June 20, 2017

Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Urunwa and Marcy. Thanks guys! I always look forward to reading your comments on my little RLC story. :)


1. Say thank you to the person that has nominated you for the award.
2. Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know)
3. Answer the 11 questions the person has asked.
4. Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions.

SO, here goes nothing!

1. Thank you again! :)

2. Oh gosh - I feel like I'm going to be duplicating other people's picks, too!  I'm always on the look out for new stories!  But some of the stories I've been following on the MTS site are:

Owl Face - A Clover and a Bee  
Sunny - Secrets of the Sixkillers
Annie - Chaos Theory
(And I'm nominating my nominators, as well!  As soon as I see their updates, I head over to check it out!)
Urunwa - Sleitann Legacy 
Marcy - Winterly  

Sleitann's Questions:
1) Do you let how your sims act in game affect what happens in the story?  Definitely! I find that it leads to some very interesting stories! 

2) What is the worst incident you've had happening in your current RLC?  I'm going to go with the meteor that killed Liz.  Yup.  That sucked!

3) Best incident whilst playing RLC?  Oh man - so many fun times!  I don't think I can pick one!

4) Favourite sim to play? Probably my founder, Jesse Black.  The Live Your Trait roll was fun! It was interesting to have him act hot-headed every day & get into fights!  Also liked the Tattoo Addict roll!  My favorite tattoo had to have been the drunken Zelda tattoo. :)

5) Staging pictures or writing the story- which do you like better?  Oooo... hard one!  Probably writing the story, though.  I'm not that good of a photo stager!

6) Are you planning on yelling "get off my lawn" to kids when you get old? 
Lol.  Our neighbor actually yelled at the neighborhood kids for running through her front yard and threatened to call the cops the next time it happened.  Since I thought that was absolutely ridiculous, I don't see myself doing it!

7) Fringes/bangs in haircuts (for yourself)- yes or no? 
Only when I've had too much to drink do I think giving myself bangs is a good idea!  *Put the scissors down and step away from the mirror*

8) What's your favourite piece of clothing? 
I don't have one! I am not stylish in the least!  My poor tween daughter is going to have to go shopping with her aunt!

9) Addicted to popping bubblewrap?
In this house, we point gun fingers at each other & stomp on it.  Bang! Bang!  Drives me crazy (unless I'm the one scaring someone)!

10) Coolest insect?
I have no appreciation for insects! I can coexist in a world with them, but we work better together when they avoid me and I avoid them!

11) Current haircolour? 
Brown. I was blonde up until college, when I started going brunette.  I nearly cried the first time my daughter colored a picture of me and used the brown crayon! Lol.  She finally compromised by adding blonde lines for me.  She might be in therapy over that years from now!  I think I'll handle going gray better than I handled going brunette! Lol

Marcy's Questions:

1. What got you into playing Random Legacies/ other sim challenges?  RLC actually got me into playing Sims 3 again! I was looking for random rolls & found the MTS site.  I was hooked!

2. If you could add one extra feature to sims 3 (that would be guaranteed to work the way you want it to), what would you add and why?  I would add an attraction system, a-la-Sims-2!  I liked knowing the turn-ons & turn-offs and 3-bolt loves!

3. What is your LEAST favourite EP?  Probably the Future EP. I haven't played with it too much, though. 

4. If you were a sim, what would be your 3 highest-leveled skills?  Writing, Cooking & Alchemy.  Definitely alchemy.

5. What is your "nightmare roll" for the RLC? The worst combination of rolls you can imagine, essentially.   Single parent with more than 3 kids! Lol. 

6. What is your favourite "it's so bad, it's good" fictional work? (movie, book, etc.)   Hm... probably Orange is the Next Black, tv show.  I binged on it guiltily last week.

7. What is your favourite sport that you do NOT play at the moment?  Maybe volleyball. I used to play that when I was younger!  I saw some kids playing it in the pool last weekend and thought "aw... that would be fun!"

