November 18, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-two, Day Three

"Aw, come on, Lacie.  What'd I tell you about grabbing a toy out of Macy's hands?" Jason had seen his little angel angrily tear the green block from Macy's hand, causing Macy to start bawling.  He'd immediately handed the block back to Macy and moved Lacie to time out.
Lacie mulishly tightened her lips and glanced away.

"I know you understand me!" he said, at a loss of what to do next.  Wearily, he sighed.  "We share in this house, right?" he asked, hoping for a glimmer of understanding in his girl's eyes.
Lacie gaze strayed past him, to where Macy was happily still playing with blocks.  She saw her sister drop the green block and she cried, "MINE!"

Jason shook his head.  "Why the hell am I trying to reason with a 2 year old?"  he muttered aloud.

"Doesn't make much sense to me," Liz said glibly from the doorway.
"Liz! Moudy! I didn't know you guys where heading home this early!" he said, pleased and surprised to see his friends home at last.  He popped up, a smile spreading across his face.
"Yeah, well, plans changed," Liz said cryptically.

Moudy stood behind her and rolled his eyes.  "There's only so much of her mom you can take," he muttered under his breath, earning a hard nudge to his ribcage.

"Well, welcome back Mr. and Mrs. Yavari," he said with a wink.  He'd been so happy to hear that Liz and Moudy had decided to make their little family unit official by getting married.  He'd been sure to remind them that he was the one that had introduced them & was kinda like their personal fairy godfather.
He crossed the room and wiggled the toes of the little boy sleeping in Moudy's arms.  "So this is little Jackson, huh?" he asked, glancing up and seeing his friend's proud grin.

Moudy shifted so that Jason could get a better look at his newborn son.

Jason took in the shock of blonde hair atop of the boy's head.  "He's gonna have your hair!" Jason laughed.  "Hopefully he doesn't inherit your ugly mug!" he teased, earning a sharp nudge in his ribcage.  "Umph!"
"Leave my husband alone!" Liz said with a fake glare, hands on her hips.  She hesitated only a moment before giving a hug. "It's good to be back," she told him.  "How is everything?"

"Good!" Jason told her.  "Hey, there's something I wanted to show you real quick!" he said, grabbing her hand.
"But... I was going..." she started to say, but stopped short when Jason grabbed her hand and dragged her up the stairs.

"I'll just go set up the crib!" Moudy called after them.
Jason pushed his door open and hurried inside, turning around to face Liz expectantly.  "Okay, so what do you think?" he asked, holding his breath.
Liz's jaw almost dropped as she stepped into Jason's old room.  "Oh... my... plumbbob..." she drawled.

She turned her head and took in the new bedroom furniture, sheets and decorations.  It was so much different than how Jason had originally decorated his room - she remembered his tacky orange sports theme with awful clarity.
Her gaze strayed towards the laundry basket and the pile of clothes that never seemed to actually land in the basket.  Now, there was the Jason she knew, she thought with a smile.
Jason anxiously watched her reaction.  "So?" he asked hopefully.  "You like it?"
"Like it? Oh my gosh, Jason! It looks awesome!" she breathed.  "What? Did you get an interior designer?" she teased.  There was no way he'd done this on his own!

"One step better!" he told her.  "Cheri helped me with it!"

Liz whistled low. "Whoa, so that's serious then?" she asked.  A lot seemed to have changed in the short time she'd been gone.
Jason shrugged, glancing away.  "Maybe. I dunno. We'll see," he told her.  "I don't want to jinx anything."

Just then, from next door, Moudy called out,  "Uh, Jason? Why is there a red bra by our bed? Did you have sex in my bed again?!"

Liz zeroed in on Jason's guilty face, narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips, tight with an annoyance.  "Dammit Jason! We're not in college anymore!" Liz snapped, her hand on her hip.  "I can't believe you went in my room!"
Jason cringed.  "Er, I was looking for that!" he said meekly.  Guess he'd forgotten to clean up after he and Cheri had spent some good time in there before his room remodel. 

He checked the watch real quick and flashed Liz a charming grin.  "Oh, look at the time!  I gotta get ready for practice!" he told her, turning to grab his uniform. "Little privacy, please?"
"You are such an infant!" Liz groused, stomping from the room.

Jason made his escape, hoping his indiscretion would be long forgotten by the time he got back from practice.

In her room, Liz glared at the unmade bed.  "We are going to have to burn those sheets," she muttered.

