October 18, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day Two

Ashley slept fitfully, tossing back and forth on the lumpy mattress.  Grumpily, she woke up and glared sourly at Jason's sleeping backside. Plumbbob, how old was this ugly bed anyways?  "The least you could do is buy a new mattress!" she fumed, shoving his rock-hard shoulder. 

He shifted slightly in his sleep and then began snoring.
The metal squeaked as she got out of bed, irritating her even more.  Feeling an uncomfortable sensation in her stomach, she rubbed at her stomach, surprised when she felt a burp welling.  EwShe was never eating a chili hot dog again.  She didn't care what Jason said you had to eat at a game!

Just then, she felt more than indigestion welling.

Putting her hand in front of her mouth, she ran to the bathroom.
Exhausted from her bout of puking, Ashley shakily stood up. 
This was obviously something more than just indigestion.

Liz was still kicking herself over things had ended with August. She hoped it didn't make it awkward between them. 

The way she was going, she was going to wind up with no friends in this new town.

The Gypsy's words came back to her unbidden.  "What you want has already been established.  In time, you will be led into it or it will come to you..." 

Grimacing, she yanked her dresser drawer open and grabbed her clothes.  She wished she'd never gone to see that stupid charlatan!   She kept thinking every man she'd ever met might be The One.  It was so aggravating!

Downstairs, she grabbed some leftover salad and sprinkled some basil that she'd bought from the grocery store on top.  Mmmm... fresh basil certainly changed the flavor of food!
Feeling a burst of ambitiousness, she hurried back up to her room and grabbed the seeds she'd purchased.  She found a few indoor pots to start a little herb garden. 

She wasn't going to let Ashley run her off that easilyShe was putting down roots.
Ashley shook Jason awake.  "Get up," she said tensely.  "We need to talk. Right now. Get up!"

Jason woke up slowly, wiping the sleep from his eyes.  "I'm up!" he told her groggily.

"No! Get up. Get out of bed! We need to talk!" she persisted.

"What the hell, Ash? I'm up, okay? What do we need to talk about?" he glanced over towards the window.  "Plumbbob, what time is it?"

"It's 10 in the morning," Ashley said absently, pacing the room, then turning abruptly and facing him.  "I think I'm pregnant," she snapped.
Jason was stunned, taking time to process.  "Pregnant? Like, a baby?" he asked, running a hand through his hair.  He saw his life flash before his eyes with a blonde-haired little toddler bouncing on his knee. 

And he liked it

"Ashley, this is awesome!" he said with a huge grin.
"THIS. IS. NOT. AWESOME!" Ashley said through gritted teeth. 
"What exactly is the matter?" Jason asked, taken aback by Ashley's anger.  "I thought you were on birth control! It's not my fault!"
Ashley threw her hands in the air.  "You don't even understand!" she cried out, feeling tears welling.  Sniffling, she wiped at her eyes.  "I can't LIVE like this, Jason!"  She waved her hands around, indicating his football-themed room and the town in general.
Not that he understood that.  "Whoa! Whoa!" Jason said, taking a step back away from Ashley.  He'd seen his fair share of over-emotional dramatics thanks to Rachel, but Ashley was having a melt-down of monumental proportions.
"Look, baby," he said soothingly, reaching for her hands.  "Let's make a doctor's appointment and see if there's even anything to worry about.  We'll take it step by step, okay?"

Ashley blew out a shaky breath and nodded.  "I was going to be a model," she said miserably.  "But, I can't be a model with stretch marks."

Jason quickly arranged a visit with an OB/GYN at the hospital.  He ushered Ashley out of the house, not even stopping to say anything to Liz.  He was a little freaked out and anxious to find out if he was going to be a Dad.

Seeing Ashley with him, Liz didn't even bother speaking up.
"Are you ready, baby?" Jason asked, reaching out to squeeze Ashley's hand.

With a disgruntled glance, she pulled her hand back.  "Let's just get it over with," she said dully, stalking towards the entrance.

Liz sighed and closed her book.  She'd lost all interest in reading after seeing Jason and Ashley hurry from the house without a word to her.

Was this how it was always going to be?  Only talking to each other when Ashley wasn't there? 
This was getting ridiculous.

Jason stepped out of the entrance and embraced Ashley.  "We're gonna have a baby, baby!" he said tenderly, hoping to eek a smile from her.

Ashley gave him a weak smile.
"Wait a minute!" he said as inspiration hit.
"What are you doing?" Ashley asked with annoyance as he dropped to one knee in the snow.
He pulled out his class ring and held it out to her.  "Marry me?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.
"Are you serious?" she asked.  "You mean it?"  She'd thought she would have to harp and nag in order to get him to propose!  She did not want to be a baby mama!

Jason held the ring out to her again.  "Do you mind making a decision quicker? My knee's getting cold," he joked. 
Ashley nodded, tears filling her eyes again.   He would make the perfect first husband.

Jason let out a whoop and stood up quickly, dragging her into his arms and squeezing her tight.  "I can't wait to tell Liz!" he told her.

Ashley's eyes narrowed with displeasure.
Jason completely missed her mood shift.  "I've gotta get to work now," he told her, giving her a peck on the lips.  "I'll see you tonight! Love you, baby!"

Feeling morose, Liz headed back to The Dive.  Since it was was barely 3 pm, the place was absolutely empty.

Hell, it's 5 o'clock somewhere...
"I'll take a Big Mistake," she said half-heartedly. 
The drink was in her hands in no time at all.  Closing her eyes, she knocked back the entire drink in one swallow.  As she set the glass back down, she smiled as a slight feeling of euphoria overcame her. 

