October 16, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty, Day Seven

Liz slipped from bed, feeling still tired after tossing and turning all night. 
As she headed downstairs, she passed by Jason's door as quietly as possible.  Everything had changed now that Ashley was here now...


"Breakfast for one," she mumbled to herself as she spooned up her fruit & yogurt.
After rinsing her bowl out in the sink, she peeked into the fridge to see what was making the rotten smell.

"God! What IS that?!" she recoiled in horror when she saw the Tupperware containers with slimy green goo growing in it.
Grabbing a trash bag, she threw in the leftovers, containers and all.  Some things just weren't salvaging!  Especially when they were that gross!

Jason woke up feeling like he was on top of the world.  Ashley had finally moved in.  He was lead quarterback for the team with rising fame.  What could go wrong?!
"Morning babe," he said, stroking Ashley's cheek.  "Man, I missed that!  I'm so glad you're home!"  It had been so hard going without sex when he'd been surrounded by all those hot cheerleaders and groupie fans.  He might've looked, but was proud of himself for never touching!
Ashley fluttered her lashes seductively.  "Me too," she said, stepping into his arms.

Jason hummed softly as he padded downstairs. He saw Liz was already awake and watching a gardening show. 
"Morning Liz," he told her, aiming for the fridge.

Liz glanced over, away from her show.  "Morning Jas..." 

Ashley, coming down the stairs behind his back made a face.  She passed by the picture of Jason and Liz on Halloween and inwardly sneered. 
Ashley followed Jason into the kitchen and grabbed some breakfast, joining him at the kitchen table.
"So, what are you guys up to today, babe?" he asked.  "You guys could go shopping together or something," he suggested.

Ashley snorted.  "I don't think Liz and I shop at the same places," she said snidely.

Liz glanced across the place sharply.

Jason frowned.  "Ashley," he warned in a low tone.

Ashley rolled her eyes and flipped her hair.  "What?!" she said with feigned surprise.  "I was kidding!" she said.  "Can't she take a joke?"

Jason sighed.  It was probably going to be a long day.
Liz pushed off the couch.  "You know what? I was going to do some shopping.  I'll be back in a few hours."
She stormed from the house angrily, slamming the door shut behind her.  Damn. She'd wished Ashley had never come back from Champs les Sims.

Jason cringed when the front door slammed.  "Ashley! What the hell!" he said with frustration.  "I was hoping you and Liz would get along better now that you're back."
"Wait?" Ashley said, blinking with surprise.  "You mean she's going to stay?  Isn't she going to move out?"

Jason shook his head. "No way.  The place is plenty big enough for all of us!" he told her.  "I grew up with a big extended family."  He trailed off when he saw the look of distaste on Ashley's face.  "Didn't we talk about this?"

Ashley shoved her food away from her.  "No," she snapped angrily, enunciating each word clearly.  "We certainly didn't."  Crossing her arms, Ashley fumed, turning her head away from him.

Jason blew out an exasperated breath as he got up.  "Look, let's talk about this later.  I've got to get ready for work." He hesitated.  "Just... be nice to Liz, okay?"

When she didn't answer, he asked louder, pressing for a response.  "Ashley? OKAY?"

"FINE!" Ashley said, turning and stalked up to his room to get dressed.

Jason shoved his hair from from his face and headed into his gym to grab his uniform.

Oh yeah, it was going to be a long day...

Liz grabbed some groceries,intrigued by the small seed section by the produce aisle.  It would be kind of neat to start a small kitchen herb garden, she thought to herself, reaching out to grab the starter kit.

Ugh, town is boring! There was nothing to do!  Ashley fumed as she paced around the livingroom.  Jason's house was screaming for a makeover.  It looked like a bachelor pad and certainly nowhere that she would normally be caught dead! 

Her sorority sisters might be right.  She was settling for a relationship beneath her.  She scowled when she saw the photo of Jason and Liz again in their halloween costumes.  And then that NERD was here, too!

Although, she paused in her pacing.  Jason was the star football player.  That meant money, fame & prestige.  She was already picturing a life as a celebrity.  She just needed to put up with this stage for a little bit longer because really, she deserved to be pampered!

