November 1, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day Four

It started with arguments about little things - like whether Jason had known twins ran in the family.
It led to bigger arguments - like whether or not it was okay for Ashley to blow several thousand dollars (that they didn't have) for a room makeover.
 But the real sticking point was that Liz was still in her home.

"I swear to God, Jason! I can't stand her! I don't want her living here after we're married!" Ashley shouted. "I don't understand why you're even friends with her!"
Jason scowled.  "Look, we've been through this! I'm not asking her to leave! She is my Best. Friend!' he said through gritted teeth.  "Christ! Why do we keep having this argument? I don't say anything about your friends!"
"God! If you want her so much, why don't you just sleep with her already! Why the hell did you want to marry me anyway?" Ashley fumed.
Jason scowled as he pointed his finger in her face.  "Sometimes I wonder the same damn thing!" he snapped angrily.
Ashley stomped her foot in a massive meltdown.  "I hate you! I hate this house! I hate this town! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!" 
Taking a deep breath, she met his disgusted gaze. "I wish I'd never met you!" she snapped.  "I'm done with this!"
Jason reeled.  As bad as their arguments had been, he hadn't given a thought to calling it quits.  "But, the invitations have already gone out!" Jason said, back-pedaling a little.  Maybe Ashley just needed another spa day, he told himself.

But there was no changing her mind.  After treating Jason to a few weeks of stony silence, she ran off with the entertainer, Chip Offablock, who she'd been seeing behind his back.

Since Liz's bed was right next to the nursery, she usually heard the twins before Jason.  Groggily, she slipped from her nice, warm bed.
"Shhh... it's okay, don't cry, Macy," she crooned softly to the fussing baby.  "Wait, no... Lacie..."  It really wasn't that hard to tell the difference between the two girls.  Lacie, the first born, had blonde hair and little Macy had a head full of dark, black hair - just like her daddy.

It was such a shame Jason let the crazy itchbay name the girls.  She could've thought of much better names than Lacie & Macy!
Liz cuddled Lacie, quickly checking her diaper.  "It'll be nice when you sleep all the way through the night!"

Jason rolled from his old bed when he heard one of the girls fussing. After Ashley had left, taking everything she'd recently purchased, he'd just felt more comfortable sleeping in his old room.  At this point, he couldn't even stand to walk into the room he'd shared with Ashley.

He sat upright and cocked his head.  He could already hear Liz's soothing voice.  It wasn't right that Liz was losing sleep to help him deal with the mess he'd made.  He stumbled towards the stairs.

He picked his way through the dark into the nursery.  The sight of Liz holding his little girl made his heart do a somersault.   He wasn't sure he'd ever get used to the joy he felt when he saw his girls.
"Hey," Jason said quietly, brushing past Liz on his way to get Macy.

Liz glanced over her shoulder at him, her gaze getting stuck on his rear.  "Hey," she whispered belatedly.  "Um, I was hoping they wouldn't wake you."
Jason lifted Macy up and cuddled her, stroking her down-soft head.  "That's okay," he said in a hushed voice.
"Thanks for helping, Liz. I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for you," Jason told her after Macy had stopped crying.
Liz tugged on the hem of her nightie and bit her lip.  "Yeah, well, I'm just glad I was here," she told him awkwardly.  The truth of the matter was, watching Jason care for his babies was like a constant tug on her uterus.  It made her long for a baby of her own... a relationship of her own...
Snapping back to the present, she glanced away quickly.  "I'm just gonna get back to bed," she told him blearily.  "Night."

"Night," Jason whispered as she walked away.

Liz glanced over her shoulder.  "Quit looking at my butt!" she admonished him.

Jason shook his head.  "Not a chance," he teased with a smile on his face.
"Girls are weird," Jason said softly to Macy, sitting down in the rocking chair he and Ashley had picked out.  "Promise me you won't drive men insane when you grow up!"

