May 22, 2017

Raven: Week Thirty-Five, Day Two

Raven woke up with a start, gasping.  She'd been having a nightmare.  The townies were chasing her, yelling for her to die for peeking in their psyches.  They called her a witch.. a murderer...
"Good morning, my love," she murmured as she slid out of bed and grazed the top of the urn with a light touch.  
She strode across the room and dressed quickly due to the chill in the air.  Mumbling about central a/c, she briskly ran her hands up and down her arms to create some warmth.

 She strode into the small office and sat down at her laptop.
Quickly, she tapped in her credentials to login to the Midnight Hollow chat rooms.  She wanted to know everything about everyone here!  She lurked, watching the different users interact.  EntrpeneurSielen was joking with a KachingKarl, asking about a party at the Bizarre Beach .  And a BabyDoll4U was flirting with every male on the screen. 

It was too bad that she couldn't get any reads from the usernames like she did when she saw a person.  It would be much easier to blackmail a person if she'd never had any contact with them!
Her phone ringing irritated her.  She shoved her laptop away and reached for her phone.
"Hello?" she snapped.  Belatedly it occurred to her that no one should have her phone number.

The caller hesitated a moment.  She heard him breathing. 

"Well? Say something," she demanded.   Could the Landgraabs have found her already?  No, she thought, shaking her head.  She was much better at hiding her trail than that!

The caller cleared his throat.  "This is Dr. Nathan Watts.  I was calling to invite you out to lunch," he announced with the clipped accent.  "If that is agreeable."  He hesitated another moment.  "I realized I might have been too harsh last night and wanted to apol..."

"Yes," she interrupted him.  "Where should I meet you?"

Raven slid into the backseat of the taxi cab and leaned forward, giving the driver the name of the place Nathan asked to meet.  Fanciful Furniture Store.  They'd meet there and then walk down the alley to the Noble Noshery for brunch.

She grinned.  Brunch! How quaint and hoity-toity.  She wondered whether Nathan was rich...
She arrived at the location a little early and tapped her foot, glancing around to make sure he wasn't already here.  With a grumpy sigh, she dropped into the chair and waited.
Pulling out her phone, she streamed videos for awhile.  And waited.

Until she realized she'd been stood up.

"ARG! How dare he?" she growled, stomping her foot with anger.  How dare he invite her out and then have the gall to stand her up!  Who did he think he was dealing with here?!
She quickly crossed back to the main street and hailed the next cab she saw.  "Take me to Dr. Watt's bloody laboratory!" she demanded stiffly.  She saw a look of alarm pass over the cabbie's face before he pressed the gas.  Oh, Nathan was going to regret standing her up!

Everyone said that Nathan was a brilliant scientist - innovative with revolutionary ideas.  And sometimes when he worked, he became so engrossed in his work that all else seemed to just... fall away...

Normally it didn't bother him.   But today, he couldn't help but feel like he'd forgotten something big...

The slamming car door caused him to look up.  Raven!  He suddenly realized what he'd forgotten...
"Who do you think you, buster?" she asked, stabbing his chest with her long nail.  "You asked me out and then stood me up! ME!"  She nearly growled under her breath with pent-up frustration.  "You'd better have a damn good excuse!" she snapped, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.
"I often lose track of the time in my lab. I apologize," he told her, not used to having to explain himself.  Usually, people let him get away with his boorish behavior.  It seemed like little slip of a girl was going to be the first woman to take him to task.   He wasn't quite sure if he liked that or not.

Another glance at her pursed lips and he realized he was only kidding himself.  He was quite literally enthralled by her.

"Let me make it up to you," he said, turning his wrist and checking his watch.  "An early dinner?  I know just the place.  You'll love it," he promised.

Raven shrugged her shoulder as her lips formed a moue.  "Fine. But I'd better like it," she announced tartly as he slipped his arm around her waist and escorted her towards the street where he hailed another taxi.

"It's right there - up ahead," he said, leaning close and pointing to the small, cottage-like building. 

Not exactly the fine dining cuisine she was envisioning, she thought.  It looked too cutesy for her tastes.
"After you," he said, holding the gate open for her and following her up the stairs.  If his gaze strayed towards her pert derriere encased in the skin-tight pants, he couldn't be blamed, could he?
"This is it," he announced with a flourish.  "The Lonely Literary Cafe!"
Raven walked towards the barista and checked out the offerings.  When she saw the chocolate brownie, she glanced up at Nathan and grinned.  "You're forgiven," she announced off-handedly, charming the barista while she ordered her treat. 

