kept giving Liz the stink eye. It cracked me up. She's definitely a little jealous of the attention Jason gives his BFF.

      (You notice none of them have talked about living arrangements like bills or rent. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!)

  2. Lol. Drunken proposal, drunker woohoo... Oh Jason! xD

    1. Lol. And what a grand proposal it was. "Imma marry you one day, 'kay." Rates right above, "So I guess we should get married now." Lol