(Woowie, this was really hard to do! More power to people that can keep up with it! Lol.  I made it as far as the beginning of the 4th generation before I ran out of steam!  I hope to one day get around to adding more summaries!!)


Week One - Hiding Out - Jesse Black moves to Sunset Valley to lay low after a deal gone wrong.  At first he's skeptical about living here, but soon finds a reason to stay – beautiful, vivacious Zelda Mae! He thinks he's in love up until he hears an ugly rumor from his friend/partner-in-crime Xander Clavell regarding Zelda's *clears throat* reputation. Jesse stormed over to confront her, but wound up insulting her and sending their fledgling romance down the drain.

Week Two - Love Stinks! - Jesse does his best to forget he ever knew Zelda! Which is kind of hard to do since best friend Xander let him drink too much and get a picture of her tattooed on his arm. It gets even harder when he learns that some rebound sex with her resulted in an unplanned pregnancy! But not to worry, Zelda announces her plans to give the baby up for adoption! As he's trying to wrap his head around his failed romance, Jesse meets someone that might be just right for him – except by some lame quirk of fate, she winds up being all wrong! Man, love stinks!

Week Three - Learning Curve – Jesse frantically tries to figure out what he needs to do to be a single-dad! Thankfully Red is there to help him along the way!  As Jesse gets the hang of taking care of his kid, he decides the time might be right to look Anne up. Despite all the odds, Jesse and Anne decide to try to make a go of it – starting out slow & easy! Everything would be perfect, except there's this new recruit at the Warehouse that Jesse doesn't quite trust...

Week Four - Broken Heart – It's a hard week for Jesse and Ace! Jesse's heart is broken when Anne hears a rumor that he cheated on her with Zelda, the mother of his kid. He denies the rumors, but isn't able to convince Anne. She decides his life is too difficult & too different from hers and abandons ship.  In a last ditch effort to sweep Anne off her feet, he visits her on Love Day attempting to reconcile with her only to be kicked to the curb once again.  It's good and over this time. At least he's still got Ace, right?

Week Five - Making Up – Jesse runs into Anne early in the week and promises to call her. He's hoping they might still get back together. But, it turns out that Ace needs him more right now that he's a teen!  Jesse gives the kid a guitar for his birthday & is dismayed when Ace runs straight over to his mom's house to show her.  When Jesse gets sent away on business, Ace goes alittle crazy; throwing parties, skipping school & inviting his new girl over.  After Jesse walks in and catches Ace in the act, Ace throws a temper tantrum and runs off to his mom's house, claiming he's going to move out.  Jesse follows him and puts his foot down. Can Jesse make it up to him?

Week Six - Getting Old- Ace is growing up fast and already heading off to prom with love of his life - Kristina Coy, Red's daughter.  Now that his kid is practically grown, maybe Jesse can spend some more time wooing Anne!  And then he sees them at the party - his best friend Xander and Anne.  Crushed, he tries to think of a way to save face when Holly Alto offers a branch.  Can their fake relationship stand the test of time?

Week Seven - Hard Decisions Jesse's got all the moves down when it comes to parenting, but little Bethany has him wrapped around little finger, anyway.  Meanwhile, Ace has just had some devastating news.  Kristina is planning on leaving town after graduation.  Should he stay or head off to the Big City with her?


Week Seven - Temporary Reprieve - Ace is granted a temporary reprieve when Kristina's mother passes away unexpectedly.  Worried about her, he offers her a place to stay so that she's not alone. As time passes, he begins to think that their relationship would be enough for Kristina.  She had other plans though and abandons newborn twins Chase and Devon with Ace as she runs off to follow her dreams.  But what about Ace's dreams?

Week Eight - Single Dad Circuit - Ace tries to assure everyone that's he's fine! If Kristina didn't want to be in their lives - fine!  He had the boys and that was all he needed.  Except, that wasn't technically true.  Even with his dad & Holly's help, it's hard on Ace being a single dad! Will he ever have time for himself again?

Week Nine - Changes - When Jesse passes away, the family aches for their fierce hot-headed patriarch!  The boys are no longer babies and need to be told what happened.  Bethany is no longer a kid and seeks comfort in her best friend's arms.  And all the while, Ace spreads himself thin trying to make sure everyone is okay.  But, who will take care of him?

