June 5, 2014

Eva: Week Eighteen, Day Seven

Perfectionist To Do List:  Wedding, Wedding Celebration, Wedding Night(!!)

Flower girls Laura Legende-Wolff and Alyssa Black giggled as they waited for their cue.  Their mother's assured them they were the cutest flower girls in Sunset Valley.

"Okay girls, it's time to go," they were told.
And slowly, they walked down the aisle, throwing down flower petals as they went.
Then, the bridal music began.
The bride and her father then made their way down to the waiting groom.
Nathaniel had to remember to breath when he saw how beautiful Eva was today.  He felt a little sappy admitting it, but he'd never felt more content in his life! This was the start of everything he wanted - his own family!
Chase Black handed Eva over to Nathaniel.  "Take care of my baby girl," he said softly before turning and taking his place.
Everyone watched as Nathaniel and Eva said their vows, promising to honor and love each other.
They smiled at each other as they exchanged their rings.
When Nathaniel pulled Eva into his arms, their friends and family cheered and applauded the newlywed couple.
 Eva gazed deeply in Nathaniel's eyes.  "I love you so much," she said softly. 


Soon after the cake was cut, everyone headed over to the area designated for partying.  The music was playing and (mostly) everyone was enjoying themselves. 
Nathaniel held Eva close to him as they slow danced, completely oblivious to anyone else.
Someone clearing their throat loudly distracted them.  Eva saw Farrah standing there with a scowl on her face.  "So, thanks for inviting me. And Mama. Even if you didn't say hi to her!" she said quickly. 
Eva opened her mouth to reply, but Farrah ran off to the Gibbons.  Her mother listened to Farrah as she spoke animatedly, then raised her eyes to meet Eva's. 

"Amelia sends her love!" Arturo said, giving Eva a hug.  "I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks, Artie," she said.  "Thanks for being my friend!"

Arturo chucked her playfully under her chin.  "What are pals for?!" he grinned before heading off to collect his wife.  It looked like Amelia was giving him hell all the way to their car.

Eva glanced back over to her Mother, but saw that the Gibbons had left.  The party was starting to wind down.   "Come on, let's go find Daddy and then we can go!" Eva said, reaching for Nathaniel's hand.
"Thank you, Daddy," Eva said with tears in her eyes as she hugged her father. 

Chase squeezed Eva extra tight.  "Be happy!" he said with a wavering voice.
Chase and Sandra watched the newlyweds hurry off.  "Well, thank God we don't have to do that again anytime soon," he laughed unsteadily. 

Sandra turned and said, "I wouldn't be too sure of that..."
Chase peeked around her shoulder to see what Sandra was looking at and saw Greyson and Izzie with their heads close together as they talked.

Oh boy, Chase thought.


Back home, Eva started to head in before Nathaniel.  "Wait! What? Are you crazy?" he said as he reached out to grab her.  With a smile, he lifted her into his arms.  "I have to carry you across the threshold!"
 Eva wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. 
"It was perfect, wasn't it?" she asked dreamily.

"You're perfect!" he said, stroking her cheek.


Eva still couldn't quite believe she was married!  Her gaze drifted down to the wedding ring on her finger. 
"I can't believe this is real!" she said aloud. 

Nathaniel pulled her into his arms.  "Oh, I'll show you how real it is!" he said.  "I've been waiting for months... years... for this day!"
 "Show me," she said, pulling him into her arms.


"Did that adequately show you how much I wanted you?" Nathaniel asked later that night.

Eva draped her arms around his shoulders and grinned as she pulled him towards her.  "You might have to show me again!"

Nathaniel groaned. "You're going to kill me!" he said as he followed her down.


  1. Oh, I'm a sucker for an outdoor wedding. Nicely done (weddings are so hard to pull off!) Good on Eva for inviting the family ;)

    1. The lighting is just so nice for the outdoors wedding! And now way this one would've fit indoors with all those people! Lol.

      Yeah, Eva caved & invited her mom & stepdad, but she wasn't happy about it. :)

  2. I'm impressed by the wedding! It must have been very difficult to wrangle those sims around.

    1. Thanks! I had to remove free will & force everyone to stand still! People that moved were yelled at & told to remain where they were via the moveobjects cheat. :) I had so much fun doing it, though - especially having the little flower girls walk down the aisle!!