December 1, 2016

Jason: Week Thirty-two, Day Five

Jason reached out and stroked Cheri's cheek, sweeping his hand towards her hair and tucking a stray tendril behind her hair.  He loved watching her sleep.
She blinked and opened her eyes.  "Morning," she said in a husky whisper.  "What time is it?"

Jason hadn't even looked at a clock.  "Early," he told her.

Cheri smiled, preening under his admiring gaze.  "What are you doing up so early?" she asked him.

"Couldn't sleep anymore. I'm so excited for today!" he told her.  "We...."

Their whispered conversation was abruptly interrupted by a loud voice calling from the other room.  "DADA! DADA! DADA!" Lacie called.

Jason paused and sighed heavily.  He was trying to wait until Lacie calmed down before going to her.

BAM!  He heard her hit her head against the wall. 

Wasn't working out too hot, so far.   "Dammit!" he swore under his breath, jumping out of bed and racing to the spare bedroom to let his daughters out of their cribs.

Moudy plunked the laundry in the new washing machine and started it.  He was all for keeping things out of the landfill - but that rickety old washer had to go!  The only drawback there was to this new-fangled washer was that it was too tall for Liz to reach in and pull everything out, which meant he had to switch the laundry over to the dryer!  He was tempted to buy her a stool... 

"Come on, Moudy! We've gotta go!" Liz called from the front porch.

Moudy rolled his eyes.  "I'm not ready yet!" he called back. "I've still gotta get ready!"

"HURRY! It's LOVE Day!" she shot back, exasperated.

Jason and Cheri bundled the girls up and got them ready to go.

"Come on, Moudy! We're gonna be late!" Liz said, hurrying in front of him.  

Jason parked and helped Cheri unbuckle the girls from their car seats.  "Come on, we're crazy late! Liz is going to be so annoyed! She hates it when I'm late!"
"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!" Jason apologized.  "Have you been waiting long?"

Liz smiled.  "Not at all. Glad you could make it!" she said.  Between staying over at his girlfriend's house & his long-hours practicing ball, she rarely saw Jason anymore.  It was nice that they could get together on the holiday.
Moudy glanced between Jason and Liz, noticing how animated they both were when they spoke to each other.  They were so in sync that it was almost scary.  They could complete each other's thoughts and could happily talk to each other for hours.  Sometimes when they were around each other, it was like no one else existed.
He glanced away, feeling unsettled and weirdly jealous.  How had he missed that all these years they'd been friends?

"...we should totally get pictures!" Liz announced, turning to Moudy and smiling widely.  "Don't you think so, sweetie?!"

"Yeah, sure, that sounds great!" Moudy said, determined to shake off his bad mood. 
"I think I saw a photo booth over here," he said, leading the way.

"You go ahead! I'll watch the kids for a little bit!" Liz said, setting the kids down by the playground and letting them play. 
Thankfully the girls were playing nicely together!

Jason and Cheri rushed to the Love-O-Meter.  After popping in a dollar's worth of quarters, they both placed their hands on the metal knobs and watched their "chemistry meter" light up.
The heart at the top all of a sudden made a loud buzzing noise and then began pulsing bright red.  
They cheered and giggled with euphoria.  "We're a match!" Cheri cheered.
Jason reached for her hands.  "I could've told you that," he said, endeavoring to be charming and romantic.  "Have I told you lately that I love you?" he asked.

Cheri lowered her eyes coyly and shook her head with a playful pout.  "Not since this morning!"

Dragging his hand over his heart in mock affront, he shook his head.  "We can't have that!" he announced.  "I love you, Cheri Chigote!"

Cheri's heart melted.  "I love you, too, Jason Black-Wolff!"

Next, the couple headed over to the spring dance floor.  He was having a blast at the festival with Cheri!
His phone buzzed with an incoming text.  "Hold up," he said, taking a step away.  Cheri laughed and continued dancing.
Jason glanced down and saw a text from Ashley.  He scowled and clicked on the message folder.  What the hell did she want? he wondered.

Hard seeing you last month.  Want to discuss custody, he read.  "Like hell," he mumbled sourly under his breath.  Quickly he texted back, Talk to my lawyer.   She'd find that she couldn't push him around like she did when they were young & in love.  Bet she just wanted another cash payout.

He turned back to Cheri.  "Maybe it's time to head home," he said regretfully, his playful mood evaporated.

"Sure, I'll go find Liz and Moudy," Cheri said, reaching out to touch his arm.  "Everything okay?"

Jason tucked his phone away and nodded tersely.  "Yeah. I'm good," he attempted to reassure her.  No need wrecking her day with his baby mama drama.

Jason drove everyone home and was the first out of the car.  He hung back as they headed into the house.  "I'm gonna grab the mail!" he called out to them.

"See you inside!" Cheri called, glancing over her shoulder and frowning.  She could tell something was bugging him, but couldn't tell what it was.
Jason took his time at the mailbox.  They really should check it more often. There were tons of bills that were almost overdue.  Good thing he didn't have to worry about his credit.  Most of the letters were for Moudy, though.