Glancing down at her nails, she grinned.   A day at the spa would lift her mood!
She was just heading out when Liz came up the walk.  They passed by each other without saying a word.
Good, she knows better than to talk to me! Ashley thought with satisfaction.  She couldn't wait to kick the wanna-be clinger-on out of the house... and Jason's life... for good!
The taxi drove through the small po-dunk town before dropping her off in front of a small salon.
Hopefully they provided decent services, Ashley thought with a frown as she walked in.  She had standards!

Liz rolled her shoulders with tense frustration as she came inside.  Thank goodness Ashley was leaving.  She wasn't sure if she could stand to spend a rainy afternoon with her in the house.  Maybe it was time to think about moving out...

She grabbed her cocktail mixer and fumbled with her drink.
Dealing with that blonde she-devil was enough to drive anyone to drink!  Why didn't Jason see it? she wondered with distaste as she sipped her Sea Breeze drink.
Her phone ringing interrupted her disgruntled musing.  She glanced at the display and answered it quickly.  "Hey you," she said with a smile in her face.  "I was hoping I would hear from you!"

It was evening by the time Ashley stepped out of the salon and admired her nails.  She'd purchased the Relaxing Rendezvous package.  Damn she felt sexy!  

"Looking good!" she heard a deep voice whistle with appreciation as he walked by.  "Going somewhere special tonight?"
Ashley preened and flipped her hair back from her face.  "No, just thought I'd pamper myself a little today," she said coyly.

"Wow! Well, you look like you could be a model!" Sheldon gushed. 

She giggled.  "Aw! That's sweet! I've always wanted to be a model, though!"

Sheldon shook his head, admiring her body.  "Well you could've fooled me!"  He grinned cockily.  "So, have plans for tonight? I could take you out and show you a good time!"
"Maybe another time," she told with a sexy grin. 

"Aw, man!" Sheldon groaned good-naturedly, before reaching into his wallet and pulling out his card. 

"Umm... I think I forgot something inside! See you later!" she lied, heading back inside the salon, hoping to lose her admirer.
Inside, she noticed that the receptionist wasn't at the desk.  She bit her lip and glanced around.  Hastily, she grabbed some of the beauty products that were on display in front of the desk before hurrying right back out. 
"Did you find it?" Sheldon asked when she hurried back out the door. 

Ashley stopped with surprise when she stumbled into him. "Oh! I... no! I guess I must've left it at home."  Her cheeks flushing red with guilt, she gave him a wide smile.  "I've got to get home! Nice meeting you!"  Ashley quickly walked away, hailing a cab as she went.

Sheldon watched her go, sighing appreciatively at her long, lean legs.  "Nice meeting you, too!"

Liz stood in front of the dive bar, anxiously waiting for August to show up.  After chatting for a bit, he'd asked if he could take her out for drinks. 

She'd agreed, looking forward to a fun night.  Bonus: she wouldn't have to hear Jason and Ashley going at it after he got home from practice.
"Hey girl!" he greeted her.  "I'm glad you came!"

Liz returned his smile.  "Me too."

"Come on, drinks on me!" August said, slipping his arm around her waist and leading her inside. 

Liz stiffened when she felt his arm against her, but bit her tongue.  He was just being polite.
After he'd ordered her a Lemon Drop, he waited while the bartender got him a Whiskey "on the rocks."  He grinned, pleased that he'd talked her into coming on a date with him. 

Jason headed home from practice completely wiped.  He'd really gone the extra mile tonight and was sore from head to toe.  He sighed as he headed up the steps.  And he still needed to have that talk with Ashley...
"Hello?" he called out as he walked in, surprised not to see Liz in the living room watching a late night show as she waited for him to get home or at the bar with a mixed drink in hand. 

No answer.

Jason's stomach tightened.  Oh Plumbbob... she left him... he thought with a sinking sense of pain.  "Liz?" he called out anxiously.  Maybe Ashley spoke with her.   He headed towards the stairs in a panic.

"I'm in the bedroom!" Ashley called huskily from upstairs.

