May 23, 2017

Raven - Week Thirty-Five, Day Four

(AN: The things that happen when Sims sleep...)

Raven slung her feet over the side of the bed, grunting with displeasure.  
She grabbed her overnight bag and hurried to the street, anxiously waiting for the taxi cab to arrive.
"STEP ON IT!" she shrieked at the poor cabbie. "I'M IN LABOR!"

The cabbie's hands shook as he pushed his foot to the gas pedal.  He was getting too old for this!!

The cabbie dropped her off at the hospital and the wheels spun as he drove away.  
Hours later, after berating her nurses and threatening a malpractice suit against the doctor, she left with her newborn son, Onyx Fell.  

"What am I going to do with you?" she asked the baby aloud, sighing heavily.  She couldn't even make it through the whole baby book... 
Thankfully the little boy wasn't squealing right now.   He was going to learn very fast that crying would get him nowhere!  She set him down on the ground and headed towards the kitchen.

She was hungry.
 She began to hum as she prepared her lunch.

Apparently my favorite food is Autumn Salad, just like Lacie Black-Wolff! Raven chuckled at the thought.

Finishing her lunch, Raven stepped back into the entry hall, seeing Onyx lying quietly on the tile.  "Do you want to meet your Daddy?" she asked him, taking his coo of delight as a 'yes'.
She headed outside.
Raven gazed fondly at the memorial stone she'd moved downstairs.  She couldn't have Hector in the bedroom anymore.  She hadn't realized that Nathan would take it so poorly.  She scoffed.  It's not like she was still married!  Why should it matter where I kept my husband's remains?

After a short time, Onyx fell asleep in her arms.  She gazed down at the baby and sighed.  Her arm was getting sweaty from the baby's hot head.  Ick.  
 "Cribs are for sleeping," she said sternly, heading upstairs to drop the baby in his bed. 
The yawn caught her off-guard.  She was so sleepy!  Probably because her sleep had been interrupted by her water breaking.
 Blearily, she staggered across the room and fell asleep on the rocking chair.

Her ringing phone startled her awake.
"What do you want Nathan?" she snapped angrily into the phone.

The caller paused.  "Ummm... this is Daryl..." he said cautiously. 
Raven grinned, her mood changing immediately.  "Daryl! I had such a wonderful time last night!"

He blew out a breath. "Oh thank goodness. I'm so sorry I crashed out on you!" he apologized, adding with embarrassment, "I'm kind of a heavy sleeper."
"I noticed," she purred.  "So? What are you doing tonight?" she asked.

A quick shower.  A quick gussy up.
Raven raced down the stairs.
"Daryl!" she greeted him flirtatiously. 
Grabbing his hand, she invited him inside and threw herself into his arms. 

Daryl gasped, but quickly warmed to her seduction.

"Upstairs?" she asked breathlessly.

Daryl nodded.  "Are you sure?" he asked, not wanting to rush her, but eager and willing.

Raven practically dragged him up the stairs.
Once upstairs, she shoved him down on the bed and jumped on top of him.  Reaching to pull her shirt off, she grinned down at him ferociously.  "Hold on tight," she warned him.


  1. "Raven" moves fast. XD And I'm a little surprised that Daryl doesn't question why she isn't pregnant anymore.

    Love the name Onyx! And he has blond hair! :O

    1. Lol. Dangit! And he's Family Oriented, too! He should've said something about the baby being born! ;)

      Raven moves really fast!

      Onyx is an awesome name! And I cheated with the hair. Since Raven's hair is dyed, I decided her kiddo should have her birth hair.

  2. Onyx is such a great name! And grats to the dead dad I guess? Wonder if Raven will see him sometime, since she felt the ghost in the cemetery. Atleast she got him out of her bedroom, so Daryl doesn't get creeped out to. She moves really fast, and so forgiving of him falling asleep. What is she really up to?

    1. I can't wait to see how little Onyx ages up. Raven wants him to be Evil. ;)

      I kinda miss sims 2 ghosts that scared the ever-loving crap out everyone. :) I would pay to see Hector scare Raven!

      Yeah, keeping Hector in the room was a buzz-kill! Lol. She's not up to anything nefarious... yet... she's just looking for her next victim... I mean... husband...

  3. I really wonder what Raven's end game is! What does she want with these men? Or is she simply after someone to woohoo?

    1. Maybe she just likes to seek out something good and destroy it!