Cheri felt awkward waiting for Jason to come inside.  She'd met Liz and Moudy a number of times, but they weren't extremely close.  She stared at the picture of Jason and Liz from the costume party. 
She couldn't put her finger on it, but something bugged her about that picture...

She frowned.
"They've always close like that," Moudy said, surprising her.

She jumped, turning to see Moudy right behind her.  "Wh... what?" she asked nervously, wondering if he'd seen her scowling.

Moudy nodded towards the picture of Liz and Jason.  "They knew each other before I did.  In fact, Jason hooked us up."  He studied the picture.  "You know, in college I swore she broke up with me because of Jason. But, they never dated, so that blew that theory," he awkwardly laughed.  "They've always just been friends," he added, as though he needed to reiterate the fact.

"Oh yeah, of course!" Cheri said, discomfited by the conversation.    Did Moudy think that Jason and Liz were... 
Moudy shook his head slightly, as though shaking a thought from his head.  "Crazy, huh.  Uh, I'm just gonna go put Jackson to bed," he said, quickly excusing himself to head upstairs. 
Cheri wandered over towards the family wall and hung their picture on the wall, letting her gaze stray up towards the picture of Jason and Liz after the girls were first born.  There was just something...
"Hey guys!" Jason said, coming in with a wide smile on his face and hoisting Lacie up into the air. 

"DADA! Play with me!" Lacie demanded, wrapping her arms around Jason's neck. 

Cheri smiled.  She was just being silly!  "I'm going to go slip upstairs and get ready for tonight!" she said, blowing Jason a kiss and breezing towards the staircase, studiously avoiding looking at that picture.  There was going to be a new picture there soon!
Moudy laid Jackson in his crib and ran his hand over his face.  God, did he really talk to Cheri about his worries about Jason and Liz?  How stupid could he be?!  And it wasn't even like he was really suspicious.  He knew Liz would never cheat on him and Jason was his best friend.  
He busied his hands, making the bed with crisp lines.  Maybe he was just jealous of the bond they shared.  He wanted Liz to talk to him about all the things she found fascinating, not Jason.  It wasn't like he was just a nerd with nothing to talk about!  He was interesting, too!

"Look, Jas!" Liz called out, twirling the juice in her hand.  "I've almost..."

The bottle slipped from her fingers and fell to the ground.
"Oh damn," she cursed, staring at the puddle on the floor.
"Oh damn!" Macy echoed.
Jason shot Liz a laughing glance, smiling when she cringed and blushed. 

"I'm so sorry Jason!" she told him, grabbing a towel and mopping the floor up.

Jason chuckled.  Liz was proudly more upset about his girls learning bad language than he was.  "I can't believe you just said that!" he teased.  "What are you teaching my daughter?" he asked, playfully indignant.

Liz shot him a finger gesture, making him laugh all the harder. 

"I'm gonna go upstairs and start getting ready, too.  Caitlin should be here," he checked the clock on the wall.  "In about 2 hours."

Liz tossed the towel towards the sink.  "Great. I'll head up with you," she said.  "Last one down's a rotten egg!" she teased.

Jason smirked.  That was one of the things he loved about Liz.  She didn't take forever to get ready like most girls.  She didn't primp and curl eyelashes and whatever else girls did to get ready to go somewhere!

Jason checked the clock on the wall and tapped his foot impatiently.  "Almost ready?" he asked, watching Cheri slip her earrings on.

"Almost," Cheri said.
She fiddled with her gloves nervously.
 Spinning around, she confronted Jason.  "Do you mind if we don't go?" she asked him.  "I know we were planning to double date, but I'm just not feeling well tonight," she asked anxiously.
"But I already bought the tickets," Jason said.  "And Caitlin will be over in just a little bit to watch the kids for us."
 "I know," Cheri said apologetically.  "I just.. I don't know if it's something I ate earlier.  I just don't feel well. We could watch something here?" she asked hopefully.
"Yeah, sure! If that's what you want!" Jason told her, "I'll just go let Liz know."  He turned to walk away, so he didn't see her eye roll.

Liz looked smug when Jason came down after her.  "You're a rotten egg!" she told him.

"Dang, looking good Liz!" Jason whistled low when he saw her dress.  It was easy to forget that Liz had a smoking hot body!  He checked her out.  Moudy was a lucky man! 

Liz smoothed her dress and rolled her eyes at Jason.  "The dress is for Moudy, not you," she teased. "You guys almost ready?"
"Actually, Cheri wants to stay in," Jason said regretfully.  He'd really been looking forward a night out with his girlfriend and his friends.
"Guess four's a crowd, huh?" Liz guessed.

Jason shrugged. "I don't think so. She said she wasn't feeling well.  Maybe we ate something at the festival that upset her stomach."
Liz nodded thoughtfully, "Yeah, you never know what you're getting when you eat there. Hope she feels better!"

Moudy came down the stairs, straightening his tie.  He wasn't used to being so dressed up.  He glanced up and saw Liz and Jason. "Where's Cheri?" he asked.

