March 23, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Four, Day Three

Moudy slipped from between the sheets and quietly padded into the bathroom.  He tried to be as quiet as possible, since Liz hadn't come to bed until well after 3 am.  Always a late sleeper, she was now sleeping in until noon since she was moonlighting as a mixologist.
Headed into the hall, he quietly closed the door, trying to make sure the latch didn't catch loudly.  He frowned when he saw Jas sleeping in the nursery again. 

Macy sighed heavily as she got out of bed.  "I still can't believe she's gone," she whispered roughly.  Her dad's new divorce had hit her hard.  She'd loved the idea of being a loving, complete family.  Her birth mom's abandonment of them had hurt... a lot.

Jason: Week Thirty-Two, Day Six
So, it wasn't so crazy that one of her favorite memories was when they'd all gone to Bridgeport together, back before Natalee had been born.  She'd loved sitting at Hogan's with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kimi, Dad and Cheri, and, of course, Lacie.  It'd been such an amazing day!

"Oh please!" Lacie said snidely with an eye roll as she primped in front of the mirror.  "What did you think was going to happen?"

Macy's draw dropped open.  "You can't mean that!" she cried, taken a back by her twin's tone. 
"I hated her!" Lacie said, spinning around.  "And it's not like she was stepmother of the year! She had Natalee and then ran off to Riverview! What did she think was going to happen if she never came home to have sex?  It's no wonder he cheated!"
Macy cringed at her twin's view of marriage and fidelity.  "She came home," she argued defensively.  Maybe at first, she admitted to herself.  But, lately, Cheri's visits home had been less and less.

Lacie could see Macy hedging in her support of their evil stepmother and grinned evilly. "Yes?" she asked snidely.  "Name the last time she came to visit!" she pressed.

Macy frowned.

"NAME IT!" Lacie snapped, shoving her sister.
"Alright!" Macy squealed, taking a step back.  "Leisure Day, okay?!"  Cheri hadn't been back to visit since Leisure Day. 
"See?" Lacie said, smiling smugly as she turned to the dresser and pulled on her tank top.  "It's no wonder Dad cheated!"

"Hey Dad!" Jackson said, skipping into the dining room.  "Smells good!"

Moudy grinned at his boy.  "Come eat before the school bus comes."
"Leggo my Eggos!" Jackson quipped with a grin, popping onto his chair.

Moudy chuckled, ruffling his hair before taking the serving platter to the fridge.

"Let's just drop it," Macy said, heading out of the room, absolutely tired of listening to Lacie run down their stepmom.  Macy didn't care what her sister thought - she missed Cheri.  And Natalee.

"Fine. Whatever!" her sister pouted.  "Are you going to cry about it?"
Lacie chuckled when Macy sped up and raced down the stairs.  She was too easy to fluster.  "Sucker," she muttered under her breath with a satisfied grin.

Liz sighed when she stepped out of the room and saw Jason in the nursery rocking chair.  Reaching over, she flicked on the light.
Jason came awake, squinting at the light the flooded the room.

"How long are you going to do this?" she asked softly. 
Jason clenched his jaw and looked across the room towards the empty crib.   "I failed them both," he told her gruffly.

Lacie looked around the school room, flicking her pencil against the table.  Everyone else was working hard on their paper.  It was a stupid writing exercise. 
 Jeremy Vasquez glanced across the table towards her.  "Hey, you okay?" he asked. 
"Yeah? Why wouldn't I be?" she answered glibly.

Jeremy shrugged.  "I dunno. You're twitching," he whispered back, glancing down at the pencil she was tapping against table.  "You usually do that when you're worried."

Lacie immediately put her hand down on the pencil, stopping it's motion.  She smiled brightly.  "I'm fine," she assured him.  "Couldn't be better!"

"Alright," Jeremy said doubtfully, turning back to his schoolwork.

The ringing bell announced the lunch hour.

"We'll finish this exercise after lunch!" their teacher yelled above the rustling paper and the chair legs scraping against the floor as the teens rushed from the room.

"Hey Jeremy!" Lacie called out, reaching out to put her hand on his sleeve.  Jeremy stopped, turning to face her. 

Lacie smiled, fluttering her lashes and tucking her hair behind her ear.  "I just wanted to say 'thank you' for checking on me in class," she said sweetly.

Jeremy flushed.  "No problem," he told her, lowering his voice.  "I know it's probably been hard at home," he added, alluding to her dad's scandal and subsequent divorce.
Just then, Austin Langerak, the class clown, interrupted.  "Yeah, that totally blows about your dad," he said loudly.  "How many chicks are claiming he had an affair with them? Five?" he asked. 
Lacie narrowed her eyes and glared at the loud-mouth jerk.  He was alluding to the other women who had come out of the woodwork, claiming that Dad had affairs with them, as well. Stupid liars were just trying to get attention!  "Take it back!" she snapped angrily.
Austin guffawed.  "Plumbbob, I want to be a football player when I grow up!"

Macy rushed to her twin's side and tugged on her arm.  "Just ignore him, Lacie! He doesn't know what he's talking about!"  She glared at Austin. 
Lacie shook Macy off and reached up and slapped Austin soundly across his face, leaving a red print the shape of her handprint.

