February 19, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Three, Day Five

Moudy slipped from bed, taking care not to wake Liz as he straightened the sheets.  He really couldn't stand a messy house.
"Morning, bud," he said as he stepped into the nursery.  "Sh... don't wake anyone!"  Moudy lifted his son from the crib.
"We go for a walk?" Jackson asked eagerly, settling on Moudy's hip.  He patted the new tattoo on his daddy's arm.  "You drew on yourself!"

Moudy chuckled.  "I didn't draw on myself. It's a tattoo."

Jackson leaned his head on his dad's shoulder.  "I drew on the wall," he admitted.  "Mommy was mad!"

Moudy sighed.  He'd told Liz not to let Jackson get into the street art kit she kept in the bedroom.
He dealt with the easiest part first.  "No walk this morning!  I have something to show you, instead!" He paused for effect.  "A surprise!"

Jackson bounced up in down.  "A surprise? For me?! What it is? What it is?!"

Moudy chuckled as he headed down the stairs.  "You have to wait..."
Moudy walked through the door to Jason's gym and announced, "SURPRISE!"
Jackson looked around the room in awe.  "DINOSAURS!" he said excitedly.  "DOGGIES!"

Moudy smiled.  "It's your new room!" he revealed.  "Mom and I have been working on it.  You're a big boy now and needed your very own big boy room!"
Jackson fist pumped.  "I LOVE IT!" he said, running around to check everything out. 
Moudy chuckled as he watched Jackson dive into his new toy chest. 
And of course he found the yellow car they'd bought.   Anybody could tell his favorite color was yellow!

Jason curled his arm around the warm body in his bed.  She fit in his arms as though she was made for him, he thought, flexing his arms and pulling her closer against his body.

She slept on, purring a little in her sleep.  He chuckled.  She was probably worn out.  They'd fallen into bed last night when she came over and hadn't left the bed since.  He groaned at the memory.  And the things they had done...

Of course, going without sex for three months probably had something to do with it.  He'd primed and ready to go from the second she texted him that she was on her way...
Just thinking about it made him want her again.  He slipped his hand under the covers and tried his best to wake her up.

She came awake with a groan, smiling wickedly at him. 

"God, babe, you're going to kill me!" Jason said as he leaned back against the pillow. "I swear I saw fireworks!"

She laughed huskily.

He reached over and pushed her hair out of her face, stroking her cheek.   She reached up and pressed her hand against his, closing her eyes.
"I missed you so much," Cheri said when he pulled her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

Jason squeezed her fingers.  "I missed you more!" he told her.  "How long can you stay?"

Cheri sighed and closed her eyes.  "Only for Leisure Day.  We have a cheering tournament scheduled next week and I need to prepare."

Jason groaned, rolling away from her and flinging his arm over his eyes.  "This sucks!" he said, seething with frustration.

Cheri sighed, rolling over and turning the light on and she pushed herself to a sitting position.
"Do you want me to quit?" she asked him softly.

Jason felt like a heel, but he wanted to say "yes."  He wanted to tell his wife to come back home where she belonged.  He wanted to say that she was missing all the best years with Natalee and that even Lacie and Macy missed her.

But he didn't say any of that.  He remained stubbornly mute.
Cheri let out a frustrated breath.  "Have you talked to Coach about transferring?" she asked him.  Before she'd joined the Badgers, they'd agreed that he would talk about trading teams so that they didn't have to be so far apart.
But Jason was shaking his head.  "It's not going to work, Cheri. I'm League MVP. I'm this close to being a Superstar or Sports Legend," he said, holding up his fingers apart a few inches.  "And I just don't think that's going to happen in Riverview."

Cheri tensed.  "So your career is more important than mine?" she asked with frustration.

Jason scowled.  "I didn't say that. I..."
He tugged her back into his arms.  "I just miss you," he told her.  "One more season and I can go anywhere I want to go," he promised her.
Cheri's eyes softened.  "One more season," she agreed, kissing him gently on the lips.  As she drew back, she grinned wickedly once again.  Looping her arms around his neck and drew him back down on top of her.  "But in the meantime..."

Macy hovered by the door, not willing to go into the room.  "Lacie, Dad said this room way off-limits now." She glanced around. "Besides, it's just a bunch of storage stuff."
Lacie turned and frowned at her weenie twin before striding into the room confidently.  "Yeah, but why is it off-limits?" she asked aloud.  "What is he hiding?"  She saw the work-out gear that they'd recently moved upstairs.  "And why does Jackson get his own room?"
She saw the double doors at the far end of the room and flung them open.  Empty.  "It's just a closet," she said with disappointment.  She'd hoping to find something!

