May 20, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Four, Day Four

"Come on Dad!" Jackson said, taking a running leap off the front steps.  "This is gonna be awesome!"

"Sh! People are still sleeping!" Moudy said quietly as he juggled his tackle box and his son's lunch bag before turning to lock the front door after them.  "Hold up, Jax!" he said.

Jackson turned around and grinned up at his Dad.  "I'm holding! I'm holding!" he said, in still loud of a voice.

Moudy couldn't hold back the grin.  His boy was growing up so fast and he couldn't be any prouder.  And to think - he'd been so conflicted about having kids!  He remembered how floored and worried he'd been when Liz had found out she was pregnant.  Now, he couldn't imagine his life being able to turn out any better than it was!

"Come on, I'm ready now," Moudy said, tussling Jackson's hair as he walked by him. 
A short hike into town and Jackson and his Dad were fishing.

"God. I hate mornings!" Lacie grumbled when the alarm went off.  "Natalee - turn it off. NOW!"  She rolled over and pulled her pillow over her head.

Natalee wiped the sleep from her eyes, looking at the alarm clock.  "I don't know what to do!" she said worriedly.  "How do I turn it off?"

"I'll get it! Don't worry," Macy said helpfully, rolling up her sleeping bag. While her little sister was in town, she had given up her bed.  She tapped the alarm, silencing the shrill beeping.

"Oh thank plumbbob!" Lacie grouched, throwing the pillow down at Macy.  "I thought my eardrums were going to burst!"
Macy and Natalee dressed quickly while Lacie grumbled about hating school, mornings, and life in general. 

"She's not much of a morning person, is she?" Natalee asked cheekily as they left the room.

Macy gasped, glancing back to see if Lacie heard.  Poor Natalee, she needed to learn not to say things like that within her twin's hearing.  Putting her hand on her half-sister's shoulders, she gently hurried her out of the room.

She didn't want to chance Lacie being mean to her little sister!

"I caught a fish!" Jackson said excitedly, holding up the small minnow.  "Now Bobbie can have a best friend!"

"Looks good," Moudy remarked. 

Jackson handed his Dad his catch.  "Can you take him home for me?" he asked.  "I've got to get to school."

Moudy nodded, dropping the little fish into the bucket they'd set aside.  "I'll take care of it," he promised, kissing the top of Jackon's head.  "Have a good day at school."
"Thanks Dad!" Jackson called over his shoulder, hurrying towards school.

"Jackson! Your lunch!" Moudy called out, grinning when Jackson circled back around and grabbed his lunch bag, before loping back to school grounds.  

Jason woke up late.  He'd meant to make a nice breakfast for the girls before they headed off to school, like his Mom used to do for him.  So much for best laid plans, right? 
"Morning," Liz said sleepily as she grabbed a yogurt from the fridge.  "Sleep well?"
 "Yeah. You?" Jason asked, glancing up from his cereal. 

"Sure. I got in late last night, so I'm wiped," she told him, dropping into her seat heavily.

"You still enjoying the bar?" Jason asked curiously. 
Liz grinned widely.  "I love it!" she said with feeling.  It was still strange to him that Liz's lifetime dream was to be a master mixologist.  It just went to show that you could know someone for years and not really know them at all...

He looked back down at his cereal and stirred his spoon around.  It kind of hurt to see Liz doing so well fulfilling her dreams.  Not that he wasn't happy for her - he was!  He was just upset that he'd made such a mess of his life...

Without a wane smile, he turned back to his cereal and finished his breakfast as quickly as possible.  "Gotta prep for the game," he told her as an excuse, hopping up and leaving her at the table alone.

"No worries. I'm headed to the bar," she called to his back.

Jason pocketed his cell phone and leaned back on the bench, feeling his heart beating a million beats per minute.   

He had a baby boy...

He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, willing it all to go away.  He swallowed thickly and took a long, shallow breath, attempting to calm himself down. 

