November 6, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day Seven

Liz had never been more nervous about having a conversation with anyone at any point in her life.  She'd worried over what Moudy was say to the point that she was pretty sure she was developing an ulcer.

This was going to change everything.

Finally, she worked up the nerve to tell him.
Moudy gaped at Liz with a slack jaw.  "Holy crap! I just thought you were PMSing!" he said with stunned disbelief.  "You're pregnant?"

Liz bit her lip and nodded hesitantly.  "...And I just want you to know that I'm not trying to tie you down or anything. I mean, obviously, I'm hoping that this isn't a deal breaker..." She found herself anxiously rambling and clamped her lips shut.  "Uh... so... say something!" she urged quickly before she started rambling again.
Moudy stared at her for a moment longer, as though he was still trying to comprehend the bombshell she'd laid on him.    ...not trying to tie you down...  Finally, the news seemed to process and he shook his head.  He swallowed hard as he cast around for the right thing to say.

Liz had begun rambling again.  "...could always share custody. I know we never talked about what we wanted long-term, so I don't even know how you feel about.."

Moudy blinked. "Wait. Hold up," he said tersely.  "Are you..." his throat tightened painfully and he had to pause to take another breath.  He tried again.  "Are you trying to break up with me?"
"Oh plumbbob, no!" Liz said, tenderly embracing him.  "I'm making a muck of this!" she fumed a moment before getting her emotions under control.  "I just don't want to assume anything.  You might hate kids for all I know!"

At that, Moudy had to laugh.  "Bloody unlikely I'd be living here with my best friend and his twins if I hated kids," he chuckled, looping his hands loosely around her waist.  The pressure twisting his heart lessened when he realized that she wasn't trying to get rid of him. 

Liz bit her lip.  "Well, there is that," she said awkwardly.  She paused.  "So?" she pushed.  "You haven't said anything! What do you think? Are you mad? Are you happy?" she demanded nervously.
Moudy completely surprised her by dropping to his knee.  "Liz, I've known since the second Jason introduced us that we were going to be together," he said with a wobbly voice.  "I spent the year we were apart trying to thinking about you."

Liz's eyes began to mist with tears.

Turning, he grabbed a box from his duffel bag and then faced her.  Opening the small, little box, he showed her the ring.  "Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?"

Liz gasped with surprise.  "You've had this all along?" she asked.

Moudy shook his head ruefully.  "No, I only picked it up in the last month.  But, even if we weren't going to have a baby, I was going to ask you.  This just kinda bumps up the timetable."
Liz smiled as Moudy slipped the ring on her finger.  "It's perfect," she told, surprising both of them as she burst into uncontrollable tears.

In the early hours before dawn, Moudy slipped from bed. 

Home birth or hospital birth.  Epidural or no pain meds. Moving back to his home in Bridgeport, her home in Appaloosa Plains, or staying in Sunset Valley with Jason. His mind whirled with all the decisions. 
He wandered the town, enjoying the brisk winter air.  It helped clear his head.

He'd been a little surprised when Liz had suggested they stay and raise their kids with Jason's.  It'd made him feel a little bit jealous.  Almost as jealous as he'd been when he'd found out they'd moved in together after college.

After Liz had broken up with him in college, he'd worried that Jas and Liz would start dating.  But, they seemed content just being best friends.  Jason had assured him that he didn't think about her like that. 

Ugh, ancient past, he reminded himself, trying to shove the uncomfortable feelings away.  I need to be focusing on our new life!
As he passed by the book store, he saw a bookshelf leaning haphazardly against the back of the building by the dumpster.
Old habits died hard...

 It was hard sharing a room with a twin.  Inevitably when one woke up, the other woke up.
 "BA BA BA BA BA BA BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Lacie wailed loudly, absolutely indignant to be left in the crib for so long.
Jason jerked out of bed when he heard Lizzie crying, slightly dazed and bumping into walls on his way downstairs.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" he called out, "Ouch, dammit!" he swore under his breath when he stubbed his toe on the step.  "Almost there!"
Heading for the loudest twin first, Jason grabbed Lizzie and pulled her from the crib.  "See? Made it in record time!" he told her.  "Let me get your sister real quick."
Quickly, he grabbed Macy from her crib.  Then, hoisting both kids in his arms, he headed downstairs to feed them both.
Setting Lacie down, he worked on strapping Macy in the highchair, plopping the tray on top and locking it in place.  "Hold up, Macy," he murmured as he turned to pick up Lacie, stifling a huge yawn.

