November 1, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day Five

The weeks flew by & Moudy was still in Sunset Valley.

More specifically, happily in Liz's bed.
He woke up early & kissed Liz's shoulder.  God, he was so lucky he was getting a second chance with her.  He'd been devastated when she broke up with him in college.  He'd really loved her.  He'd never felt the same way about anyone - not before and not since.
Quietly, he dressed, then slipped from the room.  Liz and Jason were both such heavy sleepers.  It was nearly impossible to get them awake before 9 in the morning.  Mahmoud loved to wake up early to see the sunrise.  
Moudy strolled outside for his morning hike. 
 It was amazing the treasures one could find if you looked hard enough!

Jason yawned widely and stretched as he slipped from bed.  Thank plumbbob the girls were sleeping through the night now!   It was nice being able to finally be able to sleep a full eight hours.

Liz woke up, not surprised to find Moudy already up and at 'em.  He rarely slept in late.  He'd tried a few times to get her to go for one of his morning walks, but forget it.  Waking up before the sun was up was not her idea of a good time.
Stepping to the mirror, she spent an extra moment or two gussying up. Not like she was trying to impress Moudy...   She just wanted to look the best.
She was surprised to find Jason already up and reading in the nursery.  "Morning!" she said with surprise. 
Jason glanced up from his book.  "Morning," he said distractedly.
Liz walked by him to play with Lacie.  "Whatcha reading?" she asked, playing with the baby's little fingers.

Jason glanced up and watched her nuzzle Lacie.  He wasn't sure why he felt so weird watching her play with his daughters.  He absently rubbed his chest, then turned his attention back to his book.  "Uh... just a What to Expect In the First Few Years," he told her.  "The girls are growing up fast. Just trying to figure out what stages are coming up next."

Liz turned to look at him with incredulous eyes.  "You're studying?" she asked with surprise.  "I'm so proud of you!" she teased.

Jason shrugged, mumbling something indecipherable.  He glanced back up as she moved to play with Macy.  Man, maybe he needed to take Cheri up on her offer...
After playing with the girls, Liz left Jason to his reading and headed downstairs to care for her herbs.  She couldn't wait to see if she could actually get something to grow!  Jason's mom, Haley, had given her some tips on caring for plants.

Moudy dropped off a few of the gems that he dropped on the back porch.  One of his hobbies was refurbishing old items that he found & giving them new life.  It wasn't a really profitable job, but it made him happy.
Slipping inside, he snuck up behind Liz and twirled her around for a sweet kiss. "Morning sweetie! Did you sleep well?"
Liz reeled back, waving her hand in front of her face.  "Oh Moudy! You smell!" she laughed, slapping his chest.  "The Christmas party is going to be starting soon! You need to shower, fast!"
Moudy grinned unrepentantly and pulled her back into his arms.  "Maybe you could come wash my back," he said suggestively.
Liz quirked her eyebrow at him.  "You think that line is going to work on me?"

Moudy swept her upstairs to the shower where she did, in fact, wash Moudy's back for him.

Back downstairs, the trio raised their glasses in a toast, "Merry Christmas!"

Jason was so happy to have family over for the holiday.  A year ago, he would've had a rip-roaring party with his teammates & friends.  But this year, he was happy to have his family over to share the special day.
"You look well!" Haley said, hugging her son tightly.  She pulled back slightly.  "Are you taking good care of yourself?" she asked worriedly.

Jason smiled. "We're good, Mom.  It's great having Liz and Moudy here!"

Haley nodded.  She knew how fast good friends could become family.  "I heard Auntie Maritza and Uncle Charles are going to be moving back to Sunset Valley soon," she announced.  "She told me how proud she is of you!"
Jason glanced over just then and saw Rio present his wife a bouquet of Snowflake Day Flowers.  His heart twisted funnily again.  Rio had always known what he wanted from a relationship and had gone after it whereas he'd picked girls that had broken his heart.  His track record in the romance department wasn't all that good...

 After a little bit of chit chat, everyone gathered around the tree to open presents.
Liz opened the gift from Jason.  "I picked it myself!" he said proudly.

Liz made a face when she saw the rainbow light in the gift box. 
Jason saw Liz scowl and rubbed the side of his neck with worry.  "You don't like it?" he asked worriedly.  "You can return it if you want to!"

Liz glanced towards Moudy and then back to Jason.  She shook her head.  "No, I love it!" she reassured him. 

Jason breathed a sigh of relief.  "Phew! I saw it and thought of you! You love these kind of weird gadgets!"

Liz glanced over at Moudy, who was smiling at her trustingly.  She was lucky that Moudy found his way back into her life.  Things were going so well between her and Moudy.  She was happy. 

 Johnny called everyone over for a serving of some holiday angel cake that he'd brought over.
Jason sat down with his sister Kimi while Liz and Moudy joined them.