Thankfully all the women claiming he'd had affairs with them had reversed their claims after his attorney sent out notices.  There was no truth to their claims and wouldn't hold up in a court of law.  And soon after, the media moved on to another scandal by a local politician.

But, he was very aware of how quickly the media could, and would, turn on him. 
"Just the man I was looking for!" Coach Powers said congenially as he pushed into the locker room.  "Mick said you were in here."
Jason hopped up and approached his Coach.  "Just taking a minute to prep for the game," he said, forcing a smile.  "Ready for kick-off!"

Coach Powers put his hand on Jason's shoulder.  "Actually, I'm glad I caught you alone."

He took a deep breath.

"I've known you a long time, kid, and you know I think the world of you.  Your arm has won us many games!" Coach hedged.

Jason felt a big "but" coming...

"But," Coach continued carefully, "the owners feel it would be best if Tommy played this game."
It was what he'd been worried about since the ugly news broke of his affair.  "You're benching me?" he asked quietly.

"Just for the game," Coach said gently.  "Gotta give the Rookie a chance, right?"

Jason could read between the lines.  "Sure," he said without feeling. 

Coach looked for a moment like he would say something more before shaking his head and heading out.  "Take a moment, then come out and support your teammates," he called over his shoulder.

"You enjoying your visit?" Jackson asked Natalee.

Natalee glanced towards him and shrugged.  "I guess."

"Do you miss your Mom?" he asked again.  He couldn't imagine having to live with his parents separately.  Would he want to live with his Mom or his Dad?  He frowned as he considered that thought.  Thank plumbbob he didn't have to choose!

Natalee glanced away.  "Yeah," she told him.  "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Yeah!" Jackson said eagerly.  He loved secrets!

Natalee smiled sweetly.  "I'm going to get my parents back together again!" she promised.

 "Hey kiddos," Moudy called over his shoulder when he heard Jackson and Natalee come in.  "Just finishing up with this advertisement on the SimsStuffList.  "Head over to the table and get started on your homework!"

"Is that seriously how you're going to Prom?" Lacie asked with despair.  "God! How are we sisters?"

Macy glanced in the mirror at her reflection.  "What's wrong?" she asked with a frown.

"Girl, let me do your hair and make-up," Lacie said, popping her hand on her hip.  "Or I'm not letting you go!"

Macy rolled her eyes.  "Fine!" she said, knowing she wouldn't win this fight with her sister.

Moudy sat at the table with the kids while they worked on their homework.  He or Liz liked to be nearby if Jackson had any questions.  It also cut down on the "I-don't-have-any-homework-excuses."
The doorbell rang.

Jackson checked his watch and stood up.  "Keep working," he told the kids before heading to the door.
Moudy opened the door and saw the two boys standing, waiting for the girls.  Prom night, Moudy thought.  
"GIRLS!" Moudy called up the stairs.  "Your dates are here!"
Quietly, he stepped outside and stared down the boys.  "No drinking. No drugs. And home by curfew," he said sternly.
"Oh yeah, definitely!" Hector Langerak said glibly.  When Moudy narrowed his eyes at the kid, Hector quickly tacked on, "Sir!"

Hasan Gaither shuffled nervously, taking a small step away from Lacie's date.
"Be good!" Moudy called out, waving at the girls as they headed to their dance after the obligatory pictures.

Jason and Liz were going to regret missing this.

Jason rang the doorbell and then felt his phone buzz.  He quickly checked his messages and saw his girls in their formalwear.

"Damn, I missed it," he swore softly.  He'd been meaning to make it home after the game.  But Brenda's text and his benching had completely wiped it from his mind.  

A sound at the door had him turning around.

"Sorry, the room's not really clean," Jackson apologized, showing Natalee into his room.
Natalee looked around nervously.  "It's okay," she said softly, dropping her sleeping bag on the floor.
"The girls are going to be getting home late," Liz explained again.  "I don't want them to wake you up when they get in.  You and Jackson can have a sleepover in here!" she said brightly.

