May 21, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Four, Day Five

"Go ahead and snub me! I don't care!" Macy said hotly.  She was sick and tired of putting up with Lacie's bad moods.  For awhile there, she thought that they could actually be real friends.

But, Lacie was only nice if it suited her purposes.
"Oh no! Did I hurt little Macy's tender feelings?" Lacie mocked.  "Oooooh nooooo! Oh! I'm so sorry Macy!"
Macy stomped her foot.  "Shut. Up. Lacie!" she said with gritted teeth. 
Lacie lost her temper at that point.  "Look! You might have won one fight against me last night. But don't forget that I can take you down! I can make your life hell if you don't watch it!"
Macy gave her sister such a look of distaste that Lacie almost stepped back.  Almost.
Seconds later, she flew at her sister, pinching and pulling and slapping where ever she could reach.  She would remind Macy why she didn't cross her!!
Jason slammed the door open and raced inside.  "GIRLS!" he bellowed angrily, surprised to find the girls on the floor, fighting.  "WHAT THE HELL?!"
Lacie released Macy's hair and stood up.

"What is going on here?" he asked sternly.  "You were loud enough to wake me!"

"Nothing," Lacie mumbled, still shooting dirty looks towards her twin.

Jason crossed his arms and waited.  "Macy?" he prompted.

Macy hesitated.  She'd learned a long time ago not to tattle.  But, she was through being afraid.  "Lacie is mad I was voted Prom Queen and has been picking fights!" she said quickly and breathlessly.  Because although she didn't want to be afraid, there was a tiny bit of her that was still scared of what Lacie would do to her when they were alone.
Jason's gaze shot to Lacie.  "Is this true?" he asked.

Lacie regrouped pretty quickly.  Shooting a look that promised retribution to Macy, she turned back to her Dad with an innocent look.  "No! Macy was rubbing it in my face and making me feel bad that I lost!" she said with a small, pathetic sniffle.

Macy gasped with outrage at the same moment Dad sighed wearily. 

"Dad! That's not TRUE!" Macy shot out as her Dad glanced back and forth between them, as though weighing their testimony. 
"Lacie, let me talk to Macy alone," he finally said, then pointed a finger in her direction.  "And don't think this is over! You'll still be punished for fighting!"

Lacie pursed her lips as she left the room, and tried to hover near the stairs where she could hear what Dad and Macy talked about.

"Downstairs!" her Dad called out from the room, apparently willing to wait until he'd heard the tread on the stairs.  Growling under her breath, she headed down the stairs, then craned her head, straining to hear the conversation.  Dad shut the door and all she heard was a muffled conversation.  Great! she thought sourly. 

"Dad! I swear, she started it!" Macy said quickly.  "Ask Hasan! She got so mad that I won the crown and tried to fight me for it!" She held out her arm, showing her Dad the nail marks her sister had given her the night before.  "She's crazy, Dad!"

Jason held Macy's arm gently, turning it back and forth.  There were 4 evenly spaced, crescent shaped marks on her arm, as well as a nasty bruise on her wrist.  His gut twisted.  His stepdad, Johnny, had tried to tell him that he thought Lacie needed help, but he'd always brushed it off.  He'd thought his girls just fought because they were siblings. 
"Tell me what happened," Jason said quietly, ready to listen.

Dad was finally asking...  and all because she'd stood up for herself.  Macy took a deep breath and began to tell her Dad about her sister's temper. 
At the end of her story, Dad put his hand on her shoulder and reassured her.  "Don't worry sweetie, I'll take care of it."

Unmindful of the drama going on between the teen girls, Liz, Moudy and Jackson spent the afternoon making jack-o-lanterns. 
Jackson admired the finished pumpkins.  "That is totally cool!" he announced happily.  His silly face was the best one!   He couldn't wait to go trick or treating tonight!
"I've gotta go, sweetie.  Big halloween party at the dive!" Liz said, pressing a quick kiss on Moudy's lips. 

Moudy watched her get ready to leave, calling up the stairs for Jason.  "It always pays to have a celebrity in the midst," she joked while she waited for her friend, yelling up the stairs to hurry his butt up.

"Have fun with Moudy!" she called out as she and Jason headed out the door.
"You okay?" Liz asked Jason as they rode towards her bar.  He seemed... off...

Jason, who had been staring dully out the window, turned to look at her.  "Do you think traits, like being good or evil, are hereditary?" he asked quietly.

Liz's eyebrows lifted in shock.  "What?! Where'd that come from?"

Jason shrugged and turned to glance out the window again.  "I just wonder sometimes..." he said, trailing off silently.

