February 17, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Three, Day Three

The extra money coming in from Jason's pro-ball career helped him make a few changes to the home.  If you asked him, it looked lots better with that burnt orange siding!

Moudy brought the freshly laundered Wugglesworth Schnuggles Bear into the nursery to show Jackson.  He'd always wanted one of these guys when he was little!
He crouched down in front of Jackson and tugged on the bear's arm, getting a kick out of the his son's excitement.  Wugglesworth immediately started reciting his ABC's and giggling.
"He TALKS!" Jackson said excitedly, reaching for the bear and tugging him from Jackson's hands. 
Jackson tugged on the bear's ear, shrieking with glee when it began counting to 10.  "1... 2... 3...!" he called out, copying the bear. 

"You ready for Daddy Day Out?" Jackson asked him from nearby. 
Jackson dropped the stuffed bear and ran over into his daddy's arm.  "I'm ready! Let's roll!"
Moudy lifted his son up into his arms.  "Let's roll!"

 "Have fun!" Liz called when the boys headed out for a stroll. 

Moudy headed down the driveway.  "Say bye to Mommy," he said, reaching over to ruffle Jackson's hair.

"BYE MOMMY!" Moudy screamed loudly, turning in the stroller and waving.  "BYYYYYYYE!"

Liz chuckled at her son's exuberance.  "Bye!" she called after them, waving wildly for her son.
After the boys  were out of sight, Liz began working on her garden.  She'd been thrilled when Moudy had gifted her some veggie and fruit seeds.  Soon they would have fresh produce from the garden! 

Grinning, she stood up and grabbed her cell phone, taking a picture.   Look at the garden grow! 😃😃😃, she texted Haley, along with the pic of their garden.

A few seconds later, Jason's mom texted back, It's beautiful!! 💓 👍  I love seeing it bloom again!

Macy was excited!  It was her very first field trip!  They were going to go across town square to the Police Department.

"I'm going to lock you up in a cell!" Lacie whispered behind her. 

Macy made a face.  "Mr. French-Baker isn't going to let you!" she replied confidently.  She was not going to let her evil twin sister ruin this for her!

Lacie just grinned smugly.

Macy felt a chill go up her spine.
 She anxiously shifted on the bus when they pulled up in front of the building. 

"Alright, kiddos.  Remember, keep your hands to yourself and listen to the Officers!" Mr. French-Baker announced, standing up and calling out.  He grabbed his clipboard and checked off the kids names as they hopped off the bus.
"Alright! Let's go learn more about what we can do to keep safe!"

Macy glanced behind her and caught Lacie staring at her.  She hurried up and caught up with her teacher.

Moudy strolled through town, pointing out plants and animals to Jackson as they went.  Jackson had gotten really excited when a raccoon bounded across the street in front of them. 
Their final destination was the library. 
Moudy pulled Jackson into his lap so that they could read together.  "Oh! The places we'll go!" he read aloud, letting Jackson turn the page.

Jason jogged down the steps.  He was leaving a little bit early because he wanted to talk to Coach Powers about his work-out regime. 

"Hey Jas!" Liz called from the garden.

Jason swiveled his gaze towards his friend.  "Hey Liz!"  He saw the freshly tilled dirt in the garden.  "Looking good! Mom would love it!" he told her.
 Liz chuckled. "I sent her a picture earlier.  She says to give you her love."

Jason rolled his eyes.  "Man, I can't believe you text my mom!" he said with mock annoyance.  He knew that Liz and his Mom were close.  So weird!

Liz smacked his arm.  "You should text her more, too!" she admonished him. 

Jason rubbed his arm.  Man, Liz packed a punch.  "Yeah, but you do it for me!" he teased. 

Now it was Liz's turn to roll her eyes.  "You headed out?" she asked, poking his uniform.

"Genius, aren't you?" he said glibly. 
"Have fun! Learn!" she called after him, laughing when he turned around and saluted her.