"It's okay, Miss Liz," Natalee told her anxiously, glancing towards Jackson as he sat playing.

Liz's heart melted. She'd changed this girl's diapers and rocked her to sleep at night and it was clear Natalee hardly remembered.  She wanted to hug the sweet little girl good night, but Natalee was acting very stand-offish.  "Sleep well," she told her, patting Natalee's shoulder.
She turned to Jackson and gave him a big hug and kiss goodnight.   "Sleep well," Liz told her son.  "To bed!"

Natalee watched Miss Liz as hugged Jackson.  It made her miss her Mom.  But, when she lived with her Mom, she always missed her Dad, too. She hated being split between her parents!  Jackson was so lucky he had both of his parents! 

But, like she told Jackson, she was going to get her parents together again!
"Night, Natalee," Jackson said, flopping on his bed.  "Night Bobbie!"

Natalee unrolled her sleeping bag.  "Night."

 "Thanks for agreeing to see me," Brenda said in a sultry voice.
 Jason scrubbed his hands over his face.  "I just came over to see the boy," he said hesitantly.
He rushed on uncomfortably.  "Look, I know we agreed that I would pay you child support and a small monthly stipend..."

Brenda smirked.  "Very generously!" she interrupted him.

"...If his birth certificate remained 'father unknown'," Jason continued. 

"And?" she teased.  Oh, she knew why Jason had rushed over after his game.  But, she just wanted to hear him say it.   Really, he was too easy.  He tried so hard to do the right thing all the time.  She'd worked pretty dang hard to get him to be a bad, bad boy.  And now she was set for life!  

"I just wanted to see him," Jason said.

Brenda laughed.  "But why would you want to see my fatherless child?" she teased.

Jason's lips thinned as he stared at the woman he'd had no business getting involved with.  "Can I see him?"

"By all means!" she said, leading him down the hall.

Lacie was on top of the world during her Prom.  She danced with a lot of boys, wrapping them around her little finger. 

Hector was so crazy for her, he asked her to go steady twiceAs if!  She was never going to belong to any guy!

She'd totally seen through Hector's lame-ass attempt to kiss her.  But, he wasn't that bad for a first kiss!

When the principal approached the microphone and announced  the Prom Queen, she preened, ready to accept her award.
She'd already started up towards the podium when it dawned on her that he'd called for her sister.  She narrowed her eyes.  There must've been some sort of mistake!  Dowdy Macy couldn't be the Queen?

That's bullshit! she seethed angrily as she watched people fawning over her sister.  Oh, Macy was going to regret ever being born!

Outside, Lacie stormed towards her twin.  "You bitch!" she hollered, glaring at the crown in Macy's hand.  "That crown should be mine!" 
She reached out, grabbing for it.  She narrowed her eyes when Macy leaned back, moving the crown out of her reach. 

"Quit it, Lacie! It's mine!" Macy said defensively. 

Lacie stomped her foot.  "It should have been mine!" she screamed shrilly, not caring at the crowd that was gathering around them. 
Hasan grabbed Macy's hand.  "We should just go," he told her quietly.  Macy's sister worried him. 

Macy shook his hand off.  "No! I'm so tired of her taking things that belong to me! I thought we were friends!" she shouted at her sister.  "Why can't you be happy for me?"

"Friends? With you? As IF!" Lacie sneered.  "Give. Me. The. Crown!"  she demanded, fixated on the Queen crown.  A symbol of her popularity.  It should have been hers!

Macy lifted her chin regally.  "You'll have to take it from me."
"With pleasure!" Lacie reached for her sister's hand and twisted, digging her nails into her skin, attempting to make her twin drop the crown.  
"I can't look!" Hasan cowered, covering his eyes with his hands.   What was he supposed to do?!  The rest of the boys were cheering for Lacie.  Hasan felt sick to his stomach with worry for Macy...
He peeked and saw Macy sweep a foot under Lacie's leg and trip her twin.  "I'm done letting you pick on me!" Macy announced victoriously.