Nathan watched her work her magic on the young man and couldn't help but feel a spurt of jealousy.  He wondered if she had that effect on everybody.
Following her to the table, he set his plain bagel down and took a seat.
"Of all the treats they have here? That's what you get? A boring, plain bagel?" she asked with an arched brow.

Nathan looked down at his bagel and then over at her brownie.  "There's nothing boring about a bagel!" he protested. 

"Psh! It's definitely not a brownie!" she said, taking a big bite of her brownie and moaning in delight.

Nathan watched her eat.  Definitely not a brownie, he thought, watching her lick a crumb off her bottom lip.  "So? What brought you to Midnight Hollow?" he asked her, reaching for a topic of conversation.
Raven glanced at him, startled by the question.  "Why?" she snapped before she could call the word back.  Quickly, she dabbed her lips with her napkin, taking a moment to calm her racing heart.  "I'm sorry, I meant 'Why not?'" she laughed.  "I've always loved the mountains. So, when I saw the Davenport Manor for sale online, I just... went with it.  You know, spontaneous."

Nathan chuckled as he listened to her speak.  Such whimsy and spontaneity.  He always planned out life & followed that plan with rigid precision... expect when it came to Raven.  Here he was, changing plans for her yet again.

It bothered him more than he cared to admit.
"Excuse me, I'll just visit the ladies room," she said pertly, interrupting his thoughts as she stood and pushed her chair in. 

Nathan stood, as well.  "Of course. I'll just wait here."
That was another thing he wasn't used to doing.  Waiting.  Usually it was the other way around.  He imagined if he continued to see Raven, there would be a number of firsts for him.

Raven quickly fixed her make-up and pinched her cheeks for color.  She sensed Nathan was conflicted about his feelings for her and wanted to leave no room for doubt.  She wanted him in her bed tonight.

She made her way back down the stairs and found him waiting by their table.  She strode towards him, making sure to swing her hips in a way she could see he appreciated.
"I had a lovely time tonight," she said in a sweet voice, batting her lashes just a bit. "Maybe you'd like to come back to my place for drinks?" she asked with careful hesitation.  She could tell that Nathan was used to calling the shots and needed to feel like he was in charge.
"I would like that," he replied, slipping his arm around her waist again and leading her from the little cafe.  She caught him staring at her a few times as they waited for the cab and did her best not to grin outright.  The anticipation was building.

The ride back to her place was silent.  She accidentally bumped into him a few times - first a graze of his hand on the seat next to her, then the bump of her leg against his.  But, the absolute best was when she leaned over to look out his window and let her breast rub against his chest.  She heard his quick intake of breath and saw his eyes dilate with desire.
"So? This is my place," she said coyly, showing him into her entryway.  He stood stiffly in front of her, as though made from marble like the statue behind her.  "I'd offer you those drinks," she said as she approached him slowly.  "But we both know that's not what you're here for."
Nathan let out a shuddering breath as he reached up and palmed her face.  "God, what you do to me," he mumbled softly.
"Will you come upstairs with me?" she asked, leaning forward to whisper in his ear, nipping his ear lobe followed by a quick kiss.  Just a little bit of pain with a little bit of pleasure. 
He groaned his answer, tugging her into his arms and expertly kissing her.  Oh, she thought a little dazedly.  She should have been dating older men!  His experienced hands put Hector's adolescent fumbling to shame!


  1. So Lacie learned a lot from that therapy! She's gotten really good at hiding her true self.

    But my big question did she get the crown? D:

    1. We'll have to wait until the next intermission to find out what happened to the crown! Unless Lacie.. er... Raven brags about it before then. :)

      Hopefully there's not another urn (or few) in Sunset Valley!

  2. Nathan had no problems ignoring the urn next to her bed. Atleast now he knows that the way to Ravens heart is through a brownie, even after standing her up. She took that a lot better than assumed.

    1. He totally didn't see it! It was too dark to see the urn!

      Lol. She did forgive him pretty easy, huh? Guess if it goes along with what she wants - she's good with it! Lol. And she wanted to jump the good doctor's bones. :)

  3. Nathan has NO idea what he's getting into!

    1. Nope. No idea what's he's getting into!