May 22, 2017

Raven: Week Thirty-Five, Day One

Raven Fell took a deep breath as she lowered the lid on her beloved laptop.  She thought she might feel a little bit more sadness after snipping the last threads holding her to another life.  But, instead, she felt nothing.

Lacie Black-Wolff was no more.

It was a good thing her husband, Hector Landgraab, had taught her all about computers in the short time they were married.

And now, with the inheritance she received after his passing, Raven now had a fresh start.
Standing up, she curiously explored the rest of the house.  She loved the dark, gothic undertones throughout. 
This must be the door to the balcony.
Raven winced with pain when the bright, shining sun assaulted her the moment she stepped outside.  It'd been far too easy to become accustomed to the dark shadows in her home.  She turned, ready to head back inside when she saw it.
"A telescope! How delightful!" she crooned, her heels clicking as she hurried across the balcony.
She would be able to spy on all of her neighbors!    Lowering her gaze to the eye piece, she swiveled around to watch the people as they passed.
She spied the woman in the garish, bright orange dress first.  Must be some sort of circus clown, she scoffed snobbishly.  As she expected, she learned everything about her the moment she saw her.  It was a gift she'd received soon after the meteor blast.  The woman's name was Ada Kane and she was a celebrity paparazzi who dreamed of being a professional author...
She swiveled further ahead and saw the pale man.  "Oh, how deliciously evil!" she cooed when she looked at him.  Roderick Synapse was a true evil genius!  He'd recently kidnapped an innocent girl in an attempt to get back at a rival. 
Her telescope touched on another woman, leaving her home.  Seema Sielen.  She frowned when her newly acquired skill found nothing on the girl.  A rather simple girl, thinking about boys.  Boring!
She turned her sights to another man walking down the street, surprised by his mundane exterior.  "John Doe," she whispered.  Married with 3 children, and another on the way, she realized.  And something about a basement.  Oh, this one might project a normal, average-Joe personality, but waves of danger radiated from him.  He'd learned to hide it well.
Almost as well as she'd learned to hide it.

Growing bored with her people-watching, Raven explored the outside of her new home.  She was fond of the special spot under the shade of a tree, facing the pond.

Perhaps this might be a better place to put Hector.
A melancholy mood swept over Raven.  Poor Hector, she thought sadly.  They'd been newly married and delighted in hurting each other.

His parents had cried foul-play when he'd passed away so suddenly.  Of course, blunt force trauma deaths were usually investigated.  When there had not been enough proof that it had been anything other than an unfortunate murphy bed accident, the courts had awarded her the inheritance - almost $200,000.

Ironic that even though she'd thought about killing Hector for his money, it had truly been an accident during a rather energetic love-session.  But, his family continued to look at her as though she were a killer.  Her family had continued to look at her as though she were a killer.  She could sense it whenever she was near them.

It was then she knew that she couldn't stay in Sunset Valley and she couldn't remain sweet, little, innocent Lacie.

So here she was. Widow Raven Fell in Midnight Hollow.
Standing abruptly, she swiped at the tears on her cheeks.  She needed to get out of this house.

She needed to prowl.
She headed down the street, drinking in her new home.  She was anxious to meet someone, to weasel her way into the town's life force.
Up ahead, she spied an officer's car.
Quickly, she crossed the street.  She had no desire to run into any law enforcement.
 She stopped and gazed with wonder at town proper, Simagon Alley.  It was perfect.
She darted down the long, empty alleys, enjoying the desolate feel that pulsed in the air.  She sensed no one about.
She smelled the Noble Noshery before she spotted it.  She could smell a faint scent of spiced sausage and sauerkraut. 
She was drawn to it.  Even though she was more of an Autumn Salad kind of girl.  She shook her head.  Something deep inside her wanted to experiment and live vicariously.  Who was to say Raven didn't like sausage and sauerkraut?
In the end, she wasn't nearly as adventurous as she'd desired.  The Firecracker Tofu and the Potato and Truffle Torte just didn't appeal to her. 
She settled on a dish of Goopy Carbonara and headed back outside to eat blissfully alone. The proprietress had looked at her strangely when she asked to be seated outside, but she was used to that.  Let them look!  There had been too many people inside the cafe. 
After the waiter took her empty plate, Raven stood up, preparing to leave.  The restaurant was becoming something of a hot spot as more and more people arrived for dinner.

She glanced at the entrance and saw a woman coming out.  Samantha NguyenResident in the medical career with deep commitment issues. 

She spared a glance for the woman going inside with bright red hair.  Odessa Winchester.  The town darling. She narrowed her gaze.  An ambitious woman hiding a neurotic and slightly off-balanced personality.  She perceived that she would need an introduction to even speak to this proud woman.
Her gaze darted back to Samantha and she approached her with a smile.  "Lovely night to be out isn't it?" she asked as charmingly as possible.
Samantha seemed surprised to be approached by a stranger.  "Hullo," she said softly.  Her gaze flicked behind Raven.   "Hullo, Dr. Watts."
Raven spun around, ready to introduce herself to the newcomer, when she found herself nearly pressed against him.

