August 20, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty, Day Two

It was great being with family again - no matter how short a time period it would be, Jason thought as he held his little sister Kimi.
"Man, she's really grown up while I've been gone!" he told his Mom over his shoulder. 

"She has! I wish you could've seen her when she was little!" Haley told him.

"Well, hey! I saw the pictures you emailed!" Jason answered.

"So, I thought we might take you out for a tour of the town!" Johnny interjected.  "Show you the big city.  Maybe you'll want to sign up for the Spitting Llamas, after all!" he joked, knowing what a huge Gnashing Gnomes fan Jason was.
"Not in this lifetime!" Jason joked.  "But, sure! I'd love to see Bridgeport!"

They all headed downstairs to the parking lot.  "So which one are we taking?" he asked, not seeing the car they picked him up in.
"This one," Johnny said, revving the engine.

"Alright!" Jason hooted, eagerly clambering into the front seat and running his hands over the leather seats. 
Johnny put the car in drive and pulled forward.
As they drove, he pointed out the sights - best sports bar in the area, best little cafe in the city, worst chinese food restaurant.
Finally, he pulled to a stop in front of the City Hall.  Jason gazed up at it in awe.  "Wow!" he said, "That is way bigger than Sunset Valley's City Hall!"

He eagerly got out of the car and headed up the steps.  "HOLY COW! THERE ARE PIGEONS HERE!" he exclaimed, running towards the birds and sending them flying off.
Johnny and Haley trailed behind.  "Excitable kid, huh?"

Haley laughed softly. 
"Come on, you guys? You ready?" Jason asked when they finally caught up with him.  "Let's go on that tour!"

Later, they enjoyed a nice meal of fish n chips at Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner on the water. 

"So, you're happy here?" he asked his mom. 

Haley smiled. "I am! I've started a community garden and have started delivering our produce to elderly couples again."

Jason smiled.  He could totally see his mom doing that.  "That sounds great," he said, pausing two-beats too long.
Jason glanced over at the sunset.  It was spectacular.  But, it made him miss home. Nothing beat the sunset against the Old Pier Beach!  Bridgeport was too smoky, too loud, and too crowded for his tastes.  He squirmed in his seat.

"You're ready to go, aren't you?" Haley asked sadly. 

Jason nodded. "I'm gonna miss you!" he said. "But, I've gotta get home. Summer training camp is going to be starting soon and I want to get things set up before Liz gets there."

"I thought Liz was going away to Champs le Sims?" Haley asked, confused for a moment. 

Jason shook his head with exasperation.  "No! That's my girlfriend, Ashley. Liz is... Liz."

Johnny and Haley shared a look.

Anxious to head out, Jason grabbed a taxi and started home.  Night was beginning to fall and all the skyscrapers in the city were lit up. 

Jason pressed his face against the window to stare up at them.  Whoa, now this he should've stayed around for!  They didn't have this in Sunset Valley...


  1. Maybe his career as a superstar athlete may take him to the big city!
    Kimi's so cute ^-^ I can see Jason being a doting big brother to her, and helping her with boy troubles and things.

    1. I toyed with moving him to Bridgeport, too. But, I'm too attached to their home in Sunset Valley! Jason's going to have some hometown pride! Lol

      Kimi is adorable! I've peeked and she grow's up looking much more like Haley!

  2. Those were some really lovely shots! The sunset at the diner in particular. I always love your family get-togethers!

    1. The sunset at the diner was beautiful! I was happy to show how settled Haley & Johnny are in Bridgeport.

      I'd intended to have a few college friends (Dean whatever-his-last-name-was & Cheri something-or-other) take Jason out to view the nightlife, but that wound up being too much work! Lol

  3. Aw. Kimi is a cutie-pie! That's awesome he spent a little time with Haley and Johnny before going home also.

    Sending the pigeons flying... lol

    1. Kimi is adorable! And I cheated and looked to see what she'll look like when she's older. She looks so much like Haley! The Black-Wolff genes are strong!