"You sure you don't mind going over to Rio's today?" Jason asked.  The family was getting together at Rio's to meet his half-brother, Giovani, who'd recently moved to Sunset Valley.  "I can call and cancel," he told her.  The family would understand if he wanted to spend the day with his wife in bed! Besides, Giovani wasn't going anywhere anytime soon!
Cheri laughed.  "No way are we canceling! Besides, we're already dressed!"

Jason tugged her into his arms.  "That's easily fixed," he teased her, untucking her blouse from her sexy red skirt.

Cheri slapped at his hand with a smile on her face.  "Behave! The girls are probably waiting for us!"

Jason sighed.

He picked Natalee up and headed downstairs to meet Natalee and the girls.  He was surprised when Cheri said she'd called the girls, but they'd not answered.

He grumbled about needing an intercom system while Cheri went outside to check the playground.

"GIRLS!" he bellowed up the stairs.  "LAAAACIE!  MAAAACY!"

Macy gasped. "Dad's calling!" she said with alarm.

Lacie pushed past her, sprinting out of the room first.   "Don't tattle!" she said sternly as she passed.

Once everyone was settled in the car, Jason hit the gas.  Over the sound of the engine, Jason called to his wife, "You like it?"

Cheri shook her head.  "What? Are you having a mid-life crisis?" she teased.

Jason chuckled, stroking the dashboard. 
They pulled up in front of Rio's.  "We're here!" he announced.

They headed up the walkway and waited while Jason rang the doorbell.
"Jason! It's so good to see you!" Haley said when she opened the door.  He saw his sister Kimi wave from inside before the door swung shut.
Jason gave his Mom a bear hug. 
Jason led the girls inside as Cheri handed Natalee over to her grandmother.
"Lacie, Macy, do you girls want to go play with Jeremy in his room while the adults talk?" Haley asked, pressing a kiss to Natalee's forehead.  She was so happy to be back in Sunset Valley again.  She'd made a home in Bridgeport, but her heart belonged to Sunset Valley.
The kids ran off.

"Macy!" Johnny called from behind her.  "Take Natalee with you! She wants to play, too!"

Macy froze and looked down at her sister on the floor, then back up at her grandpa.  She really didn't want to take her little sister.  She cried a whole lot.  "Okay, Grandpa," she said hesitantly, reaching down to hook her arms under Natalee's arms.
"Ew! Why'd you bring the baby with you?!" Lacie asked when Macy came through the door with their sister.

"Grandpa asked me to bring her," Macy said with a shrug.  She was just doing what she'd been told.

Lacie rolled her eyes, tossing her hair over her shoulder.  "Macy is such a suck-up!" she told Jeremy.  "She gets along better with Natalee because she's such a baby!"

Macy frowned when her sister and "cousin" began laughing at her.   She was used to her sister teasing and being mean, but she wasn't used to her doing it in front of people.
With her cheeks burning, she sat down with Natalee in front of the doll house and began playing with her.

"SEE?!" Lacie snickered behind her.

Jeremy let out a surprised chuckle. 

"...And this is Giovani, my brother," Rio said proudly. 

Giovani shook Jason's hand.  "Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you," he said.  Since arriving in Sunset Valley, Rio had regaled Giovani with story after story about growing up with Jason.  It made him a little jealous, as he'd always wished he'd had a brother growing up.

"Nice to meet you, too," Jason said.  "So what brings you to Sunset Valley?"
Giovani winced.  "I guess you could say I was ready for a change of scenery," he said.  The truth was that he'd failed to win Davina O'Shea's heart.  And there was no way he could stay in Monte Vista and watch Davina and Willard together without dying inside. 
"Well, it's great to meet you!" Jason said, clapping Giovani on the shoulder.  "How's Tia Rachel?" he asked.

It took a moment for Giovani to realize that Tia Rachel must be his mother, Racquel.  It was strange to think that his mamma had lived an entire life here in Sunset Valley that she rarely ever mentioned.  "She sends her love," Giovani lied. 

Haley sighed wistfully, watching Rio, Jason and Giovani get to know each other.  Unfortunately, Rachel's head-strong foolishness had kept the boys apart all these years.

She walked past Cheri and Nadine, who were busy chatting about the children.  She was glad Cheri could come back for a visit.  She knew it took a hard toll on Jason to be without her.  He'd always invested himself heavily in his relationship, much like her old friend Rachel.  She'd spent many a sleepless night worrying about him.
She stepped into Jeremy's room and smiled at the next generation, playing together nicely.

Jason saw Shayla across the room and headed over to greet her.  "How are you doing?" he asked her with a smile.

