October 29, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day Three

Jason worked up a sweat, preparing for his upcoming game day.  Being a professional athlete required constant conditioning.
His head wasn't in the zone, though.

Why the hell didn't Liz call last night? he wondered, letting the weights clang against the machine.  The metallic noise clanged noisily, distracting him.  It's not that she had to check in with him, but he was worried about her!

With a scowl, he released the bars and bounced up.
He grabbed his cell phone and sent another text.  WTH? You OK?

Liz heard her cellphone buzz.  Slipping from August's bed, she rooted through her discarded pants to find it.  It would probably be easier if her head wasn't spinning like crazy...
August sighed lustily as he rolled out of bed. 

Liz saw three unread messages from Jason.  She checked his last message, WTH? You OK?  She rolled her eyes.  Yeah. Be home soon, she texted back.
August grinned sleepily as he walked towards her.  "Morning," he told her.  "Last night was incredible!" he told her, reaching for her hands.
Liz bit her lips and shifted uncomfortably.  "August..." she started feebly. 

August heard the hesitation in her voice and was instantly on guard.  "What is it?" he asked.
It was hard to be tough when you were in your sleepwear, Liz thought nervously.  "Look, last night was great," she said.  And it had been. August had rocked her worldBut... "...it was a mistake," she quickly added.
August's grin fell.  "A mistake?" he echoed angrily.

Liz pulled at the hem of her nightie.  "Look.  I was pretty drunk last night.  And we never should've... you know..."

It looked like August was having trouble coming to grips with her __.  "You practically begged me!" he said accusingly.

Liz blanched. "Well, I wouldn't have said begged," she quipped.  Seeing the stormy expression on August's face, she sighed.  "Look, it was really good. I just... we're not..."  She motioned between him and her, "it's just not gonna work," she finished lamely.  "I should probably be going," she tacked on in a rush.

"Yeah, maybe you should," August said gruffly.
Liz dressed in record time, trying to ignore August watching her with a sullen pout.  Before she left, she turned to face him again.  "I'm really sorry, August."

August shrugged, a frown marring his face.

She pushed again. "Are we still friends?"

He just shrugged again.
Biting her lips, she hurried from the house.  That's why you don't mix friendships and sex! she mentally kicked herself.

Liz hurried inside, rubbing her hands together to warm them up.  "Morning," she said, glancing around the room to see if Ashley was anywhere nearby.
Jason jumped up.  "God, Liz! Where've you been!" he asked.

"Uh... out..." she hedged lamely. 

Jason hugged her.  "I'm so glad you're home! I've been dying to tell you!"

"Tell me what?" Liz asked. 

"We're gonna have a baby!" Jason said excitedly.
Liz reared back in shock.  She shook her head slightly.  "I'm sorry, did you say you're... you're having a baby?" she asked.

Jason nodded.  "Isn't that amazing?" he asked her.  "I couldn't wait to tell you!"
Liz hesitated.  "Are you sure this is what you want?" she asked softly. 
Jason eyebrows furrowed.  "What do you mean?" he asked dumbly.

Liz bit her lips as she considered what to say.  Your girlfriend is a money-sucking itchbay might not be the best way to broach the subject.  "Well... I mean... you guys are still so young..." she said hesitantly.
Jason met Liz's gaze.  "I know you and Ashley have some issues," he told her with rare seriousness.  "But, I can't do this without you."
Liz floundered.   Jason was gazing at her with an impelling look.  It was almost enough to make her forget the hell Ashley put her through.

"So what do you say?" Jason asked.  "Will you be my best man?"
 "I...." Liz worried her bottom lip.  "...ok," she finished with a subdued tone.

Jason's face lit up with a smile.  "YES!" he cheered, grabbing her for a hug and swinging her back and forth.
Liz pushed her hair out of her face when Jason released her.  She could feel her face on fire with embarrassment.  She was on the verge of escaping to her room when she felt the front door open behind her, letting a blast of cold air inside.

Jason's gaze flew past her.  He grinned when he saw Ashley.  "Hey babe! Liz just agreed to be my best man!"

Ashley flashed a sickly-sweet smile.  "Wonderful," she said without excitement.  She glanced between Jason and Liz with suspicion. 
"Sorry to cut out! I've gotta head to work! You girls can talk about wedding plans!" he joked with a grin, leaving the ladies on their own, staring each other down.

Ashley pinned Liz with her coldest glare.  "I don't know what you think you're doing, but Jason is mine!" she snapped, poking her finger in Liz's direction. 
Liz scowled.  "He's just a friend!" she told Ashley. 
Ashley pinned Liz with an unfriendly glare.  "And if you think you're going to be in my wedding party, you have another thing coming! I don't like you and I don't want you here!  Why won't you just leave!"
Liz squared her shoulders.  "Jason asked me to be his best man and to support him.  I could care less what you want!"
Satisfied that she'd finally managed to shut the Ice Queen up, she turned on her heel and hurried upstairs. 

Ashley fumed for the next few hours.  She was going to have to have another talk with Jason about his friend.  There was no way she was putting up with her living there after they were married!

Feeling better after her decision was made, she headed into the bathroom to get ready for her big night.  Her sorority sisters had flown into town to throw her a bachelorette party.
The plan was to meet at the town's swankiest hotspot, The Lone Wolff Lounge.  God, she missed living in the city instead of this po-dunk town.
"Go ahead and start us off with a round of your finest drinks.  I'm getting married!" Ashley gushed self-importantly.
She grabbed a drink from the tray and finished it in one large swallow.  Tonight was going to be A-MAZ-ING!
"Deliver these drinks to the party across the room," she impatiently told the bartender with a dismissive wave of her hand. 

She walked by an elderly gentleman and did a double-take.  For an old man, he looked pretty hot, she thought, her gaze lingering on him.  Behind him, a blonde shot her a dirty look. 

