November 2, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-One, Day Six

Moudy was in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes from the party the night before.  It drove him crazy when there was a mess.  He was a bit of a neat freak.  Who knew that his best friend was such a slob? He'd gone to a million parties with Jason, but hadn't known that little tid-bit before he'd moved in with him!

He heard Liz's soft tread on the stairs.
Liz headed down the stairs at FIVE in the morning.  Bleh!  Moudy has asked if she'd go on a morning hike with him.  It was a good thing she loved him, she pouted as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

One of the first things she saw were the pretty chairs that Moudy refinished for her, with alittle of Jason's help.  He even recovered the little chair pillows in bright, funky colors.  She loved them!
"Morning sweetie," he said, walking up and giving her a hug.  "I wasn't sure you'd actually make it down the stairs."

"Mmm," she mumbled sleepily.
 "You ready to go?" he asked, swinging her hands playfully.

She nodded.  She'd said she'd go for a morning hike with him, but she hadn't promised to enjoy it!
Holding hands, Moudy led her down the steps and through the hidden path he'd found at the side of the house, leading by some old warehouse.
They walked in silence for awhile, side by side.  Moudy glanced over at Liz.  "You doing okay?" he asked.  

Liz glanced back over at him, finally feeling more awake.  "Yeah, I'm fine," she said, surprised to find it was true.  "You know, it's actually kinda nice," she admitted. 

Moudy grinned.  "I love the morning! Everything's so still and quiet!" 
They walked down the block further until they were getting closer to town before he broke the silence again.  "Not to mention the pancakes!"

Jason hurried into the nursery when he heard both of his girls crying.  Quickly, he picked up Macy and fed her a bottle because she was crying louder.  "Don't worry, Lacie. It's gonna be your turn real soon," he promised. 

"Alittle help please?" he called out, surprised that Liz or Moudy wasn't rushing to his aid. Usually Liz was either way ahead of him or slightly behind him in caring for the girls! 
Sliding Macy back into her crib, he turned to Lacie.  "See? Daddy's here," he said soothingly.  Just then, he felt the wetness on the front of his tee-shirt.  He ran his hand down Lacie's jumper, already knowing what he'd find.  Yup, soaked through.  He wrestled his daughter from her clothes, then winced as he pulled the saturated diaper off her and tossed it in the nearest diaper pail.  "So gross!"

Man, his teammates would laugh their butts off if they knew their VIP was doing diaper duty!
Hopefully that would be the last diaper he changed for awhile.  The girls big birthday party was today and he'd read you could start potty training when they were toddlers!

 Moudy stepped from the back exit of the diner.  His attention was grabbed by something nearby...
"Moudy? Where are you going?" Liz called after him.
Moudy slipped into the garbage bin area and peeked in the dumpster.  "Oh man! Do you see this?" he asked, excited at his find.  "Can you believe they just threw it away?"
Liz stepped closer as she watched Moudy tug and pull on a large appliance, pulling it from the dumpster.  She was appalled!  Omigod! Is this where he found the chair and lamps that he'd refinished at the house?!  "Moudy?! What are you doing?" she asked loudly, glancing around to make sure no one was watching.  "I'm pretty sure it's illegal to dumpster dive!"

She heard Moudy scoff as he set the old Cowpoke Stove to the side.  "It's not illegal," he said.  "It's reusing & recycling! I bet I could get this working again!"  He glanced behind him.  "Hey, can you head back home and ask Jason if we can borrow his truck?"
Liz rolled her eyes.  "Moudy..." she pleaded, feeling annoyed.  "This is ridiculous!"

"Aw, come on,  Liz! I bet I can make a profit if I fix it and sell it!" Moudy told her.  "Come on, I think I saw a relatively new dryer, too."  He fidgeted from foot to foot.  "Think of the landfills!"

Liz sighed heavily. "Fine!" she said, thoroughly exasperated.  "I'll be right back," she said, frowning when she saw Moudy jump back into the dumpster, reaching for some other amazing price.

Ew. She was never sitting on that new chair again! She didn't care if it'd been refurbished or not! She thought he'd picked it up at the consignment store!
Moudy was surprised when Jason pulled up with the truck without Liz.  He guessed it was better because Jason could help him load up.  Although, after a short 20 minutes, he was really annoyed with Jason calling him a Dumpster Diver. 

