February 21, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Three, Day Seven

"Mom's still sleeping, so let's get dressed quietly and then find something fun to do!" Moudy whispered beside the tent. 

Jackson pumped his fist eagerly.  "Alright!"
The boys got dressed quickly, grabbed their poles and headed to Crystal Springs.  Moudy was glad that Jason had told him about this place.  Apparently his grandma Eva had fought to preserve the Springs from being torn down for a housing development.   He hadn't realized that Jason's grandma was the Eva Black-Wolff, leader of the free world for two terms!  Jason was so blasé about it!
"Look, Dad! I got a goldfish!" Jackson cheered excitedly.  

Moudy couldn't help grinning as Jackson held up his little fish for the camera.  He could already tell his son was a little fisherman!

Jason got out of bed, resting on the edge for a moment with his head in his hands.  He'd texted Brenda a few times after Cheri went back to Riverview. 
Nothing sexual. 
He sighed, scrubbing his hand across his face.  Yet.  To be honest, he'd been thinking about it.
Getting out of bed, he grabbed his phone & checked his messages.  Nothing yet this morning, but she usually responded right away when he texted her.   You up? he texted.

Only a few moments passed before he had a reply.  Dreaming about you.

Jason felt his heart thudding in his chest.  This was no good.  He knew this was no good.  So why couldn't he stop?  Tell me, he texted back.

Brenda responded with a series of texts that would make a sailor blush.  He didn't respond, heading straight for a cold shower. 

 Liz slipped from the tent and gazed around the campsite.
Ah, there they were - fishing.  She rolled her eyes.  Not her idea of funBut, she'd come along because Moudy and Jackson wanted her to come.
She grabbed her Mixology book and settled down nearby & began reading.

"Hey girls," Jason said, walking into the room after knocking a moment.
"Girls, up and at 'em!" he said, bouncing Natalee on his hip.
"Coming," Lacie said, obviously in a snit.  Was it too early for his girls to be having mood swings?

"I'm up, Dad," Macy told him, sliding from the lower bunk. 
Jason passed Natalee to Macy.  "Are you guys sure you're fine watching Natalee.  I can have Caitlin come over, or hire a babysitter," he said hesitantly.  This was the first time the twins would be taking care of themselves since Liz and Moudy went camping with Jackson at Crystal Springs.
"Dad! We're too old for babysitters!" Lacie said mulishly.  "JEEZ!"  She crossed her arms and pouted.
Macy was looking forward to proving to her Dad how trustworthy she could be.  "We've got it, Dad," she assured him.  "I've been helping with Natalee a little since I was little!"
Jason nodded.  Natalee was in good hands with Macy.  "Okay, but if you need help, Uncle Rio & Auntie Nadine are right down the road.  Give them a call, okay?"

"Promise, Dad!" Macy told him.

"So, what else do you want to do today?" Moudy asked Jackson, once they were finished fishing.

"I know! Let's go for a hike!" Jackson said eagerly.

"Lead the way," Moudy told his son, motioning for him to take the lead.
"Be back in a bit!" Moudy told Liz as they passed by.  When he saw how far ahead Jackson was getting, he called out, "Hey! Wait up for me!"
A little bit later, "Jackson! Get down from there!"
 "Oh wow, Dad! Do you think it's an alien meteor?" Jackson asked, checking out the large rock.
"It looks like some piece of space rock,"  Moudy mused as he swiped his hand over the surface.  "Wow, feel how light it is!"

Jackson lifted the space rock, oohing and aahing over how strong it made him look.

"Do you think it's worth a million dollars?" he asked eagerly.

Moudy chuckled.  "Nah, something like this is probably less than $100."  (AN: it was only worth $79. I was like Jackson, I thought they'd get millions! 😜)

With the space rock tucked away, the boys decided to play some Frisbee.  "Come on, let's go!" Moudy said, sprinting away.  (AN: Moudy, where are you going?)
(Seriously, where are you going?)
(Uh... I'm not entirely sure if that's where I would've chosen to play Frisbee...)
"Dad? Where'd you go?" Jackson asked worriedly, after losing track of his Dad somewhere on the street.

