May 25, 2017

Raven - Week Thirty-Five, Day Five

Onyx's cries broke the quiet of the night.
Raven threw her pillow off and glared up at the ceiling above her.  She should not have put the little brat in that room.  He'd been wailing off an on all night.

"SHUT UP!" she screamed, which only resulted in the little brat crying louder.

Fuming, she shoved her blankets down and got out of bed. 
"I'm teach him to wake me up!" she grumbled as she angrily marched up the stairs.
The smell of urine hung heavy in the room.  "UGH! That is disgusting!" she scowled, attempting to hold her breath, watching the baby flail his arms and mewl at the top of his lungs.

Really, it was rather pathetic, she cocked her head and watched him cry.  She should have put some money aside for an au pair so that she wouldn't have to deal with the little brat.  If she'd stayed married to Hector, she would've had an au pair...
Steeling herself, she reached into the crib and lifted the newborn from his soiled sheets.  When her fingers touched his sopping wet clothes, she cringed.  "Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew!"  She tentatively tried peeling the blasted thing off, trying to touch it as little as possible.

Finally succeeding, she flung the pee-soaked pajamas across the room.

But, there was still the diaper to address.

Raven sighed.  This was going to be harder, and more disgusting, than she'd thought...
Grabbing a clean blanket from the crib, she wrapped it around him enough to cover him up, then set him on the floor.  There. That was good enough for now!

Having semi-successfully changed the kids diaper, Raven scrubbed her hands until she was sure the taint of urine had been removed and then headed downstairs for breakfast.  She would need to go grocery shopping sometime soon.
Who cared about waffles for breakfast?  After a morning like this, she deserved her favorite meal!

Done with eating, it was time to get down to business.

She sent a note to the owners of the Gypsy Caravan inquiring about hiring new talent.  Once she scheduled an initial interview, she was sure the job would be hers!  One way or another...

She was in the middle of showering when the doorbell rang, surprising her.  She hadn't invited anyone over...
She quickly dressed and raced down the stairs, half-expecting to see Daryl... or maybe Nathan.  They both wanted her so much they couldn't stay away!  She took a moment to fluff her hair.
Raven threw open the door without peeking and was appalled to see a police officer standing in front of her.

She hated police.

"Good morning, ma'am," the officer said with a smile.  "Our records showed that you recently moved into town. May I come in?"  She gestured towards the entry hall.

Raven faltered for a moment, wavering.  Would it seem suspicious if she slammed the door in the woman's face... or scratched her eyes out?  Probably.

Smiling as widely as possible, Raven opened the door wider.  "Of course," she said in an sacchrine-sweet tone.  "Please, come in!"
"So? To what do I owe the pleasure?" she asked, hoping to get to the point and get this woman out of her house. 

The police woman nodded politely.  "My name is Tia Parks," she announced, reaching out to shake Raven's hand.  Raven shook the offered hand with extreme reluctance.  "Being such a small town, we like to know all our residents.  You know, part of community outreach."
"Well, isn't that wonderful!" Raven lied.  "It certainly makes me feel all safe and protected!"  she gushed.  Inwardly, she cringed at the thought that she'd picked a town with such an overzealous police department. 

The police woman nodded.  "If you need us at all, please feel free to call.  Just dial 3-1-1 if you have any questions!"

"I certainly will," Raven assured her.  "Have a wonderful day!"

"You, too, ma'am," Officer Parks said, tapping the brim of her hat in farewell.  "We'll see you around!"
Raven shuddered as she shut the door, fighting the impulse to slam it.  Was that a threat? she wondered anxiously, watching from behind the safety of the curtains as the officer made her way back to her squad car.  Did they know something?
Raven began to pace, weighing her options.  Part of her wanted to run straight up the stairs, grab Onyx and find another town that would swallow her whole.

Plumbbob, I knew I should've picked Bridgeport, she thought sourly.  It would've been so easy to hide in a city that large.
But, there'd been too many connections between Lacie Black-Wolff and Bridgeport.  None the least, her Aunt Kimi still lived there.

She stomped her foot with irritation and turned on her heel, pacing the other direction. 

But, the likelihood of being approached by Midnight Hollow's finest was relatively low.  So they sent out a welcome wagon when they first arrived?  That was hardly suspicious. 
She'd paced back and forth in the hall a number of times, attempting to formulate a plan.  She had something good here.  She could feel it. 

What she needed right now was a way to blend in...  to be seen as a member of the community...  to be protected... 
With a grin, she pulled out her phone and dialed the phone number she'd recently programmed. 

He answered on the 2nd ring, sounding breathless, almost as if he'd been waiting by the phone all morning and afternoon for her call.

"Can you come over?" she asked, softening her voice to a seductive pitch.

Raven anxiously waited for him to arrive.  He'd promised to be over in 5 minutes, but it was going on 15 minutes.  She scowled, glancing at the clock.  Her stomach jumped with over-anxious nerves, twisting and searing her insides with indecision.  She wouldn't feel settled until she'd seen this through...

The doorbell rang.  Cautiously, Raven glanced through the peephole to make sure she knew who was on the other side. 

She wouldn't make that mistake again.
"Daryl!" she said earnestly, throwing herself into his arms.  "I've missed you so much!"
Daryl seemed to be taken aback.  "But, we were just together last night," he said with a small degree of surprise.
Raven's eyes narrowed slightly before she slid back into character.  "I just meant that I was thinking about you all day!"  She dropped her voice huskily.  "Last night was amazing!"
Daryl grinned cockily, clearing impressed with his prowess.  "Last night was pretty spectacular," he echoed, his own voice becoming rougher with desire.  "I've got the scratch marks to prove it, too!" 
Raven fluttered her hands in feigned agitation, clasping and unclasping them.  "I'm feeling so foolish, though.  We should have talked before... you know..." she trailed off.  "It's just that, I have little Onyx to think about..."  She did her best at projecting a damsel in distress. 