Man, it sucked waking up this early.
 "You hungry, Macy?" he asked as he buckled Lacie in her seat. He found that it seemed to help when he talked to the twins when he was trying to get them to do anything.  Her anxious fidgeting in her seat was his answer.

You gotta have a game plan with the end zone in sight!
He mixed up some instant oatmeal and served both the girls at the same time.  Damn, he was kinda getting better at this!
Just then Lacie took a big slurp of her breakfast and then promptly pushed it from her highchair, wailing in earnest and setting Macy off.

Jason sighed.  Well, so much for that.

Moudy stretched after he finished lugging the bookshelf and a few other odds and ends he'd found behind the bookstore.  Just because a few of the shelves were broken didn't mean it was trash!  All it needed was a repair, some sanding & a new stain job - it'd be good as new!  
 He headed inside, surprised to see Jason up so early.   "Morning!" he called cheerfully.
Jason flashed his friend a smile as he wrestled Macy into her onesie.  "Quit fighting!" he told her impatiently.

Moudy watched sympathetically as Macy squirmed and kicked to avoid getting dressed.  It was enough to make him almost break out in a cold sweat.  He was going to have to do this kind of thing in not too long.

Jason glanced up at his friend with a knowing eye.  "You ready for this?" he asked with a smirk.

"Uhhh...."  Moudy almost took a step back.  Not in a long shot, he thought hastily.  Sure, he lived here with the kids, but it was always Jason or Liz that took care of them.  He just made sure they
Jason checked his watched and glanced at the stairs.  "Hey, I gotta get ready for work real quick. I think Liz might still be sleeping, but she should be up soon.  You mind watching the girls for me?" he asked.  
Moudy glanced at the now passive girl in Jason's arms.  "Sure. How bad could it be?" he asked.
Jason's chuckles trailed behind him as he mounted the stairs.

Moudy was pretty pleased with himself.  He'd straightened up in the kitchen while the girls played nicely at the activity table.  See? This wasn't that hard!

"Hey! Thanks a million!" Jason called as he hustled from the house.

Moudy waved him off.  "Have a good practice!" 

Liz kept her ear peeled for any signs of distress from downstairs.  Jason had peeked in to tell her that Moudy was watching the girls.  Good.  She was glad to see him expressing more of an interest in some child care.

It also gave her a chance to flip through the pregnancy book Jason had bought before the twins were born.

Moudy didn't know what he'd done wrong!  The girls had been playing nicely and then all of a sudden - bam - they mutinied in sync!

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" he called out, "LIZ!"

 Liz handed Lacy a bottle, changed Macy's diaper and then glanced up at Moudy reprovingly.  "You know you're not just going to be able to call me whenever the baby needs something," she told him.
Moudy shifted from foot to foot.  "Yeah, I know," he grumbled.  "They just both started crying at the same time and wouldn't stop!"
Liz handed Moudy the pregnancy book.  "Maybe you should read this.  It really helped Jason a lot when he first had the girls."

Moudy glanced at the book dubiously.  "Yeah, sure..." he said half-heartedly.   He wasn't all that convinced anything in the book was going to make him better with kids...

"Atta boy, Black-Wolff! Let's see that throwing arm!" Coach Powers called out during practice.
"August! You throw like you've never seen a football before!" he called out.  "Put some oomph in your throw!"
"I got it! I got it!" Blair called out, jogging backwards to catch August's easy lob.

 Jason cocked back his arm, gauged the distance, and then launched the football at Mickey.
Mickey flubbed it, dropping the ball.

Coach Powers raised the megaphone.  "Come on Mickey! You need to be able to catch the throw!"  Mickey grabbed the ball from the ground and shot Jason a glare.

Jason shrugged good-naturedly from across the field.

 "Way to go, Jason!" Cheri called out from the edge of the field, where she and her girls were practicing their routine.

"Alright boys! Take a few laps and then go get showered up!" Coach called out.

