February 18, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Three, Day Four

 "Halt peasant!" Lacie announced as she teetered on the top of the dining room chair.

Macy stopped.
"I am your Queen and I command you to bring me a Juicy Juice!" she said imperialistically.
Macy frowned.  "Just because you tell me to do something doesn't mean that I have to do it!" she argued.  Whenever she complained that Lacie bossed her around, that's what her Daddy told her.
Lacie hopped down off the chair and ran around the table.  "I told you to get me a Juicy Juice!" she demanded.
"NO, Lacie!" Macy shouted, beyond frustrated with her sister.  "You can't make me!"
"I can, too!" Lacie sneered, leaping on Macy and knocking her to the ground.
Lacie started pulling at her hair and hitting her with the plastic Queen scepter.  "I told you to get me a Juicy Juice!" she shrieked. 
"FINE! I'll DO IT!" Macy roared, trying to push her sister off of her.  "I said I'll do it!"

Her agreement slowly penetrated Lacie's rage.  She stepped back and allowed Macy to rise to her feet.  "Good!" she said smugly, going back to the table.
 Macy opened the refrigerator door and grabbed a Juicy Juice, then headed back to the table.
With a slight flourish, she presented the juice to her sister.
Lacie dropped to a sitting position and reached for the juice.  She liked being Queen!

 Moudy slipped from bed at 5 in the morning, long before anyone else was awake.
He let the toddlers out and gave them their bottles.
Then left them to play together.

Jason woke up when he heard his cell phone chirping. 

Grabbing the cell from his side table, he thumbed it on and checked his new messages.  One from Coach Powers asking him to help train the Rookie again.  One from Mickey with pictures of some groupies he met at the bar.  One from his Mom asking him to let her know how he's doing.
But none from Cheri.  He sighed and scrubbed his hand over his face.  Being apart was killing him.

"Hey, you okay?" Moudy asked as he grabbed some of the dirty dishes from the table.  "You look pretty worn out."
Jason stared grumpily.  "I guess," he said without much feeling.  Then, suddenly, he shook his head.  "No, I'm not okay. I... I need a change.  Wanna go on an outing?"

"Sure! I could use a little change myself!" Moudy replied.  "Where to?"

 Their quest for change led to the local salon.
Jason stepped inside and greeted one of the salespeople.  "Hey, so, do I see you about a makeover?" he asked.

The clerk's eyes widened.  "Omigod! You're Jason Black-Wolff!"  She looked at her coworker and announced, "He's mine!" 
Moudy frowned as Jason charmingly introduced himself.   "So, who do I see about a tattoo?" he asked, looking towards the other clerk.

Benny Baker-Mack nodded towards the tattoo parlor.  "Shelly'll take care of you," he said, leading Moudy away.
"I'm Brenda," the clerk said, introducing herself.  "I can't believe I get to dress the League MVP!" she said excitedly.

Jason was flattered.  "So you follow the game?" he asked.

"Absolutely! Every game!" she told him.  "Follow me!"

Moudy hesitated when Shelly turned out to be 60 years old.  She must've read the indecision on his face.  "Take a seat!" she told him in a no-nonsense manner.
"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" he asked.

Shelly scoffed.  "I've been doing this longer than you've been alive!" she told him.

He could believe it!

They walked into the other room where her makeover station was set up.  Spinning her hand around, she motioned for him to spin around for her.  He was pretty sure it wasn't his imagination when she spent a little extra time checking out his buns of steel.

"You are going to look fabulous!" she told him.
"Er.... not quite the look I was going for..." he said, rubbing his hands up and down the tight, leather pants.

Brenda bit her lip as stared at his leather-clad thighs.  "Too bad," she murmured.
"Now that's what I was looking for," he said approvingly.  It was more of a sophisticated look.

 "You look hot," Brenda told him.  "Rich, successful, and ready to mix and mingle!"
 Jason grinned cockily.  "I bet you tell all the guys that," he teased.
"Only the guys that look hot," she flirted.  Glancing to make sure they were alone, she lowered her voice.  "Although I'm still sad you didn't go for the leather pants."

Jason chuckled, oddly charmed by Brenda's brusque manner.
Moudy stepped into the room, noticing how quickly Jason and the stylist stepped apart.  "Hey Jas," he said, "Ready to get going?"

Jason glanced towards Brenda.

 As Liz's garden grew, she began spending more and more time tending to her plants. 
It was all going to be worth it when she could harvest her produce to use in her mixed drinks.  She was convinced organic, home-grown fruits were going to make much better drinks!
"Liz, you're never going to believe what just happened..." Moudy said, stepping inside.

Liz set the watering can aside on the table. "What?"
"Jason and I went to the salon and I think the stylist was hitting on him..." he began.

Liz rolled her eyes.  "And? What's new?"

"Yeah, but, this time, he was actually flirting back."

Liz reared back.  "What? Really?!"  That wasn't like Jason at all.  He had a deeply ingrained sense of honor.  He wasn't a cheater.

"And that's not the worst part!" Moudy told his wife. 
"He what?!" Liz asked in shock when Moudy told her where Jason went.

"Hey, I'm glad you could come with me," Jason said as he pulled up to the Bistro.  "It'll be nice to get out."
Brenda looked impressed.  "I'd never be able to afford to come here!" she admitted. 

Jason smiled.  "Well, get whatever you want.  It's on me!" he told her charmingly, leading her inside.  "I hear their lobster thermidor is delicious."