Austin's hand lifted to his cheek, covering the mark.  "I'm telling!" he growled, pushing past her and hurrying to the classroom.

 Moudy dropped all the stuff he'd found today in the living room, frowning when he saw the puddle.  "What the heck?" he grumbled, walking around towards the kitchen to see what was leaking.
"If it's not one thing, it's another," he grumbled under his breath, grabbing a wrench from his toolbox and fiddling with the dishwasher.  He should keep his eye out for a used dishwasher to replace this old thing.
 He was mopping up the floor when the front door banged.

"OMIPLUMBOB!" Jackson cheered excitedly.  "It's the Harvest Festival! I saw it from my bus today! Can we go? Can we go?" he asked eagerly.  "I wanna go through the scary haunted house!  Lacie said that people have really DIED there and they left the gravestones!"
Moudy chuckled, ruffling Jackson's hair as he rolled his eyes.  "Lacie's pulling your leg," he told his son.  "But, it would be neat to go."

"Can we go today?" Jackson begged.

Jackson was already shaking his head.  "Not on a school night. Maybe this weekend," he promised.

"Is Mom gonna come?" he asked.

Before buying The Hideout, Moudy would've said yes in a heartbeat, but Liz was really determined to make the bar a rousing success. 
 So, he hesitated.  "We'll see, bud," he said.  "Come on, let's work on your homework."

Liz had spent the afternoon studying mixology.  She was excited when she found a few drink recipes for energy drinks.

"Here you go!" she said brightly, pouring the drinks with a relish before putting it on the bar for the group.  "Enjoy!"

She'd found her true calling!

Jason rubbed the back of his neck as he left the stadium. He glanced around, checking for paparazzi.  They'd been circling him since the scandal blew up.  He felt like his life was free-falling right now.

As if he didn't have enough troubles, he thought tiredly.  Now he had to worry about Lacie.  He'd been in the locker room when he finally checked his messages and saw the voicemail from the principal.  He shouldn't have been surprised to hear that Lacie had slapped a boy in her class, but he had been, nonetheless.  For punishment, she was going to have to serve a week's worth of after-school detention.

He shut his eyes and made a bee-line to his car.
"Jason?" he heard someone call from the shadows.

Snap! Paparazzi!, he thought sourly, turning towards the voice. "No comment," he said tersely.
 Then he looked.  "Brenda!"
 His gaze trickled down to her t-shirt stretched over her rounded belly. 
"We need to talk," she told him.


  1. Oh noes, Cheri got Natalee? Aw, I'm going to miss that little cutie! But I guess there's a replacement on the way now...? Sheesh, what a mess Jason has made of things. Still, I tip my hat to you for fulfilling his crazy midlife crisis wishes :D

    For a moment I was so worried about Moudy, repairing the dishwasher without mopping the puddles first! I've never seen that end well before. Glad to see he got lucky though!

    I suppose it's sweet that Lacie defended her dad's honor, or something? I don't know what her motives were, but this was the closest thing to nice she's ever been - even if she slapped a guy.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to answer! Yes! Cheri took little Natalee! But, Jason will have joint custody. And oi - yup - looks like another half-sibling is on the way!

      Weird! I'm going to have set up some dishwashers & experiment! I've never had a dishwasher fire before! I've had a laptop fire, though!

      Lacie's a little bit crazy. She sees the world very, very, VERY different. And she's our heiress! Oi!

  2. Oh no, Cheri took Natalee with her. That's so sad, but ahem... Jason knocked Brenda up?

    And the entire thing going public like that, ofcourse. Like a real starathlete; Jason's getting publicly shamed. Austin did deserve a slapping; good for Lacie. Kind of. She'll probably slap a lot more sims as time goes by.

    Poor Macy missing her stepsister and Cheri; there's so much drama. You really give your sims a hard time

    1. Going to miss having little Natalee around! She'll make an appearance every once in awhile for joint custody.

      Oh yeah - looks like Jason knocked Brenda up! Or so she says... I guess we'll see when the baby grows up or after the paternity test! ;)

      Jason's going to have a hard time living this scandal down. Hopefully it dies down soon! Austin did deserve a good slapping & Lacie was just evil enough to give it to him!

      Lol - now I feel bad I'm not nicer to my Sims! I blame Jason - he wished for it! Lol

  3. It makes sense that Cheri took Natalee, honestly--there are a lot of kids in that house already. But at least there will be a new baby soon! :D

    I like Lacie, both her looks and her personality. I mean, she's evil and I disagree with everything she says but she's fun. And any dork who threatens to tell deserves to be slapped. :D

  4. Natalee's gone? I didn't think that would happen so quickly! Now I'm starting to feel bad for Jason.

    Lacie's evil face is so crazy! And she's got an ... interesting view of their father's situation.

    I agree with Annie, please be more careful with Moudy!

    Brenda's back! :O

  5. Interesting Chapter here. Too bad Moudy didn't get electrocuted, Then Jason and Liz can maybe get together, if Jason can just stop. Just breathe. The twins are crazy though, and good for Lacie to stick up for her dad, sort of. But she is right, while Cheri kept her visits further apart, it was bound to happen.