"Not feeling well," Liz informed him.  "It's just you and me tonight, baby!"
"Sounds great," Moudy said, giving her a kiss.  "You ready to go?"
"You kids have fun!" Jason called out after them. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Liz chortled. "Yes, sir!"

Moudy chuckled, whispering in her ear, "That doesn't leave much off the list, does it?"  He grinned when she looked up into his eyes and smiled.   It was going to be a great night!

Cheri shut off the warm water and stepped from the shower.  She had a few clothes over and decided to slip into something comfortable rather than sexy.
"Hey sweetie, you feeling better after a shower?" he asked when he walked in the bathroom.
 "Yeah, I think so," she told him. 
"I'm really sorry," she said at the same time he announced, "I have something for you!"

They laughed.

"You go first," she told him, gesturing for him to continue. 

Jason stepped a little closer, gazing into her eyes.  "I got you something.  I was going to give it to you at the theater, but since we're not going out..."

Cheri grimaced.  "Sorry," she mumbled apologetically.

"No, no, it's fine!" he assured her.
Then, he whipped a bouquet of beautiful red roses from behind his back.  "For my love," he told her with a flourish.

"Jason! I...."

The doorbell rang.
Jason glanced at his watch and made a contrite face.  "Shoot. I bet that's Caitlin. I forgot to tell her we wouldn't need her. Be right back!" he said, hurrying towards the door.
"Hey Uncle Jason!" Caitlin announced perkily.  "Ready for baby-sitting!"

Jason grimaced.  "I'm sorry, I meant to call you before we left. Cheri and I stayed home, so we'll be able to watch the kids."

Caitlin frowned.  "But, I came all the way over here," she told him.

"I know, I'm sorry Caity."

She looked so woeful that Jason pulled out his wallet.  "How about I pay you $20 anyways? How does that sound?"

"Awesome, Uncle Jason!" she said cheerfully, quickly grabbing the bill he offered.  "Call me anytime!"
"Sure, yeah," Jason drawled as she hurried away.  He was pretty sure he'd just been duped.

 Liz and Moudy headed into the movie theater to watch a sappy, romantic Love Day movie. 
Moudy reached for Liz's hand and entwined their fingers.  This was just what they needed...

Cheri wondered for the millioneth time whether she'd made the right decision or not.  She could tell that Jason was disappointed they didn't go out.  But, she honestly didn't feel good.  In fact, for the past few weeks, she'd been feeling nauseous about this time... every... night...
 She paled.  Oh, f*&# plumbbob! she silently cursed.  Could she be... 
"Hey! You coming?" Jason asked, whipping his shirt off and tossing it to the side as he stretched out on the couch.  He flipped through the channels and found what looked like a romantic movie.

Cheri answered from the stairs.  "Almost there," she replied nervously.
She sat down beside him and stared absently at the tv.
 "Hey, you feeling okay?" he asked her, concerned.  "Are you still feeling sick?"  Maybe she was getting sick?  He scooted over next to her to rub her back.

Cheri glanced at him apprehensively, then glanced back at the television.

"What is it?" Jason asked. "Female troubles?"

She shook her head.
"IthinkI'mpregnant..." she said in a rush, her voice hitching emotionally.


  1. I was still holding out hope for a Liz/Jason baby! ...unless Cheri wants to keep custody? :O

    But seriously, Cheri is super cute, and she brings out a nice side in Jason. I just hope this baby doesn't bring about too many second thoughts or more jealousy about his close friendship with Liz...

    1. You never know what these crazy Sims are going to do in the future! Liz still has the wish to kiss Jason saved away for a rainy day. Darn Fulfilling Your Wishes roll!

      Cheri is super cute & hopefully it all works out between them! I think that she genuinely cares about the little girls, too. So, it might just be a ready-made family.

      You know, all except for the part where I rolled Couple + Help. So who's the couple & who's the help? ;)

  2. Jason and Cheris' going to have a baby? Or does she just "think" they'll have one?

    There won't be an actual custodybattle right? Ashley can't start with that now, because that would be really strange. Gah, she's so aweful! Wait a minute... that would explain why things have been so good for a while...

    Moudy is still so insecure about his relationship. And then he nurishes up under Cheris to? Bad Moudy!

    1. Ha! It's Moudy's fault he stared so pensively between Liz and Jason! And then it looked like Cheri was frowning at the picture of Jason & Liz. (Of course, she was actually feeling nauseated - either food poisoning or a baby!)

      No, no custody battle. I just thought it was funny that she actually texted him after they ran into each other at the dive bar. You had your chance & lost it, Ashley! The attorney will keep her far away from Jason & the girls!

  3. I like how Jason's idea of getting comfy is taking off his shirt. Lol!

    Ooh, even more babies! I wonder if there'll be another switcheroo with Moudy leaving to make space for Cheri. You're certainly keeping that couple&help roll interesting!

    1. Lol. He's gotta take off his shirt to keep the ladies happy!

      I haven't decided what's going to happen with the couple & help roll! I really like Liz & Moudy together - but also really like Cheri & Jason together now. *sigh* Dangit!