They backed up to the back porch and unloaded the broken appliances on the back porch. 
Then, Moudy packaged up a few cool gem and iron samples he'd found in a box and mailed it to a guy he knew that could polish them up real quick.  He couldn't wait to surprise Liz!
After helping Moudy move his dumpster treasures, Jason noticed that he had a short time before the girls birthday party.  Mom had sent her present and her love, but at least Rio and his family would be able to make it!

Feeling the need to work out, he did a quick workout, really pushing himself.
He had maybe 15 minutes to go before the party started.  He rushed to the bathroom to take a shower.

Jason's friends and local family came over, right on time.  Jason was pleased when Cheri followed him into the kitchen to chit chat. 
 He was less than pleased when Mickey horned his way into the conversation.
Liz glanced across the room and saw August with his new girlfriend, Liliana Langeraab, some obscure off-shoot of the Landgraab family.  August & Lili seemed pretty happy together and thankfully, she didn't think August hated her anymore.  She looked away and smiled when she saw Moudy approach.
Jason winced when Mickey started to flirt with Cheri right in front of him.  "Well, I think it's probably time for cake!" he announced, stepping away to give them some space.  Guess Cheri wasn't as available as he thought!
"Hey! We're blowing out the candles!" Jason announced, cuddling Lacy in his arms.
Coach Powers gifted the girls with pro-ball jumpers. Jason couldn't wait to slip them on the girls!
Cheri cooed, delighted.  "Aw, they look so cute, don't they?!"

August cheered, "WOOO! GO TEAM!" while his sister Jade pumped her fists.

Coach Powers raised his voice above the din, calling out, "Let's eat some cake and then get to practice!"

It was much quieter after Jason and his crew stomped from the house, heading to practice.  Liz tended to her indoor herbal garden and then settled near the girls to read and watch them play. 

Moudy fretted over the mess and started cleaning the kitchen. 

"It's okay, Moudy.  It can always wait until the morning!" she told him when she realized how stressed he was getting.

Moudy shook his head.  "No, it's not okay! It'll be harder to clean in the morning.  We should just spend a little time now and get it finished!"

"Then, stop stressing!" she told him grumpily.  Maybe waking up before 6 in the morning caused the brain to short-circuit.

Moudy slapped the sponge down on the sink. "I'm not stressing! I'm just cleaning!"

"Fine! Whatever," she mumbled, going back to her book.
The girls played on, happy with the block table Jason had pulled down from the attic.

(AN- Oh man! How cute are they?! I think it's HILARIOUS that they both aged up in their football-team jumpers.  Perfect for Jason's girls!)

Jason was heading out of the stadium when Cheri ran up behind him.  "Great game, Jas!" she said cheerfully. 
 Jason turned, pleased with the compliment.  "Yeah, you think so?" he asked. 

She nodded with a flirtatious smile on her face.  "Thanks for inviting me to the birthday party," she added.  "I had a lot of fun!"

"Yeah? I was worried everyone would be bored to death!"
Cheri fluttered her lashes at him.  "I wasn't bored," she told him sweetly.

Jason stepped closer, caught in the spell she was weaving.  "I really enjoyed talking to you, too," he told her in a lower voice.  He thought back to Mickey stepping in.  "But, I don't want to step on anyone's toes," he added.

Cheri tilted her head, questioning his statement. "What do you mean?"

"Well, if you and Mickey have a thing going..." he said in explanation, trailing off.

Cheri shook her head quickly.  "No, Mickey and I are way over," she said, waving her hand dismissively.  "That ship has sailed!"

"Yeah?" Jason asked, feeling pretty hopeful about something between him and Cheri.

Cheri nodded. "Yeah."

"So can I take you out on a date tomorrow night after practice?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said again.
Boldly, he leaned forward and gave her a kiss.  "I can't wait," he told her excitedly.  "This is gonna be so good!"
Riding high on euphoria, he headed home.

Liz set her book aside and shot up.  "Ugh!" she groaned, her hands shooting to her stomach.

