February 21, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Three, Day Six

"Do you think Jason's okay?" Liz asked worriedly as she tended her plants.

Moudy dropped the spoiled food into the trash can and sighed. "I don't know," he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.  "He's always a little moody after Cheri goes back to Riverview."

Liz glanced towards the stairs.  "Poor Jason," she muttered under her breath as she continued with her chores. 

Jason was reluctant to wake up, already knowing what he would find. 
An empty space.

With a groan, he stumbled to the bathroom, taking an extra cold shower to help wake up. 
Because despite his inclination to stay in bed with his covers over his head, he'd made a promise to Cheri.
He was going to teach Cheri to walk and talk... and any other toddler skills Cheri wanted her to know!
Although between the hours of work and practice, there was very little time to spare...

 Coach had asked Jason to meet up with the Rookie to help show him some more of the ropes.
Jason wound up and released a powerful throw.
Tommy caught it with a grunt.
Turning to face Jason, he grinned cockily.  Jason was pretty sure his mouth hung open.  Nobody ever caught his passes, he thought with incredulity.  He was so distracted with his surprise that he missed the ball when Tommy threw it back. 

Jason fumbled the ball, watching it fall to his feet and come to a rest.

"Getting old, Old Man!" Tommy jeered from across the field.

Jason scowled.  "I'll show you old, Rookie!" he snapped, reaching down to grab the ball. "Come on, quick jerking around and let's go practice for the game!"

Liz sighed when she finally finished tending her garden.  She'd been so proud when she'd actually had a few "great" harvestables.  She was thinking about using the great apples for some of her drinks - like an apple martini.  She bet the drinks would be awesome then! 
She just needed to figure out how to make an apple martini.  She consulted her Mixology Vol. 2 book that Moudy had bought for her.  She was sure to find a good recipe in there!

"Come on slow-pokes! I wanna get home already!" Lacie called back over her shoulder to her sister and Jackson.  Every tried to convince her that they were like family just because they lived together -but she knew better!  He was just an annoyance!

"Coming Lacie!" Jackson called back, hurrying to her side. 

Lacie was impressed.  He'd actually hurried up when she told him to, eager to obey!  Maybe he wasn't so bad, after all...
"Apple martinis, here I come!" Liz chirped excitedly.   She'd found the perfect recipe to try out, with a little bit of a romantic twist!
She mixed together the ingredients, adding in the fresh apple juice.

Lacie followed Jackson inside.  "Come on, let's go play," she told him, leading him outside.

Macy frowned, watching her sister lead Jackson away. "Hey! Wait!" she called out, hurrying after them.
Lacie and Jackson scrambled up into the old tree house, giggling. 
"Can I play with you?" Macy called up the tree.
She heard Jackson and Lacie whispering before Lacie stuck her head out of the window.  "Sure! Just wait right there a second!" her twin sister called down.

Macy nodded, so happy to be included.  Lacie rarely let her play with her!
She shouted in dismay when the cold water doused house. 

She heard Jackson and Lacie laughing like loons up in the tree house.

"Having a party?" Moudy asked, raising his brows in surprise when he saw the mix of drinks on the bar.
Liz smiled as she brought a fruity drink to her lips.  "Just a little of this, and a little of that," she teased.  "Try it and tell me whatcha think!"

Moudy chuckled as he grabbed a pink drink with a heart stirrer and took a sip.  "Tastes like apples!" he said with surprise.

Liz was already nodding. "Yup. Apple Martini party drink, Apple Blossom romantic drink, and..." she stared at the last set of drinks on the bar. "Err... apple-something skill drink... I can't 'member the name!" she muttered under her breath.

Moudy put his drink down and stared at Liz with surprise.  "Are you juiced?" he asked.  Plundering Plumbobb, that was sexy.
He wasn't sure if it was just that Liz was so sexy mixing drinks or if there was some aphrodisiac in his drink, but Moudy bounded around the bar and pulled his wife into his arms.
She stared at him blankly for a moment, as though trying to figure out how he got from one side of the bar to the other so quickly...
...then she grabbed fistfuls of his jacket and jerked him back against her, enjoying the passionate, heated kiss.

"Upstairs, now!" she told him breathlessly.  They hadn't made love like a randy pair of teenagers since Jackson had been born!

Macy hurried upstairs to her room, thankful she didn't run into any adults on her way.  She was cold, wet, humiliated, and broken hearten.

Why was her twin so mean to her? 
She wiped a stray tear from the corner of her eye, sniffling miserably.  It was like Lacie hated her for some reason!

Jason saw the drinks lined up on the bar when he got home from practice.  Plumbbob, after the day he'd had - he needed a drink, or two, he thought miserably.  Things had spiraled downhill after his one-on-one practice with Tommy. 

He finished his drink, leaving the empty glass on the bar, then headed upstairs to bed. 

Footsteps crept down the stairs, trying to be as quiet as possible.  They avoided the loud, squeaky step at the bottom.
Then pattered across the wood floor, towards the bar.
Lacie reached for the party drink and gulped it down.  She was going to love being a teenager!


  1. Can't wait to see what trouble Lacie gets up to as a teen! She may be scary, but she's entertaining too :D

    1. Lol! I cringe to think of the evilness that she will get up to as a teen!

  2. Oh, Lacie! What a bad girl. I know I should be repulsed by her, but I have to laugh at all of her evil pranks.