Liz padded back inside and pulled out the Mixology book that Moudy had bought her.  There were lots of awesome cocktail recipes that she wanted to try!
 She couldn't wait to try making a skill drink!
 She grabbed the ingredients she needed and started mixing it up with a flair. 
 She sipped the drink.  "Not too shabby for my first time!" she said out-loud.  "Not too shabby at all!"

"Ready to go see Mommy?" Jackson asked as they headed towards the library's entrance.

(It's Maritza!!)

 Moudy was walking up the drive when the girls were getting off the bus.
 "How was school today?" Moudy asked Macy as she ran past.

"It was awesome!" Macy said excitedly.  "We went to the police station and learned all about the buddy system and stranger danger!" she told him.  "And look what we got!"  Macy tugged the plastic police badge from her pocket.  "And they made me a deputy!" she bragged.
"It's just a stupid piece of plastic!" Lacie called from behind her.  "It's lame!"  She pulled her own badge out and threw it on the ground.

"Lacie! Pick that up!" Moudy admonished her.  "Don't just throw stuff down on the ground and walk off!"

Macy hurried in while her sister was being lectured.

 "Hey Coach!" Jason said, heading into the weight room.
"Jason! Glad you could come in early!" Coach Powers said, waving him over. 
Jason jogged over to Coach's side.  "What's up?" he asked.

Coach cuffed his shoulder.  "You've done a good job with your workout.  You're gonna clobber them in our next game!" 
"I was hoping you could help train our new rookie, Tommy Baker-Black," he said, glancing towards the new kid straining on the weight machine.  "You know, show him the ropes..."

"Sure! No prob, Coach!" Jason said.
"Hey ROOKIE! Let's WORK those MUSCLES out!" Jason said with his bullhorn in a really loud introduction.  He wanted to get Tommy pumped up for their workout.
"Let's HIT it!"
Jason stood by Tommy, encouraging him to really push himself on the weights.  "You got it! Let's see you push 20!" he cheered.  "That's it! Way to go!"

After Tommy was worn out, Jason clapped Tommy on the shoulder.  "You rocked it, Rookie!" he said.  "Hit the showers!"

 Jason stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel.
"Hey Jason!" Mickey called from across the locker room.

Jason knotted the towel and swiped his hand through his wet hair, slicking it back.  "What's up?" he asked.
 "You gonna come out with us? We're headed down to Rodney's Hideout for some drinks."

Jason shook his head.  "Nah, I don't think so."
"Ah! Come on!  What'd your wife do? Take your balls her when she left?" Mickey joked.

Jason scowled with irritation.  "What the hell, Mick?" he asked tersely. 

Mickey held his hands up and backed up a step, chuckling.  "What? I was just joking! Jeez! Don't be so sensitive!"
"Come on guys! Let's go party!" Mickey said, heading out behind August and Tommy.

"Have a good one!" August called out to Jason.

Tommy leaned forward and whispered to August loudly.  "Why isn't Jason coming with us?"

August shrugged.  "He's a family-man.  Doesn't have time to party!"
Jason watched his teammates go and battled his irritation.  He didn't know what was bugging Mickey, but lately, his old friend took every chance he got to rib him.  He'd almost seemed gleeful when he'd heard that Cheri was transferring to cheer for the Riverview Badgers. It didn't make any sense!
 He shook his head and headed towards his locker.  He quickly dressed, slamming the door shut.
Before leaving, he pulled out his cell and texted Cheri.  God, he missed her.

 "Hey! We were talking about heading out tonight.  Wanna go out with us?" Anoki Moon asked the new team cheerleader, Cheri.
"Yeah, I think that'd be a lot of fun!" Cheri said, pleased to be included. 
"Awesome!" Anoki said appreciatively.  He wasn't gonna lie, he was crushing on her.  The ring on her finger kept him from saying anything, though.  

Her phone buzzed and she glanced down.  "Hold up a sec," she told Anoki.
Can't talk right now, going out with the team, she texted him.


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    1. They've been doing such a great job of keeping in touch with each other while they're apart... but I can only imagine how hard it would be!!