"So, how do you like living in the city?" he asked her innocently.
His eyebrows raised with alarm when his precious little sister began to talk his ear off about anything and everything that happened to cross her mind.
Across the room, Haley gazed fondly at her two children, trying to commit every line to memory.  It would make a wonderful portrait for her living room.

After finishing her angelcake, Liz headed to the bar to make Spiced Snowflakes for the adults.  "The secret is using a little bit of mint," Liz told Johnny with a wink. 

"Well, then it'd only be polite for me to try one," Johnny said as he grabbed a cocktail.
 Afterwards, Liz found herself in the kitchen, talking about plants with Haley. 

"Your herbs look like they'll be growing soon!" Haley said, happy to discuss plantings and seedlings with anyone. "I brought you some of our fresh-grown veggies. Your fridge was practically empty!"

Liz laughed.  "Yeah, we don't really cook. Jason and I live off of frozen foods!  Thankfully Moudy cooks or we'd both probably starve to death!"

Haley shook her head ruefully. She'd really thought that Liz and Jason would wind up together after Ashley left, but apparently Jason couldn't see what was right in front of him!  But Liz certainly seemed happy with her young beau, Moudy.  "Well, thank plumbbob for small favors!" she teased.

Liz stared at the Rainbow Light, plugging it in on her nightstand.  It looked like it was supposed to mark off some sort of anniversary.  Unfortunately the instructions were in Simlanese, so she couldn't figure out how to set it.

But, it sure was pretty!

"Hey sweetie," Moudy said, coming into the room and flopping down on the bed.  "Happy Snowflake Day."

 She joined him on the bed.  "Happy Snowflake Day."
He cleared his throat.  "So, the new year is coming up," he said slowly.

Liz nodded. "Yes, yes it is," she agreed.

Moudy tugged at his collar.  "We've had a lot of fun these past few weeks," he added.

Liz glanced at his with surprise.  "Are you leaving?" she asked worriedly.
"No!" Moudy exclaimed with surprise.  "I mean, not if you don't want me to," he added quickly.  "We just hadn't really talked about how long you wanted me to stay."

Liz chewed her bottom lip.  "Well, how long do you want to stay?" she asked.

Moudy blew out an unsteady breath.  "Well, I was hoping that maybe I could stay here... with you... you know... together."
Liz smiled widely.  "I think that I like the way that sounds."

"Yeah?" Moudy asked, pulling her into his arms.  He nuzzled her cheek with a wide grin on his face.  "You're gonna be my girlfriend?"

"Yeah," Liz agreed.  "I'm gonna be your girlfriend."


  1. *sighs heavily*

    I'm glad Liz is happy and Jason is mostly happy, I just hope the living situation doesn't get too awkward if Jason and Liz's half realized feelings for each other come out into the open.

    1. Cross your fingers! This is a rough generation! ;) Lol. We have couple with help roll & half-siblings! Oi!

  2. Such a lovely gift giving party. I always admire your family gatherings and how you make eveyone behave so well!

    I'm still shipping Jason&Liz but Moudy is such a nice guy! I'm a bit torn. Well, as long as Liz gets to be happy for once.

    It's neat how you're handling the couple with help roll - how it switched from Jason being in a relationship pre-birth and now Liz being the one with a partner. And I can see how those twins messed with your plans for half siblings! Did you plan on Ashley having someone else's kid and dumping it on Jason?

    1. Hehe... that gift giving party drove me nuts! Kimi kept trying to leave early & Jason didn't get to open a present for some weird reason. But, I've never seen a rainbow light before! What a great gift for Liz!

      I know! I'm torn, too! I really like Moudy! We'll have to see how that plays out with their wishes!

      I thought it was a rather ingenious way of handling the Dumpster Diver job. :) Man, I'm so happy Ashley is gone! Moudy is so much more fun to write for. :)

      Lol - I'd toyed with having Ashley come home pregnant from Champs Les Sims, kind of a "what happens in Champs, stays in Champs!" But, decided if there was going to be a baby in the house, I wanted it to have Jason's genes. :) We'll have to see how those half-siblings work out.

  3. Stop making Moudy likable. I don't want to like him. Ah, guess Jason and Liz won't happen (atleast for a while?)

    That was a really goodlooking party. So that's how it looks when sims don't hate eachother. It's always so nice to see the rest of the familie, and Kimis such a cutie. Chatty, but a cutie.

    1. Lol. Moudy's really grown on me, too! Dangit! Jason and Liz are on the back-burner for now.

      Ha - yes! This is what a party looks where people like each other! They smile and hand out nice gifts! I was so sad to see Haley & Johnny as elders. *sniffles*

  4. Not a morning girl anymore? Eh? DD

    1. Nope, she's been accustomed to a leisurely life and sleeping in. ;)