(AN:  *facepalm*)

Macy finished her breakfast, then grabbed the dirty dishes.  She was eager to show the adults that she could handle more responsibility.
She carefully put Natalee in her highchair.
"Here you go, Nat Nat.  Bottle!" she told her sister.
She also took a little bit of time watering Auntie Liz's plants.  She didn't want her aunt to come home to a bunch of dead herbs.  She could already picture how thankful Auntie Liz would be!
Macy also tried to help teach Natalee to talk.  "Say daddy," she told Natalee, repeating the word again slowly, "Daaaaaaaddddddyyyyyyyy."

Natalee just scrunched up her nose and shook her head.

Lacie glanced over her shoulder.  "Do you mind? I'm trying to watch my show!" She turned back to the TV and turned the volume up.  There were nurseries for that kind of thing!

 Jason couldn't believe it.  Benched at practice while the rookie practiced his throws.
"Oh wow, looks like the rookie is stealing your thunder!" Mickey laughed.  "Better be careful or you'll wind up team mascot!"
Jason scowled.  "Get bent," he snapped at Mickey.  He didn't know what the hell he'd ever done to Mickey, but the guy was seriously being a jerk lately.  
Coach Powers paused from his instructions to the players on the field and glanced sharply between Jason and Mickey.  "There a problem?" he asked sternly.

Jason crossed her arms and turned towards the field.  "No," he answered.

"Good," Coach Powers said, turning back to face August and Tommy.  "Alright, August - throw the ball."
August threw the ball and Coach Powers scowled.  "No, no, no!" he shouted into the megaphone.  "What kind of throw was that?!"

Jason scoffed.  That's what happened when he wasn't out on the field, making the plays!
 August caught the ball Tommy lobbed back at him and tried again.

"Better," Coach Powers muttered under his breath.
Then Tommy caught the ball.  "Nicely done!" Coach Powers shouted into the megaphone.  "That's the way to do it!"

 After returning to Crystal Springs, Moudy and Jackson tried again. 
 "Hey! This is fun, Dad!" Jackson said as he caught the frisbee.  "I'm pretty good at this!"

"You sure are, Jackson!" Moudy said, fumbling the frisbee and dropping it to the ground.  "Shoot!"

Jackson laughed.  "I'm better than you!" 

He stopped laughing when he caught the next throw with his head.  "Oomph!" he said, reaching up to rub his head. 

"Alright, maybe it's time to take a break," Moudy said, stooping down to grab the frisbee.  "Ready to head back to camp and see what Mom's doing?"
 Mom was actually enjoying her alone time.

"The baby is crying," Lacie said, starting to get annoyed from the mewling sound Natalee was making.

Macy sighed as she got up from the table.  "I was trying to do my homework," she said tightly.  "Would it kill you to help out?"

Lacie scoffed.  "I'm not the one who said I'd watch our bratty sister!"

Macy gasped indignantly.  "She is not bratty! She's a toddler!"
"Yeah, whatever!" Lacie said, already bored.

Macy hurried upstairs with Natalee on her hip.
"Don't listen to her," Macy said.  "She's just a mean, mean person!"  Not for the first time, Macy wondered how twins could be so different.  She tried to do good with her life and it seemed Lacie only tried to cause trouble.

Jason stepped out the double doors, elated and ready to celebrate.  He might've been benched during practice so that the Rookie and August could get more practice, but he wasn't going to be bench during the game. 

Coach Powers had even told him that he was his Superstar player.  It was a dream come true!

"I've been waiting for you to come out," Brenda said huskily from nearby.

Jason sucked in a breath, surprised to see her here, in the flesh... 
She pushed back from the wall and sauntered to his side.  "You just gonna leave a girl hanging?" she teased.

Jason had a split second to decide whether he was going to remain faithful to his wife or give in to temptation.  He shouldn't, he told himself.  This can lead nowhere good, he reminded himself.

Sensing the 'no' hovering on his lips, Brenda cocked her heads towards the stadium.  "I've never had a tour.  Wanna show me around the behind-the-scenes areas?" she asked coyly.

Now that was perfectly innocent, he told himself.   He was just gonna show her around the stadium...
"Sure, follow me," he told her.  "I'll give you the grand tour!"
 Brenda followed behind Jason with a smug expression on her face.