Week Ten - Mood Swings - If it's not one thing, it's another.  All the teens take a turn waking up in a bad mood and creating havoc.  It's enough to drive Ace crazy!  It might be called a mid-life crisis, but to Ace, it was a mid-life accountability.  He was taking stock and feeling like he hadn't accomplish all the awesome things he'd wanted to accomplish!  Maybe it was time for him to be a little bit more selfish in life! What could go wrong?

Week Eleven - Someone to Love - Chase watches everyone fall in love.  Everyone but him!  Ace has fiance Tracy, Aunt Bethany has her high-school love, Topher, and even Devon has found a new girlfriend!  But nobody even wanted to dance with Chase at prom.  Ace assures Chase that his time will come - but Chase is getting pretty tired of waiting!

Week Twelve - Taking the Plunge - Ace's new-found celebrity is hard for his long-time fiance, Tracy, to handle.  After no progress is made in planning their stalled wedding, she breaks and accuses him of postponing the wedding on purpose - because he wants to trade in for a younger model! Thankfully Ace is able to show her that he truly does love her and they spend the remainder of the week obliviously in love.  Which is good for the teens because Devon has plans for their birthday!


Week Twelve - Pulling Strings - After Ace calls a stop to Chase and Devon's fight over their drunken night, Devon leaves the family home and moves in with his new fiance, Cornelia.  Chase feels awful and has never felt more alone.  Until he meets Yvonne, that is!  Chase falls in love - fast and hard!  But now suddenly, he's going to lose his dad and his brother... and it's all Yvonne's doing...

Week Thirteen - Making a Commitment - Chase comes to the realization that he is head over heels in love with pushy, bossy, beautiful Yvonne!  When he asks her to marry him, she eagerly accepts.  Life after the honeymoon is hard though.  The newly-wed couple has many hurdles to overcome: arguments over his new job, her re-decorating and *gulp* a baby?!

Week Fourteen - Trouble in Paradise - Yvonne can't wait to celebrate her new contract with a boss, even as she begins to feel more and more attracted to him.  Once Felix finds out she's pregnant again though, it ruins any chance of something more happening. Now Yvonne is left with two messy relationships that she needs to mend...

Week Fifteen - The Mommy Track - Yvonne is shocked to find out that Melvin Wolff has signed with another agent - specifically Felix.  Apparently the client had thought she was too maternal.  Pregnant again, Yvonne worries that she's been side-lined permanently on the "Mommy Track."  But, since the client-stealing, promotion-hijacking weasel, Felix, is gone from Sunset Valley for good, Yvonne puts what could have been behind her and focuses on fixing her marriage and her career. 

Week Sixteen - Saying Goodbye - Eva starts to meet new people and get involved in new activities, like Debate Club.  She's coming out of her shell more and more.  After being patronized by Yvonne so much as a child, she never developed a close bond with her.  Yvonne is shocked to learn that her old boss, Felix, is coming back to be her boss. All too easily, she slips into an affair with him, spending less and less time with her family.  Finally, she makes a hard decision and tells Chase that she wants a divorce.  The only person having a hard time letting Yvonne go is newly teenage Farrah!

Week Seventeen - Acting Out - Chase meets new love interest, Sandra Goth, and begins casually dating her, with the relationship slowly growing more and more serious.  Finally, the couple introduces their kids to each other.  Greyson immediately befriends Alex Goth, and puts up with his little sister, Izzie.  Farrah is not happy at all about her dad dating someone else. Although, in truth, Farrah isn't happy about much in life!  She's always acting up and behaving badly.  Chase doesn't know what to do with her!  The final straw comes when Chase's girlfriend finds Farrah drunk at a bar with distant cousin, Yesenia Baker-Black.  At wits end, Chase agrees to let Farrah move in with Yvonne.  Throughout her high school years, Eva has cultivated great friendships with people interested in the same things she is.  When she becomes an adult, she's ready to step into the political sphere and make some changes!


Week Eighteen - A New Beginning - Eva is so happy that Chase and Sandra worked out their differences.  It's a lot different living at home now since Dad and brother Greyson moved into the Goth's household, though!  It's a good thing she has her job in the political career to keep her distracted... as well as her own new boyfriend, teenage heartthrob Nathaniel Wolff!  

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