September 21, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty, Day Six

Jason and Liz crashed on the couches the moment they stumbled through the door. 
Liz slowly woke, pushing up and fighting the urge to vomit.  Why did she drink so much? she thought, reaching up to press her hand against her eyes.  The light hurt...
Rising, she threw a blanket over Jason and put his costume's sunglasses on the nightstand to his side, then headed upstairs.
Slipping her costume down her legs, she poured the bubble bath in the bathtub and stepped in.  With a pounding head, she closed her eyes and thought back to last night.

She had stepped into the gypsy's caravan and glanced around, surprised to see the cash register and the man standing nearby.  The place certainly wasn't what she'd expected.
 "Are you here for your fortune?" he'd asked with a smile.
Liz hadn't hesitated.  "Yes!" she'd said, almost desperately.  
 "Right this way," he'd said with a flourish, leading her into another room and closing the curtains.
Liz had followed behind him and glanced around the room.  Her gaze had snagged on the ornate mirror hung behind him.  "It's beautiful," she'd said when she noticed him watching her.

The gypsy had nodded knowingly.  "Mirrors are like doors to another world."
 "Ooookay..." Liz said, cautiously taking a seat.  Perhaps this hadn't been the best idea, after all..
But it had been too late to cancel.

The gypsy had run his hands over his crystal ball, speaking softly in a language she had never heard before.

His eyes had pierced her when he glanced up.  "What is it you wish to know?" he'd asked.

Liz had bitten her lip, hesitating a moment.  "Will I ever find true love?" she had asked.  
The gypsy had nodded & closed his eyes, probably having heard that question a million times before, but making no judgment. 

Maybe she was just drunk, but the room had seemed to pulse with energy as she waited for his answer. 
Suddenly, he had pulled his hands back and met her eye.  Strangely, the pulsing feeling seemed to subside.

"What you want has already been established.  In time, you will be led into it or it will come to you," he'd told her.

Liz reeled.  "Wait. What does that even mean?" she asked, hoping for something more concrete.

The gypsy had shrugged.  "The spirits have spoken."  He paused a moment.  "That'll be $89.99.  We take all major credit cards."

Feeling like a gullible fool, Liz squeezed her eyes shut and sunk under the water.  What had she expected anyway?  she thought as she broke the surface and wiped the bubbles from her cheeks.  At least Jason hadn't made fun of her too much...
The gypsy's fortune taunted her, though.  Did it mean that she'd already met her true love? Could it be Moudy? she thought reflectively.  They'd had something going for them in college. 
Definitely not her boyfriend from high school! she thought, remembering how he'd broken up with her senior year.  She made a face.  And it definitely wasn't Jason.  Just because she wouldn't mind jumping his bones and being friends with benefits didn't mean there was any strong emotional connection! She smirked into the mirror. But, the smirk slowly died, being replaced by a frown.  Right?

Jason yawned, pushing the throw blanket off of him.  Guess Liz must've covered him sometime last night.  He squinted with the light coming in through the windows and quickly grabbed his sunglasses and thrust them back on.

Man, last night had been awesome.  Even going to the stupid gypsy had been worth it! He bet Liz wouldn't make fun of him about the stupid haunted house again!!

Lifting his arms, he stretched his stiff muscles.  God, how old was this couch, anyways?  With his arms in the air, he sniffed his underarms and reared his head back with disgust.  Good God, he needed a shower!
He stepped into the shower and let the cold water pulse on his face.  It helped chase the sleepies away.  Standing there in the shower, he let his mind drift.

He wondered what the gypsy said to Liz...

Maybe it was something like you found on a fortune cookie, he thought.  Or maybe... he blinked.  Crap!  He'd totally forgotten that Coach Powers had scheduled a scrimmage this afternoon!

Quickly, he shut off the water and toweled off as fast as he could.  Slinging the towel around his waist, he walked into the hall towards his room.  Good thing Liz wasn't in the hall.  She hated catching him in his towel!

"Hey!" Liz greeted him awkwardly when he came barreling down the stairs.  "Where's the fire?"

Jason smiled and winked.  "Forgot I had a scrimmage scheduled today!" he told her without slowing down a beat.  "See you tonight!"

"See ya," Liz called, but he was already out the door and hurrying towards his Vorn pickup truck.  Orange! What an ugly color, she thought, shaking her head.
With a sigh, she looked around the mess leftover from the party.  Guess it was time to clean up...

Without Jason home, Liz felt anxious and bored.  She still didn't really know anyone in town.  August had given her his number, but that would be so awkward to call him out of the blue. Besides, he was probably at the scrimmage with Jason. 

She sighed heavily and headed upstairs and plopped down in front of the computer.  Playing some games would be a good way to pass some time...
She'd just started her next round of SimX Winter Sports when the doorbell rang.  Wonder who that is, Liz thought, hitting pause before jumping up.

Jason plopped down on the bench after scrimmage and rubbed his head.  Today hadn't been his best performance since he was hella hungover.  He took his shoe off and chunked it at his open locker.  Coach Powers had actually yelled at him.  That had never happened before.  Jason shook his head with disgust.

"Hey Jas?" August asked, stepping towards Jason hesitantly.  He could tell Jason was in a crappy mood.

"What's up?" Jason asked, chunking his other shoe towards his open locker.

August paused, gathering up his courage.  "Look, I wanted to talk to you about Liz..."

Jason twisted around to glance at August. "What?"

"I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything between..."
Jason jumped up. "You LIKE her, don't you?" he asked giddily.  "That's so AWESOME!" Jason clapped August on the shoulder. 

August managed to close his mouth and felt a grin spreading across his face. "Great!" he said with relief.  "I didn't want to poach!"

Liz opened the door and felt her mood plummet.