Macy rocked Natalee in the nursery until she fell asleep.  As she rocked, she yawned sleepily.  It'd been a lot harder taking care of a toddler than she had thought.  Her eyes drifted shut.  Dad should be home soon...

 "...And this is the locker room," Jason said, waving his arm around the room with a flourish.   "Not much to see, but it's..."
Whatever he'd been about to say was cut off when Brenda launched herself at him.  She wrapped her arms around Jason, sliding her hands up and down his back as she pressed her lips against his, sliding her tongue against his in an effort to coax his mouth open.
She pulled back and her eyes sparked with challenge.  "So? Are you going to kiss me back or what?" she teased him.
Jason's brain seemed to freeze, sending his body into a dangerous free for all.
With his brain malfunctioning, Jason gave in to weeks of flirtation, expectation, and unfulfilled frustration.  He pulled her flush against his body and gave her exactly what she wanted...

Busy with his hands and mouth full, Jason didn't hear the locker room door open.  The intruding  footsteps came to an abrupt stop.
"Oh shit," the newcomer mumbled under his breath when he saw Jason screwing the brains outta some chick in the locker room.
With a smirk, Mickey whipped out his camera and captured the moment...

(AN:  JASON! NOOOOOOOOOO!  And then, just to cap off the mess that is this chapter.... 
HALEY!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Ugh. I'm gonna go cry now!)


  1. JASON NO.



    Everything else I was going to say has completely disappeared in the face of this. JASON WHY.

    1. I KNOW! I can't believe he did that! I did think it was hilarious that he got the faithful notification, even after he'd flirted with Brenda a few days ago.

    2. Ok, now that the initial shock has blown over...

      JASON. I'm sorry, I can't help it. He used to think he wouldn't put any woman through what his father put Haley through AND THEN HE DID THIS.

      Poor Cheri! I was actually lukewarm to her when she first appeared but she turned out to be so sweet and good to Jason... and now she's going to have to deal with the fact that he cheated on her.

      Aaaand with that video, I can easily imagine Jason's life imploding, especially if it's posted online...

      Which brings me to Haley- I really hope her last few conversations with Jason aren't going to be painful in light of what he did with Brenda (if Haley finds out).

      And his kids! If they also find out, I could easily imagine Macy being super disappointed and confused and Lacie being disturbingly pleased (since she doesn't like Cheri).

      And Liz and Moudy! I can't imagine them being ok with this either. What if they move out? Ugh, Jason, you messed everything up!

      And if Cheri divorces him she'll probably want custody of Natalee as well...

    3. You know, I often wondered how a child could watch the aftermath of an affair and then proceed to do the same thing. It never made sense to me.

      That being said, Jason was obviously not thinking.

      Not that it's any consolation to the lives he's disrupted for that quickie with Brenda. I have a feeling his world is about to implode.

      BUT, maybe no one will find out! Mickey's a good friend, right? ;)

  2. D:

    Jasoooooon, we expected better from you ;_;
    That said, you're doing a great job of explaining why he'd fall for something like this. And the locker room looks great too! It's always cool how you show us what goes on while the sims are at work :D

    1. I know! I am so disappointed & I told him to do it! Stupid mid-life crisis.

      Everybody's having them right now. Moudy rolled the wish to divorce Liz & Liz rolled a wish to flirt with the new university mascot. Sheesh! They're killing me!

      Thanks! I love that locker room! I just redesigned one of the locker rooms at the gym to use. I love making "sets" for behind the scenes. Makes the story a little more interesting for me! ;)

    2. Oh my gosh! My daughter just read the update & noticed that Mickey is a carbon copy of Slick in the Undercover Asylum. Lol. I've never noticed before now, but I can't unsee it now!! ;)

  3. JASON! NO! Bad Jason! That's very bad!

    Oh my goodness, that ending has my heart pounding. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  4. Isn't Lacie wearing her mother's haircut? She really takes after her mother.

    I feel so bad for Macy. She's trying to do so much good, but is being fought at every turn by Lacie. I hope the adults will appreciate her.

    Finally, Jason whyyyy!!!?? He had seemed to be doing so good, but then he started leading Brenda on with texts. Of course it can't stop there. And Cheri's definitely going to see this now.