Lacie sat for a moment on the floor, seemingly stunned silent by her loss.  She glared from her bottom at the boys that were now laughing at her.  Even her date, Hector Oh, he would pay...

Brenda leaned against the door frame as Jason walked towards the crib.  He saw his son lying there, swaddled in a baby blue blanket.

"What'd you name him?" he asked, reaching in to pick him up.  It bugged him that he didn't even know the name of this child who would never be his.  It was probably better that way.  He'd screwed up enough lives as it was.  No way was he going to screw his son's up, too.

"Rashawn," Brenda informed him.
"Rashawn," he repeated, holding his boy in his arms.  He closed his eyes and savored the moment that would have to last a lifetime.  


  1. I love that Macy stood up for herself! Maybe she got voted prom queen because she's nicer?

    Aw, Natalee... that's so sad.

    Moudy and Liz really do have their lives together compared to Jason- benched? Ouch.

    He had a son? I thought he could only produce daughters, haha. It must really hurt for him not to really be a part of Rashawn's life.

    1. I'm glad Macy's able to stand up for herself, too. But, I worry about what Lacie will do in retaliation! Especially since people laughed!

      I would people like Macy a whole lot more than they like Lacie!

      Poor Natalee! She was taken away from her family at a weird age. So it all seems a little strange to her. Also - it would've helped if Jason had been around a little bit more!

      Moudy & Liz have got it going on!

      Lol - Jason was benched. Dun.. dun.. dun..

      Seriously! I was surprised he had a son, too! Especially one named Rashawn! On paper, he's not the dad & I believe attorneys have recommended he have nothing to do with that child... but I wonder if Jason is going to be able to do that...

  2. Lacys got that Marilyn Monroe look about her at prom. Good for Macy standing up for herself. Wonder what she'll do in return though.

    How will Jason survive without seeing his son all the time?

    1. I liked Lacie's hairstyle for prom, too. It's hard to find cute short hair in the game!

      Yes! Thank goodness Macy got a little bit of backbone. What's the worst Lacie can do to her, right?!

      Ugh. It's going to be hard on Jason! But, right now he's worried about more bad press. Maybe in the future he'll do the right thing...

  3. I want to know Natalee's plan for getting her parents back together! Also good for Macy for standing up to her sister.

    1. I was envisioning a little bit of a Parent Trap!

      Yay Macy! She spent so long being afraid of her sister! I was so happy so won the fight at Prom. Surprised, too! I thought Evil was always supposed to win fights! Lol

  4. Father-son fishing was cute. Jackson seems like he's growing up well.

    Natalee is so cute! Glad to see her in the story.

    They really benched Jason?! Has his performance been going down?

    Wow, Macy won prom queen! Good she didn't let Lacie take that from her. Things finally went to far for her to back down from Lacie!

    1. Father & son outings are always adorable, aren't they?

      Natalee is adorable! She's the spitting image of her mother!

      Not only did I bench Jason in the story, but he also lost his very first game!

      I was surprised Macy won prom queen. She always works hard at school, while I have Lacie meeting & talking to friends.

      Maybe Lacie learned that she can't always get what she wants...

  5. Wow, feels like Lacie is losing it! It's good to see Macy standing up to her sister, but I wonder if there is any way for them to ever bounce back from this. It's probably too much to hope for a good relationship between these two!

    Aw, things are really looking grim for poor Jason. :(

    1. Sometimes it seems that Lacie's sanity teeters on a thin line. But, I guess you have to be a little bit off in the head to be so evil!

      I was so happy Macy won the fight against Lacie! Lol. I thought she was going to get whooped again.

      No way can there ever be a good relationship between these two and the sooner Macy realizes it, the better!!

      Things ARE pretty grim for Jason. He made a really, really, really bad mid-life crisis decision. Hopefully in time it will smooth out for him!