Glancing across the room, she saw Moudy moving her protest signs to the side, making space for the crib they'd bought.  She glanced down to where Jackson was sleeping on the rug nearby and could no longer frown.  Having Jackson was like a blessing in disguise, she thought with wonder.  To think, she'd been confused about whether or not she & Moudy had a future.  But now, she couldn't even imagine life without either of her guys!

She raised her hand up and admired the small gold band.  She'd done it - she'd married Moudy!
Moudy turned around and saw her staring at her ring.  "Hey!" he told her, hitching his thumb towards the signs behind him. "You don't mind that I'm moving these around, do you?"

"No!" Liz exclaimed. "I haven't really done any protesting lately anyway!"

Moudy hesitated.  "So, you think we can just get rid of them? Or do you want to keep them?"

Liz chewed on her bottom lip.  "We can get rid of them," she finally decided.  She had to focus on being a Mom now, not a Rebel without a cause.
When Jackson started crying, she squatted down and picked him up.  "I'll go rock him in the nursery while you set up the crib," she told him.

Moudy nodded, turning towards the large box.  "Sounds good," he told her.  "Should be easy to put together, right?" he said confidently.

Almost an hour later...

Moudy stepped back after finally figuring out how to put in the baby siding and sighed.  Done.  Phew!  That had been a lot harder than he'd imagined.  He eyed the crib skeptically.  He wasn't entirely sure he trusted the silly thing with his precious son! What if it broke?
Turning, he pulled out some extra sheets and changed the bedding.  Man, maybe he and Liz could go shopping for sheets now that they were married.  Her style was a little girly for his taste!

Liz played with the girls while Jackson slept.  She had missed the little stinkers while she'd been in Appaloosa Plains with her mom.  They had grown so much while she'd been gone!
"Hey, babe," Moudy said, leaving their room and standing by the baby safety gate.  "Bed's made & the crib is set up.  I thought I'd head down to the Swap N' Sell & see if anything sold."  Maybe they would have some sheets...

Liz smiled.  "Sure.  See you soon!"

Moudy started to take a step away and then stopped.  "You need anything else while I'm out?" he asked.

Day was turning to evening by the time Moudy made it across town to the Landgraab Swap N' Sell.  He nodded at the two ladies as he passed by.  He heard them giggle and cast a glance back towards him.
He quickly glanced around the store, checking to see if anything caught his eye.
"Afternoon Miss Kathy," he said.  "I was wondering if those consignment items sold."
Kathy nodded.  "A few of the items sold.  You still have the lamp and the guitar unsold," she told him.  "You'll get a statement at the end of the month."

Moudy nodded.  "Great, I'll just go check the junk pile. Thanks alot!"

Liz's arm had begun falling asleep after holding Jackson so much.  Reluctantly, she padded into their room and laid him in his new crib. 
Then she headed back into the nursery to spend some time with the girls.

"YES!" Jason pumped his fist as he exited the stadium.  Jason's impressive performance has earned him a promotion to Team Captain, as well as a bonus of $4,500.  Loved by his fans for his clutch saves and by the coach for his team leadership, he was really starting to play towards that hall of fame spot!

He'd also been offered a partnership at Llama Memorial.  He was now entitled to a share of the profits, which he'd be receiving weekly.  Maybe one day he would buy out the other partners, then he would get even more money!

Jason had toyed with the idea of heading out on the town to celebrate his new League MVP status & partnership, but decided to spend the evening at home. 

He headed straight upstairs to see the girls.  "Hey ladies!" he said in greeting, pushing past the safety gate. 

Lacie quickly crawled to his side, tugging on his pants leg.
Jason scooped her up and tickled her belly.

These days he'd much rather hang with his girls than head to a bar to party!  Must be old age creeping up on him, he thought with a chuckle.

It didn't take too long for Moudy to get his salvaged goods home.  He was pretty sure he could polish these things up in no time to sell and make a profit!

After a quick shower downstairs, Moudy headed upstairs to find Liz.  He could hear her and Jason upstairs in the nursery. 

He approached the baby safety gate and peeked in, finding them trying to teach the kids to talk. 
Fiddling with the baby gate, he finally got it open and stepped in.  "Hey guys, I was wondering if I could borrow my wife," he said, emphasizing Liz's new relationship status.  It still felt surreal that they were married with a cute, little kid of their own!
Liz snorted.  "Night, Macy," she said, kissing the girls head before standing up.  "Night Jason!" she said, hurrying after her husband into the bedroom.
The moment she stepped through the door, Moudy drew her into his arms.  "I can't get enough of you," he told her huskily. 
Holding her face in his hands, he craned his head forward, drawing her closer into his embrace for a scorching kiss.  Liz pressed against him, heatedly returning his kiss. 
He couldn't get her clothes off fast enough before they fell into bed.