Moudy turned around with surprise.  "What is it? What's wrong?" he asked, taking a step closer.
Liz waved her arms at him, waving him away. "Nothing! I'm just..." she stopped, and nearly doubled over as she dry heaved. "I'm..." she tried to explain again, battling down the nausea.  "Oh God, I think I'm going to be sick," she groaned, rushing to the nearest bathroom.

Upstairs, she nervously waited for the pregnancy test result to come back.

"Negative. Negative. Negative," she repeated with her eyes closed.

After the 5-minute timer dinged, she opened her eyes and checked the pregnancy wand, feeling her heart sink.


(AN - OH MY GOSH! They did not try for a baby! I didn't realize they could get pregnant without trying for a baby! There is a chance I misclicked when they woohooed last (since I don't have risky woohoo), but DOH!  Liz was not supposed to have Moudy's baby! Her uterus was supposed to be waiting for Jason!  This generation is hijacking the story!  Lol.)


  1. At your last bit...


    ...why is your game doing this to you?? I wanted to see Liz and Jason having a cute baby with Liz's naturally red hair! I wanted to see them be together!

    So if the kid ages up with purple or sunny yellow hair, will you change it or just leave it?

    1. Also, as a reader and as a player, I think no one would mind if you had Liz and Jason have a kid anyways... :D

    2. My subconcious wants a badly hair-dyed baby. :) Lol. Yeah, if the baby's born with purple or sunny yellow hair, I think I'll keep it, just because it's different! Hair dye in Sims 3 can be very permanent! Lol

      Well, Jason has to have another baby anyways because there needs to be a half-sibling! I've been waiting for a redhead heir, too! So I guess now we need to wait to see if he's going to have an oopsie with Cheri or Liz. ;)

  2. Looks like there's some trouble in paradise for Moudy and Liz. And now she's knocked up with his baby. Wonder how he'll cope with the mess his own baby will make.

    So you actually planned something differently, then your sims went "nope, we're doing it our way"? That is so neat. Atleast the twins are cute. And there's one in each colour.

    1. Hehe.. the trouble in paradise might be a little bit of pregnancy hormones. I was wondering why she walked everyone on their walk that morning! She was pregnant, dangit!

      I wonder if Moudy is going to be doing diaper duty like Jason! So far he hasn't expressed much interest in the twins. Hopefully he'll be better with his own child!

      I actually love that there's a girl with each color. Next generation should be interesting! ;)

      After Ashley moved out, Liz rolled the wish to kiss Jason. I locked that sucker in. Then, Moudy came to visit and autonomously flirted with her. Then she wanted to kiss Moudy. And I didn't want her to get pregnant until the toddlers were a little older. It's going to be a loooooong way until the twins are mid-teens!

  3. I think I recall seeing somewhere that in the game's code, on just normal woohoo, there's naturally about a 2% chance of pregnancy. Rather realistic which is good, but bad when you have other plans xD

    Also, may I just point out that in the single+help rules, it doesn't specify that woohoo is off the table, just romance, so... Maybe that could convince you to waver the waiting time ;) :P

    1. I was wondering if there was a small chance of getting pregnant without trying. It makes me want to do an experiment!

      Lol. Single+help is a pain in the rear! I'm holding off on the Jason-Liz thing because Moudy's already moved in & I don't want them to be cheaters! Besides, I'm beginning to love Moudy - smelly dumpster diver & all!

  4. Not sure if Liz and Moudy's different personalities/interest makes them incompatible. They just don't feel as compatible as Jason and Liz would be.

    They aged up in the sports jumpers? That is so cute!!!

    That is a true oopsie baby!

    Don't want to ruin your plans, but the rules say that you can change the family structure after the youngest child reaches halfway through teen, not the oldest.

    1. I know - the chemistry between Liz and Jason has always been off the charts, BUT - I don't think they would wind up lasting. I imagine they would do a lot of butting heads, whereas Moudy is more laid-back & rolls with it.

      I know! The girls aging up in sports jumpers made me smile!

      The babies in this generation just weren't working with me! First the twins - then the unexpected Liz baby!

      I know! I misread the rules in my first generation and then decided to stick with my interpretation, especially because when my first-born heir ages up, I move everyone out. It gives me a bit to transition & wrap up the generation with a (hopefully) happy ending! :)