"What? Why are you staring at me?" Brenda asked after taking a bite of her meal and awkwardly brushing her mouth with her napkin.  "Did I make a mess?"
Jason shook his head.  "No, sorry," he said distractedly.  "I was just surprised you ordered a peanut butter sandwich at the Bistro!"

Brenda chuckled.  "I happen to love peanut butter sandwiches!" she teased.

Jason grinned.  "So? Tell me about yourself," he said, popping a sushi roll in his mouth.
"What's there to tell? I've been a tattoo/stylist for a few years. Before that, I did some waitressing.  Before that,  I did some of this and some of that.  I live with a few of my friends in a small apartment.  But, we make do!"  She eyed Jason speculatively.  "But what about you? Mr. MVP! Best arm in the league, they say!" she cooed.  "And I'm on a date with you!"
Jason glanced around nervously.  "Well, this really isn't a date.  Just a get together between two new friends," he reminded her. 

"Oh, of course," Brenda teased, raising her foot beneath the table and stroking his leg.  He jumped, bumping the table and making the dishes clatter.  He glanced around again, thankful that they hadn't attracted any attention.

"Behave!" he told her.

Her eyes twinkled mischievously.  "Yes, sir!" she replied saucily.  "So? You were going to tell me all about yourself!" she said.
Jason shrugged uncomfortably.  "What's there to tell?" he asked.  "Started playing ball in high school, went to uni and did pretty good.  Joined the pro leagues when I got back to town and have been working at it since."

Brenda eyed his wedding ring.  "And married," she noted.
Jason nodded, twirling his ring finger absently.  "Yeah, and married."  He paused, then stood.
"Look, I'm sorry, maybe this was a bad idea," he said uncomfortably. 
Brenda stood up, stepping close enough that he could smell the perfume she wore.  Something spicy and exotic.  "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.  I don't care if you're married," she assured him.

Jason cleared his throat, floundering for a response.  Usually he didn't even respond to the flirtations and offers from groupies and fans, he just let them slide off his back.   If he'd acted on every single proposition he'd received, he'd probably be dead from exhaustion!

But something about Brenda was different.  At least that's what one of his body parts was trying to convince him.
Thankfully, his brain rallied.  "I'm happily married," he told her firmly. 

She grinned, tucking her phone number in his chest pocket.  "Apparently not so much if you're out with me.  Call me if you get lonely," she told him.
Jason watched her sashay away and blew out his pent-up breath.  Holy moly...

"Is Daddy going to be home soon?" Macy asked Liz anxiously.  She worried when he was late. 
Liz set her watering can aside again and hurried to reassure the girl.  "I'm sure he'll be home soon," she said.  "I'm sure he'll come in and tuck you in when he gets home." 

Macy's face fell.  "Okay.  Night Auntie Liz."

Jason walked up the front porch and inside.   "Where the hell have you been?" Liz demanded the second he walked through the door.
She was so angry, standing there in front of him, tapping her foot, that he was taken aback.  
 "What the heck, Liz? What's with the third degree?" he asked.
"You can't just disappear for hours on end without letting us know where you are! And you can't just go on random dates with groupies!" she said, punching his shoulder.

"OW!" Jason exclaimed, rubbing his shoulder. "What do you care who I go out with?" he asked tersely.  "I'm not married to you!"
"But you are married!  And you have three girls waiting at home for you!" she reminded him.  "It's not like you to this this thoughtless!" she said.  "What's wrong?"

Jason shook his head.  "I didn't... you know..." he trailed off.  "It was just a dinner.  It wasn't a date," he told her, the number in his pocket burning a hole through his chest.
Liz ran her hand briskly up and down and arm in a comforting gesture.  "Do you want to talk about it?"  Jason had been acting different ever since Cheri had moved to Riverview.  And especially since his 29th birthday.
Jason squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head.  "It's nothing. I'm fine," he said, trying to convince himself, along with Liz.

In the privacy of his room, he laid down and pulled Brenda's phone number out of his pocket, turning it over in his hands as he thought about her.

*AN - DON'T DO IT, JASON!  He in currently in the grips of a massive mid-life crisis. Spectacularly bad timing.  He rolled the want to get a makeover, which led us to the salon.  He heart-farted with Brenda, which led to a flirt-with-someone-other-than-Cheri-wish.  

Incidentally, Moudy is also in the middle of a mid-life crisis.  His first wish was to get a divorce - uh yeah, no.  His second wish was to get a tattoo - yeah, that we can do!  Lol.


  1. I love how you're implementing Jason's random midlife crisis wishes into the story, even if they go against what you want for him! It makes things pretty exciting :D Don't do it, Jason!

    And wow, Lacie. She's freaking scary. Macy needs to take a course in self defense or something. The poor girl, bullied by her own twin!

    1. I think the mid-life crisis wishes are kind of fun, when they're not the extreme "get divorced" wishes! And what better time to go through a mid-life crisis when your wife is away for chunks of time!

      Lacie is truly evil! You're right! Macy definitely needs some self-defense and strength training!

  2. Ah, Jason! NO! Don't do it! D: Midlife crises are awful. I usually just ignore them.

    I know I should be horrified by Lacie, but I enjoy reading about how evil she is.

    1. The Midlife Crisis wishes can certainly throw a kink in the story-line! I didn't realize before this that if you promised a wish, your Sim takes a mood hit until that wish is fulfilled!

      I'm enjoying the evil Lacie, too! I didn't take pictures, but she's been stealing candy from toddlers, too! ;)