May 23, 2017

Raven: Week Thirty-Five, Day Three

After an evening of mind blowing woohoo, Nathan curled around Raven, holding her close. 
When the light started filtering into the room, his body's bioclock roused him.  Absently, he rubbed his chest, wincing when he felt the scratches Raven had left behind.  She'd been wild and passionate - nipping and scratching as she rocked his body.

His eyes finally opened - staring straight at an urn.
"An URN?" he yelped, jumping from bed and stumbling away.  "You keep an urn by your bed?"

Raven blinked, coming awake groggily.  When she saw Nathan standing beside Hector's urn, she threw the blanket off and scrambled to confront him.
"DON'T TOUCH HIM!" she screeched.
Nathan stared at Raven, floored by this side of her. "Don't touch who?" he asked, glancing back towards the urn.
"My husband," she snapped, pursing her lips. 
How could one slip of a woman continually surprise him? Nathan thought, almost in awe of Raven's swiftly changing moods.  

His gaze dipped down to the mu mu she'd thrown on.  "You're pregnant?!" he yelped.  He knew they'd had woohoo the night before, but even he knew it was too soon to be his! 

She'd kept the lights in the room off when they'd stumbled into the room, keeping all of her secrets in the dark...
"So?" Raven asked, running her hand down her belly.  "What does that have to do with anything?" 

Nathan shoved his hands in his hair.  3... 6... 9...  "I... I have to go..." he said shakily.   12... 15... 18... 
Quickly, he gathered his clothes and dressed quickly, edging around her without another word.
"Good! GO!!" Raven hollered at his retreating figure.   She'd sensed his confusion and disgust with himself for giving into temptation.  He left a heavy scent of morning regret... the prig prick! 

Fuming, she headed downstairs to find some food.  Pregnancy made her ravenous.  No wonder she'd devoured that brownie so quickly yesterday.  She wanted anything chocolate!
Pouring chocolate sauce all over her waffles, she dug into her breakfast.   Mmm... chocolate....  She almost felt normal again, she thought with a chuckle.  As if she were ever going to be normalRaven slapped the table in her mirth, burying her face in the crook of her elbow as she laughed like crazy.

Starting a new life in a new town was hard, she thought with irritation only 30 minutes later.  She'd showered and changed and had absolutely nothing to do & no one to do it with...

Bored and antsy, Raven headed up towards the room she'd set up as the nursery.   She might be ambivalent about this baby, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to have the best of everything!
She sank down onto the rocking chair.  Bugger, what did she know about taking care of a baby? she thought sourly.  She'd never helped take care of her little sister, always leaving that to Macy.  All she knew was that babies cried, hollered and shrieked when they were upset.
Jumping up, she headed down the three flights towards the front door.   She knew exactly the way to pass her morning.
Thankfully, the Moldy Missives Library was right across the street from her.
She looked at all the books in the long hall.  Oh d$%#!  How was she going to ever find a baby book in this mess? she wondered with irritation.
Grabbing the next person to walk by, she impatiently asked, "Where would I find a pregnancy book in this mess?" she asked.
The teen shrugged.  "I dunno. I don't work here!" before ambling away.

Hmph. Go figure.
After 30 minutes, she was growing tired of looking for the stupid pregnancy book.
At this rate, I'll have given birth before I read the bloody book, she thought sourly as she headed up towards the third floor.
"Ah ha! FINALLY!" she hooted when she found the book, turning to glare at the man who had the nerve to shush her.
She settled on the couch and opened the book, scowling at the cutesy illustrations.  Ugh, how was she ever going to make it all the way through this book without puking? she thought, scowling as she flipped through the entire first chapter.
"That's it! That's all I can take!" Raven snapped soon after, shutting the book with an echoing thud.

"SHHHH!" the man told her again, exasperated.

Raven turned to glare at him.  "SHUSH yourself, Edmund Flynn!" she growled.  "Mean, Inappropriate ingrate!"

While the old man gaped at her, she stalked off towards the stairs.

Raven found herself at the Lonely Literary Cafe.  She wanted some chocolate.  It'd been a miserable day.  She blamed Nathan.
"Brownies, I need brownies!" she told the young lady manning the counter.