Ashley gave her a fake smile and wiggled her fingers in greeting.  "Liz! So good to see you!" she cooed.

"Ashley! Jason didn't mention you were back in town..." Liz said through gritted teeth.  God, she couldn't stand Ashley!

Liz tittered. "Silly Jason! You know how Jason is. He never remembers anything!" Ashley gestured towards her luggage.  "Help me bring in my suitcases?"
Liz grabbed the top two suitcases and started to pull them inside. She bumped one of the heavy bags into the doorway.

"Careful!" Ashley snapped sharply, reaching for the smallest suitcase. 
"Sorry," Liz said as she stacked the last suitcase on the stack.  "So... how was Champs les Sims?" she asked.  "You certainly stayed longer than you'd planned."
"Oh! You wouldn't believe it!" Ashley bragged. "It was fantastic! The fashion! The night-life!" she said breezily.  "Let's just say I would have been a fool not to stay longer!"

"Mmmm..." Liz said noncommittally, completely out of polite small talk to share with Ashley. 
Ashley didn't seem to share that reserve.  She plopped down on the couch and smiled at Liz. "Girl talk!" she said in a sing-song voice.  "If we're going to be living together, we should totally get to know each other better!"

Liz cautiously sat down.  Ashley had never expressed this much interest in her before...
"So! Are you seeing anyone?" Ashley asked, crossing her legs and arching her brow. 

"Uh, no..." Liz said hesitantly.

A glance of annoyance crossed Ashley's face before she pasted the grin back on.  "We'll fix that!" Ashley said.  "So? Have you met any of Jason's teammates? Are there any you like?"
"Uh..." Liz started wracking her brain for an excuse to go. 
Thankfully she was saved when the door opened and Jason walked in.  He stopped in his tracks and grinned.  "ASHLEY!" he breathed with pleasure.  "You're home!"
He pulled her up from the couch and pulled her into his embrace.

Liz hopped up from the couch, mumbling, "I'll just give you guys some space."
Jason and Ashley were going too hot and heavy to even care.  "God, I missed you," Jason said, squeezing her against him. 

Ashley ran her hands over his back as she kissed him back.  "I missed you, too, baby!"
Jason rushed her up the stairs and into his bed.  "I've been dreaming of this for months!" he told her shakily.
Ashley pulled back a smidge. "You haven't messed around with anyone else?" she asked with sad eyes.  "I worried while I was away."
"Swear to God, Ashley. There hasn't been anyone else!" he told her fervently. 

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him back down towards her, rewarding him for his good behavior.

This is going to suck, Liz thought as she stood in her room and heard the love-play from the opposite side of her wall. 

Feeling lonely and unsure of herself, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone.  Scrolling through the contacts, she found the name she was looking for and typed a short text.  Within seconds, her phone chirped with a response.

Already feeling better, she grinned before replying...


  1. So, taking that fortune teller was on about Jason when they told Liz that she had already found her true love?

    Ah, Ashley's back. Something tells me that she isn't going to be living with them for too long (mostly your rolls this gen xD) and Liz got a woohoo-ty call? Ooh, I wonder who it was.

    1. It was a pretty vague fortune! Maybe it's Jason - maybe it's not! Only time will tell! :)

      And yay... Ashley's back! Lol. We can only hope we don't see much of her!

      Lol. Liz didn't get a woohooty call. I still haven't played with that part of social networking yet! We'll find out who she was texting soon! :)

  2. Hmmmm... Who could it be for Liz then? Those fortune tellers sure like to keep things vague. xD

    Oh look. It's Ashley. Yay? Lol. Poor Liz. That had to be super difficult to play nice there.

    1. Lol. What's funny is that I couldn't think of a cool enough fortune for Liz. So, I went to a fortune telling website & typed in "will I fall in love" and that was the response I got. I added the "in time," though. For $89.99 simlish dollars, Liz should've gotten a way more accurate fortune!

      Lol. Dun, dun, dun... it's Ashley! I discovered Liz is socially awkward, so making nice with Ashley was *extremely* hard for Liz!

  3. "The spirits have spoken. That'll be $89.99." - made me chuckle! XD

    Oh man, is Ashley here to stay now? Poor Liz... I don't envy her! I like the jacket and shoes you gave Ashley - it really looks like she bought them in Champs Les Sims. Though I bet her choice to pair them with a crop top and tramp stamp got some raised eyebrows there... :D

    1. I especially liked that part, too! Lol. A nice cross between mystic & commercialism. :)

      Yup. It's Ashley! Back from Champs les Sims. She did a little bit of shopping over there. ;)

  4. Ah, poor Liz. That is a pretty vague fortune though- it could seriously be about anyone.

    Ugh. Ashley. Why.

    1. Lol. I especially love the ambiguous part about her being led into it or it coming to her. Way too narrow it down!

      I know. Not a fan of Ashley, either! Why does Jason keep falling for losers? :P Lol

    2. Oh my gosh, you know who Jason really reminds me of (other than Rachel)?

      IAN! They both even fall for evil blondes! Will Jason ever find his CeCe? Even if it's not Liz, just *someone* better than Ashley, please!

    3. LOL! You're RIGHT! Hopefully Jason finds his CeCe, too. :)

  5. Update! I don't know if Liz will be able to stand Ashley:)
    Poor Jason, he needs to find a nice girl.

    1. Yup, Jason's picked some bad girlfriends! So disappointing!

      If only he knew someone he got along great with, liked, and shared an attraction!

  6. Damnit Ashley, go away already! Ah well, atleast Jason was happy to see her. So, are they all going to live happily together now?

    Now, who is the gypsy talking about huh? Bet he just made it up; especially at that price. Who did Liz text?

    1. Lol. Ashley is a piece of work! We'll have to see if they live happily ever after!

      Mysterious (and hot) gypsy!