Moudy settled near the twins and kept an eye on them play as he flipped through the pregnancy book.  There was all types of weird stuff in here about - way more than he ever wanted to know about how a woman's body changed after pregnancy.
He peeked a glance at Liz as she tended to her indoor herb garden.  It was hard to imagine a kid about the size of a watermelon was going to come out of her in just a few months.  It made him feel a little queasy.
Liz took the clothes out to the washer and dumped in the load.  She spared a glance for the new dryer that Moudy had gotten working.  He'd ordered a part off of the internet and had actually been able to get it running.  She'd been pretty impressed!

And it was much nicer being able to use a machine rather than hand drying the stupid clothes.
She glanced inside and saw him reading the pregnancy book.  Absently she stroked her belly as she nibbled her lip.

The gypsy had told her that the love of her life had already been established & that he might come back to her. 
She worried her bottom lip.  What if she was making a huge mistake?  What if Moudy wasn't the love of her life?  She hated that he was basically a dumpster diver.  He was a morning person & she wasn't.  He liked things neat and orderly and.. okay.. well she liked things clean, too, but she wasn't a freak about it.  And according to their parenting styles, they were completely different!

She tried to take deep, calming breaths as she began to panic.  She thought he was cute and he was great in bed.  But, in college, she'd broken up with him because of the intense feelings she'd had for Jason.  It hadn't seemed fair to him at the time. 

Liz braced her hands on the washer.  Oh plumbbob, but what if Jason was the love of her life? They could finish each other's sentences, they were both laid back and easy-going.  They were so in-sync when it came to the girls.


She hated that he was a slob.  It drove her nuts that he was constantly checking out girls boobs.  And he was such a flirt!  Even if they had chemistry - what would happen to their friendship if the relationship fizzled.

There was only one thing she could think of to do...

Liz took a deep breath and headed inside, looping her arms around Moudy's shoulders.  She kissed his head tenderly.  "I need to go run and do something.  Are you okay alone with the girls?"

Moudy dropped the book.  "Alone?" he stuttered.

"I'll be right back," she promised.

There was someone she needed to talk to...

Jason spent a little extra time prepping for his date with Cheri.  "Here! These are for you!" he told her, handing her the bouquet of red roses.  
Cheri's eyes softened as she brought the flowers up to her nose and inhaled.  "They're beautiful!" she told him.

Jason hooked his arm through hers.  "You ready?" he asked, leading her to his car.

"You bet," Cheri smiled.

A short while later, he pulled up in front of the Bistro and put the car in park.  "I got us reservations. Nothing but the best!" he said, reaching across the seat and toying with Cheri's hair. 

A short while later, Liz stepped from the taxi, taking a moment to glance around and make sure she was in the right spot.  That night had been such a blur...
She began walking through the woods.

"Thanks for dinner," Cheri said as they left the restaurant together.  "It was really nice!"  They'd spoken in hushed tones over dinner, reveling in their new found attraction.  
 Surprising her, Jason pulled Cheri into his arms and took a quick romantic pic.  "Just a little something to remember tonight by," he told her with a wink.

Cheri blushed.
 "You know, the night doesn't have to end here," she told him, her eyes heavy with promise.  "You could always come back to my place for a nightcap."
Jason groaned.  "You're killing me," he said with regret.  Man, he wanted nothing better than to head home with her and light the sheets up.  But, he had the girls at home.

"Raincheck?" he asked desperately.  "I haven't stayed away overnight from the girls..." he trailed off.

Cheri ran her fingers across his neckline, pouting prettily.  "Figure it out quick," she said huskily, feeling her heart do a little flip.  There was something so sexy about a doting daddy!

Jason resisted the urge to tug at his collar.  Man, Cheri was such a hottie! He couldn't wait to get his hands on her body!   "Believe me," he promised.  "I'm working on it!"
Mickey grimaced when he saw Cheri and Jason flirting with each other on the Bistro patio.

"...Let me drive you home," he heard Jason saying.

Not wanting to be seen, Mickey hurried away without a word.  He'd totally lost his appetite.

Moudy didn't want to have to call Liz.  That would be like an admission that he couldn't handle two little kids.

But, he was starting to think he wouldn't be able to handle two little kids!

"Come on! Come on! There's no need to cry!" he begged.  "I gave you a bottle. I changed your diaper.  What do you want?" he asked, starting to feel a little frantic.

