November 8, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-two, Day One

Moudy found himself walking by the Swap N' Sell consignment store when it had just opened.   He pushed open the door, perusing the shelves.

"So? What do I need to do to put things on consignment?" he asked.  "And what kind of percentage do you take?"

The owner of the store shrugged.  "It depends on the condition of the items. Our standard fee is 15%."
Moudy nodded thoughtfully.  "Okay, so here's the thing. I fix things up. If you get anything you don't think you can sell, I can fix it up," he told her.

Kathy glanced at him shrewdly.  "15%," she told him.

"No way!" Moudy exclaimed. "I'm putting time & materials.  5%," he countered.

"People come to my store and buy more.  10%."

Moudy shook his head again.  "I'm taking your trash and making it profitable.  7.5%," he said firmly.  "Final offer."

Kathy nodded.  "Agreed."

A grin split his face.  "Deal," he shook her hand firmly.
Moudy headed to the back of the store to see what he could salvage.

The morning light filtered through the bay window as the amorous couple playfully romped in bed together.
Jason peeked his head up from under the covers with a sated grin on his face.  "Man, you're beautiful," he sighed happily.
Cheri blushed.  "Don't look! I'm not wearing any makeup!" she pouted, reaching up to cover his eyes.
Jason grinned, grabbing her hand and moving it away from his face.  He gazed at her tenderly.  "You look beautiful with or without make-up on," he told her.

"Awww," Cheri cooed with delight.
Jason tugged on the hand he'd captured and pulled her into his arms.  He'd been seeing Cheri for a few weeks now and he'd had a few "overnights."  He nuzzle her temple, sniffing her hair.  It always smelled so pretty.

Cheri beamed, resting her head against his shoulder.
"Are you ready for the big game?" she asked him.
Jason grinned cockily.  "When am I not ready for a game?"

Liz nibbled her lip as she pulled up the search browser.  Hesitantly, she typed in 'online gypsy reading.'  A number of websites came up.  She clicked on the first one.
Your Fortune Telling question is:  ___________

Her cursor hovered over the blank input field.  Slowly, she typed, "should I get married?"  She waited while as the page reloaded.

Follow your instinct. Trust yourself and follow your own plan.  This will inspire others to do the same!

She frowned.  Her finger hovered over refresh.  Then, making a decision, she refreshed the screen.

Today is the time to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Pick up yourself and get to action.


Focus on what is truly important to you. This focus will make you stronger and others will respect you for choosing for yourself!

Oh, for plumbbob's sake, she thought with disgust.  This was completely ridiculous...  Why did she put such stock in these things!  It was all obviously made up!

"Morning!" Jason called out cheerfully as he hurried inside, allowing the door to slam behind him. 
Liz jerked, startled.  Quickly, she slammed the top of her laptop closed.  "Hi!" she stuttered brightly.  "I wasn't expecting you home!"
"I just came home to grab my uniform before the big game today," Jason explained, then stopped tilting his head.   Liz was acting suspicious.  "Were you watching porn?" he teased, a sparkle in his eye.
"NO!" Liz exclaimed with surprise.  "Why would you think that?" she eyed him as though he was crazy. 
Jason laughed.  "What were you looking up on the computer that you had to hide?" he asked.

Liz dragged her bottom lip between her teeth.  "Nothing!" she protested.  "Don't be ridiculous!"  She swatted at his arm because he kept looking at her.  "Quit looking at me!"

He just chuckled.

Liz folded her arms defensively and lifted her brow, daring him to continue pestering her.
Jason knew better than to poke Liz when she was riled like she was right now.  Instead, he grabbed Macy from the floor and swung her around.  "I just wanted to see my babies before the game!" he said, bobbing and weaving playfully.  He tapped his cheek. "Gimmie a good luck kiss," he told her, grinning when Macy pecked his cheek.  "That's a good girl."
"Love you, Macy," he said, setting her back on the ground and kissing the top of her head.  "I'll see you after the game!"
Shooting Liz a grin, he turned and vaulted up the stairs.
Liz breathed a sigh of relief when Jason was gone from the room.  There was no way in hell he was her true love! she thought sourly.  They were good friends, but he would drive her crazy if she was in a relationship with him!

Lowering herself to the ground, she began playing with Macy, as Lacy looked on.  "Once upon a time," she began a silly story.  "There were two princesses who lived in a castle..."

She glanced up when Jason darted by in his uniform, trailing off.  "Uhhh..."
"See you guys tonight!" Jason called over his shoulder.

So much stuff got thrown away that could be salvaged, Moudy thought with disgust as he dropped off his new batch of items on the back porch to be clean and repaired.

Take for instance this guitar.  All he had to do was re-string it and it would be good as new.  And these clocks? They just needed a few near gears inside. 

"Hey babe!" Moudy said when he stepped in through the back door.  "How'd your afternoon go?"

Liz glanced up at him and scowled.  "Help me up!" she said, leaning heavily on her hand and she tried to hoist herself into a squat. 
"Don't laugh!" she glared when she heard her fiance chuckling.