Liz pursed her lips and studied her old friend.  She knew the girls had gotten in another fight this morning.  Good Lord, if being evil were hereditary, then both of his girls could have inherited Ashley's evil genes!  She shook her head as she considered.  Macy was a sweetheart.  No way was she evil.  And even though Lacie could be catty & cutting, she wasn't evil, was she?  It's not like she went out of her way to hurt people!

 Did she?

"Hey Dad! Look at this cool space rock!" Jackson called out while his Dad checked the dumpsters for fixer-uppers. 

"Pretty cool!" his Dad called out. 

Jackson picked it up, running his finger over the smooth space stone.  Grinning, he shoved it in his pocket.  If he collected enough of them, he could turn them in at the science facility.  So cool!  Walking the fence line, he kept an eye out for more cool rocks.

Liz unlocked the door and motioned for Jason to enter.  "Give me a second to set up," she told him, headed for the bar.

Jason nodded, grabbing his phone from his pocket.  "Hello?" he barked into the phone.
"No, sorry. I'm not dating right now," he said quickly, pressing the end button.  Seriously, where did these chicks get his number?  He wasn't into heart farting right now...

(AN: Seriously - all the desperate housewives have been calling Jason like crazy asking him out on dates!  Guess that picture of him in the shower worked for them!)

Moudy set a few things to the side that he'd found thrown away.  To this day, it still amazed him when he found perfectly good items thrown away.  Like this chair without the leg.  How easy was it to replace a leg? Geez!
It was good that Jackson was so patient on their hikes.  He didn't mind if Moudy got a little distracted.  Liz always acted really put out when he stopped to check out the dumpsters.  She said it made him stink.
"Come on, kid. Let's get home and showered up and go trick or treating!" Moudy said, grinning when Jackson cheered, jumping up in the air and hooting.

"Be good!" Moudy called over his shoulder and he lead Jackson down the stairs.  "And remember - your Dad said you were grounded tonight, Lacie."

Lacie waited all of 5 minutes before grabbing her bag and heading to the door.

"Where are you going?" Macy asked.  "Dad said you were grounded!"

Lacie scoffed. "Please? On Spooky Day? Yeah right!  I'm going over to Hector's."

"Why are you seeing him anyway?" Macy asked.  "He called Dad all sorts of names and you slapped him at school!"

Lacie laughed at her dim-witted sister.  "Let's just say he likes it when I make him hurt so good," she teased

"God, Lacie!" Macy breathed.

Lacie snickered when she saw her sister blushing.   Hector had told her later after she'd slapped him again that it was sexy when she did that.  She'd slapped him again and asked him to Prom.  He'd been putty in her hands since then.   "I'll be back before they notice I'm gone.  You'd better not tell anyone!"

Macy crossed her arms, lifting her chin up a notch.  "I won't tattle, but I won't cover for you," she announced firmly.

"Whatever!" Lacie snapped, opening the door and letting it slam behind her.

Moudy took pictures when Jackson rang his first doorbell and quickly texted them to family.  His kid looked so darn cute in his little gnome costume.  At 10 years old, though, he knew this might be the last year Jackson actually wanted to go trick or treating.

"Come on, Dad! Let's get to the next house!" Jackson called out, jumping down the steps and hurrying down the sidewalk.

"Wait up!" Moudy called, shoving his phone in his pocket and hurrying after his son.

Lacie greeted Hector with a heated kiss, grinning when he grabbed her hand and pulled her inside.  He'd said he was having a costume party, but the place looked empty to her.  She loved it when he lied to get his way...  That really turned her on!

"That's a mighty full spooky basket!" the elderly woman said when she dropped a piece of candy in his basket.

"Yeah! We've been all over the neighborhood!" Jackson bragged.

Moudy chuckled.  "Pretty soon, you're not gonna be able to carry it!"

"Oh! I'll be able to carry it!" he said earnestly.  No candy left behind...

The place was packed, which was great for business, Liz thought smugly.  "Let me buy you another round!" she called to Jason, motioning to the bartender.   Geez, this guy was so slow!  She made a note to hire a new bartender.

Jackson yawned, then glanced up at his Dad with an irritated frown.  "But I'm not sleepy!" he protested.  "I could totally go around another block!"

Moudy chuckled.  "Come on, it's almost bedtime and you've got a big bucket of candy that should last you months!  How much more candy do you really need?"

"Lots!" Jackson grumbled.

Lacie wrapped her arms around Hector, making out in his bedroom. With her arms wrapped around his back, she pressed her nails into his shoulder blade, laughing out loud when he swore and broke away from her.