"Doing good! Going on a trip with some girl friends to Isla Paradiso soon, though! That should be fun!"

"Hey, you'll have to let Tia Maritza know!" Jason told her.

Shayla shrugged shyly.  "Maybe," she said indecisively.  "I didn't really know her, you know?"

Jason shook his head. "She helped practically raise you!" he said with surprise.

"I don't really remember," she said hesitantly.  She knew her mom's friends Haley and Maritza had helped take care of her when she was a toddler, but she had so very few memories from that time.  Most of her memories were of her dad and stepmom, and of course the custody battle.  She'd had nightmares for years afterwards that her mom was going to take her away when she left the country.
Jason turned to look at his little sister.  "And what about you? Are you going to pull your nose out of the book long enough to say hi to me?" he teased.
Kimi laughed, setting her book on the side table.  "Duh!  Hi, big brother!" she said cheerfully as she gave him a big hug.

The weather was perfect for a Leisure Day outdoor bar-be-que.  Johnny fired up the grill and helped make a platter of hamburgers and a platter of tofu-dogs.
The air rang with laughter as they shared stories and reminisced about their childhood days.

The children enjoyed the slip n' slide that Rio had set up in the backyard.
"I get to go first!" Lacie said, running to the watery slide.
One by one...
...all the kids had a turn,
even Macy!

 Macy was surprised that the older girls didn't go down the slide.

"You guys go ahead," Kimi said when Macy offered her a turn.

"I'm going to work on my tan," cousin Caitlin said.  They wandered off together, leaving the three kids to play alone.

Macy took her turn sliding down the water slide.  "Look at me!" she called out good-naturedly.  "I'm superwoman!"
"Don't tell anyone, but Macy still wets the bed!" Lacie lied, giggling at the look on Jeremy's face.

"Time for fireworks!" Haley called out to the crowd gathered outside.  It was so nice to be with all of her family again!

Johnny waved from the front door as Jason and his family left.  "Drive safe!" he called out.

Jason turned and waved to his step-dad.  "See you soon!"

After a long day playing, the girls went straight to bed without fighting, so Jason stood by the child safety gate and watched as Cheri got Natalee ready for bed.
"...And into your jammies you go!" Cheri cooed, playfully tossing her daughter in the air.
"I love you," she said, pressing a kiss to Natalee's forehead before tucking her into the crib.  Cheri ran her hand down her daughter's cheek, tucking her hair behind her ear. 
"She's growing so fast," she said quietly as she went to Jason.  "I feel like I'm missing so much."  Her voice wobbled as she fought the tears.  "She was just a little baby when I left, and now she's a toddler.  Who's going to teach her to walk? Who's going to teach her to talk?" she worried.
Jason reached for her hands.  "She's going to be just fine," he assured her.  "I'll teach her to walk and talk.  And she's got her big sisters to look out for her.  Not to mention Liz, Moudy and Jackson!  She's got a whole family here!"
"She just doesn't have me," Cheri said quietly.
Jason sighed, tipping Cheri's chin up.  "She does have you. She sees you on the video, she talks to you on the phone.  And it'll just be one more season..."
"Thank you for letting me follow my dream," Cheri told him, splaying her hands on either side of his face.

Sleep eluded Jason that night.  He held his wife in his arms and watched her sleep, knowing that all too soon she'd be gone.


  1. *sighs with relief* I thought Jason took Brenda up on her offer for a second there...

    I seriously thought Shayla was Rachel for a second there- probably because of the hair.

    Giovani really looks like his dad! I too once used Giacomo Modena as the father of my sim's kids and he has some *really* strong genes. Out of their 5 kids together, only one of them resembled the mom! And that might have been because I used Mortimer Goth as her genetic base and he too has strong genes.

    1. My evil ploy worked! :) I almost had him invite Brenda over until I realized it was Leisure Day and his ONE day off. Perfect day for wifey to come for a visit!

      The-Rachel is strong in Shayla! I think she turned out beautiful! She's been saved for future games!

      I was disappointed Giovani didn't look more like Rachel, too. But, I thought he turned out quite handsome! I don't know how Davina didn't choose him!

  2. I too was worried about Jason and Brenda, but I guess he heard our collective cries and decided to be good! :D

    1. Thankfully it turned out to be Leisure Day, so Jason actually got to have a day with his wife!

      I'm not sure what would've happened had it not been a holiday!

  3. Thay part with Moudy and Jackson in the beginning was adorable. You drew on yourself! Aww XD And I like how you handled Jackson's age-up.

    Phew, it was Cheri! You had me worried there ;)

    Welcome to SV, Giovani! Let's hope he's more successful in his love life here.