October 18, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day One

Liz headed slowly down the stairs, sighing with relief when she didn't see Ashley.  "Morning, Jas!" she said cheerfully.
"Morning!" Jason said with a grin over the noise of the blender.
"Oh gross! Your spinach egg smoothie?" she asked, wrinkling her nose with distaste.

Jason chugged down the slimy green concoction.  "Heck yeah. Got a game today, gotta be top notch today!"

Liz rolled her eyes.  "That totally ruined my appetite," she teased.

"It's for a good cause!" he declared. 
"Are you ready for the big game?" she asked.  "I'd be so nervous!  Hell! I'm so nervous for you!"

"No, I'm so pumped! This is what I've been working towards! I can't wait!" Jason told her.  "I got you and Ashley front row seats!"

Liz couldn't help but frown.
"Ah, come on, Liz.  You just need to get to know her a little better!" Jason told her.

Liz shrugged. "Yeah, I'm sure. It's just taking awhile," she said non-committally, unable to meet his eye. 

The truth was that she'd already started searching through the classifieds for someplace else to stay.  Ashley had declared psychological warfare.  Anytime Liz said something was cool, Ashley would find something negative about it.  If Liz got something for the place, Ashley replaced it with something else.  When Jason was gone, Ashley completely ignored her.  In short, Ashley was making her life a living hell. 

"...it means a lot that you're gonna be there!" he told her, chucking her playfully on the shoulder.  "This year is going to be awesome!"
Liz nodded.  "You bet!" she said without vigor.  "I'm gonna grab some coffee. Want some?" she asked, taking a step towards the kitchen.

"Nah, you go on. I'm gonna go do warm-up before suiting up," he said as he headed into his gym.

Game Day, 12 pm.  Friends and family arrived at Jason's doorstep, ready to celebrate his first game.
"Mom!" he said, giving her a big hug.  "I'm glad you could make it! Come on, we gotta get to the stadium!" he said.  "I arranged for transportation," he added with a wink just as a large bus showed up.

Haley glanced at the bus with a frown.  "Do you know how much fuel that vehicle uses?" she lectured.


"WAY TO SCORE!" Ian Black-Wolff, Jason's uncle, cheered after the last play.  (pictured & relationship: Sally Black-Wolff [cousin], Caitlin Vasquez [Rio & Nadine's daughter], Ian Black-Wolff [uncle], Johnny & Haley Hernandez [mom & stepdad])
August sat on the sidelines, his jaw dropped with amazement.  "Did you see that throw?" he asked Coach Powers.  "My boy's got an arm on him!"
Jason took his time for his next throw, tuning out the cheerleaders... the fans... everything.  

During a game, he was completely focused.  This is what he practiced for. 
He pulled his arm back into position, then allowed his arm to surge forward, releasing the ball from his grip with a snap.
Across the field, Mickey fumbled to catch the ball...
...but wasn't successful.

Quickly, despite his flub, Mickey grabbed the ball from the ground and managed to make the winning goal for the team.

"WAY TO GO JASON!" Liz jumped up and cheered, elated that her bestie had won his very first game.  She'd always known he was a natural, but seeing him on the field - he was a whole different man!
She started to head towards him to congratulate him when she saw Ashley launch herself into his arms.  He hooked his arm around her and kissed her right there on the field.

She stopped mid-step, hesitating...

Mickey came over, flicking his hand with a rueful smile.  "Damn, Black-Wolff.  Your throws pack a punch!" he groused good-naturedly.  His gaze slipped to the hottie in pink that he'd seen Jason smooching before sliding back towards his teammate.

Jason grinned.  "Good thing you recovered from your butterfingers," he teased. 

"Believe me, I don't have a problem grabbing on to something that's worth holding on to!" he said suggestively.
As Jason guffawed in response to Mickey's off-color joke, Ashley raked the blonde hottie from head-to-toe.  Too bad he was second best.
"Hey everyone! Party of my house!" Jason called out, ready to celebrate his big win.

Jason bobbled Kimi on his hip, playing with his little sister.  "We'll get out of your hair," Haley told him with a smile.  "I am so proud of you, sweetheart!"

"You're welcome to stay, Mom! I'm sure there's a crib somewhere up in that attic!" Jason told her.

Haley laughed lightly.  She eyed the keg Mickey was lugging inside with a knowing smile.  "I have a feeling this is not the kind of party I want to know you throw," she admitted.  "Or that Kimi should be introduced to as such an early age!"

Johnny clapped his step-son on the shoulder. "That's juice in there, right?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Jason grinned widely.  "Exactly, Johnny. Just juice," he lied without blinking.
"One round of Peach Bunnies coming up!" Liz called out.
Jason gave Kimi a quick buss on her cheek.  "Love you kiddo!" he said before quickly handing her to his Mom.  "Thanks for coming, Mom," he then told her, kissing her cheek.  "Drive home safe!"