Moudy hurried to her side and helped tug her to an upright position.
"You wouldn't laugh if you were the one that was pregnant!" she groused, "I can't bend over and clean! I can't drink! I can't get up from the floor alone! I waddle everywhere and..."
Moudy shot forward and pressed his lips against her, kissing her sweetly.  "I missed you," he told her.
Liz stopped mid-rant.  Awww, she thought, flustered.  He was such a sweet man.  It was one of the things she loved about him...

The fight didn't begin until much later, all over the innocent question of setting a date.
"I told you! I don't want to stand up in front of a whole bunch of people I don't know! I'm socially awkward enough!" Liz argued, shaking her head.  "I don't want everyone staring at me!"

"But people are supposed to stare at the bride!" Moudy argued.  "That's the whole point of it.  Celebrating a marriage!"

"Well, don't want people staring at me! I'm pregnant, I feel bloated and I have chubby cheeks!"

"You don't have chubby cheeks!" Moudy told her with surprise. Did she really think that about herself?  "You look beautiful!" 
Realizing that they were getting nowhere fast, he took a calming breath. "Well, can we at least pick a date?"  He was worried at the rate they were procrastinating, his baby would be born without his last name!
Liz glanced away.  "I haven't decided," she mumbled under her breath.  
"It's like you don't want to get married!" Moudy accused her.  "You won't pick a date! You don't want a wedding!  Is there something you're not telling me?" 
"No!" Liz snapped, waving her hands angrily.  "I just... I can't... I don't know!"  The truth was that she was scared and felt conflicted about anything and everything. Did she want ice cream or spaghetti? Did she want a boy or a girl? A big wedding or justice of the peace? Jason or Moudy? It was just too much!  She felt nearly stifled by it all!
Liz slapped her hands on her hips.  "I don't want to talk about this right now," she said mulishly. 

Moudy's heart was pounding so loud, he felt the roaring in his ears.  This should've been a happy time - planning their wedding, getting ready for their baby.  Why were they even fighting about this? He'd give anything to make her happy.  "Fine.  We'll do it all your way.  We'll go to the courthouse!" he agreed grudgingly.  "You just have to pick when."
"Not like this!" Liz snapped.  "I don't want it like this!!"  She pointed her finger at his chest.  "Have you even read the baby book I gave you?" she demanded furiously.
Moudy backpedaled at the abrupt change of topic.  "Well, most of it," he hedged.  If a quarter of the way through meant 'most'...  "But, I'll have it finished before the baby comes!" he promised. 
"You keep pushing for what you want!" she growled, "But what about what I want, what I need?" she asked, feeling stupid tears pooling in her eyes.  "Get out!" she said, pointing at the door.  "GET OUT! I can't even LOOK at you right now!"

Jason snuggled Lacy when they heard the bedroom door slam.  "It's okay, sweetie.  Sometimes adults fight," he told her.   

He remembered how much fighting there had been in the house growing up with Tia Rachel.  He'd never seen past how beautiful she was to the hurt and pain she caused those that loved her.  No wonder Rio had always been so brooding, he thought, looking back at his childhood with an adult's eye.

Thank plumbbob he hadn't married Ashley.  They would've fought all the time and he didn't want his girls growing up around that!
Moudy stormed down the stairs with a pillow and blanket in his arms, barely sparing Jason a glance.  "I'm sleeping down here tonight!" he said tersely.

Jason grimaced in sympathy.  "Sorry," he said in a low tone.  "I'll leave you to it, man," he said, picking up Macy and carrying the girls upstairs to the nursery.

Outside Liz's room, he hesitated.  Before, he would've just waltzed in and plopped down on her bed to find out what was wrong.  But, things had changed.  Cautiously, he knocked.  "You okay?"
Liz snuffled, swiping at her cheeks that were drenched with teardrops.  "I'm fine," she lied, hoarse and low from her crying jag.  

"Can I come in?" he asked softly.

"No," she finally managed to say before burying her face in the pillow to muffle the tears.  She heard him hesitate a few moments, then she heard the tread of his feet on the stairs going up to the attic.

Now she was all alone, just like she wanted, she thought, crying all the harder.


  1. Poor Liz putting so much trust in a reading. The gut is a better thing to trust, though maybe not when it's as giant as hers. So, now Moudy is sure he wants more, and Liz is undecided? Complicated indeed.

    Well, Jason and the kids are still doing fine, and everything is going well with him and Cheri it seems. He's so grown up, and that added detail about Rachel was nicely done.

    1. Liz is having difficulty making decisions right now!

      Jason's growing up! *queue teardrop* Even if he still does sometimes talk with his eyes glued to boobs. ;)

  2. You're always doing such a good job at showing both sides of the conflict! And those online fortunes were so perfectly vague XD

    1. Thanks! There are usually two sides to every story - even when people are behaving like jerks!

      Lol. Those were the responses I got off an online website. They were deliciously vague & exactly what I was looking for!

  3. Noooo Liz! Don't do Moudy like this! Agh, everyone but Jason is having so many difficulties! But really, well done on realistically depicting these problems! It would have been so easy in your part to make it look like Moudy was a jerk or a bad partner, but instead he's actually trying and has completely valid concerns. Even Liz, a protagonist, does have her own flaws.

    1. Pregnancy hormones! She doesn't know what to do with herself!

      There are definitely bumps in the road as you face life changes like an unexpected pregnancy. :) And we are all flawed! The key is to find someone bent like you. Lol