"What about Jackson?" Liz asked worriedly, peeking towards the crib.

Moudy pulled the covers over their heads.  "He's too young to know what we're doing!" he assured her, turning his attention to distracting her.

Liz gave up the last of her doubt as Moudy started nibbling on her neck in just the right spot.

November 10, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-two, Day Two

Jason was up in the morning prepping for his game.  He had to be in top-shape to perform!

As he ran, he let his mind drift...
Moudy had been devastated when he'd found out that Liz had left.  And then frantic when they got the call that she'd gone into labor.  Pale and shaky, he'd borrowed some money to fly out to Appaloosa Plains - it was much quicker than taking a bus or driving. 
He hadn't made it there before Liz gave birth.  But, mom and baby were doing great. And it sounded like they'd worked out whatever their fight had been about.  They were staying a few more days in Appaloosa Plains while Liz recovered. 
Which meant the house was quiet.

Growing up with such a large, extended family, Jason couldn't stand it when the house was empty and quiet.  He'd gone over to Rio's the night before with the girls, which had been nice.  It'd been too long since he'd seen his brother.

Now he understood how busy Rio had been after he'd gotten married and had little Caitlyn.  Parenting was hard stuff!
He slowed down to a jog when the timer buzzed at him, bringing his workout to an end.  Man he was exhausted, he thought. 
But there wasn't any down time for him.  He had to get ready...

Jason hurried up to the nursery to get the girls up and dressed.
Walking in the nursery, he nearly gagged.  Oh that was a foul smelling diaper!  he thought, quickly holding his breath.  Switching the girls to solid food was smelly business!
"DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Lacie cried in her crib, standing up and tugging on the crib railing.
"Dada?" Macy said, softer and more tentative than her sister.
First crib, first, Jason thought, approaching Macy.  When he headed towards his sister's crib, Lacie began crying even louder.  "Hold on, Lacie," Jason said, reaching into the crib to lift Macy.  "Let me get Macy first real quick!"

Jason started to change Macy's diaper when he heard a loud thunking noise from Lacie's crib.  "What the..?"

He glanced over, appalled to see Lacie sitting in the crib and throwing her head back to hit the wall.  "Lacie! Stop that!" he called, nearly dropping Macy in his rush to her sister.
"Oh sweetheart, you've got to learn to be more patient!" he said tenderly, lifting Lacie from her crib and snuggling her, smoothing his hand down the back of her head as she sniffled softly.  "Don't hurt yourself!"

Lacie rested her head against her dada's shoulder and glanced down towards her sister on the floor, smiling smugly. 
"I need to go take a shower. You guys play nicely," Jason said, finally setting Lacie down on the ground.
He stepped from the room, setting up the child-safety gate.  Now that the girls were crawling and getting into mischief, he needed to keep them corralled.

Jason stepped into the shower, quickly washing the workout stink from his body. 
After slipping into his everyday clothes, he grabbed some cologne from the edge of the sink and patted some on his neck.

He had a date...

Unfortunately, since Liz and Moudy were still in Appaloosa Plains, and since they were going to be with a babysitter later tonight, he didn't have the heart to be away from them longer.  So, his date became a family affair.
Cheri glanced down at the girls, a slight frown crossing her face before she smiled widely.
"Good morning!" she cooed to the little girls crawling around Jason's legs.  "It's so great that you were able to bring them!" she told Jason.
Jason grinned sheepishly.  "I didn't want to call a babysitter," he apologized.  "You don't mind, do you?"
"What? Of course not!" Cheri assured him. "It's a surprise, but..." She trailed off, lifting a bouquet from her side. "I got you these," she said with a soft smile, offering him the flowers.

Jason stared at the bunch of flowers in surprise.

Slowly, Cheri's face fell.  "It's not very manly, is it?" she asked worriedly.  "I thought you'd like them, though..."  Her hand started to drop.

"No!" Jason said quickly.  "I love them! I've just never gotten flowers before..." he trailed off.  Smiling and trying to reassure her with his gaze, he held his hand out.  "Can I?"

Cheri fumbled with the bouquet, handing them to Jason.  She smiled as she watched him bring them to his nose and inhale softly.

Cheri quickly picked two blooms from the bunch and passed a flower down to each of the girls.  "I shouldn't have forgotten you two!"
Jason thought his heart would melt when he saw Cheri drop down to offer the flowers to his girls.  Macy immediately ate hers while Lacie stared at it as though it were a bug.