She let out a small gasp of surprise. 
He was so handsome, with a powerful and commanding presence!  She sensed his answering desire, which only added more fuel to her fire.
Coyly, she greeted him.  "Hello, I'm Raven," she said, holding out her hand daintily to clasp his.  "I'm new to town."
"Well, hello, Raven.  I'm Dr. Nathan Watts.  I moved here recently, as well."  Dr. Nathan Watts, Genetic Resequencer, a neurotic perfectionist. A true genius.

Raven loved his voice. He spoke with a clipped accent, as though he were used to speaking quickly and efficiently.  This was not a man to waste precious time with platitudes.

"And how do you enjoy living here?" she asked. 

Nathan gazed at her directly, holding her gaze effortlessly.  "I am beginning to find the place all the more intriguing," he told her honestly.    He motioned towards the cafe.  "Were you headed inside to eat?"
Raven shook her head.  "No, I've already eaten," she said with real regret.  "I was about to head home."

Dr. Watts held out her arm to her.  "Then allow me to walk you home."
He had a southern gentleman's charm, Raven thought as she allowed Nathan to walk her home.  He walked with his arm braced against her back, informing her in that clipped way of his about the town and his revolutionary experiments.

But underneath it all, she sensed his desire for her.
Finally, they stopped in front of her house.  "This is it," she told him.

Surprise flickered in his gaze.  "We're practically neighbors," he informed her, pointing down to the end of dimly lit street. "My house is done there."  She sensed his eagerness to engage in a heady affair with his mysterious neighbor.

Raven followed his gaze and felt a thrill of excitement.

He paused a moment, then nodded brusquely.  "Good night, then," he told her.

Raven was surprised when he didn't make a move on her.  All of her senses told her that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.
She couldn't contain herself. Raven threw herself into his arms and kissed him hard and deep.  "Don't go," she whispered, running her nails up his neck to clench in his hair.
Nathan was surprised by the lady's bold approach. 
Raven sensed his surprise and stepped away.  She didn't understand.  "But you wanted it?" she said curiously, almost as a question.  "I can feel you want me!"
Nathan straightened to his full height and stared sternly at the young girl. She couldn't be more than 19 or 20, far from his 39 years.  "Young lady, just because I offered to walk you home does not mean that I expected to anything more," he snapped, adjusting his tie. 
Raven narrowed her eyes at his set-down.  "You wanted me just as much as I wanted you," she accused, jabbing her finger into his chest, crinkling his tie yet again.  
"Kindly remove your finger from my person and cease your histrionics," he grated out, reaching up to straighten his tie.

Raven scoffed and rolled her eyes.  "Don't think I didn't feel the truth of it!" she said with pursed lips as she sent a telling glance downward. 
Nathan could not remember ever feeling so frustrated... and tempted.  He pinched the bridge of his nose and started counting by 3's in an attempt to bring himself under control.

"What are you doing?" the beautiful young lady snapped waspishly. 
"I... I must...go..." he spat forcefully.  "Good night."   With that, he turned and strode down the street to his own home.

Raven had half a mind to follow him and push the argument.  Why would he deny that he wanted her?  Why not just take what he wanted when she was willing?   
Stalking up the stairs, she headed into her room, throwing her heels across the room in a fit of temper.  "Can you believe he told me no?" she asked with frustration.  Her voice gentled as she touched the urn.  "I miss you so much, Hector," she said softly.  Nobody had ever understood her quite like Hector.
"Good night, my love," she said, slipping between the satin sheets.  "Sleep well."


  1. I wondered if that was Midnight Hollow! Dreadful place. So poorly lit! ;) Interesting start for "Raven"...

    1. Ugh! The poor lighting is driving me crazy! I feel like I'm always squinting to see anything in the game! Lol. I like the downtown, though! All the alleys & buildings!

  2. Haha, I love dialogue with Nathan. I read it all in a very WASPy voice. XD Looking forward to more of this! It's really interesting!

    1. I really like Nathan & am glad they had heart farts! We'll have to see if anything comes of their relationship. You'd think being a genius, he would know to steer clear of trouble!! ;)

  3. So, Raven knows everything about sims she meets after getting hit by the meteor? Didn't work with Nathan though, she needs a bit more practice.

    Midnight Hollows really is pretty, but dark. It suits her.

    1. Ha! Why do you think they stole the meteor? Scientists stole it to examine. :) Lol

      It kind of worked on Nathan - she knew he wanted her. She just couldn't see past that to see he didn't want to act on it within the first hour of meeting her. Lol

      Midnight Hollow definitely suits her. Crazy lady!

  4. I really like this turn in the story. Raven is very interesting so far.

    1. Thanks! Raven definitely intrigues me!

  5. For a while during the last chapter I thought that Raven might be Macy. I was imagining a crazy twist in which Macy had been the evil one all along, just much better at hiding it than Lacie! Haha. But Raven IS Lacie, that makes sense! And she'll be fun to read about, I'm sure :D

    If the lighting in Midnight Hollow really bothers you, you could check out this lighting mod:

    1. That would've been sneaky to make Macy the evil twin! :) Although, I really wanted Macy to be the heir! I'm stuck on the self-imposed eldest-child-is-the-heir thing, though!

      Raven is totally Lacie. This generation is in for a crazy ride!

      Awesome - I should totally check out that mod. The lighting drives me nuts! I feel old & blind playing that world. :)