March 12, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Four, Day Two

Jason stared at the door, as though he wasn't sure how to cross this physical barrier.  He raised his hand up hesitantly to knock, then paused.  He wasn't strong enough to do this, he thought, his gut-twisting with grief. 
He could still hear the sound of her voice when she'd called him with the awful news.  She'd been sobbing her heart out and it killed him that there had been nothing he could do for her from so far away.  "I'll be right there," he promised, his own eyes filled with tears.  "It's going to be okay."

Taking a deep breath, he straightened his tie and knocked firmly on the front door.   He would face this head-on.
"Jason, I'm glad you made it," Johnny said, opening the door and stepping outside. 

Jason felt the tears welling in his eyes. 
With rough, jerky movements, he threw himself into his stepdad's arms, feeling much like a kid.  He felt Johnny's arms go around him, hugging him tight.  "It's going to be okay," he said gruffly, his own voice raspy with tears.

But Jason knew that nothing was ever going to be the same again.
His mom was gone...

Jason listened as Johnny performed the eulogy for Mom.

He spoke about the pranks he'd pulled on her and his sister Rachel when they were young.  He recounted the moment he first realized her loved her, when he'd returned to Sunset Valley and met his nephew, Rio.  He smiled softly, recounting the greatest love story of Sunset Valley.

"And everyone who was lucky enough to love Haley knew what a loving, kind, devoted woman she was," he added.  He paused, slinging an arm around Rio's shoulder. "And she loved all of her children."  Rio dipped his head and swiped at the tear.  Haley had always been like a mother to him.
Johnny had just asked everyone to bow their head for a prayer when a few more guests stepped inside.
Jason turned around, glancing over his shoulder at the interruption and felt a smile bloom. 
"Tia Ritza!"

Maritza stepped forward and hugged Jason tightly, wiping a tear from her eye before she stepped back.   "I never thought I would leave the Island for this," she trailed sadly, regretting the miles of ocean that had kept her from her very best friend.  "I always meant to come back..."
Rest in Peace, Haley Hernandez...

Despite the heartache and grief in the Hernandez household, the sun still rose, shining brightly.  The newspaper boy chucked the daily paper on the sidewalk before speeding away, whistling a merry tune.
The first to wake, Johnny headed outside and grabbed the paper before padding back inside.
He settled at the dining room table and flipped open the paper before nearly spitting his coffee out.
 "Jason, wake up," Johnny said, tossing the paper into his stepson's lap.
"What is it?" Jason mumbled groggily, disoriented from waking on the couch.  The girls were sleeping in the spare bedroom, so he'd sacked out on the couch.

"Read it," Johnny replied tersely.
Jason lifted the paper from his lap and fumbled with it before seeing the headline that had caught his stepdad's eye.  He felt the blood drain from his face.  "Oh my plumbbob," he whispered brokenly, his hands shaking.  The newspaper fell from his fingertips and fluttered to the floor.

Johnny shook his head sadly.  He didn't need to ask Jason if it was true.  His reaction was telling enough. 
"F&*#!" Jason swore, jerking to his feet.  He pushed his hands through his hair, trying to figure out what to do first. 

It was bad enough that the article detailed his affair with Brenda, but the grainy black and white pictures alongside the writing offered undeniable proof.

He grabbed his cell and stepped away, furiously dialing her number.  Jason pounded his fist on the window ledge when the call went straight to voicemail.

"This is Cheri! Leave your name & number and I'll call you right back!" her voice recording announced happily.

Jason squeezed his eyes shut.  "Cheri? This is Jason. Call me back when you get this.  I... oh plumbbob... I'm so sorry, baby.  Just call me back.  Right away... please..."
Jason rested his head against the cool window-pane and shut his eyes.  Plumbbob, this was going to kill Cheri, he thought sadly.  If she didn't already know, the thought popped into his mind and his eyes snapped open.

She'd seemed distant when he'd called to tell her about his mom's funeral, offering to watch Natalee so he could attend with the twins.  Had she known? he thought miserably, trying to replay every conversation they'd had in the past few days.


"If you could just sign here, we'll have them served immediately," Aubrey Sekemoto told his client kindly.   He pushed the papers across the table towards her, adding, "Everything is just as we discussed."

*AN - BLEH! I am so going to miss Haley so much! If possible, I liked her even more than Eva!  I'm so glad that the whole family got together for Leisure Day recently and that she passed before the big scandal with Jason hit the newspaper!

Kimi is now an adult and is the spitting image of her mother!  

And look at Maritza's kiddos all grown up - little Darryl Junior & Madeline!

I was feeling a little nostalgic and went back to look at a few of memories that Johnny spoke about in his eulogy.  

During that meandering, I happened to run across a picture of Jason's dad and future stepdad:

Haley, Week Twenty-Five, Day Three
I forgot how much Jason looked like his father, Gage, the schmuck!!


  1. I always really liked Jason but I have to say I'm happy Cheri's leaving him and taking the smart way out. No dramatic fights or apologies, just talking to a lawyer.

    Jason should also speak to a lawyer! But even that won't erase what he did, and the fact that everyone knows it by now.

    And wow, double whammy for Jason- Haley died *and* his secret is out!

    1. I didn't think there was any way Cheri would stay after that. It was a little underhanded offering to watch Natalee while he went out of town - wonder how the child custody will work out!

      Jason will definitely be talking to a lawyer. His Tia Rose is Sunset Valley's best, after all!

      Jason really got kicked when he was down. :(

  2. Johnny and Haley really had a wonderful love story. So sad to see her gone! But as you said, at least she didn't have to witness Jason's scandal.

    And now Cheri is going straight for a divorce? I feel really bad for Jason, though it's his own fault of course. I hope it won't be too hard on their little daughter!

    1. Sniff. I'm going to miss Johnny and Haley so much!

      Cheri is going straight for divorce. It's kind of hard to argue with that cell phone video that Mickey *helpfully* provided. Makes me wonder if it was Cheri or Mickey that talked to the paparazzi!

      It's always the kids that are hurt the most. :(

  3. Ah, poor Jason. ;_; I always get so sad when a sim dies. I guess I'm a weenie. XD

    I don't blame Cheri for going straight for a divorce. That's a dealbreaker, really. Also, I'm surprised a newspaper printed the photo! How scandalous.

    1. I'm a weenie right alongside you! I hate when my sims die!

      HUGE deal-breaker! Perhaps there were sims-style blurred pixels in the shower! ;) But, end result is that Jason is facing a front-page scandal!

  4. Haley! This really is a huge loss for the family.

    As for Jason's situation with Cheri, he really can only blame himself. I imagine he wouldn't have told her if it hadn't come out. And I'm proud of Cheri standing up for herself and filing a divorce. But I wonder who Natalee will go to?

    1. Haley was the glue that held it all together. :( I'm going to miss her!

      Oh... good point. I always envisioned Jason telling Cheri faster, but he seemed to be waiting for the "right" time (in my story, lol!) I like to think he would've told her soon!!

    2. I can see that fitting with his character. Too bad there isn't ever really a "right" time to tell someone you cheated on them, lol. And she saw the video way before he had a chance.