The blonde kid had been crying non-stop for what felt like hours.  Man, he hoped Jason or Liz got home soon, he thought as he rocked the kid back and forth.
He glanced in the crib at the dark-haired kid.  "Why can't she be a good girl, like you?" he mumbled out-loud. 
"Hey man, how'd it go?" Jason asked, surprising Moudy as he approached behind him. He went straight to Macy's crib.

Moudy shifted Liz to his other arm, letting her wail into his other ear for a little bit.  "Oh you know, great..." he called out loudly to be heard over the girl's wails.
"Where's Liz?" Jason asked with surprise.  

Liz stared in stunned silence at the empty valley.

It was absolutely clear that she would be getting no help from that quarter...

Now what was she going to do?


  1. Oh dear, trouble in paradise! Poor, conflicted Liz. I can understand how she feels, it is a hard spot to be in.

    And I feel really bad for Moudy! Kids are difficult to handle, and this was sprung upon him very suddenly! I wonder what'll happen when his own child is born!

    At least Jason has found a balance between kids, work, and fun! Even though I ship him and Liz, Cheri seems nice so far so I hope if things do progress between them that they go smoothly.

    1. Throwing in an unexpected baby usually involves a little bit of trouble in paradise. :) Everyone's gotta make sure they're on the right course!

      Moudy hasn't really had any interactions with kids - so it's a big adjustment for him. He's always wanted kids - but further down the road - like when he was 40! ;) Lol

      I was proud of Jason this update! Look at him balancing love, life & kids! Cheri is pretty sweet, but I'm not sure if she's a forever Love. We'll have to see!

  2. I feel like Moudy's gonna make a runner. I'm actually kinda surprised he's still there. It's hard because kids aren't for everyone, and it's not his forte, but at least he's trying!

    Aw, Liz. Sometimes, you can't get advice from the people you want, but you'll find getting help from those you need.

    At least everything's fine and dandy for Jason this time around.

    1. Hopefully Moudy doesn't run away, leaving Jason and Liz on their own (and single), able to explore their crazy chemistry! Lol.

      I'm also surprised Liz would try to go back to the gypsy. Not like the advice he gave initially has been helpful! It's just caused crazy chaos in her life!

      I know! Jason's growing up! *sniffs*

  3. To late to regret now Moudy. Having a baby is a learning curv, and there's babycages and good stuff like that you can plop'em in.

    Liz is feeling the cold feet to, it seems. And decides that walking around in the woods whilst pregnant is the best idea. Would be typical if she had the baby there.

    Cheri seems nice enough so far, but did Jason actually just drop her off? Though, leaving the kids alone with a pregnant Liz would obviously not have been a great thing. Mickeys reaction to them was funny. It was just a coincidence, wasn't it?

    1. Lol. Bless the babycages & tie-downs. It makes parenting 50% easier! ;)

      Moudy is feeling worried about kids & Liz is feeling cold feet about Moudy. It's a big deal to be tied to someone for the rest of your life! Ha - I would've been so annoyed if she had her baby out there in the middle of nowhere! She was going to the gypsy caravan for another reading! ;)

      Jason DID just drop her off! He's trying to do the responsible adult thing.

      Mickey was just randomly there when I was ending their date. It made me laugh! I'm not sure what he was annoyed about! In my story, Cheri & Mickey had dated, but they don't even know each other in the game!

  4. Hoo boy. Looks like Lacie inherited more than just her mom's hair color! Let's hope she calms down a bit when she grows older. Can't blame Moudy for getting cold feet after being stuck with two screaming toddlers all day...

    I was playing on the UL campus recently and saw Liz - at first I looked around to see if Jason was nearby XD Those two belong together in my mind now. <3

    1. Awww.. Liz & Jason forever! <3 Maybe... Lol! I'm really attached to Liz!

      Oh yeah, Lacie inherited more than her mom's hair color! Doh!

      Ha! Seriously! Two screaming toddlers when he's not used to kids period! He's definitely worried!

  5. Heading for the loudest twin first, Jason grabbed Lizzie and pulled her from the crib. "See? Made it in record time!" he told her. "Let me get your sister real quick." Uh Lizzie?

    1. Good catch sweetheart. Thank you ma'am. :)