Jason closed the playbook he'd been studying to prep for the game with a heavy sigh.
"Are you sure you're okay watching the girls for me?" he asked nervously.
Liz set her book aside and nodded.  "Of course!" she said, then bit her lip.  "Why? Do you think I'm doing something wrong? I don't know anything about babies, but I'm learning!"  She'd never even held a baby before Jason had put Lacie into her arms.
Jason sighed heavily again and buried his face in his hands, grinding his palms against his eye sockets.  "Ugh! I don't know! I'm new to all this, too!"  He rubbed the back of his neck.  "I never expected her to leave me."  He glanced up.  "You know she hasn't called?"
"Good! You're better off without her!" Liz was elated that Ashley had left.  Thankfully, Ashley didn't have any interest in being a mom and had signed over all parental rights to Jason. "It's better that it happened before you got married, right?" She gave him a goofy smile, "Besides, you've still got me, right?" she teased.
Jason chuckled, shaking his head ruefully.  "Yeah, I guess."  He still had his best friend and two beautiful, healthy babies.  Plus, being a single dad made all the girls go wild.  Cheri fawned over him now, which ticked his buddy Mickey off. 

Liz raised an eyebrow in speculation.  "Am I going to have to call your Mom and tell her you're moping?" she asked in mock-sternness.

"Oh plumbbob! Don't call my Mom!" Jason said, slightly horrified.  He never should have given his Mom Liz's cell phone number.  Mom kept calling Liz to get updates on how he was doing.

Slapping his hands on his knees, he stood up.  "Well, I should probably get ready to go," he told her.
"Break a leg!" Liz called after him as he grabbed a shirt from the floor and tugged it over his head. 

Liz stole upstairs to check on the girls.  After making sure they were fed, changed & burped, she settled them back in their cribs, then hurried back downstairs to catch the game.

"Come on.... come on..." she said nervously as Jason pulled his arm back to throw the ball to Mickey.  She held her breath as the ball sailed smoothly across the field.

"YES!" she cried with excitement when Mickey snagged the ball from the air and high-tailed it to the end zone. 

Liz was startled when the bell rang. She dropped the remote and surged up.  Although she knew Ashley was long gone, she still worried that she might come back.  Nervously, she approached the door and peeked through the peephole.

She gasped with surprised delight.
She threw herself into his arms.  "What are you doing here? How long?" Grinning, she slugged his arm.  "Why didn't you tell me you were coming to town?"
Moudy grinned.  "You gonna let me in Liz or make me stand out here in the snow?" he teased.

"Come in!" Liz flushed, stepping back and inviting him in. 
"Did Jason know you were coming into town?" she asked, rummaging for a clean glass and grabbing the ingredients for a Pineapple Surprise.  She glanced up at him over the bar.  "I'll kill him if he knew!"
Moudy smiled fell.  "I heard about what happened between Jason and Ashley," he said somberly.  "I thought I'd come see him."  He pause.d  "How's he doing?"
Liz sighed as she set the glasses out.  "He's doing okay.  He was really down at first, but he's doing better."  She gave a sad smile.  "He keeps joking that chicks love single dads."

Moudy laughed, shaking his head.  "Now that sounds like Jason!" 
Liz smiled and grabbed a drink for herself, surprised when Moudy stood up quickly and rounded the bar.
"That's not the only reason I came back," Moudy said, shifting closer to her. 
"Oh?" Liz murmured noncomittally, her heart leaping into her throat.  The tender look in Moudy's eye told her all she needed to know.

"The truth is, I was kind of hoping you might give us another shot..."

Jason headed home, pumped after his team's win.  Before the twins, he would've joined Mickey for a team party, but right now - he just wanted to get home.  Even Cheri tried to cajole him into coming. 

It was amazing the number of chicks that kept propositioning him after a game, just because he was a small-town celebrity.
"No, I'm sure you're real nice, but I'm not in the market for a date," Jason said apologetically.  And he didn't date groupies
His jaw dropped with shock when he walked in the front door.  He glanced between Moudy and Liz with surprise.