The woman gave an apologetic smile.  "Sorry, we ran out already.  Can I get you something else?"
Raven fumed, but finally settled on a cream cheese danish.  She frowned as she set the plate down on the table.

...but it wasn't chocolate...
She didn't see the curious glance from the  man who came in behind her.  "Hey, you're back again?" he said casually, setting his treat on the table in front of him.

Raven glanced over, ready to rip whoever dared to talk to her a new one.

And saw herself facing the handsome barista from last night.
Standing up, she smoothed the wrinkles in her skirt and fluttered her lashes.  "My name is Raven Fell," she said, holding out her hand to introduce herself.    Oh, she remembered him.  Daryl Knight.  Tall, dark, handsome.  Brave, Family-Oriented, and definitely intrigued by her.
"Daryl Knight," he said, enclosing her hand in his strong, warm hand.  She felt her pulse jump.  "So..." he drawled, "Gotta ask.  Was that guy last night your boyfriend?"
Her laughter tinkled.  "No, not at all!" she told him, not lying.  Dr. Nathan Watts was nothing to her!
Relief flared in his eyes.  "So? I was gonna go do some research for the novel I'm writing.  Wanna tag along?" he asked.

Finally! Something to do in this backwards town!  "Absolutely! Let's go!" she told him.

"First stop, The Ghastly Graveyard," he drawled as he jumped out of the taxi.  "Built in the 1600s, there are any number of reported ghosts lingering here," he said, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.  "Don't worry, I'll hold your hand if you want me to!"
Raven smirked.  As if she were scared of ghosts and goblins!  Everyone knew they didn't exist!  "So? What are you looking for?" she asked him over her shoulder, surprised when she didn't see him. 
She glanced around, feeling alone in the large cemetery.  A shiver raced down her spine.
"Daryl?" she called out, her voice shaking more than she would care to admit.  "Are you still there?"
He rounded the corner.  "Sorry, I was making a note about the statue by the front.  Did you see anything?" he asked anxiously.

Raven shook her head.  "No."  She glanced around again, unable to shake the feeling that they were being watched.  "Nothing."

Daryl seemed to understand she was feeling uncomfortable.  "Are you ready to check out the next stop?" he asked.
"Can we?" she asked, fluttering her lashes.

Daryl slung his arm around her shoulders.  "Sure, come on. Let's go."

"Next mystic stop is the Gloomy Gardens," he told her with a slight yawn.  "And of course, the world famous Gypsy Wagon!"

Raven gasped with pleasure. 

"Wanna go get your fortune read?" he asked, leading her through the garden trails towards the Gypsy Wagon.
"Absolutely!"  Raven walked into the caravan, anxious and eager to find out what her future would hold in store for her.

Unfortunately, she left feeling extremely disappointed.  Even she could give better fortunes than that old hag!
She looked around for Daryl, finding him passed out cold on the bench.  Guess their little outing was over!
She headed home.  Plans already coalescing in her mind.


  1. Daryl is...interesting. XD Way to fall asleep on a date, dude.

    Wow, "Raven" is pregnant! With Hector's baby, I assume?

    1. Seriously! I couldn't believe he fell asleep! Normally the person gets mad and goes home - but good, old Daryl just fell asleep on the bench!

      Yup. 1st heir is coming up quick! :) Thank you deceased Hector!

  2. Wow, Raven gets just a bit more creepy every chapter. And she's pregnant already. That's why she had the lights off or was it still that creepy urn?

    Daryl did his best for a while. To bad he fell asleep, but Raven took it quite well.

    1. Apparently she was distracted with those plans coalescing in her mind. :) She's gotta be plotting something big!

      Hehe.. yeah. That would have to be a little startling for poor Nathan to wake up & see her preggo belly for the first time. :)

    2. Wow, wow Raven is... fascinating! And angry lol. I should probably read the blog from the beginning.

    3. Thanks Frog Snack! Raven is certainly one of a kind! If you start at the beginning, be sure to let me know how you like it. :)

  3. Oh wow, Nathan really didn't know what he was getting into o_o Was Raven planning on pinning the baby on him?

  4. That would've been funny had she tried to blame it on him. But, no. I think she was just uncaring about how a pregnancy would affect a relationship. She tends to be a little self-centric!