8. Which fictional character do you like that you think you would NOT get along with if they were real? (Can be from something you wrote or from another fictional work)  It would have to be someone really mean or diabolical because I pretty much get along with most people.  So, maybe my Generation 7 heir - Lacie.. err... Raven! 

9. Which animal's existence confuses you the most? (As in, whenever you see it you think, "How is this even a real animal???")   Definitely the platypus.  *insert all platypus jokes that exist*

10. If you had to dye your hair to an unnatural colour (or to a different unnatural colour if it's already such a colour), what would you dye it to and why?   Mermaid style! I've seen some cool multi-colored hairstyles with teal, purple, blue & it looks so pretty! I tried to talk my son into a green mohawk for the summer, but he wouldn't do it. :(

11.  If you were an adventurer, what atypical (as in, not a dog or a cat) but real animal would you choose as your travelling companion?  A donkey or a camel.  That way they could carry more things!

My Questions:

1.  What would your Generational Goal/Miscellaneous Fun roll be if you were a Sim?  Try to pick your best fit! ;)

2.  Which is your favorite generation in your RLC?

3.  Favorite Sim to play?

4.  Least Favorite Sim to play?

5.  Worst (or best) RLC roll?

6.  Where would you love to go on vacation if money & time weren't an issue?

7.  You have 5 minutes to escape your burning house, what is the first thing you decide to grab?

8.  What are you currently reading right now?

9.  Windows or Mac? Laptop or Desktop? PC or Console (then which one?)

10.  Coffee, tea, or none of the above?

11.  What’s one thing you want to let your readers know?


  1. Thanks for asking the questions. I'll admit that I thought of you for question 2; the worst thing happening in your RLC :D I don't think I've ever had the live your trait roll, but it seems fun. And Jesse was great.

    1. That was supposed to be answering the questions, but asking kind of works to ;)

    2. It's always fun to do things like this. Although, it's so tough to think of questions to ask! Lol. That meteor killed me! I think I'm still traumatized!

      I've liked all my generation heirs! It would be hard to pick my favorite. But Jesse certainly has a soft spot in my heart! <3

  2. You like butterflies! I agree with the platypus, Eli used it the other day for twenty questions. Nobody guessed it (Surprisingly. Eli was in awe.). The Future expansion pack is actually pretty fun, it can be annoying when the clothes wind up in your world though. You wouldn't do the hidden rainbow style you were showing me? I agree with your thing about the attraction system, its so annoying! The thing about that question is you could probably think up a hundred answers, so many things would be cool!


    1. Didn't even think about butterflies! You're right!

      And when I thought of the platypus, I thought of you guys.

      Can't wait to see your RLC, DD! ;)

  3. I'm still sore from the meteor that killed Liz. ;_; Thank you for the nomination. I brainfarted and forgot to include you in my nomination, but I added your blog (and your questions) to my post: http://beerandomlegacy.blogspot.com/2017/06/liebster-award.html

    1. I know! Seriously! That meteor wrecked my world! Lol. Thanks for playing along with the Liebters!

  4. You just reminded me how fun the attraction system in Sims 2 was. I had so much fun playing Sims 2 when I was younger!

    Mermaid hair ftw! That sounds so pretty!

    I also nominated you, but I got lazy with telling people about it: https://diffyrandomlegacy.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/sunshineliebster-award/
    Don't feel obligated to answer my questions; it's just for fun anyway. Just wanted to let you know since I saw your post. :)

    1. That's the big thing I miss in Sims 3 - the attraction system! My daughter & I still play with Sims 2 every now & again.

      I love mermaid hair! I think it looks so pretty!

      Thanks for nominating me with the liebster's. I think the answers are a lot of fun, too!

  5. Thank you for the nomination! The meteor that killed Liz was the worst thing that ever happened in this legacy for sure :(

    1. No problem! I love reading your stories. :) Yes, that meteor. I'm not sure I'll ever recover. Lol