February 16, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Three, Day Two

 Natalee let out a lusty cry, flinging her arms in agitation.
Jason rolled over.  "You get it, babe?" he muttered under his breath before slipping back into his heavy sleep.
Liz flung the blankets off in a huff, getting out of bed.  She couldn't believe how long poor Natalee was crying.
She tiptoed into Jason's room, shooting him an awful glare.  "How the hell do you sleep through that?" she announced to the room.  
Quickly, she lifted Natalee from her crib and rocked her soothingly.  "Sh.... it's okay, baby.  Auntie Liz has you!" She fumbled with the bottle makings on the dresser and then watched Natalee latch on.  "There, that's a good good," she crooned.

She glanced back towards Jason, sleeping in the crib.  If left solely up to him, the poor girl would starve to death during the night, she sighed. 

It'd been hard on Jas since Cheri left...

Unable to get back to sleep, she padded into the nursery and lifted Jackson from the crib.
"Are you going to use the big-boy potty?" she asked hopefully.  She couldn't wait until there were no more dirty diapers.

When Jackson finished, she clapped her hands and sang the Potty Song. "Jackson went pee-pee on the potty! He really knows his stuff!" she cheered and clapped along with her toddler.
After clean-up, they some one-on-one time learning to walk.  Moudy was right.  Jackson really was growing up fast!

Moudy admired his stain-work on the porch furniture that he'd salvaged the other day.  Even the oldest furniture could look brand new with love and care.

He'd offered to refurbish the couch that had been sitting out on the back porch, but Jason had emphatically told him no.  Apparently it had belonged to his great, great-grandpa Jesse Black.  "It's an heirloom," Jason had said firmly.

Moudy scoffed.  That dirty, ratty couch was an heirloom, his ass!  He kept hoping he would be able to talk Jason into letting him fix it up!

Jason flexed his muscles as he got out of bed.  They were really feeling sore after all the strength training he'd been doing.
 He heard Natalee mewl in her crib.  
He snuggled Natalee against his chest, closing his eyes and trying to clear his mind.

He missed Cheri like crazy, but he was trying to support her dream.   

He'd gone up against the board members, but Cheri had been right.   They said they'd already hired Angela and that it would be unfair to let her go just because Cheri decided she was ready to join the team again.   When he suggested just letting her come back, they protested that they only needed 3 cheerleaders, not 4.  They were sad to see Cheri go, but blah.. blah.. blah.  A whole bunch of idiotic excuses. 

But, it sounded like Cheri was happy enough in Riverview.  She was actually cheering for his old college buddy, Anoki!  And she would come home as often as she could.

"Don't worry, sweetie.  Mama will be home soon!" he promised.

Moudy took the steps two at a time.  He had a few errands to run before heading over to the Swap N' Sell.
His morning hike led him to the grocery store.  Liz had mentioned it would be cool to grow the ingredients for Goopy Carbanara.  He was going to surprise her with a few things for her new garden, since she was getting into it.
He also stopped by the bookstore and grabbed all the encyclopedia sets, Volume 1's & 2's.  Liz had been talking about learning more about gardening and mixology.  He also wanted the kids to be able to learn whatever they were interested in learning! 

 He walked down to the beach.
He was interested in learning more about wood-working and handiness skills.  It would help him refurbish anything!

 Jason mixed up his egg & greens drink. 
 "That's so gross, Daddy!" Macy said, looking away as he drank it.

He waved. "Have a good day at school! I'll see you tonight after practice!" he called after them.

Time to exercise.

 Moudy rubbed the back of his neck.  If they put it out on the curb by the trash, then they probably didn't want it anymore, right? he reasoned, staring at the trashcan.
"Yeah, they totally don't want it anymore. I'm actually doing them a favor," he convinced himself, glancing around to make sure no one saw him and assumed he was rummaging through their trash.

Liz watered her indoor herbs.  Thank goodness herbs didn't need as much water as outdoor plants, she thought with relief.  Her poor plants would be dead if that was the case!
She toyed with the idea of asking Moudy to install a sprinkler system so she wouldn't have to worry about her poor plants.

She bet Haley would love seeing the garden put to use!

 Thirty after working in the sun, she headed inside and made a drink.
She took a nice, long swig...
 "BLEH!"  She spit the offending drink out of her mouth.  It tasted like... like... EGG!
Jason popped his head out of his gym. "Uh, oops!" he apologized.  "Sorry!"

Liz stomped her foot.  "Quit using my mixology supplies!" she complained.  "How am I supposed to make good drinks if there's an eggy taste to it?"

"I know, I know! I'm sorry Liz! I won't do it again!" Jason promised.

"That's what you said last time!"

Jason grinned.  "But this time I mean it," he promised with a charming grin.
She eyed his naked chest and six-pack and blushed.  No!  His bare chest was not going to get him out of trouble this time!   "I'm mad at you!" she fumed.

"Gotta run!" he winked.

Liz blinked.  He'd winked at herThe putz!  Liz muttered darkly, pulling all her mixing utensils out and thoroughly washing them.

She was tasting a fresh drink when the girls got home, dropping their book bags by the door and immediately beginning to bicker.

"You almost ran me over on your bike!" Macy snapped at her sister.

 Lacie shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes.  "Then watch where you're going!" she snapped back.

Oh plundering plumbbob, Liz thought.  Not more bickering.  "Girls!" she called loudly enough to interrupt them.  "Why don't you do your homework so you don't have to go to the corner?"
The girls stopped instantly.  "Okay, Auntie Liz," Macy said with a sigh.  
The girls sat down at the table and began working on their homework.  Macy saw Lacie glancing at her homework and held her hand up to try to block the answers.  Lacie huffed and began blocking her answers, as well.

"I'm not copying you!" Macy hissed.

"Well, I wasn't copying you!" Lacie hissed right back.

"GIRLS!" Liz called loudly from the kitchen.

They quieted down instantly.

Jason was psyched when he was voted League MVP again this season.  He was gonna hit the top of this career in no time!

 It was late when he finally pulled up in his truck. 
Even though he was worn out, he headed upstairs to the girls' room to tuck them in and check on them.
Then he saw to little Natalee.
And finally, he opened in SimKpe program and called Cheri.  "Hey, babe," he said when she answered, fiddling with the video.  "See me?"

"I see you, baby," she said huskily.  "You're looking good!"

Jason sighed, gazing at her in on the computer monitor.  "Man, I miss you babe," he said wearily.  "How long until you're able to come visit."

Cheri sighed, as well.  "Not nearly soon enough," she said miserably.


  1. Aw, the cruel rolls are keeping the newlyweds apart :( Though I'm glad Moudy stayed around, to be honest.

    1. Darn rolls! Thankfully I play that they only have to wait mid-way through heir's teen years for the move-in restriction to be lifted! ;) So, only about 11 years before they can be together again! lol

      I toyed with Moudy leaving (or dying), but I couldn't do it. He makes the best dumpster diver. :)

  2. I echo Annie's comments about the cruel rolls. ;_; I love Moudy's reasoning for digging through the neighbor's stuff. XD And the dining room is so awesome looking!

    1. Cruel, cruel rolls! They're keeping my happy couple apart!

      Hehe.. I had fun with that. Digging through neighbor's trash is not as profitable as digging in the dumpster! He got a TON of trash and old newspapers... AND a stuffed bear.