Liz broke the silence, grinning at Jason, "Look who came to visit!" she announced, gesturing towards their college friend.
"MOOOOOOOUDY!" Jason hooted as he approached.  "What the hell are you doing here, man?  Last I heard you were in Isla Paradiso living it up!"

Moudy grinned.  "You should have seen the chicks in bikinis!"

Liz rolled her eyes.  "I'm still here, you know?"
Moudy sent her a sheepish, apologetic grin before turning back to Jason.  "Dude, I heard about Ashley.  That sucks."
"Yeah, life's crazy right now," Jason said, throwing Liz a grateful grin.  "But, Liz here is helping me out! I don't know what I'd do without her!"  He paused.  "So you going to be in town long?"
"Sure! I thought I'd stay awhile and catch up with you guys, if that's okay!"
Liz plastered a smile on her face.  "I'm pretty beat, I'll let you two catch up!" she said, beating a hasty exit. 

"What you want has already been established.  In time, you will be led into it or it will come to you."

She'd let Mahmoud go once because she was uselessly lusting after Jason, but here he was again. 

"Sounds good!" she heard Jason saying behind her.  Glancing back, she met Moudy's gaze as he watched her head upstairs.

Drinks in hand, Jason and Moudy settled in and spent the next few hours drinking, talking & reminiscing about their college days. 

Sometime after midnight, Jason crashed on the couch. 

Moudy stood up, a little unsteadily, quickly glancing towards Jason to make sure he was sound asleep.
He stumbled slightly before heading up the stairs.  Plumbbob, maybe he'd had a little bit too much to sleep.
Checking inside a few doors, Moudy found a bathroom and an empty pink bedroom.  He approached the last door in the hall.
Slipping in, he saw Liz fast asleep.
He shed his clothes, almost falling to the floor as his pants got stuck around his ankle.
Trying to be quiet, he slipped into bed beside Liz. 
She rolled over sleepily.  "Moudy?" she asked.

Moudy slid his arms around her.  "Yeah?"

Liz sighed dreamily.  "We should probably talk first," she told him. 

Moudy nodded.  "Okay. We'll talk first."  He paused, rubbing his hand up and down her back, scooting closer.  "What do you wanna talk about?"
Liz shook her head and pulled him closer. 
They could talk in the morning...


  1. Good riddance! Let's hope Jason sees it that way soon :)

    And what awful timing from Moudy right there. Just when Jason is free and Liz' uterus is aching for a baby... (lol!)

    1. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead! Okay.. well.. at least moved out!

      But of course his timing is extremely bad. :) If given a few weeks, maybe Jason and Liz would have eventually seen what was in front of them! Doh!

  2. YES. Ashley is gone! Wonderful! Much joy!

    You know at this point I kinda want to shake Liz and yell at her for being so blind about her feelings, but honestly I guess she needs to figure it out on her own.

    1. Lol - I couldn't keep going with her storyline. She was sucking the joy from my life. So glad she's gone & conveniently signed away parental rights. :)

      Yup. Shaking Liz and Jason would be a good start. Then perhaps they'd see what was in front of them.

      Although, Moudy is really growing on me!

  3. Ashley? What? She ran off with the gross dancer? Finally got rid of Ashley, and then you bring back Moudy? Go away Moudy!

    1. Lol. She was going to run off with Mickey, but I didn't have the patience to set that storyline up! Lol. I was done with her!

      Moudy CAN'T go away! Jason needs some help around the house!! ;)

  4. Ashley didn't last that long with the twins! Good riddance, of course!

    Liz is just prolonging the inevitable. We know who that prediction was for.

    1. I know! I was really tired of Ashley's drama! When she had heart farts with the dancer, she signed her exit papers. Lol

      Poor Liz is going to have to make a choice!