Ashley shrugged her shoulders in response and walked on.

"ASHLEY!" Paris Vanderbuilt squealed, rushing in with her other sorority sisters to give Ashley a hug.  "LOOK at you! You look beautiful!"  Paris stepped back and eyed her clothes.  "Is that from Champs Les Sims?" she asked with a touch of jealousy.

Ashley grinned, smoothing her blouse down.  "Of course!" she lied effortlessly.  "I had it special ordered!"  She'd actually slipped it off the rack from the stylist shops.  She didn't want to spend a dime on pregnancy clothes. 
"You know he's only marrying her because she got knocked up," Ye whispered snidely to sorority sister Samantha. 

Samantha nodded, stealing a glance at the size of Ashley's stomach.  "That's one way to get a ring!" she teased.
The two dissolved into giggles.

"Hey, thanks for having me over," Jason told August.  "He, you don't mind if I invite a few people over?"
August made a face.  "Actually, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.." he trailed off when the doorbell rang.

"DOORS OPEN! COME ON IN!" Jason called out.
"Sure," Jason turned back to August as Rio and Mickey walked into the room.  "What did you want to talk about?"

August opened and closed his mouth
"There's the sucker!" Mickey interrupted, shaking up the wine bottle he was holding in his hand.  "You dirty dog!"
With a grin, he popped the cork and pointed the bottle towards Jason.  Jason laughed and opened his mouth as the wine gushed from the bottle. 
Rio shook his head at their immature antics.  "Congratulations, Jason," he told his blood-brother as he pulled him in for a bro-hug.  "It's good to see you settling down with someone you love."
Mickey smirked.  "Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said.  "Enough of all this touchy-feely crap.  Where's the entertainment?" he asked.
"Actually, I just thought we'd all hang out.  I didn't think about getting any dancers," Jason admitted. 
Mickey frowned. "Wait? No strippers?" he asked with confusion.  "What kind of bachelor party is this?"  He paused.  "You want me to call Cheri over? Maybe your roomie Liz would come over. She looks like she's kinky like that!" he joked.

"What the hell, Mickey!" Jason scowled.

"Shut the hell up!" August snapped angrily.
August stormed towards Jason.  "I told you I wanted to talk to you," he said tightly, stalking past him and into his room.
Jason was surprised by his friend's reaction.  "What was that about?" Jason ask Mickey with surprise.  Normally August was the most easy-going of all of them.
Mickey shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.  "I dunno. Maybe you should go talk to him.  I'll call Cheri."

Jason rolled his eyes.  "Don't call Cheri," he called over his shoulder before heading into August's room.  "And don't even think about calling Liz."

Ashley was having the night of her life, partying with her friends.  Of course, it might've been better had she not been so fat and pregnant.  She saw the jealous looks Ye and Samantha were sharing and she reveled in them. 

"Look, here comes the entertainment," Samantha called out with a whoop.
Ashley turned and saw the hottest guy stride forward.  He was lean, lanky, and oozing sex appeal.
"Hello ladies!" he called out loudly, hitting the play button the little stereo he placed on the ground.  "You can look, but you can't touch this!" he said, breaking into a crude dance.
While the girls were enjoying his performance, the men in the Lounge certainly did not.

Jason closed the door behind him and approached his friend.  "What's up, August? What's wrong?" he asked with concern.

"It's Liz," August managed to get out.

"What about Liz?" Jason pressed, starting to get an idea of what Liz had been up to the night before.
"That f-ing bitch broke my fucking heart!" August exploded.
"WHOA! What the hell!" Jason said angrily.  "NOT. COOL!"

Ashley enjoyed a little one-on-one action from her entertainer.  With a sly glance, she reached out and trailed her fingers down his shoulder.

Spinning away, he wiggled his finger at her.  "Tsk.. tsk.. tsk... no touching," he teased.
Ashley fluttered her lashes at him and blew a kiss.  "What if I let you touch me?" she asked huskily.  Whoa, where'd that come from, she wondered.  The drinks must've gone straight to her head.

She giggled.  "I can't believe I said that!"
The entertainer winked.  "Maybe we should make arrangements for when I'm off-duty," he suggested coyly. 

Ashley preened.  Even pregnant she could turn a guy's head.

"Look, I don't know what happened between you guys, but she's my best friend.  I'm not gonna listen to you talk about her like that!" Jason said through clenched teeth. 
August's shoulders slumped with defeat.  "She broke my heart, man.  I... I can't be in your wedding with her..  It hurts too much."

Jason's mouth dropped open with surprise.  He knew August had been crushing on Liz, but love.  He wasn't sure how he felt about that.

What the hell had happened?

Ashley had one too many drinks.  She excused herself and slipped into the bathroom.
At first, she thought she'd just wet herself.  Then, she realized that the baby was coming sooner than she thought!

By habit, Jason check his phone when he heard the text chime.  Before he'd even finished the message, his hands were shaking and he felt like throwing up.  "Oh God, August.  She's having the baby!"
He ran.

Jason nodded to Ashley's sorority sisters, all gathered outside the hospital waiting.  "Thanks for getting her here," he told them.

"They wouldn't let us in the room with her," Paris told him.  "But let us know how it goes. We'll be at the hotel."
Jason nodded again and hurried past them to the front desk.  "Ashley Corono?" he said.  "What room?"

The receptionist pointed him towards the labor & delivery ward.  Dear God, he didn't even know who the doctor was! he thought, freaking himself out as he rushed through the halls to be by Ashley's side.

"Oh man! Twins!" Jason said with a proud-papa smile as they walked from the hospital.  "My great-grandpa had a twin! This is gonna be great!"
Ashley glanced away from him, pouting.  Twins?!