May 21, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Four, Day Six

Jason threw himself into working out to work out his frustrations. His life was shit.

He'd signed Lacie up for counseling and it seemed to be going okay.  She was still mad at him.  But, he'd rather her be mad at him for getting her help, than just ignoring the problem.  More than he already had, he thought guiltily.

He was starting to feel like he was permanently benched.
Hell, Coach Powers gave him a book called Spiraling Out and hinted that maybe he might step down and take an assistant coaching position.  "I'm not going to be around forever," he had joked, cuffing Jason on the shoulder.  He didn't want to consider losing his allstar status OR his friend.

Natalee had called him crying, devastated that her Mom had just told her that she was engaged to stupid Anoki.  Well, she hadn't called Anoki stupid, that was Jason's adjective.  His daughter had sobbed, begging him to get back together with her Mom.  No way in the world Cheri would take him back, especially if she was engaged to that hulking giant.

He had a son he couldn't see.  His lawyer had found out that Jason had visited the boy when Brenda had sent a note thanking him for seeing the kid that was "like his son."  The attorney had bumped up her monthly stipend and told Jason in very clear terms that he needed to stay away.

Grimacing, he pushed even harder, hoping to exhaust himself

"Hey guys!" Moudy said, walking inside.  "How's it going?"

Jason grunted.  He was doing that a lot lately.

"Just finishing up this chapter on Mixologists," Liz said distractedly.  She only had 5 more chapters and she'd been done with the Master Mixologist for Dummies book. 
Moudy gazed at his wife.  It felt like it'd been too long since they'd gotten to spend time together.  She was at the dive bar more often than not or working on her Master Mixologist certification.  "I've missed you," he said with longing. 
"Get a room!" Jason said gruffly when Liz set her book aside and wrapped her arms around Moudy.
"You know, we have a few hours before everyone is set to be here," she whispered in his ear.
Moudy didn't have to be told twice.  He hustled a giggling Liz up the stairs.

Jason shook his head with disgust as he headed to the stadium.  Liz and Moudy acting like lovesick fools had turned his stomach and that pissed him off.

He didn't want to be bitter.

Maybe he needed to make a counseling session for himself...

"The place looks great!" Moudy told his wife.  "Jackson is going to love it!"

Liz glanced around the room proudly.  "You know he's going to love the new gaming system I got him way more than cake!"

Moudy shook his head.  "I still can't believe you bought the ExoEdge!" he said with surprise.

"Hey! You knew when you married me that I loved gizmos and gadgets! And my son deserves the best gaming system!"

Moudy chuckled.
Friends gathered in the living room, ready to help Jackson celebrate his birthday.  Liz had invited her mom, but was so thankful that she didn't come.  She sent cards and called once or twice a year, but Liz tried to limit her exposure to the toxic woman.  She'd taken everything her Mom had done wrong and done the exact opposite.

And that seemed to be working for her!
"It's my birthday!" Jackson announced excitedly.
"I know!" Liz cheered happily.  "Wait until you see what I got you!"

"What'd you get me?!" he asked eagerly.

"You have to wait!" Liz could hardly contain her excitement.
"Time to blow out the candles!" Moudy called to the guests, gathering them to the table.
"Make a wish!" Liz called happily.

"Hmmm... what to wish for?" Jackson mused aloud.

"You can't say it out loud or it won't come true!" Macy laughed.

Jackson closed his eyes and made his wish, then blew out the candles.
"So? What'd you wish for?" Lacie asked with her hand on her hip.  "Probably something dumb!"

Jason elbowed Lacie.  "Now say 3 nice things," he told his daughter.  Her therapist believed that for every rude thing Lacie said, she should say three nice things to help her re-train her thought processes.

Lacie rolled her eyes, a stubborn look glinting momentarily.  "You have pretty green eyes, I like your hair, and nice shirt," she said quickly before turning on her father.  "There? Happy?"

Jason sighed.  Little did she know he was worlds away from happy.  "Better," he told her, satisfied.
Liz interrupted the moment by calling out to the crowd.  "PIZZA!"

"So? What'd you get me?" Jackson asked eagerly.  "Where's my present?"

Liz held out the box and then started to put it back behind her back.  "You're probably not going to like it. I should probably just send it back to the store."

"No way! I want it!" Jackson laughed, playfully reaching for the box.
"Well, alright, but just remember we can take it back!" she teased as Jackson ripped into the wrapping paper.

"HOLY COW MOM! The ExoEdge?! SERIOUSLY?" he shouted, darting into her arms and squeezing her tight a second before pulling back and staring at his new gaming system. 
He hurriedly set it up and grabbed a controller.  "Come on, Ken, let's race!" he told his buddy.

"This is totally bitching!" Ken said, grabbing the remote Jackson tossed him.  "Your mom is totally cool!"

Jackson grinned smugly.  "Yeah, I know!"
Liz stared at the recent fall family portrait and sighed wistfully.  They grew so fast...


  1. Jason is really heading downhill now. Maybe he should become a coach instead of sitting around beeing bitter. And he's not even allowed to meet his son at all?

    Jackson's got his mums pinchable cheeks. Still don't believe that Lacie's therapy is going to help though. But, maybe it will?

    1. Jason is an absolute mess. I thought it was HILARIOUS that his boss wanted him to read Spiraling Out because he is definitely on a downward spiral. But, at least he sees it, right? He would definitely benefit from some counseling. :)

      Jackson did inherit those cute cheeks. Lol!

      Psh! No way is Lacie's therapy going to help. She's evil, through & through. Maybe she'll just learn to hide it better...

  2. Poor Jason, spiraling out like that. And Lacie is...trying? She's trying to *deceive* people I should say.

    1. I think Jason is spiraling downward a little bit. But, he's made such a mess of his life. He needs to acknowledge it & work to clean it up!

      And Lacie trying! Ha! I think you're right - she's trying to deceive people!

  3. Liz is a really cool mom!

    Poor Jason though... he's already down and then Cheri getting engaged to Anoki is just another kick :(

    1. Liz and Moudy are awesome, involved parents.

      Jason is in for some hard times (of his own making!) Cheri & Anoki seem to be happy together, though!