Ashley walked inside and left her scarf at the front door.  She glanced around downstairs, thankful that Liz wasn't hanging around.  As soon as she & Jason were married, Liz was gone!  Frankly, she was surprised Liz hadn't moved yet.  She went out of her way to make her life a living hell.
Pulling out her phone, she dialed her friend's phone number.
"Girl! We need to plan the ultimate Bachelorette party!" she said excitedly.

Sorority sister Paris Vanderbuilt gasped with surprise.  "You mean, he actually proposed?" she asked with shock.

Ashley frowned.  "What's that supposed to mean?" she snapped.  "Of course he proposed to me! He's infatuated with me!" 

She would keep news of her pregnancy quiet for the time being, she thought sourly.  Annoyed by the thought that the only reason he was marrying her was because she was pregnant.

Liz slammed down another glass.  "Have you ever been in love?" she asked the bartender sloppily.  "Like, really real, REAL love?"
"Can't say that I have," the bartender said blandly.

"Can I have another drink? Something cute and purple!" she asked with a burst of giggles.  This would be her 4th... no... probably the 5th... 6th?  Oh, who cared.  She was feeling good!

The bartender sighed.  "God, I'm getting too old for this," he mumbled under his breath as he prepped her drink.
Liz cooed with delight when he presented her with the fruity, purple drink with the star stirrer.  "It's soooooooo cute!" she drawled again before chugging a long swallow.
"...And then the Gypsy said 'What you want is already established...'" she paused, trying to remember the exact phrasing.  "Uh... you'll be led to it or you'll be led from it... wait... no... it will come to you!" she finished haltingly.  "I mean, what the hell am I supposed to make of that?!"
The bartender stared at her blankly.  "I think you've had enough," he told her. "I'm cutting you off."

Staggering out of the toilet stall, Liz pulled her phone out of her pocket, willing the room to quit spinning. 

She dialed the only person she could think of...
"Will you come get me?" she asked haltingly. "I think I drank too much..."

August made it to The Dive within 15 minutes.  The minute he got Liz's call, he grabbed his keys and rushed to get her.  He'd tried being mad at her since she'd turned him down flat, but she'd sounded so sad and miserable.
Liz saw him the minute he walked through the door.  She hurried towards him, so happy to see him.  "August! You came!" she sighed happily.

August took in Liz with her lopsided smile.  He couldn't stay mad at her.  "What are friends for, right?" he asked in a show of good will.
Liz completely surprised him by launching into his arms and passionately kissing him.
A few seconds passed before August wrapped his arms around Liz's waist, pulling her closer.  Oh plumbbob, he thought with a sigh. He felt her soft curves pressing against him and nearly died with pleasure.

"Hey, where's Liz?" Jason asked after realizing Liz wasn't home.  He wanted to tell her his good news.

Ashley glanced up from the carton of ice cream with a scowl.  "How the hell am I supposed to know? I'm not her keeper!" she snapped.

Jason bit his tongue, chalking Ashley's response up to pregnancy hormones.  "Okay," he said cautiously.  "I'm just gonna go call my Mom."

August led Liz into his livingroom.  He turned around hesitantly.  "Are you sure?" he asked her, trying to gauge her mood.  She was still pretty drunk.
"I need it so bad," Liz said boldly, walking back to him and wrapping her arms around him.  "Don't push me away!"

August weakly caved when she ran her hands through his hair and sucked on his neck.
When she put it that way, who was he to argue?

Jason stayed up late reading the book Coach had recommended, Getting Past the Draft.  He glanced at his phone again.  Two in the morning.  Where the hell was Liz?  he wondered, flipping to his texts. 

He'd sent her a text at midnight asking where she was & she still hadn't responded.

Sighing, he set the book aside and laid back in bed.  Liz was an adult. She could stay out all night without calling him to check in.  After all, it wasn't like they were dating or anything!

But, he still worried.


  1. "He would make the perfect first husband." - wow, Ashley, wow. That was horrible and hilarious XD

    Aw, it's kind of nice to see Liz having some fun too... though with her being drunk, it feels like there will be regrets rather than a relationship afterwards. And maybe a baby too?!

    1. Lol. Ashley is a bit of a brat. I like your evil Barbie description. :)

      Liz had a lot to drink. No good is going to come of it!

  2. He's make a perfect first husband- Ashley really has plans with her life. It's impressive, even if it's gross. Jason just takes things as they come- one day a wild party, a short while later he dreams of fatherhood. Though I did notice that he imagined the toddler in his life, but no mention of Ashley. A coincidence?

    Liz is so going to regret that.

    1. Lol. Oi. Is it sad that Ashley has more long-term plans than Jason? :) I think he definitely sees the future with Ashley. When he was picturing the toddler, it was just assumed his evil Barbie would be by his side. :)

      Poor Liz. Don't drink & dial!

  3. Noooooooo.

    That poor kid, having a mom like Ashley. I am praying for some divine intervention here- maybe Ian can inspire Jason with his awful relationship with Keely xD

    Poor Liz. And if she becomes pregnant, she'll be tied to August *forever*, *and* she won't be able to really find a new place to stay (unless being a mixologist is secretly a gold mine) *and* her kid will have to be around Ashley!

  4. Replies
    1. It's clear she's not very worried about the relationship. If it doesn't work, she'll just move on!

  5. Ashley's "first" husband. That honestly made me crack up, even though it was an evil thought. At least Jason cares about the baby. Hope he'll get custody when Ashley leaves.

    I'm hoping since August had a *somewhat* clear head that they used protection.

    1. Ashley is the root of all evil. :)

      We'll have to see if August & Liz face some consequences for the next 18 years!