July 31, 2017

Raven: Week Thirty-Six, Day One

Raven woke up, disgruntled when she heard Onyx wailing.  She'd been trying to sleep in! She glanced towards her side and was surprised to see Daryl's side of the bed hadn't been slept in.  It was still as neatly made as when she'd fallen asleep the night before.

"DARYL!" she called out, irritated that he wasn't taking care of the brat.   She paused and waited, hearing nothing but the sound of Onyx's cries.  "DARYL!" she tried again.

Still nothing.

"Oh for the love of..." she cursed, rolling from bed in a fit of pique.  What good was he as a husband if he wasn't taking care of the kid?!

Stomping upstairs, she kicked the toys out of her way.

"...And clean up this goddamn crap lying everywhere..." she grumbled, adding the mess to 'Daryl's Fault.' 
She stormed into the room and saw Onyx crying pitifully in his crib.  "Shut it!" she snapped, seething when he proceeded to cry even louder, pulling away from her as she lifted him from the crib.

"Quit wiggling!" she demanded.  "What? Do you want me to drop you?" she screamed, quickly putting him on the floor.  "Idiot!"

Leaving Onyx on the floor, Raven headed for the make-shift office.  There was no other explanation for where Daryl could be.  He must be wasting time writing that piece of crap novel of his. 
"DARYL!" she snapped with annoyance.
Daryl jerked with surprise, quickly shutting the laptop.  "Raven!" he exclaimed nervously.
"What? What are you trying to hide?" she asked suspiciously.
Daryl awkwardly rose to his feet.  "N... n... nothing!" he stuttered.

Raven narrowed her eyes, glaring at him from across the room with her piercing gaze.  Her gaze was starting to creep him out.  She would stare at him in that odd way before eerily deducing what he'd been thinking. 
"I was looking at porn, okay?" he blurted out anxiously, turning his head to the side, unable to keep looking at her.
Raven scoffed, waving her hand dismissively.  "Whatever," she said, rolling her eyes.  "I'm going to go get a massage.  Watch Onyx for me."  She demanded on her way out of the room.

"Yeah.. sure, of course!" Daryl said quickly, hoping she would leave quickly.  

She shot a suspicious glare over her shoulder, kicking a toy out of her way as she left the room.

Daryl blew out the breath he'd been holding when he heard the bedroom door slam.   

That had been too close.  If Raven... Lacie... saw that he'd been researching her, he had no doubt that she could freak out.  And not in a good way.

No, his best bet was to wait until their child was born and then try to talk to her about it.

Maybe this was all just a misunderstanding, he thought again, desperately trying to convince himself. 
Even so, he began to search through Raven's things...

Raven had primped and preened before her massage appointment.  She wanted to look her best. 
After all...
...she'd never said who was going to massage her!

Onyx's cries pulled Daryl from his morbid thoughts. 
Hurrying up the stairs, he stepped on a toy car and cursed under his breath.  Seriously, how did Onyx get these toys all over the place?
"How ya doing, little man?" Daryl asked, getting Onyx ready for the day.  "Wanna practice your alphabet?"

Nathan rolled over, lying alongside Raven's naked, sweaty body.  He'd spent the last few hours pleasing her.  Sated, he dropped forehead against hers with a wry grin. 
"That was amazing," he told her, tugging her into his arms.

Raven preened.  "I know," she told him confidently.

Nathan chuckled, amused by her bravado.  "Stay the night," he heard himself saying to her, wincing because he already knew that she would say 'no'.  They had agreed on strict rules for their sordid affair.  Although, he was starting to suspect that she was never going to leave Daryl like she had promised...
Raven turned to him, her gaze searing his.  "You know I'm going to leave him," she told him.  She trailed her finger down his chest, digging the nail into his skin. "You said you would be willing to wait for me," she reminded him with a coy pout.  Her eyes flared with desire when she saw his wince of pain.  Plumbbob, his dark jealousy was such a turn-on!

