May 21, 2017

Intermission - Raven Fell

Her heels clicked on the stone stairs.  She liked the sound of it.  It made her feel like a femme fatale.
She trailed her fingers lazily on the railing, stroking the rough wood.  
The key the real estate agent gave her fit right in the lock, easily opening.  "Hello! Honey, I'm home!" she called out, smirking at the slight echo.
She'd bought the house, sight unseen.  It'd been a real deal, having been vacant for the last decade or so after a suspicious disappearance.  The thought of it literally excited her.  As soon as she'd heard that, she'd researched until she'd found the newspaper clipping.

A Mr. Davenport had found his faithless wife in bed with the mailman.  The faithless wife and  the mailman had suddenly gone missing.  Mr. Davenport had ended his own life before admitting to his heinous crimes or disclosing where the bodies could be found.

She trailed her fingers over the expensive livingroom furniture.  The decor screamed luxury and quality, a far cry from the used secondhand furniture they'd had growing up.  Mr. and Mrs. Davenport had good taste!
With heels clacking, she headed up the stairs, reveling in the deadly silent home.  Goosebumps stretched down her arms as she let her imagination drift.

Mr. Davenport had likely walked up these very steps the morning he'd murdered his wife and her lover.  Tingles!
She pushed the door open to the bedroom and paused at the threshold a moment, taking it in.  She frowned when she saw the bed, disappointed to see it there, marring the room.  She'd asked the real estate agent whether it was the bed Mrs. Davenport was murdered in. The agent had quickly assured her with embarrassed horror that the original bed had been replaced.

A pity
Reaching into her bag she pulled out the stone urn she carried with her on her move.  Lovingly, she patted the urn.  "All moved into our new home," she announced.  "I think you would have loved it here!"
Then, she reached back into the bag and slid the bejeweled crown onto the nightstand beside the urn.  It was important to her to remember that it was hers.  She'd won it fair and square!

With a resolute grin, she pulled the last item from her overnight bag - her precious laptop.

From her conversation with the real estate agent, she knew that there was an upstairs office down the hall.  Quickly, she rounded the corner and peeked in the rooms until she found the rickety old desk.
She scoffed as she set down her laptop on the scarred surface.  Oh, some home office, she thought snidely.  But, it would do for now.

Quickly, she tapped in her passwords and logged into the account. 

There, she thought smugly as she pressed the final key.  Lacie Black-Wolff was no more.


  1. That was omnious. Who's in the urn? I really hope that what I think is happening here, is wrong though.

    On another note, have you remembered to get a "no more meteors" mod?

    1. It'll be interesting to figure out who's in the urn!

      I should look into the no more meteors! Part of me wants to keep it in just because it's so rare - kind of like the midlife crisis! Lol. I actually wondered if it might have been related to Jackson picking up a whole bunch of space rocks! Who knows!

  2. Oh wow. Echoing Urunwa, that was *very* ominous. I think I have an idea of what is going on, but I'm going to wait to see if I'm correct. :|

  3. Is that Midnight Hollow? Is that... Lacie? I wonder what's going on!

    1. Definitely Midnight Hollow - we'll have to see who Raven might be... :)