As Cheri stood back up, he stole a kiss, grabbing a picture of the two of them.  He wanted to remember the day he fell in love with her!

"Come on, let's have some fun!" he announced after pulling back from the kiss.

Cheri smiled widely, looking towards the Love-O-Meter.  But, when she turned back, Jason was already leading the girls to the playground.  Silently, she let out a small huff, then followed after him.  That was the problem with dating family-style.
Jason lifted Lacie onto the bouncing bumble-bee for a ride.  "Hold on tight!" he told her, cautiously holding his hands on either side of her to catch her if she fell.
Lacie tightened her hands on the little handles and giggled with delight as the bouncing bee bopped her around.
Jason chuckled as he watched her bounce.  "Okay, now it's Macy's turn," he told her.

"NO!" Lacie quickly protested, gripping the handles even tighter, a mulish look crossing her face.
"Now, Lacie. We take our turns, don't we?" Jason said, glancing nervously towards Cheri. 
He was trying to make a good impression, but it looked like Lacie was seconds away from a huge hissy fit. His mind raced for a good way to defuse the melt-down.  "Do you want some ice cream?" Jason asked quickly.  Liz said he shouldn't bribe the girls, but sometimes he didn't know what else to do!
Reluctantly, Lacie shot her arms up in the air, allowing Jason to lift her from the bouncing bee.  She shot a glare towards her sister, as though it were Macy's fault her turn was over.

Sighing, Jason set her down and turned toward his date, noting her bored expression.
"Sorry, this probably hasn't been all that fun for you," he apologized, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He'd been so sure he'd be able to pull off a romantic date, even with the girls.  But, the twins were sucking up a lot more attention than he'd anticipated.

Cheri shook her head.  "It's just that..." she glanced down at the girls, then lowered her voice and stepped closer.  "It's just that I've missed... being intimate with you," she told him huskily. "Can you get a babysitter?"
Jason wrapped his arms around Cheri and tugged her close.  "I've missed it, too," he told her, frustration edging his voice.  Since Liz and Moudy were out of town, there hadn't been any sleepovers.  "But, I'm trying not to rely on a parade of babysitters.  Moudy and Liz will be back soon!"
"Well, I could stay over at your place," Cheri offered eagerly. 

Jason sheepishly shrugged.  "My room really isn't... er... in any condition to... you know..." he said, thinking of the empty room he still hadn't set foot in and the bunk-bed he was currently sleeping on up in the attic.  No way in the world was he taking Cheri up to the attic.

"I don't mind!" Cheri said, batting her lashes.   
Jason groaned, claiming her lips in a hungry kiss.   Going without woohoo for so long was going to drive him crazy.  Maybe he should just hire a babysitter, he thought

"DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Lacie cried, tugging on his leg.

"Ouch! Damn!" Jason cried, jerking his leg away from her when she grabbed a handful of his leg hair and pulled.  "Lacie!"
Jason grinned apologetically at Cheri.  "You make me forget everything around me sometimes," he told her huskily.

Cheri sighed.  She wished!  "So? Should we get the picnic started?"

Jason spread down the blanket and pulled out some fruit for the girls and sandwiches for the adults.  Kicking back, he tried to reclaim the romance that had been shooting between them before Lacie interrupted.

"So?" he asked, "Where's your family from?"  It surprised him how little he knew about her.

Cheri glanced back towards him, "Oh. I grew up near Sim State University."

"Hey! That's where I went to college!" he told her.

Cheri smiled.  "Oh wow. I wonder if we ever crossed paths!"

Jason leered at her.  "Oh, I would've remembered meeting you!" he told her with a wicked grin.

Giggling, Cheri leaned over and stroked his leg, causing tingles to shoot through his body.  He met her daring gaze and...
...the skies opened up and it began raining on their parade!

Their picnic ruined, Jason and Cheri hurried to his truck.  Jason got a little bit wet as he struggled to get the girls in their carseats before slipping into the drivers seat.  He shared a rueful grin with Cheri.  "Well, that didn't turn out the way I'd imagined!" he joked.  First, Cheri had seemed disappointed to have the girls with them and then the romantic picnic he'd planned was rained out!

By the time he got home, it was raining even harder.  "We're going to have to make a run for it!" he told her, reaching back to unbuckle the girls.  Cheri nodded, reaching to grab Lacie.
She hurried behind Jason up the driveway, then waited on the porch as Jason fumbled with the door.  Finally, they were inside and out of the rain!
 "Let me grab some towels!" he told her, his gaze slipping down.   He swallowed past a suddenly uncomfortable lump in his throat.
Cheri with a wet t-shirt was a dangerous temptation!