Jason's hand relaxed on the stair railing and he breathed a sigh of relief, the pressure easing from his chest.  She hadn't left him!  Exhilarated, he raced up the stairs to find her and make sure she never wanted to leave!

Liz finished the last of her third drink.  "...And so Jason dropped him during a keg stand when he was trying to pull his pants back up!" she laughed, setting her empty glass down.  She wiped tears of laughter from her eyes.  "You should've seen the look on his face!"

August laughed lightly.  "Man, I wish I'd gone to college!" he told her. "It sounds like you had killer parties!"

Liz smiled at him, "We sure did!"
"Well, it's getting pretty late," she said with a sigh, checking her watch.  "I should probably get a cab and head home."  She hopped off her bar stool, stumbling a little.
"Wait!" August said, racing to her side.  "Let me take you home!" he said.  "Maybe come in for a night cap?" he added huskily. 
"That's sweet," Liz told him.  "But, I'll just grab a cab.  See you soon!"  She headed outside, completely oblivious to the fact that August had been hitting on her for the past 3 hours.

Jason raced into his bedroom and saw Ashley in the sexiest lingerie he'd ever seen.  He stopped in his tracks, trying to sear the image into his brain forever. 

"I thought you were mad at me!" he said with surprise.

Ashley shook her head with a wicked smile on her face.  "How could I stay mad at you?" she asked him.

He hesitated.  "And you're okay with Liz staying?" he asked, not really sure if he was missing something.

Ashley beckoned him to the bed.  "Sure, she can stay for as long as she wants to stay," she promised.  "Come here, baby, I missed you!" she said in a sickly-sweet baby voice.
Jason didn't need to be told twice.


  1. Have you ever noticed that the name Ashley nearly starts with the word "Ass"? Gosh, who would've thought!

    Ok but seriously, Ashley is so *horrible*. I thought she was just mean, but she's so...cruel...and petty. Her thoughts on her relationship with Jason made me squirm. She reminds me so much- in a bad way- of Keely. And man, who would've thought- Ashley, dumpster diver.

    But I am SO glad Jason at least stood up for Liz to Ashley. Maybe soon he'll realize what a jerk Ashley is!

    Hahaha Liz. Being completely oblivious to August and his advances. Maybe that's better for the time being; her social awkwardness might have kicked in otherwise, haha.

    1. Lol. I think that might be Liz's secret nickname for Ashley.

      Ashley is incredibly cruel, petty & vain. Her entire goal is to be admired and she's eager to hitch her saddle on Jason's rising star! Lol - I'm going to show her dumpster diving - aka shop-lifting. Lol.

      Jason is looking forward to Liz & Ashley getting over their differences so that they can all live happily ever after!

  2. It was funny to see Ashley dumpster diving right after her trip to the salon. Way to take care of that fresh manicure XD

    Poor Liz! It must be so terrible having to share a house - and a romantic interest - with a person like Ashley. Ugh. And sweet, kind Jason probably won't figure things out until they smack him in the face...

    1. Lol! Good thing she didn't chip a nail!

      Liz still hasn't figured out that she might have a spark with Jason (thankfully!) It would be absolute torture for her! But, she certainly feels like she's losing her best friend!

  3. Ashley and Liz living in the same house- and Jason doesn't seem completely oblivious to the two ladies not liking eachother. Does that mean Jason's growing up?

    Dumpsterdiving and theft after spaday? And what a way to think about relationships. Ashley is a very strange character indeed. Then again, so is Liz. But atleast she's just oblivious to Augusts very obvious advances.

    1. He's growing up little by little! Still completely childish in thinking that these tow ladies can live together happily, though!

      The dumpster diving was the shoplifting. :) Lol.

  4. I'm just wondering how long this is going to last.

    *spoilers* and your roll is...couple with help??? They are going to live in awkwardness for quite a while, aren't they. Wait, you also got 3 kids and half-sibling?! I pray for you, Jason. The rolls are not in his favor.

    1. I'm not sure I could stand much more of this! Lol.

      And the roll - ugh! 3 kids & half-siblings with a couple with help?! Jason's life is going to mimic a soap opera! ;)