Daryl reached out and covered her hands with his own, attempting to comfort her.  "What's the matter, Raven?" he asked.  "You can tell me."
She squeezed her eyes shut, acting embarrassed.  "It's just... I felt so alone until I met you," she pressed.  "It's like I've found my other half.  But you probably aren't going to want be because I have a baby..."  Raven turned from him and buried her face in her hands.

His Family-Oriented trait would work to her advantage.  She'd sensed early on that Daryl longed for a family of his own.  And what was more convenient than having a ready-made family?
Letting out a heavy breath, Daryl stepped towards her, gathering Raven into his arms and gently pulling her hands from her face.  "I can feel it, too.  You don't have to be alone," he promised her.  "You have me."

"But it's just so crazy!" Raven gasped, winding him to her with an expert twist.

"So? Let's be crazy!" Daryl whispered.  A family. His very own family.  The thought echoed through his mind. 
He covered her mouth with his own, pouring all his love and desire into the kiss.  He was determined to be gentle and loving, showing her how much he treasured her.

That is, until Raven nipped his ear and whispered, "Harder."

Daryl smoothed Raven's hair from her face and watched her sleep.  My family, he thought, his heart near-bursting with pride.  It was amazing how soulmates could find each other through the lonely darkness. 

He paused, his fingers itching for his computer.  That was a good one, he thought, repeating it to himself.  He was getting out of bed to get his laptop bag when he heard the wailing up the stairs.
Little Onyx, she'd called him, Daryl thought, heading out of the bedroom.  He knew Raven had lost her husband and then found out she was pregnant with their child.  Alone.  When she'd told him that, it had raised every protective instinct he had for her.  He would help her.  She wouldn't have to do this alone.
Resolutely, he headed for the stairs.

Finding the nursery was easy.  He just followed the sound of the wailing.  He was surprised to find the little tyke half-swaddled in a blanket on the floor. 
"Shh, little man," he crooned softly as he hunkered over the wailing infant.
When he lifted Onyx, the loosely tied blanket nearly fell off of his body.  Daryl shook his head.  Poor Raven must've been exhausted caring for the newborn all night long.  It's a good thing he was here to help now.  "Let's get you changed," he murmured to the little boy, rooting through the baby supplies until he found some wipes and diapers.
Daryl quickly had the child changed, fed, and cooing happily.  He stroked the pale blonde hair that crowned Onyx's head.  Her husband must've been blonde, he thought, picturing a surfer boy with a golden tan - a far cry from his pale skin and ebony hair. 

After checking on Raven, Daryl quickly ran out of things to keep himself occupied.  He found himself wanting to please Raven.  So, he looked for things to be cleaned or fixed around the house.  She wasn't going to regret letting him into her life.
He rooted through the nearly empty fridge, passing over the prepared salads.  Ugh, greens!  Guess he would have to make due with the boxed macaroni and cheese.
He followed the directions to the letter.
But somehow managed to muck it up.  He frowned down at the slightly charred orangish macaroni and wondered if it was still edible.  He stuck a finger in the cheese sauce and sampled it.  Not too bad, he conceded with a shrug.
"God! What is that smell?!" Raven snapped as she pushed through the door to the kitchen.  "It reeks all the way upstairs!"

Daryl sent her a look of contrition.  "I tried cooking," he admitted with embarrassment.

Raven gazed over his shoulder at the bowl he was trying to hide behind him.  "HA! You burned macaroni? You must have ZERO cooking abilities!" she laughed again, pointing at the mess on the counter.

Daryl felt self-conscious for a moment, feeling as though she were laughing at him before reminding himself that was ridiculous.  She wasn't laughing at him.  She was laughing with him.  He chuckled, imagining that it was actually pretty funny that he burned macaroni.  "Yeah," he admitted, joining her laughter.  "Pretty much no experience cooking!  Pretty obvious, huh?"
"I'm not that hungry anyway," Raven said, slipping into the room and reaching for his hand.  Gazing into her eyes, he realized he wasn't that interested in eating, either.


  1. She is so using him! Hahaha! Oh man..

    1. He got played. :P That Family-Oriented trait is going to come in handy! Lol

  2. Aww, it's kinda sad that she got her hands on someone who otherwise seems so nice. Well at least Onyx will have someone to take care of him!

    1. I really like Daryl. It is sad that he's trying to build a family with her and she's using him. *sigh* But, seriously, Raven wasn't going to be changing diapers!

  3. No Daryl, she's laughing at you.

    Raven is delightfully evil. The way she manipulates him to move in and take care of Onyx was great. Wonder how long she'll be able to handle having him around.

    What's with the police that showed up? Was it a welcoming- thing, or do they suspect something? And what would that "something" be?

    1. She is definitely laughing at Daryl.

      I would have to say delightfully evil, too! It's so much different writing an evil chickie! Not sure if I can pull it off! Lol

      In my story, it's a welcome wagon thing. Gotta love creepy small towns, right? In-game, she called & reported a false alarm, got yelled at & charged $500. ;)

  4. It's great that Raven found such a nice doormat... err... partner! Daryl is too sweet for his own good, but maybe that's the kind of guy you have to be to endure someone like Raven. I'm curious to see if the relationship lasts!

    1. And he's such an attractive doormat, too! Poor Daryl. I really like him a lot! But, he definitely is not the best judge of character. Although, I guess Macy/Raven is really, really good at hiding her crazy.