February 14, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-two, Day Seven

Anxious to marry before the baby was born, Jason and Cheri were married in a civil ceremony at City Hall the moment they returned from their trip to visit his Mom. 

Liz glanced up, smiling at Moudy as he walked in the room.  "Morning, baby!" she told him.

"I'm just gonna do a quick load of laundry before I head out on a walk," Moudy said, stooping over to grab the dirty clothes on the floor.  "Good job, buddy!" he said, ruffling Jackson's hair as he stood.
"Baby!" Jackson echoed adorably.
Liz clapped her hands together, thrilled.  "Good job, sweetie!" she told him.  "Can you say mama?"  Teaching Jackson to talk was going to be so easy!

Jackson screwed up his face with a frown and shook his head, wrinkling his nose.

Liz sighed.  Maybe it would take longer to teach him to talk than she thought!

"You're so stupid, Macy!" Lacie screeched angrily at her sister, in their newly remodeled attic room.
Macy stepped back in the face of her twin's anger.  "I just said I was glad to finally have a Mom!" she said quietly.  She never would've said anything if she'd known how upset it would make Lacie.
"She's not our MOM!  Don't you know anything?! She's probably going to send us off to Boarding School! I HATE her! I HATE her!"

Tears pricked Macy's eyes.  "That's not true!" she argued.  "Daddy wouldn't let her!"

"He doesn't care about us! He just cares about the baby and Cheri!" Lacie scowled.  "You'll see!" she vowed.

Macy felt a tingle race down her spine.  When Lacie said things, they usually wound up being true!  With a sob, she raced from the room.

Jason was pushing himself hard, trying to reach his maximum strength.  It was important to stay in peak condition, especially with so many young, up-and-coming rookies on the team.  He had to be the best.

The quiet was shattered when the door burst open and Macy rushed into the room.
 "Daddy!" she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Jason dropped the weights and jumped up.  "What's wrong?" he asked, worried and alarmed.  "Are you hurt?!"
Macy sniffled, looking up at her Dad.  He was her hero!  "Lacie said Cheri were going to send us to Boarding School and that you only wanted the baby!"
Jason made a pained face, squatting down to pull Macy into his arms.  "Never," he assured her fervently.  "I couldn't live without you guys." He hesitated, wracking his brain to figure out why Lacie would say such a thing.  She must've been really worried to have said that...  "Cheri adores you guys.  Why don't you go talk to Cheri while I go jump in the shower," he told her.

Macy didn't know why Lacie didn't like their new stepmom.   Macy loved her.  She always tried to include them and didn't yell at them.

Jason stepped out of the shower, smiling when he saw Macy and Cheri talking.  
 "I'll see you after practice," Jason said, pressing a kiss on Cheri's lips. 
Macy blushed when her Dad kissed Cheri in front of her.  She sighed.  It was so romantic!  She wanted to marry someone just like her Daddy when she grew up!

Cheri watched Jason jog from the house and sighed.
Who knew life could be so perfect?!

Moudy found a great place nearby with some great finds.

"I can't believe you tattled on me!" Lacie said with a scowl.  "You're such a baby!"  Lacie glared at her twin sister. 

"I didn't tattle!" Macy argued. "I just wanted to make sure it wasn't true! Daddy said he wasn't going to send us away!"
"You really are stupid!" Lacie sneered.  "He's not going to tell you that we have to leave. He's just going to send us away!"

"He is not, Lacie! Stop saying that!" Macy shouted back.  She didn't know why her sister was so horrible to her!  She always acted nice and sweet in front of everyone else.  But, when they were alone, she said the meanest things!
 "You're a tattle-tale, cry-baby!" Lacie snapped.  "I'm not your sister anymore!"
 "You can't do that!" Macy said with surprise.  "I'm still your sister!"
 Lacie turned her head, sticking her nose up in the air and crossing her arms. 

Macy stomped her foot with agitation.  "I'm STILL your SISTER!" she argued.

Lacie merely dismissed Macy with a flick of her wrist.  "WHAT-ever!" she sang.

"FINE! I wish I did have a better sister than you!" Macy snapped.
Lacie gasped with outrage, then turned around and tackled Macy to the floor, tearing at her hair until tears pooled in Macy's eyes.  She tried to push her sister off, but Lacie was going crazy, screeching and pinching and tearing at her hair.