Jason sighed a breath of relief when his family members were out the door.
"PARTY!" head cheerleader Cheri Chigote called out cheerfully when the parental units cleared the door. 
"Everyone was holding their breath when you threw that last throw!" Cheri told him.  "I wish I'd known when I first met you what a great ball player you would be!"

Jason tilted his head to the side.  "We've met before?" he asked.  He racked his brain, trying to place her.  He'd remember someone as pretty as her...
He glanced down to her generous cleavage in the tight cheerleader uniform and it hit him.
"Kitty Cat!" he blurted with surprise.

Cheri giggled, pretending the scratch at him.  "Meow!"

Liz grabbed a Malibu Madness from the next round of drinks she'd prepped as she watched Jason and his teammates celebrate.  The cheerleaders were dancing and the guys were all acting exuberant.
She was surprised when August broke away from the crowd and joined her in the kitchen.  "Hey, good to see you," he told her.

Liz grinned.  "Good to see you, too! I had a blast the other night!"
Ashley watched Liz with a hawk eye.  "What does he see in her?" she asked Jason when he ambled up behind her.

"Who?" Jason asked as he finished off his beer.

Ashley rolled her eyes.  "Nothing," she said, not wanting Jason to spend any time whatsoever thinking about his frumpy friend.  Turning, she wrapped her arms around him.  "Kiss me!" she goaded him.
August took that as encouragement.  He stepped a little closer and lowered his voice.  "I was waiting until after the big game to give you a call.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about you..."
Liz blinked with surprise, finally catching on to the swirling undercurrents.  "Ooooooh..." she drawled.  "Uh...."  Frantically, she searched for something to fill the awkward silence. 

August was nice, but as a friend.
Cheri filled the silence by shouting out "GET A ROOM!" to Jason and Ashley who were currently making out hardcore against the bar.
Laughing, Jason smacked Ashley on the tush and then herded her upstairs where they could be private.
"Party's over, slackers!" Jason called over his shoulder with a laugh, not embarrassed in the least that everyone was watching him head upstairs with his girl. 

With only Liz downstairs to keep them company, Jason's teammates began to trickle out.  "Come on, ladies, private party at my house," Mickey suggested with a smirk. 
Glancing towards the kitchen, he called out to August.  "You coming, Wells?" he asked, jerking his head towards the door. 

August waved him off. "I'll catch up with you," he said distractedly.  Lady Luck had stepped in & given him a chance to be alone with Liz again.

"So?" August said huskily.  "Where were we?"
Liz bit her lip. "Oh. Ummm..." she said, glancing down at her feet.  How did she always get herself into these awkward situations?
August leaned in for a kiss and Liz pulled back.  "Oh plumbbob," she said apologetically.  "What are you doing?" she said with surprise.
August reared back with acute embarrassment.  He'd thought he read her signals & that she was as into him as she was into him. "I... uh... was going to kiss you...." he said in confusion.  "You're not playing hard to get, are you?"

Liz glared.  "Let me get this straight?" she said with a lethal tone.  "I don't want to kiss you and now all of a sudden I'm playing games?"

August pouted spectacularly.  "Well, what am I supposed to think?  You're running hot and cold!" he exclaimed with frustration.  "Did Jason put you up to this?" he asked in genuine confusion.

Liz huffed indignantly.  "Look, maybe you should just go," she fumed.  Damn. And she'd thought August could be her friend!
August blinked owlishly, surprised by the turn of events.  He was apparently having a hard time accepting the fact that she just wasn't that into him.  "Uh, I guess... sorry..." he said quickly, headed towards the door. 

If he hurried, he could still probably meet up with Mickey & the cheerleaders, but instead, all he could think about was going home and licking his wounds.

He'd really liked her...


  1. Oh Jason! Remembering Cheri by her chest... made me lol XD

    Gah, living with Ashley really does sound terrible. I wonder if there's any way that can be resolved? Liz deserves better... her crush only sees her as a friend, her presumed friend is only interested romantically AND she has to live with evil barbie!

    1. Lol. I thought that was pretty funny myself. Who knew? Jason is a boob connoisseur!

      Living with Ashley is the pits for Liz, especially because she's not quite as evil as Ashley. Liz has perfected the cold shoulder technique, though!

      Lol - that sounds like an awful triangle! Her crush sees her as a friend & her only other friend sees her as a crush!

  2. Jason is still trying to get them to be friends. Well, unfortunately it's just not going to happen!

    Even though Ashley is only with Jason for superficial reasons, she still makes him happy. Maybe it's a good thing for him. Maybe Liz should think about moving on, as well as moving out.

    1. No way, no how are Ashley and Liz EVER going to be friends.

      I think given more time, Liz would definitely be out of there! There's only so much abuse you can take - even if your best-friend is supporting you!