"I will! I am," Nathan promised her, reaching for her finger and pressing it against his chest.  The heat in his gaze promised retribution.
"Good," she announced before looping her arms around his neck an pulling him in for a kiss. 

Their love play was interrupted when a steady stream of water gushed down her legs, puddling on the mattress.
"Nathan!" she gasped with dismay.  "Daryl can't find me here!"

Daryl leapt into action.  "Get dressed. I'll take you to the hospital!"

Raven slipped into Nathan's car, happy to let him take charge.  He would get her to the hospital and get this brat born.  "I swear I'm going to tie my tubes after this kid is born!" she muttered under her breath.

Nathan shot her a quizzical stare, patting her leg.  "Don't worry, you'll be okay.  I've got this," he assured her.

Daryl stood at the front window, worried.  He'd tried calling Raven, but she wasn't answering.  He'd called the massage parlor and she hadn't had an appointment.
So where has she been for the last three hours? 

Daryl was starting to feel like he didn't know her at all...

He grabbed his cell phone quickly when it began ringing.  "Hello? Raven?" he asked anxiously. 

"This is the hospital, we're calling to inform you that your wife has checked in..."

Raven sat on the hospital bed, fuming with irritation as another contraction hit her.  "I want the epidural now!" she screamed at Nathan.  "Stop touching me!!" she added when he leaned over to kiss her sweaty brow.

A nurse walked into the room hesitantly.  "Would your wife care for some ice chips?"

Nathan straightened, pulling away from Raven as he started to correct the nurse, "Oh, no, I'm just a friend..." he managed to say before Raven gripped his hand and hollered that he was ten times the man as her weak husband.

The nurse began to look very uncomfortable as she back-pedaled out of the room.

"I could kill him for making me go through this!" Raven ranted between breaths.  "Miserable, no-good, son-of-a-...."

"Good evening, it looks like we'll be having a baby soon!" the doctor said brightly as he walked into the room.  "Good news, the front desk called your husband to let him know you checked in.  He should be here shortly!"  Glancing up from his clipboard, he noticed the body language between the couple in the room.  He cleared his throat with disapproval, causing Nathan to stand up and begin to pace, raking his hair back with his hand.
Just then, Daryl pushed through the door with Onyx in his arms.  He was immediately at Raven's side, holding her hand.  "I came as soon as I heard," he told her. 

"I... I'll just be going..." Nathan said, staring at Raven's hand clasped tightly in Daryl's. 

Raven groaned.  "No, don't go!" she pleaded, rolling onto her side and tugging her hand from her husband's grip. 

Nathan attempted to smile.  "It's a good thing I ran into you at the massage parlor so I could give you a ride to the hospital," he said tightly.  He hesitated a moment, as though he wanted to say more, but lamely finishing with a "Good luck" before he strode from the room, letting the door slam behind him.

Daryl stared at the closed door, then back to his wife, who was now avoiding looking at him.

Several hours later, Raven gave birth to a strong, healthy boy.  Daryl walked out of the hospital alongside her, still miffed at her high-handedness.  When she'd been filling out the discharge paperwork, she'd filled out his birth certificate with the name Pyro.

Pyro Knight-Fell...  what kind of name was that?


  1. Ah...Lacy/Raven is a piece of art, huh? Daryl deserves so much better, but I guess he's too caught up in her spell to realise it, although it looks like he might? And little Onyx. Poor boy. At least Daryl is nice to him.

    That's just typical of Lacy/Raven, isn't it? Making such an important decision as naming a child without even considering the father's wishes. Then again, she probably doesn't even really consider him as anything else than a live-in nanny. Should be interesting to see what kind of person little Pyro Knight-Fell will grow into...

  2. Good save on Daryl's part! It was just porn, you know? Maybe she thinks he's into something freaky to be so embarrassed, lol. Unfortunately I don't think he can escape now. Even if he does realize how bad Raven is, he wouldn't leave his child, and I don't think Raven would let him take Pyro.

    I actually think Pyro Knight-Fell is a pretty cool name. It has a certain flow.