Macy worried for a moment that her sister was going to kill her!
"Let me go, Lacie!" she begged.  "CHEEEEEERI!  LIIIIIIIIIIIZ!" she hollered, hoping that someone would hear them down on the main floor.
Lacie heard footsteps on the stairs and let her sister up.  "Tattle-tale, cry-baby!" she snapped nastily just before the door opened.
"GIRLS!" Cheri admonished.  "What is going on?"

Liz popped her hands on her hips and frowned at the twins.  "Do you guys need to sit in the corner to behave?" she asked.

Macy opened her mouth to tell her stepmom, when she was interrupted.
"I'm sorry, Macy!" Lacie said, managing to appear angelic.  "I didn't mean to lose my temper.  Do you forgive me?" she begged prettily.

Macy frowned, putting her hand on the hip, ready to deny her sister. 

Cheri nudged her.  "Macy, accept her apology," she told her.

Macy turned and looked up at her stepmom with wounded eyes.  "But, she..."

Cheri shook her head.  "She apologized.  Make nice!"

Lacie put her hands together in front of her in supplication.  "Pleeeeease Macy? I'm sorry! We're twins!"

Backed into a corner, Macy accepted Lacie's apology and then was forced to apologize herself.   "Sorry," she mumbled.

Liz shook her head.  "That wasn't an apology, Macy! Maybe you should stay up here for awhile and think about how to be nice to your sister.  Come on, Lacie."  Liz led Cheri and Lacie from the room. 

As they walked out, Lacie glanced over her shoulder and smiled wickedly.

"How was your day?" Jason asked, snuggling with his wife after getting home.  Cheri leaned her head against his shoulder. 
"It was good," she told him.  "Liz and I had to stop a fight between Lacie and Macy."  She quickly told him about the fight and it's aftermath. 

Jason shook his head.  "Those girls keep bickering!" he said with a sigh.  "I never fought this much with Rio!"

Cheri put her hand over his.  "They probably just need a period of adjustment. You know, to us getting married... and the baby."
"You're probably right," Jason said.  "Boy, did I get lucky!"   He leaned forward and pressed a kiss against her lips. 
Cheri was chuckling when she felt the labor twinge.  Wincing, she shot up out of Jason's embrace.  "Jason, we need to go..."

Jason's eyes went wide moments before he pulled it together and bundled Cheri into the truck to head to the hospital.

A short while later, they left the hospital together with little Natalee Black-Wolff.


  1. Wow, they really got married! Not that I doubt their love for each other, but normally there are such dramatic circumstances surrounding marriage in this generation, haha.

    Also, as to your current writing dilemma, I posted a few ideas on the MTS thread ;) if you end up using any of them, I would be really glad to have influenced the story in any way! I love your blog!

    1. Lol. Jason promised his mom they would be getting married! And I really wanted him to get a happy ending! We'll see how that happy ending plays out now!

      I'll check the thread! I've been brainstorming with my daughter. :) I suggested that maybe Cheri has a brother that moves in & she shook her head and reminded me that Cheri was an only child. What? How did she remember that and I didn't? Lol! Good thing she's my biggest fan!

  2. I always secretly rooted for Jason and Liz to get together eventually... not that I want to get rid of Moudy though! He's such a good guy. And Cheri is nice too!

    Lacie, on the other hand, is pure evil o_o Poor Macy!

    1. Liz and Jason belong together, don't they? I was really disappointed that I couldn't figure out how to make them work as a couple! I guess time will tell!

      Lacie IS pure evil. Ashley has left her legacy!

  3. Honestly Cherie is really nice, so since Liz and Jason never proclaimed their attraction, I'm glad he's with Cherie now. She seems to be good to the twins, too.

    I wonder if Lacie really does believe they will be sent to boarding school, or if she just made it up to mess with Macy.

    1. Cheri is incredibly nice. I think she's going to be a great mother, especially since she viewed them as just a means to an end when they first started dating.

      I think Lacie truly believes they're going to be sent to a boarding school. She tends to be a little bit melodramatic! Although, I wouldn't put it past her to make something up just to terrorize her poor sister!