"Do it again," he said gruffly, pulling her back into his arms and kissing her.  He tensed as she ran her fingernails sharply down his back, then groaned when she sank her nails into his lower back.  "God, that feels good," he said hoarsely, kissing her harder, mashing his teeth against her lips.

Moudy pushed the door open and smiled at Macy in greeting.  "Hey, did you and Lacie have a lot trick or treaters here?"

Macy paused her sports game and shot up.  "Um, no. No trick or treaters!" she said, feeling nervous.  Should she tell Moudy that Lacie wasn't home  yet.  She'd been gone almost 2 hours.  
"Well, let's put a spooky movie on and watch it together since you guys are grounded."  He called up the stairs.  "LACIE!"

"Um...." Macy hesitated, biting her lip. 

Moudy, sensing something was off, turned towards Macy.  "Where is she?" he asked.

She pulled back when she got a text, glancing at the message.  Hector struggled, trying to pull her back into his arms. 

"Quit it!" she snapped, hitting him on the shoulder.  She saw desire and anger spark in his eyes and rolled her eyes.  He was so easy, it wasn't funny.  "That b*#&$! She ratted me out!" she cursed.  "I've got to get home or my Dad's coming here."

"5 more minutes?" Hector begged.  "How're they going to know how long it takes you to get home?"
Lacie rolled her eyes.  "No. I'm not in the mood," she said sullenly. 

"I can get you there," Hector promised, reaching around and trying to tug her back into his arms. 

Lacie couldn't help but roll her eyes again.  As if, she thought acidly.  Hector couldn't find his way around a girl's body with a map!  The only reason she let him fool around with her was because he let her hurt him.  His fumbling attempts at seduction just left her with a permanent eye roll...

"Maybe next time," she told him, pulling away from him and stalking from the room.

She was going to make Macy pay this time!
Her stomach sank when she saw Dad waiting on the front steps.  "I'm sorry, Daddy!" she hurriedly said in as innocent of a voice as she could manage while seething on the inside.  "There was a costume party and I promised I'd..."
Jason cut her excuse off. "I am so disappointed in you, Lacie," he said.  "I thought we talked about this type of behavior this morning." 
"IT'S NOT FAIR! WHY DIDN'T MACY GET GROUNDED?" Lacie fumed.  "She started it! But you just believed all her lies before you talked to me!"

He swallowed heavily, his mind racing.

Jason, Week 31, Day 4
It scared him how much of Ashley he saw in Lacie.  He had a flashback to the mother of his twins shrieking at him during their short marriage. 

How had he never seen this before?  A tight pain in his stomach nearly gutted him.  This was his baby girl!
 "Oh plumbbob, Lacie," he said, stricken.

Lacie didn't like the panicked look on her Dad's face.  He was staring at her as if she repulsed him!  "AARG! I hate you!" she screamed, then turned around and ran inside.
Jason watched her run inside, feeling numb and heartbroken.  His hands were literally shaking from the confrontation.

What was he going to do?


  1. Ew, Hector is an original. But, uhm, Lacie likes to hurt him? Yeah, I'm going to focus on Jackson instead; he's such a cutiepie so far. Hope it lasts.

    1. Hector and Lacie are crazy-sauce. Really, I completely forgot Hector was the guy that Lacie slapped. But, by that point, Prom had already happened. And really, it kind of rings true for Lacie - that she enjoys hurting. Oh, what a fun Heiress she will be!!

      Lol. I LOVE Jackson! SUCH a cutiepie! He reminds me of Ace, from Generation 2. I noticed I had him saying Awesome a whole lot. Lol.

  2. Well I'm glad Jason has finally realized his daughter is evil. I was wondering how long she'd be able to torture Macy with impunity. :/ Here's hoping something positive will come out of his realization.

    1. It's about time, right?! I'm so glad he *listened* this time! Macy used to tell the adults when Lacie was being mean, but they never saw it. So, she learned to be quiet, poor girl!

  3. I thought he was a lot like Ace too! He has the yellow hair, and he has a similar personality, I loved Ace so much...


  4. I am so glad Jason is not falling for Lacie's lies anymore. It's sad to see how she treats Macy when she can get away with it.

    1. I am glad that Jason's eyes were opened, too! It's been a rough road for Macy! So happy she was able to take a stand!

  5. I really like what you're doing with Lacie's evil trait! I feel a bit bad for her family who have to endure it, but she sure is fun to watch!

    At least Moudy, Liz and Jackson are a happy family <3

    1. Lacie's evilness only gets better! I feel really bad for her family, too. But, I'm happy that Jason's eyes are opened and Macy is standing up to the evil witch!

      LOVE Liz, Moudy & Jackson! So sad to see them happy & stable while Jason and his family struggle.