He wasn't even sure what she was saying.

After drying everyone off the best that he was able, Jason slid onto his new sofa next to Cheri. 
"Since you're here already," Jason said slowly, sneaking his hand to the back of her neck to knead.  "There's something I wanna run by you."

Desire flared in Cheri's eyes.  "Mmhm!" she agreed, leaning forward to purse her lips.  She couldn't wait to slip to his room for woohoo.
Jason grinned, relieved that she had agreed so easily.  He was going to feel so much more comfortable with her staying with the girls. And, she'd known before he even asked what he was thinking!  It just showed how in-tune they were!

He pressed his mouth against hers, eager to claim the kiss she'd been promising with her eyes.  Cheri greedily met his mouth, sneaking her tongue in to take control of the kiss.

Jason was on fire.  He wasn't sure how long they made out before he remembered the time.  He pulled back apologetically, standing up.

Cheri popped up next to him, eager to be lead upstairs.
Jason pulled her into his arms for a hug.  "Thanks for watching the girls for me!" he told her, running his hands over her back.  "I'll call and cancel the babysitting service on the way to the stadium."

Cheri glanced at him with surprise.  "What?!"  He was leaving?
Jason gave her a quick, hard kiss before straightening up and grabbing his keys.  "I'll be back in just a few hours!"

Cheri trailed after him, dazed, as Jason headed towards the door.  "I..."

Opening the front door, he winked at her.  "Have fun!"
Cheri pressed her fingers to her lips as the front door closed.  She glanced across the room to where the twin girls played quietly.  When had she agreed to watch the girls? she thought dazedly. 

Cheri had been so sure it would be easy to watch the girls.  She managed to find the nursery.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much to do other than sit and watch them.  It's only for a few hours, she reminded herself.
Then they both began crying.
Cheri wasn't even sure what she was supposed to do with toddlers!  She rocked Macy, relieved when she stopped crying.  When the little girl blinked tiredly, she realized that it was probably their bedtime.
 She slipped the girls into their crib and crossed her fingers it would work.
Jason was going to OWE her!

She heard the truck pull into the driveway as the headlights flashed through the windows.  The truck slammed and footsteps approached.
Cheri shifted on the couch, thrusting her chest out provocatively.  She flipped her hair over her shoulders and pursed her lips.
When Jason walked in and saw Cheri on his couch, he stopped and drank in the sight of her.  "God, you're beautiful," he said in a strained voice. 
"Come here," she said huskily, wiggling her finger at him.
Jason didn't need to be told twice.  He was on her in 2 seconds flat.

Cheri grabbed his shirt, tugging it over his head and flinging it to the side. 

Groaning when he felt his bare chest pressed against hers, he claimed her lips.  It'd only been about a week without woohoo, but he felt like he was starved for it.

Pressing against her, he shifted his leg and bumped into the arm of the loveseat.  Trying to ignore it, he shifted, half hanging off the couch.  He grabbed her by the waist and tried scooting up further, but she yelped.

"Ouch!" she said, reaching back and pressing her hand against her head.

Jason growled, trying again to shift their bodies on the small loveseat.  Why they called them loveseats was beyond him! They made making love extremely hard!

"Jason!" she yelped again, her neck bent at an awkward angle.

"God, I'm so sorry," Jason apologized, pulling back and allowing her to find a more comfortable spot.  "This is impossible!" he finally said, angry frustration edging his voice.  "This," he spat, shoving a hand to indicate the loveseat, "Is not going to work for me!" 
Cheri followed him when he stood, wrapping her arms around his waist.  "I don't care where we woohoo, Jason," she told him anxiously.  "Just do me!"
She pressed her body against his and began kissing his neck, driving him absolutely crazy.  He frantically thought about where he could take her.  Making a decision, he grabbed her, lifting her into his arms and heading towards the stairs.
Jason opened the door to Liz's room, nudging it closed after walking across the threshold.  He tossed Cheri down on the bed and then followed down on top of her. 
For the next few minutes, the room was full of gasps and moans.

Liz rested with her head against the pillow, a sated smile on her face.  "Why Jason, your room is absolutely girly," she giggled.
"Liz and Moudy are going to kill me if they found out I woohooed in their bed," he joked, reaching out and stroking her cheek.

Cheri grabbed his hands and pressed a kiss on his palm. "I love you," she told him with a soft sigh.